Herkimer Diamond

(hur - kuh - mer dahy - muhnd)
Main Origins:
Herkimer County in New York, the United States of America.

What is Herkimer Diamond?

A Herkimer Diamond on a rock

Herkimer Diamond is a type of Quartz, not a Diamond. It naturally forms in cavities and vugs within Dolostone with terminations on both ends, typically with 6 sides or 18 facets. 

Geologists call it Herkimer Diamond, Water Clear Quartz, Herkimer Quartz, Double Terminated Quartz, or DT Quartz.

Do you know why they’re called Diamonds? Herkimers exhibit clear, Diamond-like facets in their natural forms. 

First discovered in the 18th century, this stone has gained many alternative names, like Little Falls Diamond, New York Diamond, and Middleville Diamond, due to its place of origin. This is the only source of authentic Herkimer Quartz to date.

Technically, Herkimer Diamonds refers specifically to double-terminated quartz crystals from Herkimer County, New York. 

Similar crystals found elsewhere, such as in China, Italy, Austria, France, Hungary, and Canada, can be called “Herkimer-style” diamonds, but they are not true Herkimer Diamonds.

Fun Fact: Interestingly, Pakimers are misnomers of Herkimer-style Diamonds from Pakistan. However, they have varied formations. Herkimers emerge from freshwater and marine sediments, while Pakimers originate from seawater and rock bodies.

Herkimer Diamond Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Most Herkimer Diamonds show clear, white, and silver hues that open the Crown, Lunar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway Chakras. They bring mental clarity, wisdom, grounding, psychic abilities, astral travel, luck, love, and universal consciousness to the stone. 

As we will learn about the wide varieties of Herkimer Diamonds, it occurs in more colors, opening the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Earth Star, and Solar Star Chakras, responsible for power, health, stability, and peace.

Mercury and Venus are the main ruling planets linked to the energies of the Herkimer Diamond, signifying, manifestation, communication skills, love, detox, and harmony. 

Herkimers are also linked to Sun, Moon, Mars, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus, bringing intuition, awareness, purification, detox, and clairvision. 

Who should wear Herkimer Diamond? According to astrology, the zodiac signs Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries align best with the energies of Herkimer Quartz stones. Generally, it’s recommended for all zodiac signs, thanks to its diverse astrology.

Besides astrology, the elemental powers of Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Ether also bring Herkimer Diamond benefits, like creativity, manifestation, luck, protection, willpower, letting go, and cosmic travel. 

Where to keep Herkimer Diamond at home? Southwest and Northeast directions are best to keep Herkimer Diamond by Feng Shui. These placements attract positivity, enlightenment, growth, and inner healing. 

Herkimers are associated with various deities, such as the Hindu God of Wisdom, Saraswati; the Egyptian of Magic, Thoth; the Greek God of Communication, Hermes; the Egyptian God of Life, Osiris; and the Norse God of Healing, Odin. 

According to numerology, Herkimer Diamond properties include the cosmic vibrations of 3 and 33 because they represent regeneration, creativity, stability, growth, and attunement.

Herkimer Diamond Healing Properties and Benefits

Peace and Letting Go

  • Keep a charged Enhydro Herkimer stone with you wherever you go. It’ll eliminate guilt, regret, revenge, hatred, and pity from your heart. 
  • Charge your stone for letting go and peace by meditating with it at sunrise or sunset for a few minutes before carrying it.

Anger Management

  • Skeletal, Elestial, and Hopper Herkimers are great for dispelling rage, negative thoughts, and evil vibrations from your aura. You can chant a positive affirmation to find quick relief in tense situations.
  • Program your crystal for anger management by chanting this affirmation: I accept my weakness and draw on the powers of Odin to help me see the light.

Emotional Stability

  • Sphalerite, Marcasite, and Smoky Quartz are good for healing emotional scars and hurts. It’ll help your heart grow and accept the world and your experiences for how they fit into your destiny. 
  • Smudging with a sacred herb, like sage, is an excellent way to set your intention for peace and harmony around you. It will help you clear negative triggers and evil vibrations from your surroundings. 

