(as - troh - phi - lahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada, the US, Norway, Quebec, Greenland, and Russia.

What is Astrophyllite?

A close-up shot of an Astrophyllite crystal

Astrophyllite is a rare crystal that is most commonly metallic shades of brown and gold in color. This glimmering crystal can form within both a light or dark-colored matrix and in combination with several other crystals as a Pegmatite.

This crystal is from the silicate mineral group, and it is also considered an igneous rock, meaning it is formed from the cooling of underground magma or magma from volcanic eruptions. Astrophyllite is a soft stone that forms within cracks and cavities in the earth.

The name of this crystal has origins from the Greek words, Astron, meaning star, and Phyllon, meaning leaf. The meaning of this name is reflective of Astrophyllite’s starburst-shaped crystal formation made up of glimmering leaves or blades.

Astrophyllite properties include many metaphysical and healing benefits. It has an energy resonant of the stars that are both cosmic and earthly. This crystal is grounding but also encourages expansion, multi-dimensional awareness, and deep cellular healing.

Did you know Astrophyllite has an isomorphous pair? The crystal called Kupletskite shares the same crystal structure and physical appearance. Astrophyllite and Kupletskite only differ in their chemical formula arrangements.

Astrophyllite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Astrophyllite is associated with the Root and Crown Chakra. This attunes Astrophyllite to the metaphysical properties of the Root Chakra, connecting our body to all aspects of earthly life, and the Crown, opening us to enlightening spiritual experiences.

This crystal resonates with secondary chakras – the Universal Chakra, which is about integrating awareness of physical and spiritual dimensions, and the Divine Gateway, which is the chakra of merging into oneness, divinity, or cosmic expansiveness.

Astraeus and Asteria, God and Goddess of the Stars, energize Astrophyllite with the metaphysical benefits of activating divination abilities and deeply exploring dream worlds and the cosmos.

Astrophyllite is also associated with Gaia, the Goddess of Earth. She lends her grounding and healing vibration to this crystal and contributes raw creative energy that leads to Astrophyllite being a stone helpful for manifestation

The ruling element of Astrophyllite is Air, which reflects this stone’s connection to the etheric but also its connection to the physical manifestation of lifeforce in the form of breath. Practicing breathwork with Astrophyllite is a powerful way to tune to it.

According to numerology, the numerical vibration 9 resonates with Astrophyllite, connecting this stone to themes including enlightenment, soul purpose, and inner wisdom. 9 is also a number of loyalty and lasting love. 

Astrophyllite Healing Properties and Benefits

Anxiety Relief

  • Astrophyllite helps us to feel a sense of belonging on Earth and in a bigger picture cosmic perspective. Its grounding energy is effective in calming and balancing emotions, which is part of how Astrophyllite relieves anxiety.
  • A suggested way for using Astrophyllite for anxiety relief is by practicing deep meditation daily while holding your Astrophyllite crystal.

Feminine Balance and Support

  • Astrophyllite innately resonates with embodied feminine earthly and cosmic goddess energy. This crystal is balancing, supportive, and healing for female hormones, PMS, menopause, pregnancy, childbirth, and fertility.
  • Hold or wear pieces of Astrophyllite crystal over your Sacral Chakra or womb while practicing deep breathing.

Cellular Healing

  • Astrophyllite crystal is powerful for deep healing, as the energy it offers works on a cellular level, activating and energizing cosmic and earthly healing vibrations.
  • Work with Astrophyllite while practicing meditation on the body, scanning each body part and visualizing light from your stone moving into the smallest cells and atoms of your body.

Freedom from Addiction

  • Astrophyllite stone is effective for healing addictive behavior. It is a deeply healing stone that raises our vibration, allowing us to experience an expanded perspective that reveals and heals addictive patterns.
  • Hold your piece of Astrophyllite while speaking aloud affirmations for mental, emotional, and physical freedom and sovereignty.

Improved Mental Clarity

  • Astrophyllite is known as a stone that helps with mental clarity and even improves memory. Its energy is both grounding and expansive, which is beneficial for the mind.
  • Place a piece of Astrophyllite on the middle of your forehead while taking 20 present deep breaths.

