What Happens When a Crystal is Lost?

  1. What Does it Mean When You Lose a Crystal?
  2. What To Do If You Lose a Crystal?
  3. What Does It Mean When You Lose a Crystal and Find it Again?
  4. What Does it Mean When You Lose a Crystal and Someone Else Finds It?

Have you ever wondered, do crystals disappear for a reason? If you have lost a crystal, or a crystal broke while it was in your ownership, it means that the crystal has served its purpose and can no longer help you, or that the crystal is not compatible with your energy and cannot be of assistance to you. 

Crystals have their own energetic frequency and vibration, and a crystal’s energy mixes with your energetic field. Sometimes, this combination doesn’t work well, or the crystal has become exhausted from doing its job.

What Does it Mean When You Lose a Crystal?

Of course, you know that crystals have magical abilities and powers, but you didn’t realize disappearing acts were part of the show. Crystals are like little fairies, spreading magic in our lives, but they can also have minds and hearts of their own! 

Losing a crystal can be heartbreaking, especially if there is sentimental value attached to it, it has a high value, or is one of your favorite crystals. But, just like we become exhausted, crystals can too, and they sometimes need a break.

Tips for Preventing Crystal Loss:

  • If you frequently charge or cleanse your crystals, there is less of a chance that they will go missing or break.
  • When crystals are alone, they are more likely to go missing. When kept with other stones, crystals rarely go missing.
  • Cleanse and charge any jewelry that contains crystals. 
  • Avoid storing crystals that are incompatible together.
  • Become familiar with your crystal’s properties. Always use a crystal for its actual purpose.

Losing Rose Quartz Meaning

rose quartz on a white background

Have you ever lost Rose Quartz and thought, “My crystal disappeared! I wonder why?” Losing Rose Quartz has different meanings, and understanding why your Rose Quartz has gone missing can help prevent it from going missing again.

What Does it Mean When You Lose Your Rose Quartz? 

Your Rose Quartz Has Absorbed Too Much Negative Energy

Rose Quartz is a powerful stone that transmutes the frequency in an environment, or user, to resonate with the highest frequency of all, the vibration of love. Unfortunately, while Rose Quartz is doing this vital job, it does draw in some negative energy. Therefore, Rose Quartz needs to be cleansed and charged frequently to avoid loss or breakage. 

You Are Rejecting The Frequency of Love

Rose Quartz’s ultimate goal is to get you to resonate with the frequency of love, and if you cannot, or refuse to, your Rose Quartz can go missing. 

If you lost a Rose Quartz crystal, it could mean that you need to work on your sense of self-love, be more open toward loving and accepting others, or need to undergo deep emotional healing in your heart that will allow you to love yourself and others again.

You Are Already In Tune With The Vibration of Love

Like when any crystal has served its purpose, Rose Quartz will disappear when it has done its job. Losing a Rose Quartz crystal can mean you know how to love yourself, others, and the world around you unconditionally, and don’t need its help to radiate loving energy anymore.

Lost My Moldavite

moldavite on a white background

Moldavite is well known for doing disappearing acts! I once lost my Moldavite crystal and was beyond shocked when it happened. 

I used to keep a piece of Moldavite stored securely in a container on a shelf. One morning I wanted to use my Moldavite for meditation, and to my surprise, my Moldavite crystal had disappeared! I searched everywhere and still havent found that missing piece of Moldavite. 

Reasons Why Moldavite Goes Missing

Moldavite is Extraterrestrial

As Moldavite is extraterrestrial (it does not originate from our planet), it is theorized that the mineral composition of Moldavite is foreign to our atmosphere and can disappear into thin air. However, some believe that the Moldavite is still there, but because it is not part of our world, or dimension, you cannot see it with the naked eye. 

Moldavite Can Travel Between Dimensions

Some people have reported using Moldavite during meditation, entering an altered state, and upon returning to reality from their meditation, their Moldavite has vanished from their palm or where they placed it. 

It is theorized that Moldavite can travel between dimensions, and once you enter an altered state, you give the Moldavite the ability to travel to a different place. 

You Refuse To Change

Moldavite is one of the most powerful crystals, and can shift and alter your thinking, reality, and perception. When someone working with Moldavite is often stubborn and unwilling to turn their perception into a new direction, the Moldavite is incompatible with the user and will disappear.

The Moldavite Has Served its Purpose

Moldavite can awaken you to the truth, and teach you the secrets of life and the universe. Then, once it has taught you all it knows, it can move on to enlighten and teach someone else.

I Lost My Amethyst Crystal

amethyst on a white background

Amethyst is a fairly common crystal and is one of the most common crystals to go missing. I have been on walks and hikes around my city and found beautiful, tumbled pieces of Amethyst and Amethyst jewelry in the most random places! 

I have also lost my Amethyst crystals many times, and to my surprise, sometimes my crystals reappeared! Knowing what it means when a crystal reappears is important, as this can prevent you from making the same mistakes and losing your crystal again. 

Amethyst is known for disappearing and reappearing acts, which makes it an incredibly peculiar and mysterious crystal! 

Reasons Amethyst Goes Missing

Erratic Emotions

Has your Amethyst been pulling disappearing acts then reappearing, and you are left wondering, “Why do I keep losing my crystal?” Amethyst can be quite a sensitive crystal. Although it has the primary purpose of calming your emotions and easing anxiety, it takes a break for a while when it cannot achieve this. 

