Crystals are fruits of Earth Mother Goddess that you should regularly cleanse with sunlight, moonlight, salt, sand, or water. However, there are crystals that you can and can’t put in salt. 

So, what are the salt-safe crystals? What crystals can go in pink Himalayan salt? What crystals cannot go in salt?

Salt-safe crystals are those with a MOHS hardness score of 7 and above. For instance, green aventurine is salt-safe, but selenite has a low MOHS; hence, it isn’t safe in salt. 

The MOHS hardness is a scale that measures the relative resistance of different minerals to scratching against the hardest mineral- diamond. On this scale of 1 to 10, diamond is at 10, talc at one, and rock salt at 2.5. 

I’ll simplify it with ten salt-safe crystals and ten crystals unsafe with salt.

Can Green Aventurine go in salt?

aventurine stones isolated on a white background

Yes, you can cleanse green aventurine with salt or salt water before using it for energy rituals. That’s because the MOHS hardness of green aventurine is 7. But when using salt, I suggest you give a quick rinse and clean it off rather than soaking it for long hours. Otherwise, this heart chakra stone can crack.

Can Selenite go in salt?

Selenite cube on a white background

No, you shouldn’t put selenite in salt because it has an extremely-low MOHS score of 2. Moreover, selenite dissolves in both saltwater and normal water. So, cleanse this all-purpose cleansing crystal with a damp cloth instead. 

Is Rose Quartz Salt-Safe?

Rose quartz on a white background

Yes, rose quartz is safe to cleanse with salt. I recommend cleansing your rose quartz stone with water as it has a MOHS score of 7. Rose quartz is a beautiful heart chakra stone recommended for self-love and long-distance relationships.

Can Calcite go in salt?

honey calcite on a white background

No, you should never cleanse a calcite crystal in salt because it has a very low score of 3 on the MOHS scale. While it’s a great stone to attract luck, calcite can disintegrate when cleansed with salt or saltwater. Instead, cleanse your calcite crystal with a damp cloth from time to time. 

Can Smoky Quartz go in salt?

Smoky quartz on a white background

Yes, smoky quartz can go in salt. Although it looks different from rose quartz, smoky quartz has the same MOHS hardness score of 7. Hence, it’s safe to cleanse it with salt solutions. Smoky quartz is a superb crystal for emotional healing and grounding.

Can Moonstone go in salt?

moonstone on a white background

No, you shouldn’t put moonstone in salt due to its low MOHS score between 6 and 6.5. While some crystal experts say there’s no harm in soaking moonstone overnight in salt water, I strongly recommend against it. Moonstone is best charged under the light of a new or full moon. 

Can Agate go in salt?

Agate on a white background

Yes, agate is one of the salt-safe stones. That said, you should avoid soaking agate stones for prolonged hours as its MOHS score is 7. Moreover, a quick rinse of agate stone in saltwater is plenty to use for repelling negativity. 

Can Red Jasper go in salt?

Red Jasper on a white background

No, red jasper shouldn’t come into contact with salt. With a MOHS hardness between 6.5 and 7, it’s one of the famous root chakra crystals that helps with grounding. However, red jasper can crack or break when exposed to salt for a long time.

Can Carnelian go in salt?

Carnelian on a white background

Yes, you can cleanse carnelian crystal with salt. If you’re new to crystal healing, you might wonder if carnelian can go in Himalayan Salt. This sacral chakra stone scores 7 on the MOHS; hence, it’s safe in Himalayan Pink Salt too.

Can Fluorite go in salt? 

flourite on a white background

No, you should never cleanse a fluorite crystal with salt. Moreover, all types of fluorite gemstones score 4 on the MOHS scale. So, they’re too soft and easily get degraded by salt. Hence, it’s better to cleanse it for a few minutes under sunlight or moonlight. 

Can Citrine go in salt? 

Citrine on a white background

Yes, you can remove negativity from a citrine crystal by cleansing it with salt. With a MOHS hardness of 7, citrine clusters, jewelry, and tumbled stones can be cleansed with salt water and salt. As a crystal known for self-love and good luck, you should place it in the bedroom after cleansing.

Can Rhodonite go in salt?

Rhodonite on a white background

No, you should never let rhodonite interact with salt crystals or solutions. This crystal may be powerful for spiritual protection, but it has a low MOHS score between 5.5 and 6.5. It’s a bad combination with salt. Instead, cleanse by holding it for a few minutes under the rising sun.

Can Amethyst Go In Himalayan Salt? 

Amethyst on a white background

Yes, amethyst can go in Himalayan salt for a crystal cleansing ritual. But with a MOHS score of 7, it’s not ideal to soak this crown chakra stone in salt water for a long time. You can cleanse it under tap water instead.

Can Bloodstone go in salt? 

polished bloodstone on a white background

No, you should avoid salt and saltwater from touching the bloodstone. While it’s a stone of courage and self-confidence, bloodstone can disintegrate easily in salt due to its low score of MOHS 6. 

Can Ruby go in salt?

Yes, ruby pendants, earrings, rings, and wands are good to go in salt for cleansing and charging rituals. That’s because this love crystal scores high on the MOHS scale at 9. It’s a durable crystal to wear daily too.

Can Malachite go in salt?

Malachite on a white background

No, you should never let malachite crystals come into contact with salt water or salt. Due to its very low MOHS score between 3.5 to 4, malachite crystals can break apart when exposed to salt. Instead, cleanse it with soil, sunlight, or moonlight. 

Can Topaz go in salt?

Topaz on a white background

Yes, you can cleanse every color of topaz crystal in saltwater, thanks to its high MOHS score of 8. Topaz is a great stone for finding comfort, support, and good fortune in life. Use it as frequently as your intuition tells you to!

Can Sodalite go in salt? 

Sodalite on a white background

No, you should always avoid sodalite when doing any ritual with salt. Sodalite can lose its color or crack if you soak it overnight in salt. As it scores 5.5 to 6 on the MOHS hardness scale, I suggest cleansing this communication crystal at sunrise. 

Can Aquamarine go in salt?

Aquamarine stones on a white background

Yes, you can cleanse aquamarine with salt solutions due to its MOHS hardness score of 8. It’s a water element crystal that empowers self-confidence and self-expression. 

Can Tiger’s Eye Touch Salt?

Tiger's eye on a white background

Yes, tiger eye crystals are safe with salt, thanks to their MOHS hardness of 7. It’s safe to sweat, swim, or cry while wearing this crystal. However, extended exposure to salt must be avoided as salt soaking for long periods of time or repeatedly scrubbing can damage the stone. 

Table list of Crystals that can and cannot go in Salt

In A Nutshell

If you’re a crystal user, you might already know how great salt is for purifying crystals. However, salt isn’t a great option for crystals below the MOHS score of 7. 

I learned about the dangers of salt-cleanse for crystals years ago when my palm-sized selenite wand was damaged in Himalayan salt.

That’s why it’s important to learn about crystals and their properties. Simultaneously, check the many ways to cleanse a crystal with elements other than salt. 

Do you know some crystals shouldn’t be in the water? Selenite cracks in water. Some even crack after long exposure to the sun. Good aftercare will keep your crystals looking beautiful and feeling new as they are now. 


Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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