The Best Crystals For Leo Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals For Leo
  2. Grounding Crystals For Leo
  3. Protection Crystals For Leo
  4. Good Luck Crystals For Leo
  5. Bad Crystal For Leo
  6. Crystal For Leo Full Moon
  7. Crystal For Leo New Moon
  8. Crystal For Leo Sun
  9. Crystal For Leo Rising
  10. Crystal For Leo And Virgo Cusp

Leo is the zodiac sign associated with creative expression, loyalty, bravery, and Leos have a powerful ability to turn heads wherever they go with whatever they do. Symbolized by the lion, Leos are very proud and have a solid ability to intimidate and influence others while being very loyal and giving and giving to those they love. In addition, Leos radiate warm and loving energy, and just like all the planets in our solar system revolve around the Sun, Leos possess the ability to make themselves the center of attention. As a result, Leo is often the most important, influential person in the room while bringing warmth and light to the lives of others.

The biggest challenge you face is getting others to respect you as much as you respect yourself. You have very high standards you like to live by, but others can view you as overbearing or arrogant when standing firm in your values. You have a powerful ability to express yourself, be it merely your thoughts and emotions or through art forms. Getting others to listen to or observe you or what you have created is essential, as you can significantly influence the lives of others. Leo is the heart of all creativity. Leo is bold and says, “look at me, and look at what I have created.” Building high confidence levels is essential, as you can hold back your true potential when feeling insecure.

Using crystals to make yourself resilient to the opinions of others is a great way to allow yourself to express what you wish without hesitation. Approval from others can be vital to you, but when you let this approval be what drives you, you will always be at the mercy of others and what they think. The best crystals for Leo are those that allow you to realize that each person is entitled to their opinion, and you do not need to let the opinions of others rule your decisions and expressions. Knowing what crystals are good for Leo can help you have boundless confidence in what you do, and through this, you can significantly inspire those around you. 

Healing Crystals For Leo

Crystals that guide you to finding a path of happiness, joy, and fulfillment that is not based on how others perceive you are the best healing crystals for Leo. When you are confident in yourself, you can positively influence others to have the same level of confidence in themselves. In addition, you have a powerful ability to transmute concepts and ideas into creative expressions such as art and music, and crystals that allow you to express your art form with no inhibitions or restrictions are good Leo crystals.


Peridot chunk on a white background

The Leo birthstone, Peridot, helps heal any bruising in your ego, allowing you to have pride in yourself and what you do. Peridot will prevent you from comparing yourself to others and help you realize your unique potential through lessening anger and jealousy. Peridot creates a powerful shield of protection around you, allowing you to remain focused on your goal without letting negative opinions or influences affect you.


onyx on a white background

Bringing the wearer happiness and good fortune, Onyx is a Leo birthstone that is excellent for attracting abundance and joy into your life. Allowing you to absorb from the universe and your environment the energies that are needed to pursue your goals and creative tasks, Onyx is a beautiful crystal for a Leo woman and man to wear to give you strength and wisdom. With the ability to help you master your future, Onyx gives you the power to face many challenges and obstacles alone, without needing much assistance or guidance.

Grounding Crystals For Leo

Crystals that allow you to find practical, creative ways to express yourself without intimidating others or being overbearing are the best grounding crystals for Leo. Respect is earned and is not a given right, and crystals that allow you to earn respect and admiration of those around you are crystals that are good for Leo. In addition, crystals that will enable you to see your worth and not settle for anything less than what you deserve are excellent crystals for Leo energy.


By balancing your emotions, Hummerite prevents negative thoughts and challenging emotions from interfering with your ability to express yourself clearly. A powerful crystal for creativity, Hummerite allows you to add a touch of wonder and imagination to all that you create. Hummerite allows you to brighten up any person’s day by giving you an infectious smile and laugh.


Iridosmine is a beautiful crystal to activate and awaken your true potential. Magnifying your ideas, you can manifest all you think of creating when wearing Iridosmine. Allowing you to detach from stifling circumstances that cause stagnance, Iridosmine helps you overcome roadblocks that stop you from expressing yourself. Iridosmine also prevents you from letting your emotions get the better, preventing you from allowing toxic thoughts to spill out onto others which can negatively affect your relationships. 

Protection Crystals For Leo

The best protection crystals for Leo are those that give you the ability to appreciate your skills and characteristics without allowing the words of others to influence you. As a Leo, when others see you as worthy, you see yourself as worthy, but when others don’t see value in you, it can be tricky to know the value in yourself. Crystals that allow you to stand firm in who you are while not adopting a “take it or leave it” approach will help create boundaries and understanding between you and others. 


amber on a white background

Amber allows you to emit sunny, bright energy wherever you go, allowing you to influence your environment and others positively. With the ability to calm and soothe your nerves and anxiety, Amber helps you be your authentic self in all situations. Increasing your ability to manifest, Amber allows you to bring whatever you desire into physical reality.


Allowing you to stand up for yourself when needed, Bolivarite helps you receive the respect and recognition you deserve. Bolivarite enables you to transfer energy and ideas between people and the environment, to bring new insight to others and create dynamism around you. Bolivarite gives you the self-esteem you need to lead and guide others by enhancing your leadership qualities. 

Good Luck Crystals For Leo

What crystal should Leo wear to attract good luck? In astrology, Leo rules over the 5th house representing children, romance, and creativity. As a Leo, you are a hopeless romantic at heart and wish to experience dreamlike scenarios with those you are attracted to, where they can sweep you off your feet. Simultaneously, you can have a very playful, childlike nature. Crystals that allow you to live in the moment and enjoy pleasant, romantic experiences and crystals that bring out your inner child are the best good luck crystals for Leo.


