(fuhl - gye - rahyt)
Main Origins:
USA, Japan, Germany, France, Australia, Libya, Pakistan, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Canada, India, Israel, and Egypt.

What is Fulgurite?

Fulgurites on table. Image Source: wikimedia.org Elke Wetzig (Elya)
Image Source: wikimedia.org Elke Wetzig (Elya)

Unlike most crystals that take millions of years, Fulgurite forms literally, lightning-fast, or instantaneously. It’s a natural glass formed by lightning striking surfaces with sand, clay, rock, minerals, or other sediments. 

In short, Fulgurite forms by vaporizing, melting, and fusing silica above 3,270°F or 1,800°C. Some lightning bolts can be five times hotter than the sun!

Did you know Fulgurite is a variety of the mineraloid lechatelierite? It usually contains Hornblende, Epidote, Pyrite, Calcite, and Andradite.

Also called petrified lightning, Fulgurite forms a hollow shape, like a glass tube, and can range from a few centimeters to 4.9 meters based on the power of the lightning bolt and the density of the soil particles. 

Although unseen, Charles Darwin talked about Fulgurite crystals stretching up to 9.1 meters. 

There are three main types of Fulgurite based on what the lightning struck – Sand, Clay, and Rock. They can exist in several colors with an irregular, ragged, and bumpy appearance. You may notice filaments, voids, veins, or small spheres of partially melted sand on its surface.

Fulgurite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Did you know Native Americans believe in a mystical creature called Thunderbird that shoots lightning from its eyes? According to the legend, Fulgurite was created by the same Thunderbird and is hence sacred. 

Fulgurite crystals represent the Egyptian God of Thunderstorms, Seth; the Greek God of Thunder and Lightning, Zeus; the Hindu God of Lightning, Indra; the Norse God of Lightning, Thor; the Aztec God of Wind, Ehecatl; and the Greek God of Lightning, Prometheus.

Fulgurite is ruled by Fire and Storm elements, besides the planets Mercury and Uranus. Mercury is responsible for communication skills, while Uranus is the planet of awakening. 

Depending on the soil it strikes, Fulgurite’s color will change. It can show up with all the rainbow colors. 

Fulgurites can balance all the primary chakras – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. The petrified lightning stone also opens the Earth Star Chakra and activates inner peace and power.

Fulgurite Healing Properties and Benefits

Anger Management

  • Did you know Fulgurite eliminates negativity? Fulgurite can help by calming and soothing you if you struggle with aggression or temper
  • The best way to activate Fulgurite for managing anger issues is by smudging it with sandalwood, sage, Palo Santo, or cedarwood. 


  • Fulgurite crystals with the Third Eye and Crown color energies are excellent for focus and concentration. It’s mainly because these types of Fulgurite can repel distractions.
  • Activate Fulgurite for focus by holding the crystal with your dominant hand and gazing into it. 

Emotional Healing

  • Fulgurite enhances self-trust and letting go. That’s why it’s good for emotional healing. If you’re going through stressful periods or overcoming traumatic experiences, Fulgurite will help you find peace. 
  • Charging a Fulgurite crystal by chanting positive affirmations into the crystal is a good way to heal unresolved hurt within you.


  • If you feel low or bored most times, use a Fulgurite to inspire you to excel in life. Fulgurite is also good for personal growth, creativity, and universal connection. 
  • Consuming crystal elixir by indirectly infusing the healing energy of Fulgurite is an excellent way to feel motivated and stimulated.

Communication Skills

  • Expressing yourself is easy with Fulgurite because it broadens your mind with universal knowledge. You’ll also feel confident by programming this crystal for the Throat Chakra.
  • Carry Fulgurite on you after sound activation to improve communication skills. Do this by holding the crystal in your dominant hand and chanting the Seed Mantra of wind (LAM) into the crystal.

