Green Calcite

(green kal - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Brazil, Sicily, India, Pakistan, Namibia, United States, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, and Sweden.

What is Green Calcite?

Green Calcite Crystals on a table

Green Calcite is a calming pastel to bright teal-green crystal from the mineral group carbonate. The composition of Green Calcite is calcium carbonate and can include traces of other minerals, such as chlorite, which gives the stone its green pigment. 

This is a soft stone that is formed through sedimentation as well as in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Although Calcite is an abundant and widespread mineral, Green Calcite is considered one of this crystal’s rarer colors.

It can be translucent, transparent, or opaque with a luster that ranges from glassy to dull. It has many commercial and crystal healing uses. In general, its effects are cleansing, soothing, and balancing. 

Green Calcite vibration will align you with heart-centered awareness, bringing greater well-being, ease, and love into your experience. The energy of this crystal is helpful when moving through challenges and delving into deep healing.

Did you know Calcite is one of the most naturally fluorescent stones, as it can contain organic activators that give the crystals a luminous effect? There are specimens of Green Calcite that are UV reactive.

Green Calcite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Green Calcite properties are informed by the chakras, elements, celestial bodies, deities, and numerical vibrations associated with this stone.

As it is linked to the Heart Chakra, Green Calcite has a naturally loving, nurturing, generous energy. Its association with this chakra also makes it effective for emotional healing and balance.

Green Calcite’s ruling element is Water, again emphasizing this stone’s effect on the emotional body. The gentle yet powerful physical and energetic cleansing action of Green Calcite is reflected in this element’s nature.

The celestial body that rules Green Calcite is the Moon, which is again related to Water, emotions, feminine nurturing energy, and harmonizing with natural cycles within ourselves that are reflected in nature.

Green Calcite will bring more yin energy into your life. This can help to balance overactive masculine energy, soothing the mind, integrating emotions, and tapping into the power of creative life force energy and the lunar cycle to heal and create.

The numerical vibration of 3 is linked to Green Calcite and indicates that this crystal works to bring love, peace, and clarity on all levels — physical, mental, and energetic. The energy of 3 supports clarifying intuition, manifestation, and optimism.

Green Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits

Letting Go and Moving Forward

  • The energetic cleansing and emotional healing effects of Green Calcite make this a beneficial crystal for letting go of old and non-resonant situations and quickly moving forward to experience more harmony.
  • Hold your piece of Green Calcite and speak aloud or write down affirmations for ease in letting go of what no longer serves you. 

Easing Disease

  • Green Calcite works energetically and physically to clear stagnant energy and remove blockages. It is also deeply soothing. This is part of why it has the effect of easing ill health and encouraging well-being. 
  • Use Green Calcite crystals to alchemist a healing vibrational gem elixir that you can consume to apply to your body to ease the disease. Ensure you don’t leave your crystal in water for over 30 minutes.

Increased Immunity

  • The harmonious energy of Green Calcite is effective for consistently bringing your body into a state of balance and clarity, which manifests as increased resilience and immunity.
  • Enter into a meditative visualization session for increased immunity. Hold or wear a Green Calcite crystal while visualizing the green light emanating from this crystal and slowly saturating your body with this harmonizing light.


  • The soothing vibrations and the cool green color energy of Green Calcite, can be used to reduce inflammation. 
  • Tap into this crystal’s cooling and calming energy on a physical level by practicing slow and focused breathwork as often as possible while holding or wearing your Green Calcite crystal.

Easing Panic Attacks and Anxiety

  • Green Calcite cleanses, aligns, and clarifies our emotional, mental, and physical state of being. Green Calcite also has an instantly calming effect, which is really helpful for dealing with panic and anxiety.
  • Hold this crystal and enter into meditation, focusing on the crystal’s presence to ease the panic. To manage anxiety, include meditation with Green Calcite as a daily practice.

Green Calcite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is sitting on a dock in nature

Emotional Harmony

  • This crystal’s energy naturally guides us to a harmonious state and is especially effective for emotional well-being as Green Calcite is linked to the Heart Chakra and has the effect of soothing and cleansing lingering heavy emotions.
  • Connect with Green Calcite crystal benefits emotions by creating an intentional crystal grid of these stones around or within your personal space.

Releasing Old Patterns

  • The cleansing effect of this crystal, along with its vibration of ease, is useful for intentionally releasing outdated mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns and riding belief systems that lack harmony.
  • Use Green Calcite to release old patterns and stagnation by starting a new daily practice that includes this crystal (meditation, gratitude journal, breathwork, affirmations, yoga, and creative practices are some options).