Detox and Regeneration

  • Did you know Herkimer Diamonds reduce stressors and radiation from EMF, pollution, etc.? On top of it, Herkimers with Calcite or Skeletal formations boost immunity, health, and vitality by regenerating new cells.
  • Make a crystal elixir by indirectly infusing the essence of Herkimer Diamonds and drinking it consistently. 

Focus and Clarity

  • Water Clear Quartz on your work or study desk repels distractions to help you focus and make decisions easily. Crystals with Hopper, Elestial, Scepter, or Keys work ideally.
  • Gaze into your crystal and chant your intention for 2 to 3 minutes.

Herkimer Diamond Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is praying in nature

Purification, Attunement, and Manifestation

  • Have you heard about the amplifier capabilities of DT Quartz? Due to termination at both ends, these crystals transmute the negativity around. It’s also good for psychic protection. 
  • Specimens with double-pointed ends can be used for purification by first charging them with Fire energy. 

Divine Guidance

  • Angelic messages and numbers appear in your life when divine intervention is coming up. You can use Herkimer Diamond to set an altar for divine help. 
  • Charge your stone with chants like OM and set it in the center of the altar. Circle the stone with other compatible rocks, scents, candles, incense, and sacred herbs. 

Good Luck

  • Ages ago, Herkimer Diamonds were thought to attract good fortune, prosperity, and luck to their wearer. Even these days, psychics say wearing a charged Water Clear Quartz with Pyrite brings monetary luck. 
  • Bury your crystal for three days during a full moon under three inches of soil. Once it’s charged, wear the crystal on your dominant side.

Psychic Vision

  • Did you know Blue Flash and Rainbow Herkimer Diamonds activate psychic vision and abilities? They open the Third Eye Chakra to activate intuition, cosmic consciousness, and access to Akashic Records.
  • Scrying with your crystal at midnight is a powerful way to activate the dormant areas of your psyche. You can also light an incense before scrying to amplify your psychic senses.

Astral Travel

  • Are you seeking help and guidance on cosmic travel, lucid dreaming, or reality shifting? Keeping a charged Blue and Pink under your pillow is good for jumping into different realms and dreams.
  • Program your crystal for cosmic travel by charging it with the energy of sunlight and moonlight in one day.

Side Effects of Herkimer Diamond

  • Superiority Complex: If you’re new to Water Clear Quartz, overusing it might constantly keep your higher powers charged. 
  • Disturbing Visions: Sleeping with Herkimer Diamond under the pillow is good for astral travel, but if you’re a sensitive person. Nightmares are a sign of overuse of Herkimers, too. 
  • Apathetic: You might feel indifference or hatred toward your profession, friends, family, colleagues, or current reality after divine intervention for a few days. Regroup with a Morganite.
  • Mild Shocks: The first time you touch Water Clear Quartz, you might feel a zing, buzz, zap, or shock. On your other hand, try to hold a Rose Quartz to balance the higher vibrations.

Herkimer Diamond Meaning: What Does Herkimer Diamond Symbolize?

A woman standing and stretching her arms downward sideways in nature

The meaning of Herkimer Diamond is spiritual awakening.

Herkimer Quartz is named after its place of origin, Herkimer County, in New York. 

Water Clear Quartz was a sacred crystal to the Mohawk people and Iroquois, where the former used them as amulets for protection, purification, and ancestral peace. 

Historically, DT Clear Quartz was often mistaken for Diamonds. Technically, Herkimer stones are discovered within small caverns, mini-caves, or large cavities, predominantly without any natural matrix, yet presenting 18 facets.

Did you Know some say the Dutch settlers originally named Herkimer Quartz vloeikristal? It means a flowing crystal and was widely used in divination and spiritual rituals.

Today, as you read in this crystal guide, it’s a popular stone for purification, amplification, manifestation, karmic cleansing, healing, health, vitality, and much more.