Astrophyllite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

woman doing enlightening meditating by the beachside


  • Astrophyllite is well known for expanding one’s awareness and perception to encompass both a deep understanding of Earth as well as the cosmic and etheric realms.
  • A great way to access multidimensional awareness with Astrophyllite is by wearing a piece while practicing transcendental meditation regularly.

Life Purpose and Self-Acceptance

  • The energy of Astrophyllite can help you to uncover your life’s purpose. It encourages honesty, authenticity, self-knowledge, and self-acceptance, which can help to clarify your highest purpose.
  • Spend some time simply breathing, placing, or holding your Astrophyllite crystal at your Root and Crown to energize these chakras, allowing for a sense of well-being and belonging physically and spiritually.

Astral Travel

  • The cosmic energy of Astrophyllite is manifested in its star-like formation and glimmer. It is helpful for accessing the ability of astral travel.
  • Intentionally breathe while holding Astrophyllite before you choose to enter an astral travel meditation or dreamtime. You can also sleep with Astrophyllite nearby to encourage lucid dreams and astral travel.


  • Channeling of multidimensional streams of consciousness, angels, spirits, star beings, and Akashic Records is facilitated by Astrophyllite energy, which helps bring cosmic energy into physical perception.  
  • To access this state of awareness, practice breathwork while holding your Astrophyllite and speak the affirmation, “I am a clear and connected channel” and continue your channeling practice.

Sacred Union

  • Also known as the Marriage Stone, Astrophyllite benefits include fidelity, honesty, and connection within relationships. It is also useful to work with when seeking a life partner.
  • Practice alternate nostril Pranayama breathing to clear and balance masculine and feminine energy within your personal energy field while holding and tuning into a piece of Astrophyllite.

Astrophyllite Side Effects

  • Extra Sensitivity: Part of the Astrophyllite effect of granting us open access to multidimensional awareness is increased sensitivity. This can manifest as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual sensitivity. 
  • Shadow Integration: Being a stone of deep healing and opening of perception, Astrophyllite can also bring to awareness shadow aspects that we may need to integrate. This can result in intense moments, but it is part of healing.

Astrophyllite Meaning: What Does Astrophyllite Symbolize?

A man meditating in front of a portal

The meaning of Astrophyllite is multidimensionality

Astrophyllite was discovered by a Norwegian mineralogist named Paul Christian Weibye in 1844 on Laven Island, Norway. This island is now a protected site due to it being of great geological interest.

This crystal was later named Astrophyllite by Carl Johan August Theodor Scheerer, the name meaning star leaf to symbolize the characteristic star-shaped formations and cosmic yet earthy energy of Astrophyllite. This crystal encourages connection on a physical or earthly and multidimensional or spiritual level. 

Astrophyllite is a collectors item due to its rarity and an amazing array of metaphysical benefits. It is referred to as a Marriage Stone and becomes a symbol of loyalty and greater connection on both a physical and spiritual dimension.

Astrophyllite also symbolizes perception and connection with all aspects of the astral or non-physical realms. It is beneficial to work with when exploring practices such as transcendental meditation, astral projection, Akashic Record access, or past life regression.

