Guide to Water Element Crystals: Meanings, Traits, and Uses

  1. What’s the Meaning of the Water Element?
  2. Amazonite
  3. Angelite
  4. Aquamarine
  5. Aventurine Blue (Blue Aventurine)
  6. Blue Chalcedony
  7. Blue Calcite
  8. Blue Fluorite
  9. Blue Howlite
  10. Blue Lace Agate
  11. Celestite
  12. Charoite
  13. Lapis Lazuli
  14. Moonstone 
  15. Ocean Jasper
  16. FAQs
  17. Conclusion 

Have you ever wondered how water element crystals help you achieve emotional healing, balance, and inner peace?

Water element crystals offer many beneficial properties that can be used for emotional balance. By tapping into the powerful energies of Water, these crystals bring peace and clarity to promote intuition and creativity.

Crystal healers believe stones can bring inner peace and stability. They use their calming properties to overcome life struggles and rely on Water’s power for spiritual growth and balance.

Disclaimer: Always check if your crystal is safe to use in Water. 

What’s the Meaning of the Water Element?

a person holding a crystal ball on an ocean background

Water has been known to have healing abilities for a long time. Many different groups, such as the Ancient Greeks and Chinese, thought Water could make you feel better physically and mentally and that it could clean your body and soul.

Did you know Water has a lot of alternative names, such as Agua, Aqua, Jala, Nt, Hydor, and the Fluid Element? It holds great significance as an element in various cultures and belief systems. 

In Chinese culture, Water represents the flow of life and is associated with feeling sacred. It is believed to bring emotional healing, balance, and intuition. Water element crystals assist with emotional healing, creativity, and intuition. 

In Western Astrology, Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) are known for being emotional, intuitive, and caring. Water signs meaning include waves, sea creatures, and Yin-Yang.

These crystals symbolize fluidity, adaptability, and purification. They are linked to the Third Eye, Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Blue or Aqua is often associated with the Water element. Blue represents calmness, purity, and adaptability, while Aqua signifies the flow of life and clarity.

The Water element is usually shown as a curvy and spiraling shape because Water flows and moves freely. This shape helps us remember how amazing and strong nature is and how it can give us energy and strength.

The water element is also often depicted as a white Crescent Moon. This shape represents Water’s reflective and intuitive nature and its ability to mirror and absorb the energy around it.

Water crystals, like Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Blue Lace Agate, can help with emotional healing, creativity, and intuition. Working with these crystals allows you to tap into the Water element’s energy and find emotional balance and healing.

Let’s explore these crystals that represent Water!


Amazonite crystal on white background

Amazonite is a stunning crystal praised for its tranquil and balanced powers. It emanates peacefulness within you, aiding in eliminating stress and worry. 

Amazonite improves communication, making it an ideal crystal to use when expressing yourself clearly and effectively.

Adorn yourself with Amazonite jewelry to take advantage of its healing properties. Whether in a pendant, bracelet, or earrings form, this crystal will stay close to your skin and boost your well-being all day.


tumbled Angelite stone on a white background

Angelite is a calming and healing crystal that promotes peace, tranquility, and spiritual awareness. It is also believed to aid in communication with angels and other spiritual beings.

You can wear Angelite as a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, depending on your preference. This lets you keep the crystal close to your skin so its energy can support your well-being throughout the day. 

Angelite can be used during meditation to foster spiritual growth and boost enlightenment. Simply keeping it near, holding the stone in your hand, or placing it on your Third Eye Chakra will provide you with its incredibly calming, harmonizing energy.


Aquamarine on a white background

Aquamarine is a calming crystal that helps to reduce stress and anxiety, promote tranquility, and support emotional balance. It is also believed to have a soothing effect on the Throat Chakra, aiding in clear communication and self-expression.

Aquamarine jewelry, a small piece in your pocket or placing it in a room, can keep its calming energy with you. Using it during meditation can create a peaceful environment and enhance inner peace.

Aventurine Blue (Blue Aventurine)

Blue Aventurine crystal on a white background

Blue Aventurine can enhance creativity, communication, and self-expression. This crystal is thought to stimulate the Throat Chakra, which is responsible for transmission and self-expression and helps release any blocks that may inhibit these areas.

