(spih - nuhl)
Main Origins:
Madagascar, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Turkey, India, China, and Canada.

What is Spinel?

Polished Spinel Crystals on a table

Although the most commonly recognized form of Spinel is red, it is actually a stone of great variety, forming in a range of colors and even as a colorless stone. It can be opaque or transparent and ranges in luster from glassy, semi-metallic to dull.

Spinel is a hard crystal that commonly forms in an octahedral shape or flatter triangular planes, displaying crystal twinning. Its composition is magnesium aluminum oxide and other mineral inclusions that result in the various colors of Spinel.

It is formed in nature in various countries all around the world and is also formed synthetically. Synthetic Spinel is used as a cheaper option in jewelry, and it is used as a material to grow or replicate other gems, such as Lapis lazuli and Moonstone. It also has industrial applications.

Spinel is a highly energizing crystal that allows it to have a range of powerful healing and metaphysical benefits. Its vibration is beautifying, grounding, and uplifting

Did you know there are varieties of Spinel that display fluorescence and color change under UV lighting? Other Spinel varieties can include the phenomenon of asterism (star-shaped light reflection) or chatoyancy ( reflected band of light).

Spinel Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Spinel is energizing on an etheric level, as it works on all primary chakras, which leads to many positive effects on all levels. Specific colors of Spinel have a more concentrated effect on its color-related chakra but also unblock and energize all 7 chakras.

The secondary chakras that resonate with Spinel are the Soul Star and Galactic Chakras, which also contribute to its metaphysical properties. They contribute an energy that is highly vibrational and connects us to a deeper spiritual awareness and infinite energy source.

Spinel’s ruling celestial body is the Sun, its ruling element is Fire, and it is connected to many sun deities, including Egyptian God and Goddess, Ra and Sekhmet. They channel life force energy in order to create and heal and imbue Spinel with these powers.

According to numerology, the cosmic vibration of Spinel is the number 3, which means this crystal resonates with themes including, mind, body, and soul well-being, as well as abundance, manifestation, and finding a positive focus.

Spinel Healing Properties and Benefits

Increased Energy Levels

  • Spinel helps us to open access to the infinite source of energy. This leads to a rapid increase and maintenance of a high energy level.
  • Utilize Spinel for increased energy by wearing a piece of Spinel daily and repeating the activating affirmation: I have full access to infinite divine energy.

Trauma Recovery

  • Spinel properties are reenergizing on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. This makes it useful for healing from trauma and treating PTSD.
  • Practice intentional breath work daily for a minimum of 30 minutes to attune to the benefits of Spinel that assist with trauma recovery.

Brain and Nerve Health

  • The vibration of Spinel is rejuvenating the nervous system. It can help to restore memory and maintain brain and nerve health in general.
  • Use Spinel for brain and nerve health by making Spinel-infused crystal water. Drink or anoint yourself with small amounts of this gem elixir as needed.

Improving Relationships

  • Spinel helps heal disharmony in relationships, encouraging focus on appreciation of the positive. It helps us gain energy within our own connection to source, instead of from other people.
  • Work with Spinel yourself while meditating and gift a piece to the person who you want to improve and heal your relationship with.

Boosts Stamina and Fertility

  • The vibration of divine life force energy and the revitalized state of health that Spinel offers easily boosts stamina as well as fertility.
  • Use Spinel for boosting fertility and stamina by meditating with red, orange, and yellow colored Spinel, which are great for all chakras but particularly activating for the lower chakras.

Spinel Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Different crystals that has a chakra sign embedded on it

All Primary Chakra Activation

  • Spinel activates all 7 primary chakras. It revitalizes all energetic, emotional, and physical aspects associated with each chakra, bringing us into perfect balance. 
  • Practice chakra activation meditation, including the chanting of seed sounds, mantras, or affirmations for each chakra, while holding your Spinel crystal.

Removes Blockages

  • As Spinel encourages divine energy to flow through our entire system, it can bring to light and heal any blockages we may have on a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level.
  •  Use Spinel to detect and remove blockages by entering into a body scan meditation, visualize the light energy of Spinel slowly moving through your body and take as long as you need to fill any area or emotion that feels stuck. 

Aura Strengthening

  • Spinel energizes all primary chakras as well as the Soul Star and Galactic Chakras. It super strengthens the aura, becoming an energetic shield that protects and filters what enters your experience.
  • Spinel can be used to strengthen your aura by wearing and holding this stone while practicing daily transcendental meditation.