Calaverite on white background
Image source: | Robert Lavinsky

Calaverite lessens your impulsive reactions, allowing you to stay well composed in situations where others might trigger you. Bringing money, luck, and fortune to the wearer, Calaverite will make sure you are always at the right place at the right time, getting exactly what you need to actualize your dreams. Allowing you to have an impactful, lasting influence on others, Calaverite will ensure no one ever forgets who you are and what you are capable of.


Danburite on a white background

Known as the stone that “lets your light shine,” Danburite allows you to attract people and situations into your life that bring you joy and empower you. Giving you the ability to keep your identity while still being open-minded to the social dynamics and structures in society, Danburite creates a balance between your ability to express your authentic self and your ability to understand the needs and mindset of others. 

Bad Crystal For Leo

Knowing what crystals are good for Leo and which are bad can help you wear the suitable crystals in the appropriate situations and avoid the ones that enhance your negative qualities. As a fixed sign, you can be pretty stuck in your ways, and it is essential to allow more flexibility and an open mind toward things you do not initially understand. Crystals that make you more stuck and stubborn in your fixed ways are bad crystals for Leo, as you often need to take a step away from your limited perception and try to see things through the eyes of others.


mica on a white background

Mica makes you intensely aware of the flaws within humanity, causing you to fixate on this and create a sense of separation between you and others. Using Mica can be beneficial, as it makes you more aware of overlooked details and information you were previously oblivious to. Still, it needs to be used sparingly if you are a Leo, as it can overstimulate subjective ideas and emotions. Mica lets you observe a negative quality in another but not be aware of how you are projecting qualities you possess onto others.

Crystal For Leo Full Moon

The Leo Full Moon occurs during Aquarius season (January 20 – February 18), when the Moon is in Leo, and the Sun is in the opposite sign of Leo, the zodiac sign Aquarius.

During a Full Moon in Leo, you become aware of how important it is to express yourself and that there is no good in holding back your authentic expressions. You can only create the life you want if you put the intention out there, and sometimes you need to shake up things to get things going. So the best crystals for a Leo Full Moon give you confidence in taking up space in a room and being the center of attention for your ideas and thoughts to be heard.


Pyrope stuck on a white stone

Pyrope is a form of Garnet and is a powerful stone to bring warmth and gentleness to your expressions. As a stone of victory, Pyrope helps you stand up and fight for what you want without feeling guilty or hesitant. Enhancing your comfort level with your personal energy, Pyrope allows you to be raw and real when dealing with others, preventing you from putting on a mask or acting out of character.

Crystal For Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon occurs during Leo season (July 22 and August 22), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Leo. 

During a New Moon in Leo, you become aware of how important it is to be authentic and to incorporate a level of self-expression into everything you do. Everything you create needs to have a touch of your heart and soul, and holding back will only result in you creating that which is mundane. So the best crystals for a Leo New Moon allow your inner child to come out, take things less seriously, and play, as you feel more inspired when you let your guard down and have fun.


Laubmannite brings recognition and praise for that which was previously ignored and overlooked by others. Laubmannite allows you to focus on the good in life instead of the bad by inviting a positive mindset and deposition into your life. Allowing you to feel excited when engaging with new things, Laubmannite opens your mind to experiences you might previously thought were beneath you, or only for those of lesser status and reputations.

Crystal For Leo Sun

As a fire sign, you can be fearless and often land yourself in dangerous situations, which you usually have the strength and wisdom to navigate out of. However, it is essential to avoid placing too much importance on yourself and your goals and not to discard other people and their input, as you can often see yourself as more important than others. The best crystal for a Leo Sun will allow you to remain confident in who you are and know the value and worth in others, even if they do not reach your standards or expectations.


Pyrite chunk on a white background

Pyrite removes superficiality in all interactions. By allowing you to see through facades and pretentiousness, Pyrite lets you authentically connect with those around you. Pyrite enables you to create friendships and relationships with others who inspire you and bring positivity into your life, making Pyrite an excellent crystal to connect with those who will love and support you and your endeavors. 

Crystal For Leo Rising

As a Leo rising, others can view you as a person who can be rather dramatic and who overdoes and overemphasizes everything you do. However, being bold and daring is what you are all about, and you love to turn heads and whoo everyone you come into contact with by showing them what you are capable of. Therefore, crystals that enhance your confident and generous nature to make you more attractive to others are the best crystals for Leo rising, as getting people on your side and supporting your ambitions will significantly motivate you to succeed. 


Mosandrite brings flexibility to your perception, allowing you to change your opinions based on new insight and information. Known to attract vitality, love, sexuality, and creativity into your life, Mosandrite aligns you with the experiences that feed your soul. Allowing you to slow down when needed, Mosandrite helps you stay within your limits to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Crystal For Leo And Virgo Cusp

If you were born on the Leo and Virgo cusp, you were likely born around August 22nd or 23rd. However, having your Sun in both Leo and Virgo is impossible. Therefore, if you use a birth chart calculator with your accurate birth time, you will note that the Sun will either be at 29 degrees Leo, or 0 degrees Virgo, which many people call a “cusp.”


Spinel on a white background

Spinel is one of the August birthstones and is one of the best crystals for the Leo Virgo cusp. Leo and Virgo are zodiac signs that can bring order, beauty, and inspiration wherever they go, as they can significantly improve and change the energies within their environment. As a stone that allows the user to be more flexible, and by giving you the ability to be more gentle in your actions, Spinel will help you get through complex tasks and challenges with increased optimism and confidence. 

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