(fen - uh - kite)
Main Origins:
Myanmar, Russia, Namibia, Madagascar, the USA, Zambia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Argentina, Germany, China, Pakistan, Austria, Tanzania, Norway, Switzerland, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Canada, Chile, Finland, Italy, Ukraine, and Australia.

What is Phenakite

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Phenakite is a multicolored gemstone. Its color ranges from clear to white to slightly yellow to brown. Crystal’s glossy brilliance enhances its appearance. Its unique geometry comes from its rhombohedral or prismatic structure. 

The physical and chemical properties of this gorgeous stone are intriguing. For a gemstone, the crystal’s Mohs hardness is 7.5 to 8. It’s scratch-resistant and ideal for jewelry due to its unique qualities.

This gem began its journey in the 19th century. It was discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1833. Phenakite comes from the Greek word “phenakos,” meaning “deceiver,” as it was commonly mistaken for Quartz or Topaz. Brazil, Madagascar, Myanmar, and the US have since found deposits.

Due to its uniqueness and high-vibration energy, crystal collectors love this stone. Many collectors value it because they believe it promotes spiritual and personal growth. Crystal lovers are drawn to it by its beauty and metaphysical powers.

An interesting myth says that this stone can help open the “Third Eye,” or Mental Vision, and help people talk to angels. This makes the crystal a beautiful thing to look at and a sign of spiritual discovery for people who are interested in mysticism and spirituality.



Phenakite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Color powers are significant in the world of gemstones. For instance, this beautiful crystal’s clear color stands for innocence and clarity. Many people think it helps keep the mind and spirit clear. When the stone is brown, it is said to help people feel stable and rooted, giving them a feeling of security and balance in the chaos of everyday life

The metaphysical properties of this crystal are closely connected to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. The Third Eye Chakra, located in the middle of the forehead, is linked with intuition and insight. The Crown Chakra, situated at the top of the head, is associated with spiritual connection and enlightenment. 

Among the elemental forces, this gemstone resonates with the Storm’s energy, symbolizing transformation and change, and the Metal element, which stands for rigidity and strength. In terms of feng shui, its connection with the West is believed to aid in enhancing creativity and promoting new ideas.

The gemstone is also associated with the planets Venus and Uranus. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, connects with the stone to intensify feelings of compassion and understanding. On the other hand, Uranus, the planet of change and innovation, links with the crystal to stimulate breakthroughs and personal transformation.

In the realm of divine entities, Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, and Vishnu, the Hindu God of Preservation, are associated with this unique crystal. It’s believed that their influence promotes knowledge, protection, and preservation of harmony.

The numerical vibration of this gemstone is 9, which in numerology signifies completion and fulfillment. As such, it supports personal growth and spiritual understanding, guiding individuals toward reaching their full potential.

Phenakite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Crystal healers believe this beautiful gemstone boosts immunity. High-frequency energy may boost the body’s defenses. 
  • Place the stone close to you while meditating, or carry it in your pocket to reap these benefits. Charging it under the moonlight overnight can amplify its healing energy.

Purity and Harmony

  • Phenakite metaphysical properties is associated with purity and harmony. Enthusiasts believe it aids in purifying the mind and balancing emotions. 
  • You can hold the crystal to amplify these effects while visualizing a stream of pure, harmonizing energy flowing into you. Cleansing the stone with running water or using sound waves from a singing bowl can help activate its harmonizing properties.

Creativity and Communication

  • One Phenakite benefit is that it facilitates creativity and effective communication in metaphysical properties. The stone’s energy is thought to unlock innovative ideas and enhance the articulation of thoughts. 
  • Programming the crystal involves holding it while aiming to boost your creativity and communication skills. Regular sunbathing or smudging with sage is recommended to maintain its energetic charge.

Pain Management

  • Phenakite healing properties are often used in holistic therapies for pain management. It’s believed to relieve both physical and emotional pain due to its high vibrational frequency. 
  • Place the stone on the painful location and visualize the pain being pulled out and replaced with healing energy. Bathing the stone in a river or stream charges it with healing intent.