Attuning to Abundance

  • Spinel allows us to channel infinite divine energy and ground this energy to earthly experience, attuning us to abundance consciousness which reflects in our perception and manifestations. 
  •  Hold your Spinel crystal and speak aloud affirmations for abundance, such as: I am fully open to receiving from the infinite source, and I appreciate the abundance that surrounds me.


  • Spinel increases physical and mental beauty. It encourages us to appreciate the positive aspects of life and ourselves. It also enhances our positive traits.
  • Wear Spinel crystal set in jewelry for beautification. While wearing your crystal, take some time to write out or speak aloud a gratitude list.

Spinel Side Effects

  • Hyperactivity: The energizing effects of Spinel may manifest as hyperactivity. This can be just for the period while you are integrating. If the effect becomes undesirable, discontinue working with Spinel.
  • Toxic positivity: As it is a stone of beauty and appreciation, overuse of Spinel may lead to toxic positivity tendencies. There are situations where honesty and transformation are needed over appreciation.

Spinel Meaning: What Does Spinel Symbolize?

A woman with crystals over her body

The meaning of Spinel is Revitalization

The name Spinel is said to have originated from either the Latin or Greek language. In Latin, Spinella meaning spine refers to its form being pointed. In Greek, Spitha means a spark that is indicative of Spinel crystal beauty and energy.

Spinel is said to have been used to alchemize gem elixirs because of its healing and energizing effects. This led to one of Spinel’s meanings being revitalization and good health.

For a period in history, the beauty of Spinel was underappreciated and even associated with deception. This is because, until 1783, many valuable Rubies and Sapphires were misidentified. They were actually Spinel crystals.  

Spinel crystals are included in many royal jewels and gem collections around the world. For this reason, it symbolizes and resonates with a royal energy of power, beauty, grace, wealth, and leadership.

In the present day, Spinel has only increased in popularity. It was recently included as one of the official birthstones for August, and it is often used to make beautiful jewelry. 

Spinel benefits are also valued for crystal healing, as it is a high vibrational crystal. Its meaning is associated with an open connection to the divine and infinite energy source.

