(yoo - nuh - kite)
Main Origins:
America, China, South Africa, Brazil, India, and Sierra Leone.

What is Unakite?

A person holding a heart shaped unakite

Unakite is a beautiful stone with a moss-like appearance that has pink patches. Each stone has a unique pattern. This stone is an adapted form of Granite. Unakite consists of Green Epidote, Pink Feldspar, and Clear Quartz. It also contains trace amounts of zircon or magnetite.

Unakite is formed when hydrothermal activity alters Granite. This stone is affordable, easy to cut, and often used in architecture. As Unakite was discovered in 1874, it is a new stone, and its properties are still being explored.

You can use this stone for scrying, as it gives you answers to many questions and can allow you to see into the future. Unakite also connects you with the frequency of self-love and, by altering your perception of yourself, invites new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

Unakite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

By enhancing any emotional state you experience, Unakite lets you feel each feeling at its strongest. When you are happy while using this stone, you will be ecstatic, and when you are sad, you will feel extremely low.

Unakite lets you feel everything deeply, allowing you to find the root of and process negative and troubling emotions. By deepening meditation, this stone will enable you to access profound spiritual truths. 

Connected to the planet Earth, Unakite instills you with healing powers to heal and enlighten all beings on Earth. This stone connects to the Zodiac sign, Scorpio, representing how making time to process and feel your emotions instead of bottling them up leads to happiness.

Unakite’s numerical vibration is number 9, meaning that this stone absorbs answers from the spirit, or source, and then delivers them to you in the physical world. The Roman goddess of fertility, Bona Dea, is connected to this stone, instilling you with creative power.

Unakite Healing Properties and Benefits

Strength and Courage

  • Unakite enhances your self-esteem and confidence, allowing you to tackle life’s challenges with strength and courage. This stone treats many negative emotional states and can help you be more resilient. 
  • Wear Unakite as a pendant, close to your chest, to give you an iron heart. 

Emotional Balance

  • This stone balances the physical and emotional body, allowing for enhanced mental, emotional, and physical balance and well-being. Using Unakite connects your emotions to the spiritual body, allowing healing to occur.
  • Wear a Unakite pendant daily to benefit from its emotional balancing effects.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

  • By making you feel lighter and letting go of what weighs you down, Unakite leads you to inner peace and easily finding forgiveness in your heart.
  • Hold Unakite in your palm during meditation to discover what needs to be released and healed within you. 

Love and Calmness

  • By making you aware of how your time on Earth is limited, Unakite lets you overlook trivial things that prevent you from loving unconditionally. This stone gives you the patience needed to navigate challenging life experiences.
  • Place Unakite in your living room to invite warm, loving, and welcoming energy into your home and to help family members overcome difficulties.

Fertility and Conception

  • Unakite strengthens the female and male reproductive systems and can be used to increase fertility and the chance of conception. This stone also supports a healthy pregnancy and allows you to connect with your unborn baby. 
  • Wear Unakite jewelry daily when attempting to conceive or when gestating. You can also meditate with Unakite on your pregnant belly for 5 minutes daily to strengthen the fetus and help your baby grow.

Unakite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A silhouette of a man and woman in the city

Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities

  • Unakite opens the Third Eye and enhances intuition and extra-sensory abilities. This stone opens the mind’s eye, allowing you to see spiritual truths and to connect with the ether. Unakite grounds you while embarking on spiritual explorations.
  • Hold Unakite in your palm while meditating to access the subconscious. When using Unakite during meditation, you will receive messages, visions, and insights. 

Spiritual Guidance and Awakening

  • This stone rids you of the negative emotional and mental states that prevent you from spiritual growth and awakening. Unakite can help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia by altering your perception.
  • Sleep with Unakite under your pillow to heal the subconscious while you sleep.

Empathy and Telepathy

  • By healing the Heart Chakra, Unakite opens your heart to understanding the feelings of others. By opening the Third Eye, Unakite allows you to sense and see the thoughts of others.
  • Meditate with Unakite on your Third Eye and Heart Chakra for 10 minutes each to unlock clairvoyance and telepathy that allows you to hear and sense what others think and feel.

Mindfulness and Inner Peace

  • Unakite rids the mind of unproductive thoughts that create a negative emotional space. By clearing the conscious mind and allowing you to see the value in alone time, Unakite brings you more inner peace and wisdom.
  • Place Unakite on a crystal grid with Selenite and Clear Quartz for 30 days to invite more serenity into your life.