Christ Consciousness and Faith

  • For those seeking spiritual growth, the gemstone is considered a catalyst for enhancing faith and connecting with Christ’s Consciousness, a state of higher spiritual awareness and love. 
  • Meditating with the stone at your Crown Chakra helps this connection. Placing it on a sacred altar or in a place of worship can activate its spiritual effects and strengthen your spiritual progress.

Phenakite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Psychic Abilities

  • Phenakite properties are said to amplify psychic abilities due to its high-frequency energy. 
  • You should practice meditation with the crystal on your Third Eye Chakra to get the most out of this.


  • Enthusiasts believe this crystal promotes spiritual awakening by connecting to the higher chakras. 
  • Maintaining the object’s vibratory potency requires it to be washed in a saltwater bath regularly.


  • The stone’s Storm element energy is believed to facilitate transformative experiences. 
  • Programming involves holding it while imagining the changes you want it to make.

Access to Akashic Records

  • The crystal is thought to assist in accessing the Akashic Records, the mystical knowledge repository. 
  • Meditating with it in a quiet, sacred space may help unlock this spiritual understanding.


  • This gemstone is associated with wealth attraction due to its connection with the Earth’s energies. 
  • Keep it in your workspace and activate its abundance-attracting properties with regular sunlight charging.

Side Effects of Phenakite

  • Superiority Complex: Some users might feel a false sense of superiority due to the stone’s high-frequency energy. Grounding exercises, like walking barefoot on grass, can help balance this effect.
  • Lost or Detached: At times, the stone’s intense energy may cause feelings of detachment. Regularly grounding yourself with earth-based crystals can alleviate this sensation.
  • Sleep Disturbances: The high vibration of the stone may disrupt sleep patterns. Limiting its usage before bedtime can help maintain a healthy sleep routine.

Phenakite Meaning: What Does Phenakite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Phenakite is “high-frequency light and spiritual wisdom.”

Also known as Phenacite, this crystal is recognized by its traditional and modern names. Its enchanting clarity and high vibrational frequency have secured its status as a stone of light and wisdom throughout the ages. Today, it’s celebrated for its perceived ability to stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness.

Pairing this gemstone with other high-vibration crystals, like Moldavite or Herkimer Diamonds, can amplify its energy. These combinations are often used by those seeking spiritual growth and transformation.

One interesting thing about this gemstone is that it connects to the Akashic Records, a metaphysical collection of all human events, ideas, words, emotions, and intentions that have ever happened. 

By meditating with this stone, you can unlock this deep information. This belief and its striking beauty make it a popular piece among collectors and art lovers.