Heart-Led Awareness

  • Green Calcite brings focus and energy to the Heart Chakra, which assists us with living in alignment with the energy of love, compassion, and abundance. Green Calcite also improves heart-brain coherence and embodies a balanced Heart Chakra.
  • Hold or wear your Green Calcite stone while chanting or listening to your Heart Chakra seed mantra – YAM, or frequency 639hz.

Synchronicity and Flow

  • Green Calcite is a crystal that encourages synchronicity as it brings us into harmony and clarity, which allows for aligned divine energy, perception, and embodiment. This crystal helps us to experience synchronicity and accessible flow states of awareness.
  • Wear or carry a piece of Green Calcite crystal. Each time you notice something you are grateful for, synchronicity, or recognize a moment of flow state, touch your crystal to affirm this energy.

Connecting with Nature

  • The color energy of this crystal and its connection to the Heart Chakra as well as the Moon brings us closer to nature. Green Calcite helps us to form a deeper relationship with our inner nature and the natural world.
  • Keep your Green Calcite nearby and start a daily moon cycle awareness and journaling practice. Daily, write down the phase of the Moon and intuitively note your thoughts and emotions.

Side Effects of Green Calcite

  • Emotional detox effects: Green Calcite works with the Heart Chakra to bring this energy center into balance. This can include cleansing and healing, leading to the temporary side effect of emotional purging and detoxifying what needs to be let go.
  • Physical detox effects: As Green Calcite brings us into harmony through deep cleansing and alignment, this process may affect physical detoxification, especially if you have physical health imbalances to cleanse.

Green Calcite Meaning: What Does Green Calcite Symbolize?

A man is praying on the Mountains

The meaning of Green Calcite is Harmony. 

The meaning and symbolism of Calcite have only been explored on a spiritual level more recently as, throughout history and at present, Calcite is well known for its usefulness in construction, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, pigment making, carving, and more. 

Green Calcite was one of the first colored Calcites to be considered and utilized for healing and metaphysical uses. Due to its coloration and energetic presence, Green Calcite symbolizes nature, healing, and the heart. This crystal is deeply nurturing, helping us to keep an open heart.

The meaning of Green Calcite includes openness and flow, as it is known for its cleansing effect, which guides the body, mind, and emotions to a state of harmonious flow. An essential part of this process includes the cleansing and clearing the old and the stagnant.

Green Calcite is a powerful stone for emotional healing and letting go of old patterns or stagnant energy. Green Calcite’s benefits include improved emotional intelligence and flexibility, which leads to experiencing life in a state of ease.

Friendly Reminder: As Green Calcite is a stone that works to cleanse and dissolve blocks as well as misaligned or stagnant energy, this crystal should also be washed and recharged after intentional healing work and often cleansed in general.

