10 Best Crystals for Pregnancy and Fertility

  1. Rose Quartz for Family Connection
  2. Moonstone for Fertility
  3. Aventurine for Security and Abundance
  4. Carnelian for Healthy Sexuality
  5. Citrine to Stay Positive
  6. Lepidolite to Strengthen Reproductive Organs
  7. Fluorite to Ease PMS and Irregular Periods
  8. Aquamarine to Accept New Changes
  9. Unakite for Easy Childbirth
  10. Apatite for Healthy Nutrition

Disclaimer:  This is not medical advice. Consult a medical professional for expert advice.

Being pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, can be a challenging experience. It can be nerve-wracking if you are pregnant and have a little growing human inside you. You want to be the best mom possible and do everything right to ensure your little person will be happy and healthy. 

If you are trying to get pregnant and are struggling with fertility, seeing your period appear each month instead of a positive pregnancy test can make your heart sink, especially if you really want to hold those little hands and stare into your baby’s loving eyes.

Ancient Egyptians used crystals to improve fertility, and their use is becoming much more popular and accepted today as an alternative option for many ailments and problems. 

Unfortunately, about 12-15% of couples cannot conceive, and many prefer to consider natural, alternative methods to increase their fertility and bear their children. There are many crystals for fertility and crystals for childbirth that can help you strengthen your mind, emotions, and body in preparation for the challenging, yet beautiful and life-changing, experience. 

Rose Quartz for Family Connection

a piece of rose quarts on a white background

Infertility is often linked to an unbalanced sacral and heart chakra. To bear a child, you need compassion and unconditional love in your heart for your baby to be happy and healthy, as it can feel all your emotions in your womb. 

If you are pregnant, Rose Quartz can help you connect with self-love, to prevent the physical changes you are undergoing from making you feel insecure. 

Wearing Rose Quartz jewelry will help you fill your heart space with all the love in the world for your little one or family. Placing it under your pillow, or on your bedside table, can increase your fertility and sexual vitality.

Moonstone for Fertility

a piece of moonstone on a white background

Ruled by the Moon, representing the mother in astrology, Moonstone is one of the best crystals for pregnancy and labor. In addition, Moonstone can calm and quiet negative thoughts and emotions that might cause infertility if you are trying to conceive.

As the Moon connects to the Astrological sign of Cancer, the theme of nurture takes over your body. Moonstone nurtures you, so that you feel secure, cool and collected while pregnant, or trying to fall pregnant. 

This special crystal can help bring regularity and balance if your menstrual and ovulation cycle is not consistent, which can help create the right time for conception.

Moonstone has a powerful ability to calm your emotions, and wearing a Moonstone bracelet, or necklace, can help with the pressure and stressful waves of emotions you will be experiencing during labor.

Aventurine for Security and Abundance

seven pieces of adventurine on a white background

By inviting abundance into your life, Aventurine helps you get set up to ensure you have the resources needed for pregnancy, childbirth, and to look after your baby. In addition, Aventurine supports reproductive health, and using it can help increase your chances of conceiving. 

Known to bring the user/wearer good luck and fortune, Aventurine is a beautiful stone to use to ensure your greatest wishes and desires come true.

Wearing an Aventurine pregnancy crystal bracelet or using Aventurine during meditation will help keep your heart chakra healed and balanced, allowing your baby to feel loved and nurtured, while it grows safely in your belly.

Carnelian for Healthy Sexuality

seven pieces of carnelian on a white background

Carnelian is linked to the sacral chakra and helps increase healthy sexuality and strengthens reproductive organs. Known to heal the reproductive system, Carnelian helps prepare you for pregnancy and is a beautiful crystal to help speed up postpartum healing. 

Carnelian helps (but is not guaranteed) to prevent stillbirth, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications, and using it can help you achieve a smooth, problem-free pregnancy and birth. In addition, if you have undergone sexual trauma, Carnelian can help clear out blockages in your sacral chakra that might prevent you from conceiving.

Wearing Carnelian jewelry and meditating with Carnelian helps stimulate kundalini energy within you, which is highly sexual and creative energy that gives you the ability to create life.