Types of Phenakite

  • Common Phenakite: Known for its clear to white hue, this variety symbolizes spiritual amplification and enlightenment.
  • Pink Phenakite: Its soft pink color represents unconditional love and emotional healing.
  • Clear Phenakite: Cherished for its transparency, it stands for clarity, purity of thought, and insight.
  • Green Phenakite: This soothing green variant embodies heart healing and harmony with nature.
  • Brown Phenakite: Showcasing an earthy tone, it exudes grounding energy, promoting stability and calmness.
  • Yellow Phenakite: Radiating warm yellow energy, it is a symbol of personal power and creativity.
  • White Phenakite Plates: They are visually characterized by their white color and textured layers. They provide spiritual clarity, helping users to transcend limitations and connect with higher realms.
  • Golden Phenakite:  This precious variant features a golden color and a smooth texture. It is associated with prosperity and abundance, attracting financial success and providing a sense of material well-being.
  • Orange Phenakite: The vibrant orange color of these plates brings joy and stimulates creativity, enhancing your imaginative energies.
  • Red Phenakite: With its rare red hue, this type of Phenakite exudes passion and vitality. Its texture may vary, ranging from smooth to rough. It energizes and revitalizes the user, promoting a heightened sense of passion and motivation.
  • Star Phenakite: Studded with star-like inclusions, it’s associated with achieving the impossible and uncovering hidden potentials.
  • Elestial Phenakite: Recognizable by its stepped or layered form, Elestial Phenakite embodies spiritual evolution and the connection with higher realms. Its texture may have a rugged or etched appearance. 
  • Etched Phenakite Twinned: They represent unity, cooperation, and transformation. Etched Phenakite Twinned assists in harmonizing relationships, fostering teamwork, and facilitating personal growth.
  • Phenakite on Amazonite: This combination visually merges the appearance of Phenakite, which is typically transparent or white, with the calming green hue of Amazonite. It represents a blend of Phenakite’s high vibrations and Amazonite’s soothing energy. 
  • Phenakite with Chrysoberyl: The Chrysoberyl element may display various colors, like yellow, green, or brown, which complement Phenakite’s spiritual intensity. Together, they empower the user to manifest their desires and achieve success, amplifying their intentions with focused energy.
  • Phenakite with Lemurian Seed: Usually translucent or white, and Lemurian Seed crystals, which can be pink, red, or brown, blend optically. It improves spirituality, emotional healing, and old wisdom. 
  • Phenakite with Moldavite: This represents change and the universe. Phenakite’s spiritual essence and Moldavite’s green color help people evolve spiritually and connect to higher realms.
  • Phenakite with Herkimer Diamond: This duo blends Phenakite’s spiritual energy with the clear and transparent appearance of Herkimer Diamond. It amplifies spiritual energy, enhances psychic abilities, strengthens intuition, and promotes tranquility.
  • Phenakite with Lepidolite: Phenakite’s high vibration complements Lepidolite’s violet tint. It relieves emotional tension. Lepidolite’s delicate vitality balances Phenakite’s spirituality.
  • Phenakite with Muscovite: Phenakite’s strong vibration is paired with Muscovite’s sparkling silver. It represents clarity and decision-making. Muscovite’s problem-solving energy and Phenakite’s spiritual vibration enhance decision-making.
  • Phenakite with Beryl: This combination combines Phenakite’s high frequency with Beryl’s green, blue, yellow, or pink colors. It symbolizes courage and healing. Phenakite’s spiritual force and Beryl’s strength and vitality make a powerful healing and courageous combination.
  • Phenakite Spodumene: It represents love and harmony. Phenakite’s spiritual force complements Spodumene’s pink, green, or lilac hues. It fosters spirituality, emotional equilibrium, and peaceful relationships.
  • Phenakite with Aquamarine: The calming blue of Aquamarine is paired with the ethereal vitality of Phenakite. Spiritual Phenakite and calming Aquamarine can help you find your center and overcome adversity with courage and strength.
  • Phenakite with Emerald: Emerald’s beautiful green beauty and the spiritual power of Phenakite go well together. The heart-centered energy of Emerald and the high vibrations of Phenakite make people more loving, compassionate, and creative.
  • Phenakite with Calcite: This mixture brings together the high vibration of Phenakite and the cleansing power of Calcite. Calcite can be clear, white, orange, yellow, or green, among other colors. Together, they clean energy, strengthen goals, and help people grow spiritually.
  • Phenakite with Dolomite: Combining the soft white of Dolomite with Phenakite’s clarity, it’s said to provide grounding energies while amplifying spiritual connection.
  • Phenakite with Pyrite: This combination visually showcases Phenakite’s transparent or white appearance alongside Pyrite’s golden glimmers. It represents abundance and prosperity while also protecting negative energies.
  • Phenakite with Galena: This silvery combination is believed to aid in personal transformation and enhance spiritual growth, fostering harmony between physical and ethereal realms.
  • Phenakite with Sphalerite: Pairing Phenakite’s spiritual intensity with Sphalerite’s grounding nature, this union is believed to balance energies and enhance intuitive capabilities.
  • Phenakite with Kunzite: With its soft pink tones, this combination symbolizes emotional healing, encouraging openness and love while facilitating a connection to higher consciousness.
  • Phenakite with Microcline: The pairing of Phenakite and blue-hued Microcline is thought to aid in clarity of thought, enhancing problem-solving skills and providing tranquility.
  • Phenakite with Chlorite: This green combination signifies cleansing and detoxification, believed to facilitate a powerful release of emotional blockages while promoting spiritual growth.
  • Phenakite with Schorl: This pairing, with Schorl’s black hue, symbolizes grounding and protection, believed in providing a spiritual shield while encouraging higher consciousness.
  • Phenakite with Bornite: The vibrant peacock colors of Bornite, coupled with Phenakite’s high vibrations, are believed to spark joy and encourage transformation on the spiritual path.
  • Phenakite with Chalcopyrite: This mix blends the clear or white look of Phenakite with the brassy yellow color of Chalcopyrite. It helps people see things more clearly and clear up energy blocks. 
  • Phenakite with Tourmaline: This shows off the transparent or white look of Phenakite and the different colors of Tourmaline, like black, pink, green, or watermelon. It is thought to increase both physical and spiritual energy.
  • Phenakite with Topaz: The blend of clear Phenakite and golden Topaz stimulates self-confidence, enhances spiritual growth, and brings abundance.
  • Phenakite with Quartz: This clear combo is thought to amplify energies and enhance psychic abilities, encouraging spiritual growth and providing clarity of thought.
  • Phenakite with Hiddenite: The pairing of Phenakite with Hiddenite’s green hue symbolizes heart healing, emotional growth, and enhanced connection with divine love.
  • Phenakite with Clinochlore: The blend of Phenakite’s high vibrations with Clinochlore’s soft green color is thought to facilitate emotional healing and encourage spiritual growth.
  • Phenakite with Cookeite: This combination provides a calming effect, reducing stress and anxiety while stimulating spiritual connection and personal growth.
  • Phenakite with Chamosite: Believed to facilitate grounding and balance, this pairing combines Phenakite’s spiritual energy with Chamosite’s earthy green energy.
  • Phenakite with Albite: This duo is said to enhance intuition and inner strength, uniting Phenakite’s high vibration with Albite’s ability to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra.
  • Phenakite with Danburite: The blend of clear Phenakite and pink Danburite stimulates heart healing, promotes peace, and encourages connection with the angelic realm.
  • Phenakite with Amphibole and Fluorite: With the purple/violet hues of Fluorite, this combination is thought to enhance spiritual connection, provide emotional balance, and stimulate intuitive abilities.

