Orange Calcite

(awr - inj kal - sahyt)
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What is Orange Calcite?

An orange calcite on the soil

Orange Calcite, also known as Calcspar, is an orange crystal for the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is found in Mexico and other parts of South America. Orange Calcite brings the energy of emotional balance, creativity, self-expression, self-empowerment, and enhances your libido. It is an excellent mood stabilizer!

Orange Calcite is found in sedimentary, metamorphic, and indigenous rocks. Its Mohs is 3, making it a soft stone yet perfect for emotional and spiritual cleansing, harmonization, and healing.

Orange Calcite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Orange Calcite metaphysical properties are unique because this crystal has two completely different ruling star signs, Cancer and Leo. This brings a blend of different energies and healing benefits to work with. 

Cancer is a nurturing and sensitive Water sign, while Leo is an expressive and creative Fire sign.

Orange Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Orange Calcite is a powerful stone for creativity and imagination. It boosts your energy levels so that you feel inspired in everyday life.
  • Use Orange Calcite in your vision board by using the Orange Calcite healing properties to supercharge and energize the intentions of your visions. 


  • All aspects of self-expression and communication are increased. Orange Calcite is ideal for removing and alleviating blocks in your Sacral Chakra and your emotional and interpersonal center. 
  • Work with Orange Calcite on a new moon, as new moons are ideal for fresh starts and stimulating creative and spiritual life force. 


  • Vitality, enthusiasm, zest, inspiration, and excitement are all enhanced by Orange Calcite. It can help you overcome lethargy, idleness, and a lack of motivation, or the “get-up-and-go” mentality.
  • Orange Calcite can be placed next to an essential oil or aromatherapy diffuser to raise the vibrations of your home or office space. Let the Orange Calcite metaphysical properties work their subtle magic!


  • Joy and empowerment are some Orange Calcite benefits. All types of Orange Calcite stimulate self-healing of the physical body. 
  • Commit to a daily or weekly self-care plan with Orange Calcite as your secret gem. Keep it by your shrine, altar, or sacred space where you let the physical, creative, spiritual, or intellectual energies flow. 


  • Orange Calcite increases longevity by improving your overall mood and well-being. Emotional balance and inner harmony allow for good health and fortune. 
  • Try to eat more orange foods, such as oranges, apricots, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkins, mangoes, orange tomatoes, melons, and sweet potatoes. Get creative with your healthy food choices. 

Sexual Healing

  • As a stone for your Sacral Chakra, Orange Calcite awakens sexual life force and libido. It can be used to soothe painful memories and sexual trauma that has left an open wound on your soul. 
  • Meditate with Orange Calcite to absorb its healing properties into your auric field. Then give yourself a healing massage on your Sacral (stomach region) Chakra with complementary essential oils.

Orange Calcite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman stretching her arms sideways while facing the sun

Cleanses Your Auric Field

  • Orange Calcite is a great cleansing stone that shields you from psychic attacks, harmful energies, and negativity. This is due to its emotional balancing and stabilizing effects. 
  • Wear Orange Calcite as a pendant or crystal necklace. Connect to your higher mind and intuition to tune in and choose the right one for you. 

Spiritual Self-Development

  • Orange Calcite sparks spiritual, creative, and sexual life forces, which are all essential for kundalini activation and awakening. Through spiritual awakening, all other energy bodies are enhanced. 
  • Commit to a focused-intent, lying-down meditation once a week by placing your Orange Calcite on your Sacral Chakra. Set some intentions, play some healing music, and be open to receiving. 

Higher Self Awareness

  • Orange Calcite stimulates energy pathways to your higher chakras, specifically through unblocking trapped emotions and energy in your Sacral, which then increases chi flow to your Solar Plexus and above.
  • Use Orange Calcite alongside Crown Chakra crystals, like Selenite, Celestite, and Angelite. These all have low Mohs values, so they complement and support each other. 

Soul Purpose Alignment

  • You can align with your soul purpose and plan with the Orange Calcite healing properties. Orange Calcite is known as a soul energizer or soul awakener. 
  • Leave your Orange Calcite out under Lunar or Solar Eclipses, as eclipses are powerful portals to higher consciousness, self-realization, and multidimensional awareness. 

Energy Amplifier

  • All varieties of Orange Calcite amplify energy. This crystal enhances, expands, and energizes the hidden powers and metaphysical properties deep within. 
  • Choose or create an affirmation to use alongside your Orange Calcite. Each morning, sit with your Orange Calcite for just 5 to 10 minutes and recite your power affirmation up to 33 times. 

Evolved Empathy and Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence and advanced empathy come under the Orange Calcite spiritual healing properties, because this crystal removes subtle/energetic blocks to happiness and inner balance. 
  • Charge your Orange Calcite in time for a full moon, specifically a full moon during a Water or Earth sign. This allows you to receive the healing effects and reflect on all your lessons from the month.

Orange Calcite Side Effects

  • Dissolves in water: Despite it being great for protection and aura cleansing, Orange Calcite cannot be worn while bathing. 
  • May lead to hypersexuality: If you are unaware of your already powerful sex drive or libido while wearing Orange Calcite, its sexual healing properties might have adverse effects.
  • Over-excitement: The joy and optimism enhancing benefits could result in overexcitement that leads to diminished duties and responsibilities. Keep your duties and responsibilities in check!