Citrine to Stay Positive

a chunk of citrine on a white background

Positive thoughts are important when trying to get pregnant, as negative feelings and emotions can push away the potential of conceiving your little bundle of joy. 

Having the right mindset is vital while trying to get pregnant, as anxiety, stress, and sadness can be draining on the body and spirit, making it harder for you to be healthy enough to grow life, or create it. 

If you have suffered a miscarriage or are undergoing IVF treatment, wearing Citrine jewelry, having a Citrine pocket crystal, or meditating with it will help remove negative, traumatic experiences from your emotional space. Healthy emotions will allow you to focus on manifesting your little loved one! 

Lepidolite to Strengthen Reproductive Organs

a piece of lepidolite on a white background

Fear can drive and scare many good things away, and anxiety can eat you up, preventing you from living in, and enjoying, the moment. Pregnancy and the postpartum experience are meant to be a beautiful time, but the beauty these experiences bring can often be dampened and drowned out by stress and fear. 

If you have been struggling to conceive, Lepidolite can lessen and ease the stress associated with trying to fall pregnant.

If you are pregnant and the thought of birth has been scaring you, wearing Lepidolite jewelry, placing it next to your bedside table, or meditating with it can invite peaceful emotions and give you the mental strength needed for childbirth.

Fluorite to Ease PMS and Irregular Periods

a chunk of fluorite on a white bacgkround

Fluorite helps create a fair dynamic within your relationships, incorporating unconditional love for others and towards yourself. If you have irregular periods and often suffer from PMS, Fluorite can help regulate your monthly cycles and ease the symptoms of PMS. Fluorite can also increase the health of your reproductive system if you are a male or female. 

As Fluorite helps strengthen the throat chakra, it will help you easily communicate your mental, emotional and physical needs while pregnant or during the postpartum period.

Wearing Fluorite jewelry will help strengthen and prepare your relationship for the difficulties of having a child, so that the pressure does not overwhelm you and your partner, and cause problems and disconnection.

Aquamarine to Accept New Changes

six pieces of aquamarine on a white background

Pregnancy and childbirth bring many challenges and difficulties. It can feel like your life has been turned upside down. Having a newborn sometimes feels like you are in a warzone, bringing many negative and challenging emotions that make it difficult to stay positive during the process. 

Aquamarine is one of the best crystals for motherhood, as it helps you adopt a gentle demeanor and possess endless compassion and understanding, which is very needed when raising a child.

Wearing Aquamarine jewelry or meditating with the stone can (but is not guaranteed to) prevent miscarriage or stillbirth. Aquamarine can also remove the inner resistance that prevents you from conceiving.

Unakite for Easy Childbirth

a piece of unakite on a white background

Unakite is a powerful stone for encouraging fertility, and helps with the process of developing a healthy baby in your womb. Known as “the stone of birth and rebirth,” when Unakite is paired with Rose Quartz and Moonstone, it creates the perfect pregnancy crystal set. 

Unakite will help (but is not guaranteed) with an easier, and less painful and complicated birth. In addition, using Unakite is advised if you are going through a complex or high-risk pregnancy, making it one of the best crystals for pregnancy protection.

If you want to know how to use Unakite for pregnancy, all you need to do is place it under your pillow to help with the baby’s growth, labor, and delivery. Then, wear Unakite throughout your pregnancy to aid the fetus’s growth and prevent complications.

Apatite for Healthy Nutrition

a piece of anakite on a white background

Apatite is one of the most powerful crystals to use to increase your vitality and physical health. By helping you make healthy choices, Apatite helps you build a strong body with excellent disease resistance. 

Apatite increases your appetite, making it easier to deal with morning sickness, or food aversions, when pregnant. It will also help you move your body and get enough exercise to help keep you strong and fit during your pregnancy, making Apatite an excellent crystal to help with delivery and childbirth.

Attracting you to healthy foods and repelling you against what is bad, wearing Apatite jewelry, or keeping it in the kitchen, or near the oven or fridge, can help you make the right dietary choices to support your baby.

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