Top 10 Highest Vibration Crystals in the World

  1. Amethyst (10th Ranked)
  2. Malachite (9th Ranked)
  3. Tibetan Quartz (8th Ranked)
  4. Selenite (7th Ranked)
  5. Lapis Lazuli (6th Ranked)
  6. Kyanite (5th Ranked)
  7. Shungite (4th Ranked)
  8. Moldavite (3rd Ranked)
  9. Citrine (2nd Ranked)
  10. Super Seven (1st Ranked)

Some crystals have a much more powerful effect on you and your environment than others. Crystals do have vibrations. Low-frequency crystals are calming and work well to soothe the mind and emotions. High-vibration crystals give you more energy, uplift your spirit, and have much more intense metaphysical and spiritual healing properties. 

Although high-vibration crystals are powerful, they are not better than others, and each crystal has unique benefits. High-vibration crystals are excellent when you feel low on energy, demotivated, and need inspiration or a pick-me-up.

Let’s look at the list of 10 high-vibration crystals you can use to re-energize your body, mind, and aura.

Amethyst (10th Ranked)

polished amethyst on white background

Amethyst is a beautiful, deep purple stone that catches everyone’s attention when displayed in a room. The geodes are breathtakingly stunning and are often used to increase the positive energy in a room. This stone protects you from harm and toxic people, giving you a safe space to exist in peace.

This stone opens your Third Eye and Crown Chakras and increases your intuition. Amethyst is a high-vibration stone because it fast-tracks spiritual awakening and brings you the awareness needed to make decisions based on your intuitive instincts.

You can wear Amethyst jewelry, carry a pocket stone, or meditate with it in your Third Eye Chakra for 5 minutes every day to benefit from its properties. Place Amethyst geodes and large pieces of Amethyst in a room to increase the positive energy.

Read this article if you want to know how to cleanse Amethyst crystals. 

Malachite (9th Ranked)

polished malachite on white background

Malachite is used to heal the Heart Chakra and bring renewed energy of love, hope, and optimism. If you have been struggling with depression, excessive sadness, pessimism, and a general negative outlook on life, Malachite will help you see the bright side of life again.

This stone brings positive emotions and happiness. It increases your vibration and attunes you to the frequency of unconditional love and everlasting hope. If trauma or heartache has pushed you into a low state, Malachite can awaken you to the good around you.

Malachite is toxic when it breaks, as it contains a high percentage of copper, so always be careful when working with this stone. Never keep a broken piece of Malachite. Wear a secure Malachite pendant that rests on your Heart Chakra to benefit from its healing effects. Always remove your Malachite jewelry before you bathe, swim or shower. 

Here is a guide on how to cleanse Malachite crystals.

Tibetan Quartz (8th Ranked)

Polished Tibetan Quartz on white background

Tibetan Quartz grows in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal and Tibet. This stone grows at above 15,000 feet altitude and is extremely rare. Tibetan Quartz opens, energizes, and heals all your chakras and is one of the best stones to restore vitality or recover from illness or disease.

When meditating with this stone, you can communicate with spiritual masters and guides, asking them for guidance and insight. This stone can unblock energy in your auric field that has been stuck for years, allowing you to feel younger, more energized, and healthier.

Tibetan Quartz connects to the OM mantra. The OM mantra contains all the sounds of the universe and connects you with universal wisdom. Hold Tibetan Quartz in your palm and chant OM at least ten times to heal your chakras and benefit from its properties.

Selenite (7th Ranked)

polished selenite on a white background

Selenite is one of the most valuable and powerful crystals in the world. It is self-cleansing and charging, which means it permanently remains in a positive vibration. You can also use it to cleanse your aura, other crystals, objects, and rooms. It is known as the master purifier.

This stone facilitates healing on an energetic level, meaning it does not only heal the physical symptoms that cause lethargy, negative thoughts, and emotions but heals the root cause of what causes suffering and low energy.

Selenite is brittle, and you should never put it in water. Wear Selenite jewelry, meditate with it for 5 minutes in your palm, or keep it on your desk or nightstand to benefit from its properties. You can also get a Selenite lamp, which can heal you and your environment in minutes.

Read this guide to learn more about how to cleanse crystals with Selenite.

Lapis Lazuli (6th Ranked)

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli consists of Pyrite, Calcite, and Lazurite, meaning it contains the spiritual properties of these three stones. This stone protects you in the spiritual realm, preventing psychic attacks and the energy of others from negatively impacting you. 

Lapis Lazuli brings you the insight and wisdom needed to lead a healthier life and allows you to be more focused and energized. It removes negative, depressive emotions that cause you to focus on the negative aspects of life and uplifts your mind and spirit.