Fulgurite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Fortune teller telling fortune with crystal rings


  • Fulgurite crystals can activate dormant brain areas to perceive extraterrestrial activity around you. It helps you find answers, guidance, and spiritual destiny. 
  • The best way to activate Fulgurite for clairaudience is by charging it with the healing sounds of singing bowls. 


  • Realizing your intentions and desires is easy with Fulgurite because it connects your thoughts with the universe. The universe listens to all your wishes with Fulgurite by your side.
  • The best way to manifest or set intentions with Fulgurite is by using it as a center or focus stone on crystal grids. Here’s how to set and use crystal grids with crystals like Fulgurite.


  • Fulgurite opens your mind and connects bodily chakras to the higher realm. As a result, you’ll feel wise, intuitive, and spiritually awakened. 
  • You can charge Fulgurite for a few minutes in the early morning sun and place it between your brows or forehead for enlightenment. Read more about where to place crystals on the body.

Psychic Visions

  • Did you know psychic visions are messages from the other world? Fulgurite is excellent for receiving and understanding divine messages via psychic visions. 
  • The best way to receive psychic messages via vision using Fulgurite is by charging it with incense smoke. Waft a lit incense over your Fulgurite before meditating for psychic visions.


  • Fulgurite connects the spirit to divine energies with its access to the Akashic Records. It can help you foretell the future, peek into past life karma, and perceive invisible threats and curses easily. 
  • It’s good to charge Fulgurite overnight with moon energies before placing it on a crystal altar for divination works. If you don’t know how to set a crystal altar, look at this post.

Fulgurite Side Effects

  • Can change your personality: Because Fulgurite crystal can activate new abilities, it can change your perspective and emotions.
  • Sleep disturbances: Keeping Fulgurite under the pillow may lead to intense psychic visions that disturb sleep.

Fulgurite Meaning: What Does Fulgurite Symbolize?

Lighting strikes from dark clouds

Divine Intervention is the meaning of the Fulgurite healing crystal.

Did you know some cultures call Fulgurite the Finger of God? Creation theories suggest ancient lightning stones, such as Fulgurite, might have provided the necessary elements to create life on Earth. 

The name Fulgurite comes from the Latin word for lightning – fulgur. In various cultures, crystals of Fulgurite are believed to tap into the powers of lightning, storm, fire, and thunder Gods. Some call it the sacred light stone. 

Fulgurite is traditionally associated with divination, psychic powers, creativity, and manifestation. It also helps with dream recall with its access to the Akashic records. 

Fulgurite benefits vary based on where it is found and what soil it forms from. 

Fun Fact: Paleo-lightning is a field of study that includes studying old Fulgurite crystals to determine the composition and atmosphere of ancient Earth.

