The Best Crystals for Virgo Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals for Virgo
  2. Grounding Crystals for Virgo
  3. Protection Crystals for Virgo
  4. Good Luck Crystals for Virgo
  5. Bad Crystal for Virgo
  6. Conichalcite
  7. Crystal for Virgo Full Moon
  8. Crystal for Virgo New Moon
  9. Crystal for Virgo Sun
  10. Crystal for Virgo Rising
  11. Crystal for Virgo And Libra Cusp

If you are a Virgo, the best crystals allow you to create the ideal world around you by giving guidance, input, and serving others. The most commonly known Virgo birthstones are Blue Sapphire and Sardonyx because of their ability to bring purity of purpose to all you do. Many more crystals have so many different ways they can impact your life. It always helps to know which crystals can help ground you, protect you, are bad for you, or bring you good luck, allowing you to always wear the right crystal at the right time! 

Virgo is the zodiac sign associated with health, service, and purity, and Virgos are on an endless quest to improve and purify everything around them. Symbolized by the virgin maiden, holding a sheaf of wheat, Virgos strive for pure-mindedness, are at service to others, and can be critical and nitpicky toward that which does not fit their vision of a pure, ideal world. Virgos make it their mission to improve the world, and can make enormous sacrifices to ensure others are healthy, looked after, and considered. 

The biggest challenge you face is not becoming resentful for all the times you have had to sacrifice your needs, wants, and dreams for the sake of helping others and staying loyal to your duty. Ever since a young age, you have filled the role of the responsible, helpful person, and it can feel like your destiny is to serve others. But, at the same time, it can feel that others do not see everything you do for them, causing you to feel like you have been taken advantage of. Virgos are the loners of the zodiac, and you go between two states of being, where you are super attentive and helpful one moment but then isolate yourself and refuse to interact with others the next. 

Using crystals will lessen the feeling of being overwhelmed by your karmic duty are some of the best Virgo crystals. Knowing what crystals are good for Virgo can help you see the greater purpose of your actions and not resent giving your time and energy for the greater good of humanity. In addition, crystals that allow you to share your knowledge about nature, health, food, science, and mental health with others are beneficial, as you have sacred knowledge about many areas of life that can improve the life experience for others if they really listen to you and take in what you share.

Healing Crystals for Virgo

As a Virgo, you can often neglect to nurture and heal yourself while attempting to help others. Due to this, you can experience many energy blockages and physical, mental, and emotional ailments. The best healing crystals for Virgo are those that allow alignment and healing of the entire energetic body and crystals that allow for clear and precise communication. Attention to detail is Virgo’s forte, and being able to share the details you observe with others can significantly improve their lives. 

Blue Sapphire

sapphire chunk on a white background

Blue sapphire allows the wearer to become more diverse and less judgmental, enabling you to learn from information and experiences without resistance. One of the Virgo birthstones, Blue Sapphire, is a powerful stone to intuitively focus your attention on what is essential and avoid wasting mental energy on unimportant details that distract you from the bigger picture. With the ability to clear negative thoughts and energy, Blue Sapphire can help you let go of toxic thoughts and influences that prevent you from serving and improving the world, which is what you do best.


3 pieces of polished Sardonyx on a white background

Sardonyx is one of the Virgo birthstones and is a powerful stone to deter impurities. Allowing you to expose and bring changes to inhumane and discriminatory practices around you, Sardonyx is one of the perfect crystals for a Virgo woman and man, as it allows you to purify and bring light to everything you encounter. Furthermore, Virgos can often be overly preoccupied with serving and their duty, and Sardonyx will enable you to live in the moment and not overburden yourself with responsibilities.

Grounding Crystals for Virgo

The best grounding crystals for Virgo stimulate states that allow you to heal, center yourself, meditate, and control your anger and negative thoughts. Being a Virgo, crystals enabling you to connect with the sexual energy within you are beneficial, as you can often deny yourself the sensual pleasures in life. In addition, crystals with the ability to let you overlook petty indifferences and to find the appropriate corrective action to malpractice and misbehavior can help you achieve your vision of a pure world.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on a white background

As a Virgo, you have a profound ability to take ideas and concepts and transmute them into matter and physical reality. Clear quartz allows you to think thoughts that can influence physical matter and will enable you to manifest ideas within your reality. Bringing total alignment of the chakras and energetic centers, Clear Quartz helps you tap into and connect with the different consciousness in plants, animals, and people. Through that, you can bring awareness to what is needed to improve the current state of the world.