Types of Green Calcite

  • Common Green Calcite: Green Calcite is a soft stone formed in various beautiful greens, most often lighter shades of green. The energy of Green Calcite is beneficial for emotions, cleansing, and embodying an open heart.
  • Elestial Moldavite Calcite: A transparent to translucent colorless to light green crystal with a wrinkled celestial surface texture. This stone helps ease and heal emotional distress.
  • Emerald Green Calcite: A bright yellow-tinged shade of green, Emerald Green Calcite can also include slight inclusions of brown and white. This stone increases open-heartedness, compassion, and abundance.
  • Olive-Green Calcite: This crystal is olive green (darker yellowish green) in color, which can vary in shade. Olive-Green Calcite encourages a deeper connection to the healing power of nature.
  • Banded Green Calcite: Light Green Calcite with primarily white and a little bit of brown banding effect. Banded Green Calcite is a deeply soothing crystal that is useful for emotional healing and balance.
  • Lime Green Calcite: Lime Green Calcite is a yellow-green type that can form in lighter or darker shades of lime green. This crystal is really helpful for heart healing, forgiveness, and letting go.
  • Mexican Green Calcite: Forming in various lighter green shades, Mexican Calcite is, of course, mined in Mexico. Mexican Green Calcite, like all Green Calcites, benefits the Heart Chakra.
  • Kiwi Calcite: A kiwi green crystal that forms in various shades and lightness, it displays white, brown, and green banding in various directions. Kiwi Calcite has a deeply calming energy. It helps to relax the nervous system and ease any hurt.
  • Pistachio Calcite: A soft and bright teal-green shade of Green Calcite. Pistachio Calcite has a supportive and nurturing energy. It can also help us to cultivate compassion and understanding.
  • Green Calcite Orthoclase: Green Calcite formed together with Orthoclase, which is most commonly light brown, gray, or yellow. This fusion of stone’s benefits includes bringing more love and understanding of the value of emotions.
  • Caribbean Green Calcite: This is a blue-green variety that forms in a range of shades and lightness. Caribbean Green Calcite is soothing and calming, and it is useful for its energetic and physical cleansing effects.
  • Seafoam Aragonite Green Calcite: A lighter blue-green colored Calcite that commonly includes white sections that create the seafoam effect. The crystal visually displays a sea and water effect when formed with light brown Aragonite. This crystal combination has a deeply cleansing energy.
  • Botryoidal Green Calcite: A variety of Green Calcite forms in a botryoidal form, a bubbly or spherical surface that can also be described as representing a bunch of grapes. Botryoidal Green Calcite dispels negative energy and is deeply nurturing.
  • Green and Red Calcite: Red and Green colored Calcite can form together, usually with white and brown inclusions. These colors of Calcite combined within a crystal are useful for calling in prosperity and releasing negativity.
  • Azurite with Green Calcite and Aragonite: Teal-green colored Calcite formed with deep blue and light brown Aragonite. These minerals combined help to stabilize emotions and cleanse on all levels.
  • Pyrite on Green Calcite:  Metallic gold or silver-colored Pyrite formed with light Green Calcite. Pyrite on Green Calcite is a powerful crystal combination for tuning to the abundance frequency.
  • Fluorite and Green Calcite: Transparent or translucent Green Fluorite can form in combination with Green Calcite or other colors of Calcite. Fluorite, together with Green Calcite, helps activate the Heart Chakra and for deep healing.
  • Vanadinite Green Calcite: Orange to Red-Brown Vanadinite grows together with Calcite. Vanadinite with Green Calcite will harmonize and boost your energy.
  • Goethite with Green Calcite: Black to dark brown with red or yellow Goethite topped with bright teal Green Calcite to form a gorgeous bi-color stone. Goethite with Green Calcite helps clear blocks as well as for emotional and physical healing.
  • Malachite and Green Calcite: Malachite features bright green, dark green, and black green forms together with Green Calcite. Together, These crystals help release negativity and boost physical health and well-being.
  • Chalcopyrite on Green Calcite: Metallic brassy yellow and purple iridescent Chalcopyrite and very light Green Calcite crystal are powerful for healing your relationship with money and attracting wealth.
  • Galena with Green Calcite: Silver to metallic lead-gray Galena fused with yellow-green Green Calcite crystals. Working with these stones combined will dissolve emotional blocks and patterns to harmonize your energy.
  • Zebra Calcite with Green Calcite: Zebra Calcite, also called Phantom Calcite, displays a banded effect with contrasting light white or pale green bands with black bands. Zebra Calcite is great for bringing balance into your life through emotional integration.

How To Cleanse Green Calcite?

Different cuts of Selenite Crystal on the table

  • Moonlight: Place your crystal outdoors under the night sky for at least 30 minutes during any stage of the moon cycle to cleanse your Green Calcite.
  • Water:  Leave your Green Calcite crystal in a vessel filled with pure water for no more than 30 minutes to energetically cleanse this crystal, especially after deep healing work where this stone dissolves any blocks or lower vibrational energy 
  • Selenite: Selenite can easily and thoroughly cleanse Green Calcite. Place these crystals together for at least 3 minutes to cleanse. You can also store these stones together to clear your green calcite energy.

Questions and Answers

What is Green Calcite Good for?

Green Calcite is a soothing stone. It is good for emotional and physical cleansing, healing, and harmony. It is a useful stone for easing panic, anxiety, inflammation, and stagnation.

What Does Green Calcite Do Spiritually?

Green Calcite clarifies and balances the Heart Chakra, energetically aligning us to pleasant emotions, divine unconditional love, compassion, and ease.

What Does Green Calcite Symbolize?

Green Calcite symbolizes the harmony of nature and the heart. It is also associated with the element of Water, connecting to emotion and cleansing and healing effects.

What are 5 Uses of Calcite?

Calcite is a valuable and versatile mineral with crystal healing, jewelry, soil treatment, pigment, and pharmaceutical uses.

Can Calcite Go in Water?

Yes, Calcite is safe to be in the water, but not for extended periods. 30 minutes or less is a safe period for your Green Calcite to be in the pure water

What are 3 Interesting Facts About Calcite?

Three interesting facts about Calcite include the fact that this mineral can be luminescent or UV reactive, it has commercial value due to its many uses, ranging from construction to agriculture, and it is a very common mineral.

Is Green Calcite Good for Healing?

Yes, Green Calcite is excellent for healing as it has a deep cleansing effect on whatever is misaligned and is soothing and nurturing throughout the recovery. 

Interactions with Green Calcite

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