Sleep with Lapis Lazuli under your pillow for lucid dreaming and astral projection, wear Lapis Lazuli jewelry, or meditate with this stone on your Throat or Third Eye Chakra for 5 minutes daily to benefit from its healing properties. 

Kyanite (5th Ranked)

kyanite slab on white background

There are different varieties of Kyanite, yet all of them are considered high-vibration crystals. Kyanite links to the Third Eye Chakra and using it enhances your chances of having intuitive and prophetic dreams. Kyanite brings more peace to your life

Even though Kyanite is a high-vibration crystal, it is effective at easing stress, anger, and anxiety. It is one of the most powerful stones to channel and process harmful thoughts and feelings. This stone also enhances your communication abilities, giving you increased confidence in your speech.

Sleeping with Kyanite can cause a restless night, as you might constantly be in and out of a dream state. Place Kyanite and Lepidolite on your bedside table to balance the overstimulating effects of Kyanite while you sleep. 

Shungite (4th Ranked)

raw shungite on a white background

Shungite is extremely powerful, and you can feel its energy as soon as you touch it. This stone draws out toxins from the body and is excellent for spiritual and physical detox. Known as “the miracle stone of our century,” Shungite brings healing to the Earth, humans, nature, and the universe. Shungite is one of the best crystals for a new home.

This stone contains fullerenes, an allotrope of carbon that’s molecules consist of carbon atoms that are connected by single and double bonds. Due to this molecular structure, Shungite can protect from EMF to some degree but does not offer total protection. This stone has been proven to purify water and absorb chemical pollution and heavy metals.

Wear Shungite jewelry to benefit from its detoxing and renewing effects. Wear this stone if you drink alcohol or take any harmful substances, as it can help counteract the adverse effects and eliminate toxins.

Moldavite (3rd Ranked)

raw Moldavite on a white background

Moldavite exploded on the internet in 2020 when a TikTok video went viral. This crystal is an extraterrestrial stone, meaning it does not originate from Earth. Moldavite formed when a meteor hit Earth in the Czech Republic around 15 million years ago.

This crystal comes from space and has some intense frequencies. Not for the faint of heart, this stone facilitates spiritual awakening and transformation. Many say that the spiritual truth they learned while using this stone was painful and difficult to accept, but it has liberated and freed them.

Do not sleep with Moldavite in your bedroom. Keep it in a secure container next to a Clear Quartz crystal, as Moldavite tends to do disappearing acts. Meditate with Moldavite for 10 minutes in your palm every day to access its metaphysical benefits.

Citrine (2nd Ranked)

polished citrine on white background

Citrine aligns your aura with the frequency of abundance and allows you to manifest your greatest desires by making you more creative. This stone is great for those with a mindset that focuses on lack instead of abundance. Known as the money stone, Citrine aligns you with a path that attracts wealth into your life.

This stone is also great for increasing optimism and seeing life’s bright, positive side. It raises your vibration so high that no negative energy can harm you, allowing you only to attract good things into your life.

Wear a Citrine necklace or jewelry daily to benefit from the richness it will bring to your life. Keep a Citrine on your desk to attract favorable business opportunities. Citrine is a durable, hard crystal; you can swim, shower or bathe while wearing it.

Here is a guide if you want to learn how to cleanse Citrine crystals.

Super Seven (1st Ranked)

super seven stone on a white background

If you want to know what crystal has the highest vibration, the answer is Super Seven. Super Seven is an extremely powerful high-vibration crystal with seven crystals in one. This stone consists of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrocite, Rutile, and Smoky Quartz.

Super Seven contains all the spiritual and metaphysical properties of the stones included in it. It balances emotions, brings wisdom, connects you to the ether, and protects you all at once. This stone aligns you with your life purpose and gives your existence a sense of meaning. 

You can feel Super Seven’s vibration when holding it in your hand. Do not sleep with this crystal in your bedroom, as it can cause restless nights. Meditate with this stone on each of your chakras for 2 to 3 minutes to clear and energize your body.


  • What color has the highest vibration?

Violet has the highest frequency. It is the densest color on the color spectrum and has the fastest vibration. 

  • What frequency do humans vibrate at?

Different parts of the body have different resonant frequencies. For example, the human body vibrates between 3 to 17 Hz. However, the average frequency the human body vibrates at 5 to 7.5 Hz.

  • What color is intelligence?

Blue symbolizes intelligence, wisdom, trust, loyalty, confidence, and faith.

  • What is the highest vibrational emotion?

Love and gratitude are the two emotions with the highest vibration. Experiencing these emotions uplifts your spirit and puts you into a positive mental state.

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