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What is Ametrine?

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Ametrine’s trade name is Bolivianite, yet this stone is Amethyst crossed with a Citrine, which is usually referred to as Ametrine. It is a bicolor Quartz crystal, and it only occurs in one location on Earth. This stone was discovered in the 17th century and became popular in the 1970s.

The name Bolivianite comes from the crystal’s country of origin–Bolivia–and it is the country’s national gemstone.

The legend goes that a Spanish conquistador found the Ametrine mine in the 1600s, having been given land by marrying the native Princess Anahi. He sent many specimens to Queen Isabella in Spain, then the mine was lost. Once rediscovered, it was named after Princess Anahi.

Ametrine Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Ametrine is an incredibly calming stone, as it clears all stress, tension, and anxiety from the mind and body. This stone works well for trauma release, as it helps rebuild your confidence and lets you release memories and emotions that cause pain and suffering.

Ametrine has tons of metaphysical healing properties and benefits. This stone blends and balances the masculine and feminine energy within you. 

Citrine instills you with strength, nobility, and honor, which are masculine traits, while Amethyst infuses you with patience, compassion, and creativity, which are feminine traits.

If you are overly stressed and struggle to manage your emotions, Ametrine is the perfect stone to use. This stone gives you the inner confidence needed to accomplish your goals and grow and expand. Ametrine also re-awakens your faith in life, yourself, and others.

Being connected to Jupiter and Saturn, this stone helps you create restrictions, limitations, and structures that eventually lead to your success and expansion. It enables you to implement the needed order and rules to create a life where you can succeed.

Ametrine Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus, Clarity, and Calmness

  • Ametrine instills you with creativity and intuition. This stone lets you unleash your creative side by connecting you to your inner child, and it also makes you more aware of the energies around you.
  • Meditate with Ametrine in your palm and visualize a golden light radiating from the crystal, filling and cleansing your aura. When you feel energized and inspired, you can complete the meditation.

Confidence and Courage

  • By strengthening the Sacral Chakra, Ametrine lets you realize your hidden talents and strengths, allowing you to work on and build on them. 
  • Meditate with Ametrine in your palm and visualize a purple light emitting from the crystal and entering your Crown Chakra. This practice will give you the knowledge and wisdom needed to make the right decisions.

Knowledge and Wisdom

  • By opening and activating the Crown Chakra, Ametrine fills your mind with ethereal wisdom and spiritual insights to help you make better decisions in life.
  • Meditate with Ametrine in your palm and visualize a purple light emitting from the crystal and entering your Crown Chakra. This practice will give you the knowledge and wisdom needed to make the right decisions.

Energy, Health, and Happiness

  • This stone draws energy from the Sun and the Moon, filling your body, mind, and heart with refreshed and renewed energy that leads to increased health and happiness.
  • Wear Ametrine jewelry daily to allow it to harness the energies of the Sun and the Moon and transmute them into your auric space. 


  • Ametrine cleanses your life, body, and aura of anything that halts or prevents your happiness and progress.
  • Hold Ametrine in your hand and meditate for 5 minutes. During meditation, say the name of the thing you want to be removed from your life. Rinse the Ametrine under water for 30 seconds then hold it in the Sun and state what you want in your life.

Ametrine Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Manifesting Intentions and Desires

  • As Ametrine contains Citrine, a stone well known for its ability to help you prosper, succeed, and grow in life, this stone is one of the best to use for manifestation if you want to actualize your dreams. 
  • Wear Ametrine jewelry daily to increase your ability to create the life you desire.

Protection and Guidance

  • Ametrine has a solid connection to the ethereal. You can use this stone to contact or ask spirit guides for guidance and protection. In turn, you will receive messages and experience life events that fulfill your wishes.
  • Sleep with Ametrine under your pillow to experience prophetic dreams and to protect your spirit and astral body during sleep. Doing this will also connect your aura to the source, letting you tap into it for wisdom.

Abundance and Prosperity

  • As Ametrine contains Citrine, this stone can attract money, wealth, and abundance into your life. Ametrine instills you with the confidence needed to reach your financial and professional goals.
  • Place Ametrine in the Full Moon overnight, and then put the stone in your wallet to attract money and wealth. 

