Guide to Casting 4 Creativity Spells with Crystals

  1. 3 Steps to Cast a Creativity Spell with Crystals for Beginners
  2. 8 Crystals for Creativity Spells
  3. Tips for Casting Creativity Spells
  4. Experience the Limitless Power of Creativity with Crystal Creativity Spells

If you seek an easy and enjoyable way to reignite, unblock, or supercharge your creative energy and love working with crystals, these creativity spells are the inspiration you’ve been looking for.

At this point, you may be wondering, What are creativity spells or how do I cast a spell using crystals? 

A creativity spell with crystals is a magical practice that directs energy in a specific way using your power of divine and earthly connection. Powerful symbolic, healing, or energizing elements (including crystals) are used in rituals designed to manifest your intention for creativity.

This is a magical art form, and many spells are highly creative, so just engaging in spell work invokes a highly creative energy. 

3 Steps to Cast a Creativity Spell with Crystals for Beginners

Creative female artisan painting clay product

Spells are not an exact science and can be personally curated at your will. There are some key steps to most spells, and there are many different techniques that you can work with. 

Step 1: Clarify Your Intention

Take some time to meditate and visualize what you would look like, experience, and feel like in your most embodied creative state. Use this vision as an anchor point to create an affirmation representing your creativity intention.

Step 2: Choose and Cleanse Your Crystal

Choose a crystal that has properties that relate to your creative intention. You can choose more than one crystal if you feel called to, but it is always important to cleanse all the stones that you use for spells before working with them.

Smudging, Selenite, or sound are cleansing methods that work for all stones. Remember that some soft or non-durable crystals can’t be cleansed with elements such as water and sunlight, so please do your research if you want to use these elements.

Step 3: Choose a Technique or Ritual

Now that you’re clear on your intention and have your cleansed creativity stones ready, it’s time to energize your intention further using a spell-casting technique. 

You can choose one from the list below and follow along exactly, or feel free to add your creative flair, combine techniques, or create your creative spell.

4 Techniques for Casting Creativity Spells

Spells are essentially a way to animate or add power to your specific intention. Practicing these rituals invokes and anchors a vibration that brings creativity into your reality.

The actions of a spell are physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. There are as many variations of spell techniques as there are witches, and these are my versions of a few favorites.

Affirmation Spell for Creativity

This is a quick, simple, and super-powerful spell using the power of your words and sound vibration to unblock or boost your creative power.

  • Hold your charged crystal and visualize your creativity intention once again.
  • Repeat a present tense affirmation related to your intention 3 times aloud (eg. “I am filled with divine creative energy, and it flows forth from me in beneficial ways that create abundance”).
  • Write down your affirmation on a piece of paper and place your crystal on this paper on your altar.
  • For this spell, you could also choose to harmonize with a creative mantra, chanting or playing your chosen mantra aloud while meditating, holding your stone.
  • Some potent mantras for creativity and removing creative blocks are the Adi Shakti mantra, Ganesha mantra, or Saraswati mantra.

Spell Jar for Creativity

Creativity spell jars are created to represent and hold the frequency of your creative intentions. This type of spell is powered by trust in your magic and the objects in your spell jar. This is a fun spell for including crystals for creativity.

  • Set your empty jar, chosen creativity crystals, herbs, and other objects on your altar, and cleanse all objects with incense smoke.
  • Add a layer of soil to your jar for fertile creative energy and grounding.
  • Repeat your intention aloud, and then write it on a small piece of paper that you roll up and place inside your jar.
  • Place your chosen crystal for creativity in the jar. 
  • Include any other suitable objects that exude creative energy in your jar 
  • Add in herbs for boosting creativity, such as hibiscus, lemon balm, mint, ginkgo, mugwort, ginger, cinnamon, or shatavari. 
  • Cork or close the jar and drip wax on the seal while repeating your affirmation intention once more.
  • Meditate with this jar, or keep it in your presence or within your creative space to consistently attune to the energy of this spell.