Types of Herkimer Diamond

  • Clear Herkimer Diamond: This is the most popular Herkimer variety, donned by celebrities like Meghan Markle and Kim Kardashian. It’s a purifying stone that helps with clarity and focus. 
  • Pink Herkimer Diamond: With a solid pale pink hue throughout the stone, this is a rare Herkimer Quartz. It’s good for inner healing and empathy. 
  • Black Herkimer Diamond: Known for its black inclusions, Herkimers are a protective stone often showing beige, indigo, gray, and silver tints. 
  • Enhydro Herkimer Diamond: This type of New York Diamond opens the Heart Chakra and brings peace and stability inward. Due to the water bubbles trapped inside, it may show yellow, orange, or white insides.
  • Golden Herkimer Diamond: When Water Clear Quartz contains petroleum inclusions, it shows a golden or greenish interior with its natural facets showing bright sides. Use this crystal for mediumship and cosmic travel. 
  • Rainbow Flash Herkimer Diamond: It’s the rainbow variety if your Herkimer Crystal shows a rainbow flash with multicolor flashes. It’s an attunement and ascension stone for advanced crystal users.
  • Blue Herkimer Diamond: Some Herkimers show blue flashes with a clear or white base color on certain sides. They’re excellent for activating latent psychic abilities like intuition, clairvision, and premonitions.
  • Smoky Herkimer Diamond: This mix of Smoky Quartz and Water Clear Quartz may appear in tan, beige, or brown hues. It may look cloudy, but the stone is excellent for grounding, anger management, and communication.
  • Phantom Herkimer Diamond: In this type of New York Diamond, you’ll see phantom inclusions or crystals in yellow, brown, black, gray, orange, and red. Use this healing crystal for karmic healing and purification. 
  • Baby Herkimer Diamond: Did you know Herkimer Diamonds grow in varied sizes, from extra-small to small, medium, and large? The Baby Diamonds with dipyramidal shapes are ideal for new beginnings and skills. 
  • Scepter Herkimer Diamond: This is when Herkimer Quartz grows into a pyramidal termination on one side with an elongated stem-like shape on the other end. Use Little Falls Diamond for manifestation and amplification.
  • Herkimer Diamond Hoppers: Named after its hopper growth pattern, this crystal shape occurs in Smoky, Clear, and Yellow Water Clear Quartz stones. They’re great for attracting growth and success into your life.  
  • Garden Quartz Herkimer Diamond: When Clear New York Diamonds show yellow, black, orange, beige, and white specks on one tip, it’s proof of Garden Quartz inclusions. Use this crystal for mediumship, spiritual communication, and guidance. 
  • Elestial Herkimer Diamond: The appearance of multiple faces, terminations, ridges, and indentations gives Elestial Herkimer Quartz crystals a celestial vibe. They’re transformation stones you can take on astral travel and reality shifting. 
  • Skeletal Herkimer Diamond: These are similar to Elestial Herkimers but are unique for their windows into the core of the stone with a skeletal growth pattern. They’re good for detox, inner healing, health, and karmic healing. 
  • Herkimer Diamond with Keys: Also popular as Keyed Herkimer Crystal, this is a clear variety with key-like facets. Use this stone for astral travel and discovering your spiritual destiny.
  • Record Keeper Herkimer Diamond: The telltale sign of Record Keepers on Herkimer Quartz is the etched, triangle-like shapes on one side. It helps you tap into Akashic Records to see the future and past. 
  • Twin and Cluster Herkimer Diamonds: When two or more Water Clear Quartz grows from a single point, they may form twins or clusters. These are good for amplifying energies and are often used as generators.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Anthraxolite: In this crystal formation with New York Diamond crystal, you’ll notice varied sizes of Anthraxolite specks in the bottom plane. They’re good for repelling hexes, negativity, and evil from the aura.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Black Quartz: This type of Double Terminated Quartz may be clear outside but contains a Black Quartz toward the middle. They’re ideal for creating psychic shields and rings around the house.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Calcite, Dolomite, and Pyrite: A unique crystal combination of Herkimer Quartz with Pyrite, Dolomite, and Calcite, this stone shows golden, orange, brown, white, black, and yellow hues and attracts luck. 
  • Herkimer Quartz with Dolomite: In this type of New York Diamond, two crystals grow together with beige, tan, orange, white, black, or gray hues. They’re excellent for motivation and dedication. 
  • Herkimer Diamond with Sphalerite: Appearing with a dark red, black, yellow, beige, or brown exterior with a contrasting core, this variety is an attunement stone that teaches emotional and spiritual stability.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Marcasite: Showing flashes of silver, golden, and white with yellow, beige, tan, black, gray, and clear sides, this is a good natural crystal pairing for psychic abilities and guidance. 
  • Herkimer Diamond with Bitumen: Originating from Poland, this type of Herkimer Quartz naturally occurs with Bitumen in blue, indigo, gray, white, and clear hues. They’re great for focus, creativity, and good luck.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Pyrobitumen: This type of Little Falls Diamond variety appears with maximum clarity and clear hue with yellow, black, or brown inclusions of Pyrobitumen. They’re good for calmness and tranquility.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Siderite: You’ll notice a white exterior with a brown core in this type of Herkimer stone. Use it for health, immunity, and vitality.
  • Herkimer Diamond with Stibnite: Showing a brown base color rock veined with silver, black, or white, this natural crystal formation is good for eliminating self-doubt, anxiety, and negative self-talk. 
  • Herkimer with Sidecar: When you notice a platy attachment to clear Herkimers, it may be a natural variety with Sidecar. Use this stone to bring luck to new beginnings, projects, and endeavors.