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

  • By connecting to and healing the Heart Chakra, Unakite invites unconditional love into your heart and improves and strengthens your relationships. This stone is one of the best to increase feelings of self-love.
  • Meditate with Unakite on your Heart Chakra for 15 minutes to clear out negative emotions and to invite feelings of joy and hope.

Unakite Side Effects

  • Amplified Emotions: Unakite forces you to resolve and process what you suppress, which can cause uncomfortable emotions to be intensified.
  • Isolation: Unakite encourages a spiritual awakening, which can cause you to isolate yourself as you learn how to adapt to a new reality.

Unakite Meaning: What Does Unakite symbolize?

A man stepping from one rock to another

The meaning of Unakite is “Living in the now.

Initially spelled “Unakyte,” Unakite originates from the Ukana Mountains in Western North Carolina, USA, where it got its name. This stone is used in the steps of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

The Cherokee tribes call the Unaka Mountains the “White Mountains” due to the chestnut trees dominating the landscape in the spring, blossoming with beautiful, large, white flowers. You can also find Unakite in abundance in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Appalachian Mountain range.

Known as the “Stone of vision,” Unakite opens your mind’s eye to realities previously unknown, allowing you to expand your perception and explore new possibilities in life. Some sources call Unakite the state stone for Virginia.

Varieties of of Unakites

  • Boulder Canyon Unakite: This variety of Unakite occurs in Boulder Canyon, right next to Boulder Falls in Colorado, USA. Boulder Canyon Unakite grounds the physical body during spiritual exploration while meditating.
  • Colorado Unakite: A variety of Unakite, with less green mossy tones and more brown and pink tones, Colorado Unakite is only found in Colorado, USA, and can be used to release negative and stagnant energy from the auric body.
  • Salmon Moss Unakite: This variety of Unakite has much more Pink Feldspar inclusions than standard Unakite, consisting mainly of Green Epidote inclusions. Salmon Moss Unakite allows you to experience self-love and unconditional love for others. 
  • Chinese Unakite: The Epidote in this variety occurs in a yellow, orange, or red shade instead of green, resulting in beautiful orange and peach-toned gemstones. Chinese Unakite is used to increase confidence and faith in your abilities. 
  • Indian Unakite: A variety of Unakite mined in India and rarely found in the USA, this variety is referred to as Unakite Jasper and has powerful emotional stabilizing effects.
  • Orange Unakite: This variety contains orange-toned Feldspar instead of pink-toned Feldspar and is a beautiful stone to aid in grounding during meditation.

How To Cleanse Unakite?

A polished unakite on the soil

  • Soil – Soil is one of the best methods to cleanse Unakite, as Unakite connects to the Earth element. Dig a hole in the ground and bury your Unakite crystal for up to a week. Place the crystal under a stream of running water for 30 seconds when done with this ritual.
  • Water – Place Unakite in a bowl of water, and then place the bowl in the Full Moon light overnight. You can also hold the stone under a stream of running water for up to 2 minutes for a quick cleanse.
  • Incense – Light one end of a sage, frankincense, or palo santo incense stick, and fan the smoke over your Unakite crystal with your hand or a feather for 2 minutes. Always practice fire safety when cleansing crystals with incense and avoid this method if you

Questions and Answers

Is Unakite safe to go in the water?

Yes, Unakite can be submerged in water, but you should not soak it in water for longer than 24 hours.

Can Unakite go in the sun?

No, avoiding putting Unakite in the Sun is best, as extreme heat and light can cause its colors to fade.

Why is my Unakite changing color?

Unakite is sensitive to sunlight, and leaving it in the sun for too long can cause a chemical reaction that causes its color to change or fade.

What’s the difference between fake Unakite and real Unakite?

Authentic Unakite has pink, orange, or red granite inclusions. Stones that lack pink, orange, or red granite deposits are not genuine Unakite.

Who shouldn’t wear Unakite?

Everyone can wear Unakite, as it has many metaphysical healing properties and benefits that can improve your life.

Where to keep Unakite in your house?

Place Unakite at the entrance of your house to deter negative energy and cleanse the Heart Chakra of everyone who enters your home.

Which hand to wear Unakite?

Wear Unakite on your right hand to receive messages from the ether and attract unconditional love.

Which finger to wear Unakite?

Wear Unakite on your ring finger to heal and open the Heart Chakra. You can also wear this stone on your thumb to open and heal the Third Eye Chakra.

When to wear Unakite?

Tuesday is the day that is ruled by Mars and is the best day to wear or use Unakite.

Is Unakite expensive?

Unakite is relatively affordable. You can find this stone naturally in abundance, which makes it inexpensive.

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