Purpurite on a white background

Your ideas and concepts have great value, which you might not even be aware of. Purpurite allows you to share valuable ideas with others that can significantly influence and improve the world. As you can be overly humble and modest, Purpurite will enable you to take credit where credit is due and to be noticed and recognized for your ideas, service, and contributions.

Protection Crystals for Virgo

Having pure intentions within your purpose, Crystals that protect you from losing sight of what is good are the best crystals for Virgo, as having a mind tainted by society can cause you to lose sight of your ideals. Being ruled by Mercury, the fast planet of communication, when you speak too fast and do not allow yourself time to think, you can often say the wrong words, which can offend others. Crystals that will enable you to not over-fixate on irrelevant details and let this fixation drive a wedge between you and others are good crystals for Virgo.


preovskite on a white background

In astrology, Virgo rules over the stomach and digestive system. Due to this, you can often experience stomach upsets and problems with your digestion. Perovskite allows you to effectively process your emotions to prevent you from experiencing an energy blockage in your solar plexus chakra, which can lead to stomach problems. In addition, giving you the ability to expose those with harmful intents, Perovskite allows you to bring light and awareness to the dark intentions that are present in others. 


As a Virgo, you can sometimes be highly critical of others, especially yourself, causing you to be highly nitpicky with the intention to purify and improve everything around you, including yourself. Being your own worst critic, no one can tell you anything bad about yourself you have not thought about already. Overite invites self-love and acceptance into your heart, allowing you to think positive, loving thoughts about yourself and others instead of focusing on the negative, which can make you highly pessimistic.

Good Luck Crystals for Virgo

The best lucky crystals for Virgo are crystals that allow you to materialize your thoughts into reality, as you can significantly improve the state of your immediate environment with your input. With a crystal clear mind and vision, you have an image of an ideal world in your mind, and you are aware of what must be accomplished to achieve it. Crystals that allow you to create a life that encompasses the peace and purity you envision are some of the best crystals for Virgo men and women.

Pink Opal

Pink opal chunk on a white background

Known as the “stone of spiritual awakening,” Pink Opal transmutes concepts and ideas from the universe into your consciousness. Pink Opal gives you the insight you need to heal yourself and others and will lead you to the information you need to do so. Giving you profound insight into how to resolve psychological issues, Pink Opal allows you to cleanse and purify the minds and hearts of others and your own.


Hodgkinsonite gives the wearer the ability to be content and satisfied with being alone with their thoughts, with the ability to think and reflect deeply. Allowing you to see your place in this world and universe, Hodgkinsonite connects you with your ultimate spiritual purpose. Promoting balance of the emotional and intellectual body, Hodgkinsonite brings you clarity in your vision, allowing you to have confidence and faith in your ideas and concepts. 

Bad Crystal for Virgo

As a mutable sign, you can quickly adapt and change your views and opinions when presented with new information, but as an Earth sign, you can be pretty stuck in your ways and get frustrated when pushed out of your routine and comfort zone. Bad crystals for Virgo are those that lessen your ability to plan constructively. If you do not have a level of control over what is unfolding around you, you can become highly anxious and uncomfortable. Crystals that cause you to step back and allow others to take charge are not good, as you often know what is best and should be in a leadership position. 


Conichalcite on a white bakground

Conichalcite allows the wearer to tap out of physical reality and find new ways to escape into a spiritual world. Although Conichalcite can be beneficial if you are a Virgo to help you relax and unwind at certain times, you must use it sparingly as it can prevent you from dealing with, solving, and facing real-world concerns, which is one of your strengths. In addition, Conichalcite causes you to misinterpret what others are saying, which can lead to frustration and confusion when communicating.

Crystal for Virgo Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon occurs during Pisces season (February 18 – March 20), when the Moon is in Virgo, and the Sun is in the opposite sign of Virgo, the zodiac sign Pisces.

A Full Moon in Virgo reminds you that you need to assess and analyze more deeply, as many things you overlook in life can cause you to fail in your ambitions. Dreaming is not enough, and even though some might say thinking positive thoughts will help you manifest what you want, there is a lot more to it. So what are you overlooking or avoiding that you must deal with to reach your goals? The best crystals for a Full Moon in Virgo turn your eyes into magnifying glasses, allowing you to pick up and observe every little detail around you.