You Are in Alignment

Amethyst has a powerful purpose and can heal those who have undergone severe trauma and mental health disorders. However, if your mental and emotional health is perfectly balanced, your Amethyst might feel that its talents aren’t being recognized and used, and find another person who needs its help. 

There Is Too Much Tension In The Room

Amethyst transmutes tense emotions and allows people to enter a calmer state. When too many stressed, nervous and anxious people are in a room, your Amethyst can become overwhelmed and decide to hide until things are less tense. 

What Does It Mean When You Lose a Carnelian Crystal?

polished carnelian on a white background

Carnelian is a powerful grounding stone that often goes missing, and it’s important to know what it means when you lose a Carnelian crystal, as this can help prevent losing your Carnelian again in the future. 

You Are Not Grounded

As a grounding stone, Carnelian’s primary purpose is to get your head out of the clouds and your feet on the ground. 

Carnelian teaches you how to take on responsibility and navigate the hard knocks in life. If you refuse to take ownership of your actions, Carnelian will find someone else who wants to work with it, not against it.

You Are Overly Confident 

Carnelian activates the sacral chakra, which is associated with your sexual and creative energy. Being assured in yourself is good, but when confidence turns to arrogance, problems arise. 

This eventually leads to sexual excess and placing oneself on a pedestal above others. Carnelian quickly vanishes when its user over inflates their worth. 

What Does It Mean When You Lose a Tiger’s Eye Crystal?

tiger's eye on a white background

You come home to find that your precious Tiger’s Eye that has always greeted you on your windowsill is missing, and you are left wondering, what does it mean when you lose a Tiger’s Eye crystal? 

You Need To Protect Yourself

Tiger’s Eye used to be worn as an amulet to get rid of, and ward off, evil and negativity. Tiger’s Eye crystals will do their best to ward off energy vampires, negative people, and experiences, but sometimes, they get overwhelmed and decide to quit their job. 

A Tiger’s Eye crystal going missing is a warning sign of too much negative energy, or people, in your life. 

Your Life Is Already Filled With Abundance

Tiger’s Eye increases self-confidence, allowing you to harness the talents that will enable you to manifest and attract abundance into your life. If you are already confident and have everything you need in life, Tiger’s Eye can move on to another owner, to enrich their life. 

What To Do If You Lose a Crystal?

female model meditating on a cliff with ocean background

Losing a beloved crystal sucks! Crystals can be expensive, and many are rare and irreplaceable. Luckily, there are many ways to prevent losing crystals again in the future.

Cleanse/Clear Your Energy

Sometimes it’s your energy that causes the crystal to become overwhelmed. So the first step when losing a crystal is performing a chakra clearing meditation to cleanse your energetic field of unwanted energy that can overwhelm your crystals. 

If you want to skip meditation, other ways to cleanse and charge your aura is by going for a swim in the ocean, or walking in nature barefoot for 30 minutes. You can also use a sage smudge stick or sage incense to rid yourself of toxic or unwanted energy.

Re-Focus Your Intention

We often have ideas and plans for our crystals that they might disagree with. Sometimes the intention you set when working with your crystal is not compatible with the properties of that crystal, and it cannot be of any service to you. 

Always ensure that the crystals you use are consistent with your intention, by checking the crystal’s properties beforehand. 

For example, you cannot use a Hematite crystal, intended to ward off energy vampires and negative energy, to manifest money and abundance. Getting a Hematite to help you fill your pockets will likely confuse it and send it running for the hills! 

Find New Areas Of Growth

Crystals subtly work to change and shift the energy in and around you over time. Sometimes a crystal has completed its job, and after many weeks, months, or years of hard work, it decides it wants to retire.

If your crystal has completed its purpose, it can go missing. Crystals know when they are needed more elsewhere, and will move to ensure they end up exactly where they need to be, with or without your help. 

Once a crystal knows it has served its purpose in your life, it can go missing to allow you to focus on new areas of growth.

What Does It Mean When You Lose a Crystal and Find it Again?

So you might’ve lost your favorite crystal and come to terms with, and accepted, that it’s gone. But, then, you wake up one morning, and you find your crystal in some random spot in the house that you are sure you have checked 100 times already. 

Finding a previously missing crystal can leave you wondering, what does it mean when a crystal appears again after it is lost? 

It Had to Take a Break

Just like humans, crystals need to be cleansed and recharged. They can do it themselves when you fail to cleanse or charge them adequately. Your crystal might disappear and reappear because it went somewhere where it can recharge itself again.

You Need the Crystal’s Help Again

Crystals often move on when their job is completed. Sometimes, you can lean back into your old ways, even though you have learned and gained new qualities and strengths. When this happens, a crystal can reappear, to put you on the right path again. 

What Does it Mean When You Lose a Crystal and Someone Else Finds It?

Losing a crystal and someone else finding it has a different meaning than what it means when you lose and find a crystal. Sometimes crystals cannot serve you a purpose any longer, and they should be elsewhere, or with another owner, as they are more needed there. 

When a crystal goes missing and someone else finds it, it means that it is intended to help that person and has no purpose in your life anymore. Just like sending a child off into the real world, this can be heartbreaking, but know that your beloved crystal will improve someone else’s life, and is much more needed elsewhere. 

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