(hal - ahyt)
Main Origins:
Poland, France, US, Canada, Pakistan, Iran, Denmark, India, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Australia, and Spain.

What is Halite?

A halite crystal on a black background

Did you know that Halite is rock salt? From Egyptians to Greeks, Romans, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and Christians, most cultures have a sacred bond with Halite. People have been using Halite since 6050 B.C. in medicine, food, therapy, purification, and religion.  Halite is one of the only crystals you can taste.

Halite clears negativity, chakra blockages, and dark energies when used for prolonged periods. 

Did you know Halite was once used as currency? Salt or Halite is where the word Salary comes from.

Halite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Halite is a common salt, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sacred. It’s one of the few crystals that open all the major chakras in the body, as Halite crystals exist in many colors.

Halite is ruled by the Aztec Goddess of Fertility, Huixtocihuatl; Nanshe, the Persian Goddess of Justice; Tiamat, the Babylonian Goddess of Salt Water; Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea; and Salacias, the Roman Goddess of Salt Water.

While some varieties of Halite show pleochroism, it’s weak. Did you know Halite was once called the womb of the earth by ancient Romans and Greeks? That’s why the Earth element also rules it. 

Salt is also ruled by natural elements, like Air and Fire, so you can activate Halite with most elements, except water.

Halite Healing Properties and Benefits

Cleansing and Purification

  • Halite is famous for its cleansing effects because it absorbs negativity and turns it into positivity. Halites in white, purple, and blue colors are usually best for purification purposes. 
  • The best way to use Halite for cleansing is by sprinkling salt on the object, crystal, space, or around the four corners of your home. Try to visualize cleansing in your mind’s eye. 

Immunity and Vitality

  • Did you know that salt is antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic? That’s why Halite crystals have been used to sanitize wounds and injuries for centuries. Halite also activates your health with kundalini.
  • The best way to use Halite for kundalini activation is by lying down on a yoga mat and placing the Halite 4 inches below the belly button. Try to meditate while doing this to clear lower chakras.

Emotional Intelligence

  • If you often feel out of the loop in social situations, your emotional intelligence may be to blame. You should try Halite in yellow, orange, red, and blue for universal connection and open-mindedness.
  • The best way to use Halite healing crystals for oneness and a broad mindset is by meditating with the crystal in your palm. You can close your eyes and chant the mantra AUM to get started.

Focus and Concentration

  • Did you know that Halite clears negativity around it by creating a positive auric field? Halites that open the higher chakras are also good for laser focus, dedication, and knowledge.  
  • Activate Halite for memory, focus, and brain power by infusing it indirectly into a glass of water. Read more about how to make crystal elixir in this article.

Optimism and Creativity

  • Whether you’re feeling exhausted, broken, or hopeless, Halite is a good option for uplifting the mood and unblocking challenges. It is exceptionally good for clearing creative blocks. 
  • The simplest way to charge Halite crystals for courage, critical thinking, new ideas, and hope is by charging it for a minute in sunlight. Don’t leave Halite crystals out for too long in the sun.

Halite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A Silhouette of a person Raising his or her Hands on top of a rock

Abundance and Success

  • Yellow Halites are great for balancing the feng shui and attracting good vibes to your career and life. These Halites activate the Solar Plexus Chakra to power your inner sun and power. 
  • The best way to use Halite for prosperity and abundance is by keeping it in the southeast or northern corner of your home. You can also charge the crystal with meditation or chants before setting it. 

Removes Hexes, Evil Eyes, and Curses

  • If you feel you screw up everything you do, you might be hexed or hit by the psychic energies of a foe or bad Karma. Keep a Halite close to create a cocoon of protection from toxic people.
  • The best way to charge Halite for psychic protection and neutralizing evil vibrations is by charging your crystal with singing bowls. You can then bury them in the four corners of your home. 

Psychic Medium

  • Did you know Halite connects you with otherworldly beings? Because Halite activates your higher chakras, they’re great for spirit communication and assistance from guardian angels. 
  • Charge Halite with positive affirmations. You can hold Halites in front of your lips and chant an affirmation like, “I welcome the spirits of my fate,” into the crystal. 

Spiritual Guidance and Support

  • Red Halite helps you find opportunities and people that pave the path to becoming the person you want to be. 
  • Charge your Halite crystal with the fire of a candle for a few minutes. Hold the crystal in front of the flame at a safe distance. You can then carry it on your dominant side. 

Astral Travel and Out-of-Body Experiences

  • Shamans and psychics often use Halite to experience reality out of their bodies. Halites are usually used in Merkaba Meditation and interdimensional travel.
  • The best way to use Halite for astral travel or out-of-body experiences is by charging it with Palo Santo or Sage smudge sticks. Read more on how to use Sage for smudging crystals like Halite.

Halite Side Effects

  • Overuse leads to lethargy: It’s common to feel drained or weary after finishing a spiritual ritual with Halite, especially if you’re new to crystals. 
  • Corrupts the mind: Like common salt, too much in activation rituals may leave you thirsty or greedy for more. It’s better to take breaks from Halite use instead of wearing it daily.

Halite Meaning: What Does Halite Symbolize?

A bunch of white rose flowers

The meaning of the Halite healing crystal is purity.

The name Halite comes from the Greek word Halos and Lithos, meaning salt and rock. 