Cerussite stuck on piece of rock

Allowing you to feel comfortable no matter where you are, Cerussite brings you the calm state of mind you need to analyze your environment. As it will enable you to make the modifications you need based on your analysis, Cerussite lets you quickly adapt to the changes that need to happen for expansion to occur. Making you aware of your responsibility to enlighten others on how they can improve their lives, Cerussite is one of the best crystals for a Virgo moon.

Crystal for Virgo New Moon

The Virgo New Moon occurs during Virgo season (August 23 – September 22), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Virgo.

A New Moon in Virgo is when karma runs its course, and you receive blessings for all you have done for others over the past 12 months. Finding a balance between giving time and energy to your goals and giving time and energy to helping others achieve their goals is vital. During a New Moon in Virgo, you must assess whether what you receive for helping is worth it. There’s no point doing so much for others, but they do not appreciate it, and you are left drained, with nothing to show. Create a structure in your life where you can make time for your own goals as well, as at the end of the day, what you have created for yourself will sustain you.


Libethenite on white background
image source: | Robert Lavinsky

Freeing you from self-imposed limitations and regulations, Libethenite helps you not feel pressured to live up to certain expectations, causing you to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. Libethenite removes a sense of guilt for not serving others while focusing on your goals by giving you the ability to think and act freely and within your best interest. Giving you the ability to obtain possessions that serve as rewards for your efforts, Libethenite ensures you receive credit and awards for all you do for others.

Crystal for Virgo Sun

As a perfectionist, you can identify what needs to happen and be changed for the universe to function in its ideal state. Crystals that make you aware of what needs to occur to purify your environment are the best crystals for a Virgo sun, as when you see positive change around you, you feel happy and at peace. As an Earth sign, crystals that connect you with the Earth’s energy and learn how you can use nature to improve your life are highly beneficial.


Chrysocolla on a white background

Chrysocolla balances and calms the base and solar plexus chakra, making it an excellent crystal for a Virgo sun, as you can tend to experience stomach and digestion upsets due to unresolved emotions and thoughts you do not express. Allowing you to always say and do the right thing at the right time, Chrysocolla helps you know when to act and speak, when to be silent, and hold back. With the ability to connect you with mother nature and the Earth, Chrysocolla helps you become one with nature and to live a more natural lifestyle.

Crystal for Virgo Rising

If you are a Virgo rising, others view you as a hardworking, well-composed person who is eager to help others. You can be a valuable critic in any environment you are in, bringing awareness to others about what they must change for things to improve. However, Virgo rising natives are often somewhat reserved, and being authentic and expressive around others can be challenging. Crystals that allow you to bring your guard down and to be rawer in your interactions are the best crystals for Virgo rising, as they will enable you to develop meaningful relationships in your pursuit to improve and perfect the world around you.


almandine garnet on white background

Bringing warmth and understanding in your expressions when communicating with others, Garnet helps you to interact with others more authentically. As the stone that commits you to your purpose, Garnet will give you the qualities and abilities you need to bring the improvement you envision in the world around you. An excellent stone to connect your intentions with the intentions of others, Garnet helps you get others on the same page to create a world that is fair and beautiful.

Crystal for Virgo And Libra Cusp

If you were born on the Virgo and Libra cusp, you were likely born around September 21st or 22nd. However, having your Sun in both Virgo and Libra is impossible. Therefore, if you use a birth chart calculator with your accurate birth time, you will note that the Sun will either be at 29 degrees Virgo, or 0 degrees Libra, which many people call a “cusp.”

Blue Sapphire

sapphire chunk on a white background

Blue Sapphire is one of the September birthstones and is one of the best crystals for the Virgo and Libra cusp. As Blue Sapphire is associated with royalty, Princess Diana wore a Blue Sapphire ring, and the same ring is currently being worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Blue Sapphire is a beautiful stone for Virgo and Libra, as it will help you rid mental tension and unwanted thoughts and allows you to project a graceful aura into your environment. It also helps you reach higher levels of mental focus while enhancing your ability to communicate your vision and avoid conflict in your pursuits.

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