(koh - ni - kal - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Australia, Greece, Mexico, Chile, Russia, Spain, Namibia, Germany, and England.

What is Conichalcite?

a person holding a Conichalcite mineral. Image source: Etsy | Dereck HealingCrystalShopCA
Image source: Etsy | Dereck HealingCrystalShopCA

Conichalcite is a mineral with a unique green color and interesting shapes. It is rare and often found near other crystals like Quartz, Azurite, and Malachite.

Its name is derived from the Latin word “conus,” meaning cone, and “chalcus,” meaning Copper, referencing its cone-like shape and content.

It has been found in various locations worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, and Germany, since its first discovery in Chile in the 19th century.

Ancient civilizations used Conichalcite for healing eye infections and digestive issues. In mythology, it was associated with the God Hermes, who represented intellect and cunning.

Did you know that Conichalcite crystal, with its hexagonal structure, small and prismatic shape, and intricate patterns, is highly sought after by collectors? Its rarity and unique features make it a prized possession among mineral enthusiasts.

Conichalcite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Conichalcite crystal promotes spiritual growth, enhances communication skills, and stimulates the intellect. It also reduces stress and anxiety and promotes emotional balance.

With its remarkable healing properties, the Conichalcite crystal is known to support bodily functions, aiding digestion and respiratory issues. It also improves eyesight and reduces asthma and bronchitis symptoms.

In terms of chakras, Conichalcite is believed to have connections to multiple chakras, including the Heart, Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. It is believed that Conichalcite can help balance these chakras, leading to a sense of harmony and well-being.

The ruling elements of Earth, Metal, and Water in Conichalcite are believed to provide grounding and protection to the crystal, connecting it to nature and promoting stability and balance.

With its connection with the Earth element, Conichalcite promotes grounding and stability. It is linked to Greek goddesses Gaia and Demeter, Egyptian God Osiris, and Hindu Goddess Vasundhara, all representing growth, fertility, and the Earth.

The numerical vibration of 5 attributed to Conichalcite signifies change, transformation, and development, making it a popular choice for those seeking abundance, growth, and harmony in their lives.

According to Feng shui beliefs, Conichalcite is associated with the East, symbolizing new beginnings and opportunities for development.

Conichalcite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Conichalcite is believed to help release emotional blockages and promote healthy communication and interactions by balancing the Heart chakra responsible for emotions like love, compassion, and empathy.
  • To gain these advantages, you can place the crystal near your Heart chakra during meditation and repeat your affirmations in life.


  • Conichalcite Crystal is associated with the Earth, Metal, and Water elements, making it an ideal stone for grounding and stabilizing energy. It can help release negative energy and emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote physical and emotional balance.
  • You can place it under your pillow at night to promote a deeper connection to its energy while you sleep. If you’re putting it on your lower abdomen, ensure it is secure and won’t fall off while you go about your day.


  • Due to the connection of the Conichalcite stone to various Earth Goddesses and Gods, it is believed to help enhance fertility, promote healthy pregnancy and childbirth, and boost overall reproductive health.
  • To achieve these benefits, it can be carried as a talisman or placed on the lower abdomen during fertility treatments or pregnancy. Charge it by burying it under three inches of soil.

Growth and Perception 

  • Its green hues resonate with the heart chakra to bring love and compassion. This color stimulates growth and perception while encouraging individuals to open up for transformation. It helps promote emotional balance in life’s experiences.
  • Harness the power of Conichalcite with you all day by wearing it as a piece of jewelry. This will help keep its energetic vibrations close to your body and support your personal growth and awareness in everyday life.


  • This crystal can help you think creatively and express yourself better. It can make it easier to share your ideas and artwork in a unique way that shows who you are.
  • To use for creativity, meditate with your crystal in hand, allowing it to focus and enhance your creativity. Place the crystal on or near your desk for an inspiring creative space.

Conichalcite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A stack of books and a pair of eyeglasses are on top of it.


  • One of Conichalcite’s benefits is believed to enhance intuition and promote wisdom. It is thought to open Third Eye Chakra for deeper self-connection and understanding.
  • To experience these benefits, one can meditate with the crystal or place it on the Third Eye Chakra during a healing session after smudging.

Psychic Powers 

  • Conichalcite properties can help sharpen one’s intuition and clairvoyance while attuning oneself to the greater realms of consciousness.
  • Maximize the potential of crystal energy by utilizing it in a crystal grid during your meditation practice. Doing so will amplify their power, thereby enhancing your spiritual journey.

Karmic Therapy

  • Conichalcite Crystal is believed to assist in karmic healing by helping to release negative energies from past lives and promoting a deeper understanding of one’s soul journey. It is thought to aid in the process of spiritual growth and evolution.
  • During your karmic healing sessions, keep a crystal on your person to stay connected with its power and foster an improved perception of your soul’s mission. This will help rid you of destructive energies and spiritual fuel growth for your betterment.


  • By unlocking the potential of Conichalcite Crystal, many individuals claim it has the power to bring good luck and abundance while shielding from negativity. Believed to foster positive energy, prosperity is promised with its presence.
  • Conichalcite Crystal is believed to have the power to cleanse and balance the energy of a space. You can place the crystal in different areas of your home or workspace.

Cosmic Consciousness 

  • Utilizing this stone allows you to open your mind and gain insight into the interconnectedness of everything in existence. This will help to expand your consciousness and broaden your awareness.
  • Relax as you cradle the crystal in your grip or rest it on your Third eye chakra. Begin taking slow and deep breaths, allowing yourself to drift into a tranquil state of meditation.