Salt represents abundance, harmony, and peace in Hinduism. Did you know that salt repels negativity and evil spirits in Asian cultures? Buddhists throw salt behind their shoulders when entering their homes. Now you know why salt is thrown backward before Sumo wrestlers enter the ring for a match. 

Salt represents protection, loyalty, stability, and permanence in spirituality. 

Christians also throw salt to ward off Satan. If you ever spill salt, that means he is around. It is revered in Judaism, Islam, and in Roman and Aztec cultures. It was used for consecration, anointing, purification, empowerment, or psychic powers. 

Halite candle holders have been used for religious offerings and worship since ancient times.

Varieties of Halites

  • White Halite: The cleansing variety of Halites, this type may look opaque or translucent. It’s great for purifying spaces. White Halite typically forms in large quantities. 
  • Blue Halite: Also known as Prairie Evaporite or Saskatchewan Halite, this is the aura-cleansing variety of Halite that improves psychic vision and higher powers. The crystal shows up with white, clear, indigo, and cobalt blue colors.
  • Pink Halite: The stone of self-love and focus, this variety of Halite awakens the Heart Chakra to attract peace, hope, and vitality. Fun Fact: Pink Halites come from the Himalayas of Pakistan and India and are the same as Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Hopper Halites: When Halite forms in pink, green, and white colors with hoppering, they look like color Bismuth crystals. These are great for amplifying growth and abundance. 
  • Yellow Halite: A Solar Plexus variety of Halite, this type of Halite benefits work on the lower body to enhance healing, strength, luck, and creativity. This type of Halite sometimes looks like Citrine or Quartz clusters. 
  • Red Halite: The fluorescent variety of Halite in bright red unblocks the Root Chakra. This variety usually forms orange to red Sylvite. They’re great for grounding and balance. 
  • Black Halite: Sometimes existing with Magnesite, this type of Halite may be pitch black, gray, or even silver. It’s perfect for busting stress and worries when charged with the energies of Mother Gaia. 
  • Green Halite: When Halite forms with inclusions of Malachite, this variety of Halite hopper forms cubes and clusters with dark green centers. They’re great for peace, prosperity, and health. 
  • Halite Selenite: A type of Halite that shows up with white and yellow colors, Selenite in Halite is a unique high-vibration crystal. It’s excellent for clearing hexes, curses, and evil eyes. 
  • Leonite Halite: The unique mixture of white, red, and brown colors in Halite occurs when Leonite forms with it. This type of Halite is perfect for feng shui balance and amplifying energies. 
  • Orange Halite: Often seen in salmon pink to honey-calcite shades, this type of Halite resembles Aragonite clusters. They’re great for passion, vitality, and inner power. 
  • Skeletal Halite: Looking akin to the incarnation of the stairway to heaven, this type of Halite amplifies the energy of other crystals.   
  • Ribbon Halite or Egyptian Halite: An unusual variety of Halite that forms ribbons, like Magnesium, this crystal attracts higher powers and reveals the spiritual destiny.

How To Cleanse Halite?

A smudge stick on a crystal with other crystals beside it

  • Moonlight – Soaking in moonlight energies is excellent for removing negativity stuck onto Halite crystals. Don’t keep Halite crystals in the open, or moisture from humidity or dew can dissolve the crystal. 
  • Breathwork – Holding your Halite crystal in the dominant hand and chanting mantras or cleansing affirmations into the crystal removes negative energies. 
  • Smudge Sticks – Because Halite is ruled by the element of Air, smoke cleansing with sacred herbs is a good way to remove negativity on it.

Questions and Answers

Is Halite the same as salt?

Yes, Halite is the same as salt and is identified by its chemical composition of Sodium Chloride or NaCl.

Can you put Halite in the water?

No, Halite dissolves and should not go in water. Halites are rock salts, so they dissolve when in contact with water.

Can Halite go in the sun?

Yes, you can cleanse or charge Halite crystals with sunlight for a minute or two, but leaving Halite crystals out in the sun for prolonged hours leads to color fade.

Can I eat Halite?

Yes, you can eat Halite. Fun fact: You’ve already eaten Halite in your toast, fries, burger, or food already.

Who shouldn’t wear Halite?

As the Moon rules Halite, it’s not good for zodiac signs ruled by Saturn. Avoid overusing Halite if you’re born under the Capricorn and Aquarius.

Where to keep Halite in your house?

The best place to protect and purify homes with salt is by keeping a bowl of salt in every corner of your house. You can also set a Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp in any bedroom corner to attract peace, purity, and power into the house.

How can you tell if a rock is Halite?

To identify a real Halite from fake crystals, check for its hardness (if it scratches against Calcite or Fluorite crystals). Look for a glassy luster and salty taste, too!

What does Halite feel like?

The energy of Halite makes you feel lighter instantly. It results from Halite clearing the negativity from your auras, chakras, and surroundings. Some people may even feel dehydrated when their birth charts don’t agree with Halite energies.

Can you scratch Halite?

Yes, Halite healing crystals scratch easily because of their low MOHS of 2.5 on the scale. It’s best to store it individually rather than with other crystals.

How to take care of Halite?

As Halites can dissolve easily in water, you should store them in an absorbent cloth, preferably in a warm place without moisture or humidity. Make sure to keep it on a padding or soft cloth to prevent scratches and accidental falls.

Interactions with Halite

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