Types of Astrophyllite

  • Common Astrophyllite: Golden yellow to bronze brown blade-shaped crystals that radiate from a point, forming star-like shapes. This is a stone that can deepen our connection to the Earth and the stars.
  • Snow Astrophyllite: Golden to dark brown Astrophyllite blades, formed with an opaque snowy white matrix, creates a beautiful contrast. Snow Astrophyllite is great for deep cellular level healing and improving memory.
  • Golden Astrophyllite: Features golden spikes in stellar or fan formation and can also include golden bars or spots within the formations, Golden Astrophyllite is useful for cultivating multidimensional perceptions and practices.
  • Red Astrophyllite: This type of Astrophyllite can form brown-red blades or darker red bars suspended within the crystal. It is beneficial for grounding as well as Root Chakra activation and balance.
  • Blue Astrophyllite: This variety contains dark blue and brighter blue flashes, often in combination with gray or dark brown. Blue Astrophyllite, which is technically an Arfvedsonite crystal, is beneficial for improving communication.
  • Purple Astrophyllite: A natural purple combined with dark grays, purple in Astrophyllite can be due to Purple Garnet inclusions. Purple Astrophyllite can fully open up the Crown Chakra.
  • Cat Eye Astrophyllite: Very shiny gold to bronze-colored Astrophyllite that can form in the light or dark matrix, Cat Eye Astrophyllite displays chatoyancy or cat eye light reflection. It is a crystal that sharpens and expands perception.
  • Astrophyllite Star: A crystal that clearly displays the distinct Astrophyllite star shape formed of golden brown blades, this is an excellent stone to access the deep cellular healing benefits of Astrophyllite.
  • Pink Astrophyllite: Astrophyllite including Garnet or Eudialyte can display pinkish coloration. This type of Astrophyllite would also resonate with the Heart Chakra and strengthen relationships.
  • White Astrophyllite: Predominantly opaque white in color with brown and golden yellow bars, blades, and spots, White Astrophyllite is useful for mental clarity and heightened sensory perception.
  • Black Astrophyllite: A black to dark brown crystal that can include flashes and inclusions in blue, purple, or lighter golden browns, Black Astrophyllite has galactic energy, attuning us to knowledge across time, space, and beyond physicality.
  • Arfvedsonite Astrophyllite: A dark crystal containing blue shimmers, Arfvedsonite and Astrophyllite are different stones, often confused. Arfvedsonite is often sold as blue Astrophyllite. This blue stone clarifies communication and expression.
  • Kyanite in Astrophyllite: Light to midblue Kyanite formed together with Astrophyllite that displays both dark and light-colored matrix, this combination of stones is beneficial for calming and balancing emotions.
  • Garnet in Astrophyllite: Garnet formed together with Astrophyllite can appear purple-red to deep red within the dark brown, black, or light gray crystal matrix. These stones together have a healing, transformative, and energizing effect.
  • Sodalite in Astrophyllite: Astrophyllite forms together with Sodalite crystal, which forms in a variety of colors including white, blue, pink, purple, green, and yellow. Together, these stones calm and clear the mind.
  • Aegirine in Astrophyllite: Darker green to green black Aegirine forms together with Astrophyllite. Fused, the energy of these crystals encourages authenticity and truth and can help reveal one’s true purpose.
  • Quartz in Astrophyllite: Glimmering Astrophyllite can form as inclusions within clear and Smoky Quartz crystals. The energy of Quartz amplifies all healing and spiritual properties of Astrophyllite.

How To Cleanse Astrophyllite?

singing bowls were used for cleansing crystals

  • Sound – Utilize the power of sound vibration in the form of chanting, singing bowls, or tuned musical instruments to intentionally cleanse your Astrophyllite crystal.
  • Smudging – Burning dried herb bundles or natural incense and bathing your Astrophyllite stone in the smoke will easily cleanse your crystal.
  • Grounding – Choose an appropriate place to bury your Astrophyllite under soil for a few hours. Earth’s energy will cleanse and transmute all stagnant or lower vibrational energies held by your crystal.

Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite’s purpose is to help us access the knowledge and power of the Earth and the cosmos.

How do you identify Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite crystal is golden brown to dark brown in color and forms as blades, usually radiating from one point as stellar formations. It is a soft stone, exhibiting metallic shimmers and reflections.

Is Astrophyllite rare?

Yes, Astrophyllite is considered a rare stone. It is only found in select locations, forming within specific alkaline minerals. Its structure contributes to its rarity, as it is easily damaged, which makes it difficult to mine.

What powers does Astrophyllite have?

Astrophyllite powers include increasing openness to multidimensional perception. It also offers the vibration of deep healing.

What is the structured Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite is a hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate mineral. Its chemical formula is (K,Na)3(Fe++,Mn)7Ti2Si8O24(O,OH)7

Where do you find Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite is found on Laven Island, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, and Pikes Peak. It is found in the US, Norway, Quebec, Greenland, and Russia.

What type of rock is Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite is a type of soft Igneous rock that forms from magma under the earth or after volcanic activity.

How to tell the difference between Astrophyllite and Arfvedsonite?

Arfvedsonite is harder than Astrophyllite crystal. Golden or warm metallic colored flashes are a common characteristic of Astrophyllite, while Arfvedsonite more commonly displays blue flashes.

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