Psychic Abilities

  • Ametrine increases your intuition and extra-sensory abilities, allowing you to preconceive events and sense the energies around you.
  • Sleep with Ametrine on your bedside table to merge your conscious and subconscious mind.

Good Luck and Success

  • The Citrine in Ametrine fills your auric body with gold and yellow light, attracting luck, positivity, and success into your life.
  • Wear an Ametrine pendant daily to experience more luck and success in life.

Ametrine Side Effects

  • Detox: Ametrine cleanses your body of toxins, which can cause you to feel nauseous or experience headaches and dizziness while your body detoxes.
  • Nasal Congestion: This stone heals the Crown Chakra, which links to the face. You might experience headaches or congestion while the chakra aligns itself.

Ametrine Meaning: What Does Ametrine symbolize?

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The meaning of Ametrine is Stone of Peace and Abundance“.

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine. Amethyst is a master stress and anxiety reliever, and Citrine attracts abundance, confidence, and prosperity. 

Using Ametrine is perfect for those with low self-esteem and whose emotions cause roadblocks toward progress in life. Ametrine rebalances the body and mind, removing stagnant energy that causes you to feel tired and filling you with renewed energy.

The different colors in this crystal are due to the different oxidation states of iron in the crystal. The Citrine in the stone consists of oxidized iron, while the Amethyst parts are not oxidized.

Ametrine has famously been worn by Empress Michiko from Japan, Queen Sofia from Spain, and the famous actress, Salma Hayek. 

Princess Anahi from the Ayoreo tribe gave her husband a rare Ametrine when dying in his arms, representing how her love is split evenly between her love for him and her love for her people and community.

Varieties of Ametrines

  • Bolivian Ametrine: This is the most well-known variety of Ametrine, solely found in Bolivia. Bolivian Ametrine is a blend of Amethyst and Citrine.
  • Brazilian Ametrine: Ametrine that was smuggled over the border into Brazil during the 1970s to 1990s is considered Brazilian Ametrine. One specimen of Ametrine was found in Brazil that is 2.5cm wide.

How To Cleanse Ametrine?

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  • Sunlight – Place Ametrine in the Sun for no longer than 30 minutes to cleanse and charge it. You can also let it rest on a Selenite slab when charging it in the Sun.
  • Meditation – Hold Ametrine in your palm then visualize a bright yellow light filling your stone during meditation. You can also state what you want to achieve with the stone during this mediation to charge it with your intention.
  • Fire – Place Ametrine next to a lit candle for 30 minutes to let the light of the fire cleanse the stone.

Questions and Answers

Is Ametrine safe in the water?

Ametrine is a crystal part of the Quartz family, which makes it safe to submerge in water.

Can Ametrine go in the Sun?

Ametrine’s color will fade when left in the Sun for too long, so avoid putting it in sunlight for more than 30 minutes.

Why is my Ametrine changing color?

Ametrine can lose its color over time when it is exposed to different heat and light conditions. Wearing this stone for a prolonged period can cause its colors to alternate or change.

What's the difference between fake Ametrine and real Ametrine?

Real Ametrine is almost perfect and flawless, whereas fake, or manufactured, Ametrine will have many imperfections visible to the naked eye. 

Who shouldn't wear Ametrine?

Ametrine is a safe stone for everyone to use or wear and can benefit everyone’s life.

Where to keep Ametrine in your house?

Place Ametrine in the center–the heart–of your home to invite peace, love, balance, prosperity, and harmony.

Which hand to wear Ametrine?

Your dominant hand is the best to wear Ametrine to increase your productivity, confidence, and chances of success. For most people, this will be the right hand.

Which finger to wear Ametrine?

It is best to wear Ametrine on the middle or ring finger on your dominant hand.

When to wear Ametrine?

The best time to wear Ametrine is Thursdays or Saturdays, according to Indian traditions.

What's the cost of Ametrine? Is Ametrine expensive?

Ametrine is not overly expensive but can be a bit too pricey for some people. The average cost of this stone is about $8 per carat. Rare and higher-quality cuts cost much more, whereas low-quality cuts can be much more affordable.

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