How To Cleanse Black Obsidian Crystal? 10 Ways

  1. Why You Should Cleanse Black Obsidian?
  2. 10 Ways to Cleanse Black Obsidian
  3. What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Black Obsidian?
  4. Cleanse Your Black Obsidian With These Easy Steps!

Healing crystals are powerful tools for growth and wellness. Each stone is unique, with specific properties that enhance our lives. But, when working with healing crystals, we must ensure we are cleansing them regularly. 

Healing crystals absorb energy from the environment and other people, which affects their powers. Think of the stones you have in your collection. They will have come from a source, traveling across the world before you buy them. During this time, they will have picked up energies that linger within them. This means that you must cleanse your crystals as soon as you get them. Plus, regular cleansing allows their powers to stay strong without external vibrations affecting them. 

In this article, we will look at how to cleanse Black Obsidian and the best cleansing techniques to keep your Black Obsidian powerful. 

Why You Should Cleanse Black Obsidian?

Polished black obsidian crystal on white background

Cleansing Black Obsidian is incredibly important, as Black Obsidian is a stone of protection. It shields you from negative energy, but some of this negative energy may soak into the crystal. You must cleanse it once a week when using Black Obsidian for protection. 

Black Obsidian is a powerful transformational stone used to amplify change and promote emotional stability. You can also use it for manifestation, with its energy boosting the intentions you send into the world. However, the transformation and manifestation it triggers can be affected when it is not cleansed correctly. 

Like any tool, spiritual or not, Black Obsidian must be looked after for it to work well. Because Saturn rules it, Saturday is the best day for Black Obsidian cleansing. Cleansing your crystal on Saturday allows Saturn to boost its energy and rid the stone of unwanted vibrations. 

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10 Ways to Cleanse Black Obsidian

We know that cleansing is integral to crystal healing work, but what are the best ways to cleanse Black Obsidian? Let’s go through the different techniques you can use to cleanse this crystal. 

The Best Way to Cleanse Black Obsidian: Earth or Soil

A heart shape black Obsidian crystal on a sand

Examining the metaphysical associations of a crystal helps us figure out the best way of cleansing a stone. As the element of Earth governs Black Obsidian, we know that this element connects with this stone. So, one of the best ways to cleanse Black Obsidian is with soil. 

This method connects Black Obsidian with nature, allowing it to cleanse itself of negativity and amplify its powers. To cleanse your Black Obsidian this way, follow these steps:

  • Go out in your garden and find a patch of soil to place your crystal. 
  • Bury your Black Obsidian in the soil, ensuring it is fully submerged. You could also place a little marker to help you remember where the stone is buried!
  • Leave your Black Obsidian outside in your garden for 24 hours. 

If you do not have a garden, you can still use the soil method by bringing soil inside and placing your Black Obsidian in a bowl of soil. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian Crystal with Natural Light

Another surefire way to cleanse crystals and boost their powerful energy is to turn to natural light. Both moonlight and sunlight have incredible powers of cleansing and renewal, and we can work with these sources of light to cleanse Black Obsidian. 

Because of its dark color and composition, you can place Black Obsidian in both sunlight and moonlight. It will not fade or damage under natural light.

To cleanse Black Obsidian in moonlight, follow these steps:

  • Stand by your window or outside on the night of the full moon, holding your Black Obsidian. Make sure you can see the full moon.
  • Hold your Black Obsidian up to the moon and ask for cleansing. 
  • Then place your Black Obsidian down under the light of the moon on your windowsill or outside. 
  • Leave it there until the morning. 

To cleanse your Black Obsidian with sunlight, leave it outside under direct sunlight for ten minutes. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Sounds

Sounds are powerful ways we can cleanse healing crystals, as the vibrations of the sounds wash through the stones and unblock any energy that has stuck to them. Black Obsidian can be cleansed with a singing bowl, using this beautiful instrument to rid your stone of negative vibrations. 

Singing bowls are great spiritual tools. Their beautiful sounds and calming vibrations promote cleansing and relaxation. Many people use them for meditation, but they also can be used for cleansing Black Obsidian. 

You can use your singing bowl to cleanse your Black Obsidian by following these steps:

  • Place your Black Obsidian on a clean table in front of you, with space around it. 
  • Begin to play your singing bowl with your dominant hand as you face your crystal. 
  • Move your singing bowl over the Black Obsidian so the vibrations completely cover the stone. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Affirmations

We can also cleanse crystals with our own positive energy, using our words and sounds to rid our stones of negativity. We have so much power within us, so it makes sense that words of positivity can cleanse crystals!

To cleanse your Black Obsidian with affirmations, pick a positive affirmation to work with. Because Black Obsidian connects with the element of Earth, we can appeal to this element with our affirmation. 

  • Hold your Black Obsidian in your hands and stand barefoot.
  • Close your eyes and imagine energy flowing out of the Earth below you, through you, and into the stone. 
  • Repeat the affirmation, “I cleanse this stone with the energy within me and below me.”
  • Carry on repeating this affirmation until you feel the stone is cleansed. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Water 

Water is another excellent way of cleansing crystals. However, it doesn’t work for all crystals. Certain stones, especially those with a low Mohs rating, may crumble and break when submerged in Water. Furthermore, some crystals cannot go in Water because of their chemical composition. Always research the stone you have before using Water to cleanse it. 