Creativity Altar Spell

Creating a fresh, dedicated altar for creativity is an opportunity for intricately woven spellwork, and you can include many crystals for cleansing, protective, and creative purposes.

  • Choose a space for your altar where you feel at ease. You can create your creativity altar in your home, your creative space, or outdoors (if it is a temporary altar).
  • Cleanse your chosen space with a smudge bundle, incense smoke, or grid the area with self-cleansing Selenite stones.
  • Take a moment to repeat your affirmation and visualize your creative intention.
  • Set your chosen creativity crystals on the altar.
  • Contemplate and add other relevant objects, such as a candle in a color that evokes creativity, natural elements, living plants, dried herbs for creativity, symbols, artworks, creativity deities, sculptures, or imagery.
  • Activate your altar by lighting a candle or incense, holding your hands over it and repeating your intention affirmation once more. Take a moment of gratitude for this process and the magical objects included.
  • Meditate here as long as you like and whenever you like. 

Magical Essence or Elixir for Creativity

Creating an elixir or essence involves using intention combined with sunlight or moonlight to imprint the energy of a plant or crystal into pure water. You can use various gems and herbs for creativity, but be sure to read the safety guidelines for this spell below.

  • Gather some spring water in a colorless glass bowl, a dropper bottle, a colorless glass plate (optional), and ingestible high-proof alcohol (necessary if you include plants). 
  • Choose a day and time when you will have 3 hours of full sunlight or moonlight.
  • Choose a creativity crystal, hold the stone, and repeat your creativity affirmation.
  • You can optionally include any fresh, non-poisonous flower for creativity that you have access to (you only need a single bloom).
  • Place your bowl under the sunlight or moonlight.
  • Give thanks and place your chosen creativity flower, freshly picked, on the water surface.
  • To imprint your crystal energy on the water, you’re going to use an indirect method and set the stone outside but touching the glass bowl. Alternatively place your transparent plate on top of your bowl and the crystal on top of the plate. 
  • Repeat your intention affirmation and leave this setup with the sunlight or moonlight shining on your stone into the water for at least 3 hours.
  • When you feel the process is complete, decant the essence into a dropper bottle (if you have added plants and want it to last longer than a few days, then you can preserve this essence by adding 20 to 30% brandy, vodka, or cane alcohol).
  • You can now use your creativity essence, drinking a few drops in water, in your bath, as a room or aura mist, or to anoint yourself and instantly align to your creative intentions at any time.

Please Note: Many crystals are not suitable for direct infusion elixirs (placing them into the water) as some can be damaged in water, and some are toxic! Please do thorough research if you want to use a direct infusion method to be sure that the chemical composition and hardness are safe in water.

8 Crystals for Creativity Spells

There are so many stones that are great for creativity, and each has slightly nuanced benefits. These are just a few top picks that you can consider connecting with and including within creativity spells.

We have suggested techniques to pair with each stone, but you can use any of these crystals for any positively intended creativity spells.

Picasso Jasper

A picasso jasper on a white background

The name of this stone speaks volumes, as it is associated with one of the most famous creatives of all time. Picasso Jasper is an excellent choice for clarifying and boosting visualization abilities. 

Because of this, and its combination of grounding spiritual energy, it is an excellent creative manifestation stone. Picasso Jasper is also a stone of fame and fortune, helping you access abundance via your limitless creative energy.

Include Picasso Jasper in your affirmation spell for creativity to connect with this stone and confidently embody your creative energy.


Garnet stone on a white background

Garnet is a stone of vitality, manifestation, and passion. The fiery energy of this stone is helpful for reigniting lost creative passion and easily grounding this energy into creative physical forms.

Making a spell jar for creativity is a perfect way to include Garnet in your spellwork. This small but powerful red dodecahedron crystal fits perfectly in a spell jar. You can direct this stone’s energy for specific creative use with your intention and other ingredients in your creativity spell jar.