How To Cleanse Herkimer Diamond?

woman meditating facing towards sunrise

Generally, Herkimer Quartz crystals don’t need cleansing. But if your intuition tells you to cleanse them, proceed with any of the following:

  • Meditation: Hold your crystal in your palms and close your eyes. Visualize the cleansing energy of your mind and chakras, eliminating the negativity absorbed by the crystal.
  • Sage: Light a sage smudge stick and wave it over your crystal for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this after every use to reset its positive energies.
  • Fire: Pick your crystal with the dominant hand and hold it before the flame of a candle for 20 to 60 seconds at a safe distance. This is a good cleansing ritual for the seasonal purification of your Herkimer Crystal.

Questions and Answers

Is Herkimer Diamond a Real Diamond?

No, Herkimer Diamond is not a Real Diamond, but a type of Quartz with natural double terminations.

What is the difference Between a Diamond and a Herkimer Diamond?

Diamonds score 10 on the Mohs Hardness scale, and Herkimer Diamond ranges between 7 and 7.5. Moreover, Diamonds are made of carbon, and Herkimer Diamonds are made of silicon dioxide or Quartz.

Do Herkimer Diamonds Glow at Night?

Yes, some Herkimer Diamonds glow at night.

Are Herkimer Diamonds More Valuable than Diamonds?

No, Herkimer Diamonds are not as pricey as diamonds, but maybe when attached to their host rocks.

How much does Herkimer cost?

The cost of Herkimer Diamonds ranges between $1 to $100 per carat, depending on the quality of your stone. Moreover, high-quality stones may cost over $1000 per carat.

How to Identify a Real Herkimer Diamond?

The best way to identify if your Herkimer Crystal is genuine is by checking for 18 natural facets and double terminations. Finally, you can check if it gets scratched by a crystal of 6 on the Mohs scale, like Moonstone or Tanzanite.

Moreover, real Herkimer will scratch the streak plate instead of making a streak.

Is Herkimer Diamond Safe in Water?

Yes, Herkimer Diamonds are safe in the water for cleaning and soaking for short periods due to their Mohs hardness score of 7 to 7.5. But don’t use them in too hot or cold water.

Can Herkimer Diamond go in the Sun?

Yes, Herkimer Quartz is safe in the sun for short periods. Avoid direct and prolonged exposure, as it may crack the crystal.

Is Herkimer Diamond Rare?

Yes, eye-clean Herkimer Diamonds with minimal inclusions are rare.

What Crystals Pair Well with Herkimer Diamond?

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Moldavite, Apophyllite, Lapis Lazuli, Celestite, Green Tourmaline, Larimar, Phenacite, and Kyanite.

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