Types of Fulgurites

  • Common Fulgurite: Fulgurite forms tubes, masses, or clumps of fused soil and includes different colors based on its origin. They’re great for manifesting intentions.
  • Clay Fulgurite: Also called Brown Fulgurite, showing brown hues ranging from beige, tan, and red, this Fulgurite variety sometimes shows combinations of all these colors. Use them for grounding, confidence, and patience. 
  • Orange Fulgurite: Showing squash and apricot shades of orange and deep yellow, this type of Fulgurite activates the inner fire by balancing the Sacral Chakra. 
  • Green Fulgurite: When lightning strikes rocks with Olivine, it creates a green variety of Fulgurite. They’re great for unblocking the Heart Chakra and calming you down. 
  • Blue Fulgurite: Some Fulgurites show pale, dark, or greenish shades of indigo blue from lightning striking copper ions in the sand. They’re excellent for psychic powers, like clairvision, clairaudience, and scrying.
  • Blackroot Fulgurite: This is when Fulgurite forms in a root-like shape in black color with white inclusions. It’s usually found in the sands of California and opens the Crown, Third Eye, and Root Chakras.
  • Red Fulgurite: Showing a muddy shade of brown, this type of Fulgurite may show other colors, like orange and brown. It’s great for courage, grounding, and inspiration.
  • Branch Fulgurite: When Fulgurite crystals form like the branches of a tree, you get this variety. They’re usually long and branch in different directions. Use them for growth, creativity, and enlightenment.
  • Conical Fulgurite: Also called Iron Fulgurite, this variety is usually found with a conical shape on one end. It’s typically found in Nebraska and helps you balance the mind, body, and spirit. 
  • Flame Fulgurite: Fulgurite forming in a flame-like shape is called Flame Fulgurite, and it’s excellent for purification, manifestation, and strength.
  •  Caliche Fulgurite: A variety of Fulgurite with minerals like Calcite in the host rock form this variety, this one is great for amplifying healing energies. 
  •  Gray Fulgurite: Fulgurites formed in dark gray color with black or white color energies in this variety are good for mental clarity and knowledge.
  •  Fulgurite in Quartz: When lightning strikes Quartz crystals, they can create Fulgurite tubes with white, off-white, or silver tints. This variety is great for spiritual consciousness and guidance. 
  •  Pyrite in Fulgurite: If lightning strikes an area commonly filled with Pyrite, it can form Fulgurite with Pyrite in the crystal. This formation is good for balance and success. 
  •  Gold in Fulgurite: A rare type of Fulgurite that shows flakes of gold, this Fulgurite formation is good for prosperity and wisdom. When Fulgurite with tiny flecks of Gold forms in smelting furnaces after getting struck by lightning, it’s called a “vitreous slag.” 
  • Petrified Wood Fulgurite: This type of Fulgurite is formed when lightning strikes petrified trees. It’s good for universal connection and inner healing. 
  •  Exogenous Fulgurite: While Fulgurites usually form inside solids, like clumps of sand, clay, or rock, this type forms on loose soil. They’re good for self-discovery and form in teardrop shapes.
  •  Pseudo Fulgurite: This type of Fulgurite is formed without a lightning strike from natural sources like wildfire or electricity. Use it for protection, grounding, and support.

How to Cleanse Fulgurite?

A woman doing a breathing exercise

  • Smudging: You can light a cleansing herb, like a sage smudge stick, and waft the smoke over Fulgurite to remove negative energy from it. Explore more ways to cleanse crystals with Sage.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: By circling a wand made of a self-cleansing crystal over Fulgurite, evil vibrations are absorbed by Fulgurite.
  • Breathwork: Chanting your breath into Fulgurite while visualizing a cleansing light washover is a good way to cleanse fossilized lightning stones easily.

Questions and Answers

Is Fulgurite safe in water?

Yes, Fulgurite is safe to cleanse with water, but only for a short period of time. It’s better to rinse and dry the crystal than let it soak in water.

Are Fulgurites rare?

No, Fulgurites aren’t rare, although they’re hard to find due to how deep underground Fulgurites stay buried. 

Can Fulgurite go in the sun?

Yes, Fulgurite is safe in the sun, yet avoid leaving it out in the sun for hours.

How do I know if I have Fulgurite?

Fulgurites have a striking appearance with a bumpy, rough exterior made of partially melted sand. You can scratch it to check if the stone is dyed.

Is Fulgurite always hollow?

Yes, Fulgurites are always hollow.

Where do you find petrified lightning?

Petrified lightning, or Fulgurite, is commonly found after thunderstorms along sandy mountains and beaches.

How to take care of Fulgurite?

To take good care of Fulgurite, you should keep it in a safe place without dust. As a crystal with low Mohs hardness, it can shatter when fallen. To clean Fulgurite, use a soft bristle brush. 

Is Northstar Black Lightning a Fulgurite?

No, Northstar Black Lightning is a type of glass with a metallic finish. 

What is Fulgurite used for?

Fulgurite crystals are usually used in prayers for manifesting intentions.

Are Fulgurites worth money?

The cost of Fulgurite depends on the crystal’s size, shape, and origin. On average, they cost a few dollars per gram, with some pieces fetching up to $75.

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