You can cleanse Black Obsidian with Water because it is a reasonably durable stone. As it is connected to the element of Earth, Water in nature is the best option to cleanse this stone. Think of nature spots near you and if there are any with flowing streams or rivers. Make sure they are safe to access. 

  • Bring your Black Obsidian into nature and find a spot near a flowing stream. 
  • Hold your Black Obsidian in the running water and appeal to Mother Nature to cleanse your stone. 
  • Keep it in Water for a minute, then carefully place it on the ground next to you to dry. 
  • Allow a few moments to pass before picking the stone back up. 

You can also use tap water to cleanse crystals, although natural water is better. Hold your Black Obsidian under a running tap for a few moments while repeating affirmations of cleansing.

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Fire 

The element of Fire is powerful and promotes change and transformation. Cleansing crystals with Fire will eliminate negative energy in the stone, allowing your crystal to be completely renewed. Of course, you must be careful when working with Fire. Specific stones don’t do well when exposed to high levels of heat. 

To cleanse your Black Obsidian with Fire, use a white candle and follow these steps:

  • Place the white candle on a clear desk or altar and put the Black Obsidian to the left of it. 
  • Light the candle and appeal to the element of Fire, asking for renewal and cleansing. 
  • Let the candle burn briefly, then pick your Black Obsidian up. 
  • Safely hold your Black Obsidian in the candle smoke a few inches above the flame. 
  • Allow your crystal to be submerged in the smoke for a few moments. Then place it on the right side of the candle. 
  • Use a candle snuffer to put the candle out. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Clear Quartz

A few healing crystals have a cleansing effect on other stones. These stones’ vibrations clear the energy surrounding them, including negative energy in other crystals. A fantastic cleansing crystal is Clear Quartz. It connects well with Black Obsidian because their ruling planets, Venus and Saturn, are friendly according to astrology. 

Here is how you Cleanse Black Obsidian with Clear Quartz:

  • Create a crystal grid with Clear Quartz, placing a stone at each of the four cardinal directions. You may wish to appeal to the elements associated with the directions as you place each Clear Quartz down. 
  • Then put your Black Obsidian at the center of the grid. 
  • Leave the stones there for 24 hours. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Scents

Natural scents from herbs and essential oils are fantastic cleansing tools. Their unique energies wash over the crystals, removing negative energies and cleansing the stones. 

When picking the right scents for specific crystals, reflecting on the stone’s correspondences is helpful. Different essential oils, herbs, and incense connect with particular elements, so to cleanse Black Obsidian, we need to pick one that works with the element of Earth!

Scents that connect with the element of Earth include Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver. To cleanse your Black Obsidian with scents, find an incense that connects with the element of Earth and follow these steps:

  • Place your Black Obsidian and incense holder on a clean table or altar. 
  • Take your incense stick and hold it for a few moments, appealing to the element of Earth. 
  • Place your incense in its holder and light it. 
  • Let the incense burn for a few moments. Then take your Black Obsidian and hold it in the incense smoke. 
  • Allow the smoke to embrace your crystal before placing the Black Obsidian back down. 
  • Let the incense burn down next to your Black Obsidian. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Salt 

Salt has been used for centuries for its cleansing and purifying qualities. Its powerful energy soaks up any negativity, removing it from the crystal. Because of this, you must throw away the salt after cleansing your stones. Specific stones, particularly porous crystals such as Calcite, can’t be used with salt as it may damage them. 

Black Obsidian can go in salt and can even be submerged in salt water for short periods of time. However, for this method of cleansing Black Obsidian, you will be giving it a dry salt bath. 

To cleanse Black Obsidian with salt, follow these steps:

  • Fill a glass container half full of salt. Make sure that the container is big enough for your Black Obsidian!
  • Place your Black Obsidian in the salt, then add more salt. Ensure that your Black Obsidian is fully submerged in the salt. 
  • Seal the container and leave it for 24 hours. 

How To Cleanse Black Obsidian with Meditation

You can use meditation to cleanse stones, harnessing the power of your positive thoughts and visualization techniques to rid your crystals of negative energy. You must be in a good mood with a clear mind for this technique. 

  • Before meditating with your Black Obsidian, take a moment to center yourself. Inhale and exhale deeply, imagining all negativity leaving your body. 
  • Then hold your Black Obsidian in your dominant hand. 
  • Visualize bright, positive energy flowing through you and into the stone. Picture the energy soaking into your Black Obsidian, cleansing it to its core. 

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Black Obsidian?


  • Find the right cleansing technique for you. 
  • Cleanse it every week and make it a part of your routine. 
  • Consider the astrological associations of the stone when cleansing it. 
  • Remember fire safety when working with candles to cleanse your Black Obsidian. 
  • Make sure you are feeling positive before the cleansing process. 
  • Take your time to connect with and cleanse your Black Obsidian. 


  • Don’t leave it submerged in water for too long. 
  • Don’t leave it out in the sunlight for long periods of time
  • Don’t use other crystals to cleanse your Black Obsidian that have conflicting astrological correspondences. 
  • Don’t rush through the cleansing process. 

Cleanse Your Black Obsidian With These Easy Steps!

Cleansing healing crystals is an integral part of looking after them. There are many easy ways to cleanse Black Obsidian, from using the element of Earth to using our positive energy. Cleansing our stones also helps us connect with them. When we are cleansing Black Obsidian, we align our energy with it, thus strengthening its impact on our life. 

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