Conichalcite Side Effects

  • Headache: Conichalcite can cause headaches due to energy shifts and stress release. To relieve headaches, rest in a dark room, use a cool compress, stay hydrated, and try relaxation techniques, like deep breathing or meditation.
  • Dizziness: Working with Conichalcite may affect a person’s energy levels, leading to dizziness or lightheadedness. Taking breaks, staying hydrated, and spending time in nature can help alleviate these symptoms.
  • Nausea: Using this crystal may cause nausea as a side effect due to detoxification or energy adjustment. Restrict, sip ginger tea, eat small meals, and focus on deep breaths to relieve it.

Conichalcite Meaning: What Does Conichalcite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Conichalcite is “Balance and Harmony.”

Did you know that crystal healers utilize Conichalcite to strengthen the immune system? Not only does it assist the body in restoring itself from sickness and infection, but it is also believed to have beneficial effects on the respiratory system and skin ailments.

Combining Conichalcite with other healing stones, such as Malachite, Azurite, and Chrysocolla, can amplify its beneficial effects and create an immensely potent energetic synergy.

People working with Conichalcite crystal believe it has a soothing energy that can make you feel calm and peaceful. This crystal is thought to help reduce feelings of worry and stress.

Beyond its numerous advantages, this stone is also said to help you find your creative spark and increase your communication skills. It has been known to hone one’s intuition and sharpen their instincts.

Types of Conichalcite

  • Common Conichalcite: Commonly green with a waxy luster, it promotes emotional balance and self-awareness.
  • Orange Conichalcite: This crystal is characterized by its orange color pattern and is believed to encourage creativity and self-expression. It is also known to have a soothing effect on anger or anxiety.
  • Botryoidal Conichalcite: This crystal has a bubbly, rounded shape and green color pattern, making it an effective tool for enhancing intuition and spiritual growth.
  • Conichalcite-Baryte: Conichalcite’s green color pattern and Baryte’s white or clear color can create a powerful energetic synergy for spiritual growth and manifestation.
  • Conichalcite-Quartz: This crystal is believed to promote emotional healing and balance with its unique half-green, half-pink appearance. 
  • Conichalcite-Limonite: This crystal promotes emotional healing and balance with its unique half-green, half-pink appearance.
  • Conichalcite-Malachite: This crystal’s green color mix promotes growth and transformation while offering protection from negative energies.
  • Conichalcite with Beudantite: The green of Conichalcite mixed with the black or brown of Beudantite helps ground spiritual energies to manifest in the physical world.
  • Conichalcite with Adamite: Conichalcite’s green hue and yellow-green tone can excite the Throat Chakra, making communication simpler. This crystal duo is thought to boost self-expression and joyfulness while encouraging positivity.
  • Conichalcite with Olivenite: Often seen as inclusions in Conichalcite, the green colors in this crystal combination are believed to promote growth, abundance, and positivity.
  • Conichalcite with Smithsonite: Conichalcite’s green hue and Smithsonite’s pink, yellow, or blue color can create an energizing harmony that helps to heal emotionally. 
  • Conichalcite with Azurite: This beautiful crystal combination of blue and green can help you feel more at peace, foster better communication, and encourage spiritual growth.
  • Conichalcite with Linarite: The green color pattern of Conichalcite and the blue color of Linarite can help to activate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness.
  • Conichalcite with Calcite: The green in Conichalcite and the white, clear, or colored Calcite creates a powerful connection that can help attain mental clarity, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

How To Cleanse Conichalcite?

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  • Meditation: Sit with Conichalcite, breathe deeply, and visualize white light flowing through it, cleansing it of negative energies.
  • Smudging: Burn sage or palo santo, waft the smoke over Conichalcite, and set the intention of clearing any negative energies.
  • Positive Affirmation: Hold Conichalcite and repeat positive statements, such as “I release any negative energy and welcome in positivity and abundance.”

Questions and Answers

Is Conichalcite safe to touch?

Yes, it is safe to touch Conichalcite, but you should wash your hands after handling the mineral or crystal to avoid any potentially dangerous dust and particles.

Can Conichalcite go in the water?

No, Conichalcite is not recommended to be submerged in water because it can be damaged by prolonged exposure to water.

Is Conichalcite safe in the sun?

Yes, it is generally safe to be in the sun, yet, like many minerals, it may fade or discolor if left in direct sunlight for prolonged periods.

What crystal to pair with Conichalcite?

Conichalcite can be paired with other crystals, like Azurite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, and Cuprite, as they share similar properties.

How can you tell if Conichalcite is real?

To confirm if Conichalcite is real, tests involving crystal structure, chemical composition, and physical properties comparison with known samples are necessary. These tests are crucial for the accurate identification of Conichalcite’s authenticity.

How do you take care of Conichalcite stone?

To take care of Conichalcite, clean it with a soft cloth to remove dirt and dust and store it in a dry space away from direct sunlight. Pack it inside a cushiony container to protect it against damage during transit or storage.

Is Conichalcite a rare stone?

Yes, it is considered a relatively rare mineral that is found in limited quantities around the world.

How expensive is Conichalcite?

The price range of Conichalcite can vary depending on its quality, size, and rarity. On average, Conichalcite can range from $150 to $600 per piece.

Where is Conichalcite most commonly found?

Conichalcite exists worldwide, including in Mexico, the United States, Australia, and Germany.

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