How to Cleanse Phenakite?

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  • Sunlight: To cleanse Phenakite with sunlight, simply place it in direct sunlight for a few hours. This natural light recharges and purifies the crystal.
  • Seed Mantra: You can cleanse Phenakite with a seed mantra by holding the stone and repeatedly chanting a chosen spiritual phrase, infusing it with positive energy.
  • Meditation: During meditation, imagine a cleansing light engulfing your Phenakite. This mental focus purges negative energy and brings clarity to the crystal.


Is Phenakite a Quartz?

No, Phenakite is not a Quartz. Instead, it’s a distinct mineral with a different chemical composition, though they both form crystals.

Can Phenakite get wet?

Yes, Phenakite can get wet. It’s not soluble in water, but it’s always good to dry it after exposure to liquids.

Is Phenakite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Phenakite is safe in the sun. However, prolonged exposure may cause it to fade, so it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods.

Can Phenakite take the Heat?

No, it’s best to keep Phenakite away from high heat, which can damage the crystal’s structure and appearance.

How can You tell if Phenakite is Real?

A real Phenakite has a high luster and is typically colorless or lightly tinted. However, a definitive identification should be done by a professional gemologist.

Is Phenakite a Calcite?

No, Phenakite is not a Calcite. It’s a separate mineral species with different properties and structures.

How do You take care of Phenakite?

Keep Phenakite stored in a soft pouch to prevent scratches. Clean it gently with warm water and a soft cloth. Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals or high temperatures.

Is Phenakite Expensive?

Yes, high-quality Phenakite can be expensive due to its rarity, but prices vary depending on size, quality, and color.

What Stones go well with Phenakite?

Phenakite pairs well with grounding stones, like Smoky Quartz and Hematite. It also complements Heart Chakra stones, such as Rose Quartz and Emerald.

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