Types of Spinel

  • Common Spinel: This is a vivid ruby red Spinel, usually displaying classic octahedral formation. Common Spinel is excellent for activating all primary chakras and grounding.
  • Picotite Spinel: Also known as Hercynite, it forms in dark green, brown, black, and yellows with a vitreous luster. Picotite Spinel is useful for emotional healing and increasing prosperity.
  • Red Spinel: This variety can form in deep red, light pinkish red, orange-red or purple-red, and dark crimson red in color. Red Spinel is energizing and grounding.
  • Purple Spinel: Also referred to as Almandine Spinel, this stone ranges from dark purple to reddish purple and pastel purple lavender. Purple Spinel has a healing vibration that helps to heal an exhausted or traumatized nervous system.
  • Pink Spinel: Ranging from light pastel pink to darker pink, this stone can also be lilac-pink or salmon in color. Pink Spinel enhances positive traits and encourages a focus on the positive.
  • Star Spinel: A variety of Spinel that includes the optical phenomenon of asterism, reflecting a 4, 6, or 12 rayed star shaped light effect on the stone surface. Star Spinels form naturally and are also grown synthetically. Star Spinel is energizing on  spiritual and physical levels.
  • Flame Spinel: This variety of Spinel forms in reds with an orange hue. Flame Spinel increases energy levels, stamina, and passion.
  • Colorless Spinel: Clear, colorless to extremely lightly tinged with color. Naturally formed colorless Spinel is quite rare. Colorless Spinel is often available as a synthetic stone.
  • Black Spinel: Also known as Pleonaste or Ceylonite, it is opaque and black in color. Black Spinel is energizing and protective. It can help with clearing mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual blocks.
  • Rubicelle: A yellow, orange, or orange-red colored variety of Spinel, Rubicelle is good for activating the lower chakras.
  • Yellow Spinel: This stone can range from bright to light yellow in color. It brings positive energy, self-confidence, and revitalization.
  • Blue Spinel: Sometimes named Cobalt Spinel, it can form in a variety of shades of pure blue as well as gray-blue, green-blue, and violet-blue. Blue Spinel is healing and energizing for the emotional body and helps improve communication.
  • Galaxite Spinel: Also called Mangan Spinel, it is a mostly opaque stone that forms in black, red, yellow, and red-brown. Galaxite Spinel is a supportive crystal for recovery from trauma, stress, and anxiety.
  • Brown Spinel: Forming in various shades of brown, including light brown, dark brown, yellow-brown, and red-brown, Brown Spinel is a stone of good emotional, physical, and mental health.
  • Magnesiochromite Spinel: Deep red or black stone with a semi-metallic to metallic luster, it is much softer than other Spinel stones. Magnesiochromite Spinel energy is protective and grounding.
  • Alkali-Spinel: A dark green Spinel crystal that originates from Sweden, Dark Green Spinel is beneficial for all chakras but will particularly focus more on energizing the Heart Chakra.
  • Balas Spinel: A pale or rose-red variety of Spinel, it is a stone that increases love, appreciation, and beauty in your life.
  • Al-rich Spinel: A synthetic form of Spinel that is alumina rich, it is associated with Corundolite. It has applications in ceramics and other industrial value apart from value as a gem. This stone encourages a positive mental space.
  • Pleonaste Spinel: A black or extremely dark green or dark blue variety of Spinel that displays octahedral forms that are more complex than usual. Pleonaste is a protective stone on all levels.
  • Jedi Spinel: Red-pink to neon pink in color, this variety of Spinel originated from Myanmar. It is a stone that enhances beauty, encourages compassion and appreciation.
  • GahnoSpinel: This type of Spinel can be pale blue, dark blue, or green-blue. It is considered rare, and its benefits include refreshing or revitalizing the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
  • Magnesiochromite: Part of the Spinel sub-group, it is usually black to deep red and semi-metallic to metallic in luster. It offers the same energetic benefits as Black or Red Spinel.
  • Ceylonite: Forms in a variety of darker shades of colors, including mauve, blue, green, gray, brown, or black. Ceylonite Spinel is usually transparent and glassy in luster. It is a powerful stone for aura strengthening.
  • ChloroSpinel: A deep green to grass green colored variety of Spinel that gains its pigmentation from copper within its formation. ChloroSpinel can help us connect to the energy and abundance of the natural world.
  • Ringwoodite Spinel: This crystal forms colorless or in blue, gray, or purple. Ringwoodite Spinel is powerful for deep emotional healing. This crystal is being researched, as some believe it may indicate an ocean deep under the Earth’s surface.
  • Calcite-Spinel: Spinel crystals, most commonly in the color red, can form with a white calcite matrix. Calcite-Spinel crystal combined vibration is cleansing, refreshing, and fully energizing on all levels.
  • Dolomite-Spinel: Spinel stones can form together with white dolomite. Dolomite Spinel is grounding and healing.
  • Coulsonite Spinel: This Spinel variety is blue-gray to black in color, and it is metallic in luster. Coulsonite Spinel is useful for removing stagnant energy and reenergizing due to increased spiritual connection.

How To Cleanse Spinel?

An open water faucet at the outdoors

  • Water – Hold or place your piece or Spinel in a natural source of water for 3 minutes to energetically cleanse your stone using the power of water.
  • Earth – Leave your crystal directly touching the soil or grass for a minimum of 3 hours to allow Earth’s vibration to both cleanse and re-energize your Spinel.
  • Selenite – Intentionally place your Spinel together with a Selenite stone for a minimum of 3 hours so that the Selenite can affect a full cleanse on your Spinel crystal.

Questions and Answers

Is Spinel a rare gem?

Yes, naturally formed Spinel is a rare gem. It is said to be rarer than rubies, and specific colors and varieties of Spinel are extremely rare.

Is Spinel valuable?

Yes, Spinel is valuable. It escalates in price according to size, color, and quality. The starting price for 1 carat of Red Spinel is between $200 to $400.

Which is more expensive – Ruby or Spinel?

Rubies are generally more expensive than Spinel. Rubies can fetch $1000 plus per carat, while Spinel is around $200 to $400 per carat.

What is the rarest color of Spinel?

Blue Spinel is the rarest color of Spinel.

Does Spinel fade in sunlight?

No, Spinel does not fade in sunlight. It is a very durable crystal, but it can be affected by very high temperatures.

Is Spinel cheaper than Sapphire?

Yes. In general, Spinel is cheaper than Sapphire. While high-quality Sapphires sell for an average of $2000 to $10,000 per carat, Blue Spinel can sell for $500 to $3000  per carat.

What does Spinel symbolize?

Spinel symbolizes health, revitalization, and connection to infinite spiritual energy.

Who should wear Spinel?

Those who are lacking energy and stamina, or seek to heal and revitalize their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual elements of being, should wear Spinel.

Is Spinel a fake Ruby?

No, Spinel is not a fake Ruby, although prior to 1783, many Spinels were misidentified as Rubies.

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