Orange Calcite Meaning: What Does Orange Calcite Symbolize?

Two men standing near a wooden bridge in nature

Vitality is the meaning of Orange Calcite. 

In ancient Egypt, Orange Calcite was used in the tombs of pharaohs. It was also used by many ancient cultures and societies as artifacts, as it was known for its life-force-enhancing properties. Calcite comes from the Latin word “calx,” which means “lime” or “limestone.” 

Orange Calcite’s symbolism can be found in the Orange Calcite healing properties, which include energy amplification and new inspiration, creativity, and optimism. Orange Calcite’s properties include joy, vitality, libido enhancement, inner balance, harmony, creativity, self-empowerment, and emotional intelligence. 

Orange Calcite is the ultimate emotional harmonizer, yet it equally awakens spiritual and psychological gifts.

Varieties of Orange Calcite

  • Pale Orange: Pale Orange Calcite stimulates creativity, pleasure, joy, happiness, and enhances your overall mood. It’s an emotional cleanser and balancer that helps you shift vibrations internally. 
  • Bright Orange: Bright Orange Calcite has the same effects as the paler type, but this stone brings the added healing powers of sexual and libido enhancement. It’s excellent for fertility issues and creative blocks. 
  • Orange-Red: Orange-Red Calcite, with its tints of red, sparks passion, vitality, and the pursuit of pleasure, There is more focus on joy and excitement than on inner balance (i.e. the soothing energy that is found in the solely orange types). 
  • Orange-Yellow: Orange-Yellow Calcite brings wisdom, empowerment, and increased self-esteem, leading to creative and artistic expression. This Orange-Yellow Calcite is perfect for creatives, like artists, poets, writers, speakers, and visionaries!
  • Translucent/Transparent: The Translucent, or Transparent, Orange Calcite properties include cleansing, aligning with your soul’s purpose, spiritual development, and amplified self-awareness. 
  • Brown Orange Calcite: Often seen in clusters, this Orange Calcite variety exists in clusters with scaly crystals of dark brown, gray, black, and dark orange colors. It’s excellent for opening the Sacral and Root chakras. 
  • Banded Orange Calcite: Resembling Agates, this type of Orange Calcite appears with white, yellow, orange, brown, and gray colors. It’s excellent for balance, luck, wisdom, and grounding. 
  • Black Tourmaline in Orange Calcite: This type of Orange Calcite resembles Dalmatian Jasper, but in orange with its black specks on the orange backdrop. Use this variety of Orange calcite for protection from hexes, curses, and evil vibrations. 
  • Orange Calcite on Quartz: When Orange Calcite crystals form on White or Green Quartz, they look like furry orange balls on white or green matrices. They’re great for abundance and peace. 
  • Orange Calcite with Apatite: You’ll notice dark blue with vivid orange colors when Orange Calcite forms with Apatite. They’re excellent for clairvision, mediumship, and amplifying energies.

How To Cleanse Orange Calcite?

An orange calcite crystals on a window sill

  • Smudging – With such a low Mohs value, water cleansing is not advised, so smudging is the next best option, especially as the Orange Calcite healing properties come alive with the fire element! Smudge with sage or other herbs. 
  • Crystal Geode – Leave your Orange Calcite on a larger Amethyst or Clear Quartz geode. Crystal geodes amplify the Orange Calcite benefits while purifying it of psychic pollution. 
  • Sunlight – Orange Calcite loves a sun bath but doesn’t leave it out in the solar rays too long. Orange Calcite is sensitive and can become brittle or fade if left outside for too long. 1 to 3 hours in direct sunlight provides the best effects.

Questions and Answers

Can I take a shower with Orange Calcite?

Yes you can take a shower with Orange Calcite, but it’s better to take short showers. 

Orange Calcite is not suited for cleansing in water for long periods of time. A quick bath or shower, however, will not harm the crystal when done sporadically.

Can I drink Orange Calcite water?

No, you shouldn’t drink Orange Calcite gem water or crystal elixir. Some crystals are perfect for making crystal-healing water for drinking, but Orange Calcite is not one of them.

Why can’t I use Orange Calcite with harder stones?

Crystals with a low Mohs value do not work well with high Mohs stones, as a general rule. There are some exceptions.

Are there any contraindications or precautions I should know?

Soaking in water is not advised, so smudging is your next best alternative. Smudging is not good for people with asthma allergies or who are pregnant, however, so this technique should be used sparingly.

Why does Orange Calcite have contradictory aspects?

Orange Calcite relates to both the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras, with the ruling planets of both the Moon and Sun. This is because crystals sometimes “cross over” in Crystal therapy, meaning they can symbolize more than one chakra with a totally different set of qualities.

What does it mean if I lost my Orange Calcite crystal?

Sometimes a crystal leaves us when it has out-served its purpose. On a metaphysical and spiritual level, we no longer need the specific gemstone’s healing properties, so it will disappear from our lives.

I have mastered my meditation practice; now what?

You can start to combine sound therapy, such as binaural beats, nature sounds, or the sound of the universe chanting, OM, into your meditation sessions. You can also alternate between Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras healing with Orange Calcite.

Are the variations/types of Orange Calcite crystals’ meanings accurate?

Yes, they are accurate. Colors can merge and flow, so each meaning can be applied to the holistic (one-size-fits-all) Orange Calcite description in varying degrees. All of the healing properties apply to all types in lesser or more frequency.

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