Orange Calcite

A polished orange calcite on a white background

Orange Calcite is associated with creativity, and it has cleansing and amplifying effects. It is a gentle yet powerful crystal for moving through creative blocks and aligning to your most joyful creative state of being.

A gem elixir or gem essence for creativity can be made with Orange Calcite. Be sure to use the indirect infusion method that is recommended in the technique steps, as this is a soft stone that cannot be directly in water.

Use your Orange Calcite elixir whenever you feel creativity stuck or want to align to a higher awareness state to channel your divine creative energy.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Blue Lace Agate activates the Throat Chakra, It is a creativity stone of self-expression and charisma. This crystal is helpful for tapping into your confidence to authentically and eloquently express your creativity.

As it relates to expression, the most suited creativity spell to use with Blue Lace Agate is an affirmation spell for creativity. Hold your stone and confidently affirm the manifested reality of your creative intention. 

A suggested affirmation for your spell with Blue Lace Agate is, “I gracefully express my creativity, and I am received with deep appreciation, connection, and support.”

Rutilated Quartz

A rutilated quartz on a white background

Very useful for cutting away limiting beliefs and intrusive thoughts that are hindering your creativity. The energy of this stone exudes fertility, inspiration, and abundance.

Rutilated Quartz activates the entire chakra system and helps channel and actualize your wildest divinely aligned creative ideas into the physical experiences.

Creating a gem essence with Rutile Quartz will help you tune into this energy while making the essence every time you use it. Including honeysuckle or calendula blooms in this elixir would create an absolutely divine creativity blend.


polished carnelian on white background

Carnelian is one the most well-known stones for boosting creative energy. It is strongly associated with the Sacral Chakra, which is our energy center of creative power.

This is a stone that helps us maintain our creative energy levels, motivation, and brings good luck to all creative endeavors. When creating an altar for creativity, pieces of Carnelian should most definitely be included.


Ametrine crystal on a white background

Ametrine combines the powers of Amethyst and Citrine, both crystals with creativity-enhancing powers. It offers divine inspiration and  joy, necessary for bringing a creative vision to form.

A creativity spell jar is a fun way to connect with the crystal’s benefits while aligning with your creativity intention. You can add a piece of Ametrine to your jar during the ritual, or if you don’t have one, add pieces of Citrine and Amethyst together for the same benefits 

Herkimer Diamond

herkimer diamond raw on a white background

This beautiful variety of Quartz symbolizes spiritual awakening and intense clarity. It improves focus and helps us attune to fresh, creative ideas. It can also guide us to grow creatively and encourage collaboration.

Add a piece of Herkimer Diamond to your altar for creativity to connect with the stellar vibration of this stone and welcome originality, growth, and high vibrational creation.

Tips for Casting Creativity Spells

  • Always cleanse the space, objects, tools, and crystals you use in your spells.
  • Center your energy using meditation, breathwork, barefoot grounding, or any suitable practice in preparation for spell work. 
  • Enjoy and trust your magic, your intuition, and the process.
  • Always use your magical powers and creativity with gratitude and benevolent intentions. This ensures your spell work will be perfectly safe.
  • Engage fully in your spells and the expansive healing, changes, and physical work opportunities that arise because of the intentions you have energized.
  • Many successful witches and energy workers keep a personal spell journal to record and track spells performed, results, and experiences.

Experience the Limitless Power of Creativity with Crystal Creativity Spells

Creativity is how we transform. It is how we evolve. It is how we find solutions and enjoy exploring the infinite potential that we have as divine beings.

Knowing our creative power is knowing we are spiritual beings in human bodies and that this incarnation is an experience of unique creative expression, direction, and response.

Casting a creativity spell is a way to embody this, knowing of our ability to direct energy as we desire. Working with the manifest creative elements of nature, such as crystals in our spells, is a beautiful way to connect with our purest expression as spiritual beings on Earth.

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