Invite the creative energy of Blue Aventurine into your workspace to stimulate a heightened level of creativity and productivity. You can also use this crystal by holding it in your hand during meditation.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony crystal on a white background

Blue Chalcedony is thought to activate the Throat Chakra, which is associated with communication and self-expression. Doing so can assist in promoting open and honest communication, as well as aid in resolving conflicts and misunderstandings. 

Wearing a necklace of Blue crystals and keeping it close to you, whether in your pocket or by your side when meditating, offers a powerful way to experience its beneficial energy. Meditation with this stone nearby can help achieve deeper levels of relaxation and serenity.

Blue Calcite

Isolated blue calcite crystal on a white background

Blue Calcite bolsters emotional intelligence and strengthens conversation abilities, making it an extraordinary asset for those who experience difficulty verbalizing their feelings or communicating. It is purported to deal with anxieties and eliminate stress levels.

Placing a Blue Calcite crystal on your desk or keeping a Blue Calcite sphere close by can boost the tranquil ambiance in your workspace. By doing so, you may experience reduced stress levels and an increased capacity for productivity and concentration.

Blue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite crystal on a white background

Blue Fluorite crystal promotes mental health by bringing clarity, focus, and creativity. It aids in overcoming mental blocks and improving overall emotional well-being. These benefits make it popular for those seeking personal growth and 


Meditating with Blue Fluorite effectively aligns your energy with its vibrations and reap its benefits. Another is carrying it with you in your pocket or bag throughout the day, helping to maintain mental clarity and focus in your daily activities.

Blue Howlite

Blue Howlite crystal on a white background

Blue Howlite is also believed to promote communication and self-expression. It helps facilitate clear and honest communication, making it easier for individuals to express their thoughts and feelings healthily and constructively. 

Place Blue Howlite in your room or workspace to create a calming environment. This helps relax and focus, providing a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere. Place it on a desk, nightstand, or living room to benefit from it.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Blue Lace Agate is a gemstone with a history of wealth in benefits. It guides you to serenity by delivering calming vibes, thus making it the ideal pick for anyone who needs to reduce anxiety or stress levels.

Wearing or placing Blue Lace Agate near you can provide a calming and healing effect. Holding the stone can create a peaceful environment in your room and help you relax during meditation.


celestite crystal on a white background

Celestite is a beautiful crystal with a range of benefits. Its peaceful and harmonizing energies promote a sense of calm and clarity in the mind, making it an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual practices. 

Some people wear Celestite as jewelry, allowing its peaceful vibrations to radiate throughout their aura and promote inner harmony and balance. Celestite is a powerful and multifunctional crystal that can bring peace and harmony to your life in many ways.


charoite on a white background

Aside from its beauty, Charoite is highly regarded for its transformative and healing properties. It is said to help individuals overcome fear and self-doubt, promoting courage and inner strength in the face of life’s challenges.

Charoite is thought to aid in reducing insomnia and begets restful sleep, so this crystal stands out as a great asset for those dealing with sleeping issues.

To harness the power of Charoite, you can wear it as jewelry or keep it in your pocket for daily use. Holding the stone in your hand during meditation can help focus its energy and visualize the transformation and inner strength you seek. 

Lapis Lazuli

polished lapiz lazuli on white background

Lapis Lazuli is a highly valued crystal for its powerful properties in promoting inner truth, spiritual awareness, and emotional healing. It is believed to be effective in enhancing communication and creativity.

Take advantage of Lapis Lazuli during your meditative practice. Whether you hold it in your hands, maintain it close by, or use it on your Third Eye Chakra, you can make strides toward spiritual growth while experiencing enhanced emotional healing.

Lapis Lazuli can bring clarity and creativity to any room or workspace. Place it on a desk, shelf, or somewhere safe to help focus during work or study. It will also promote inner truth and strengthen concentration levels.


blue moonstone on white background

Moonstone is believed to have physical healing properties, such as aiding digestion, regulating hormones, and improving fertility. It’s even been said to have a calming effect on the mind and body, making it a popular choice for those seeking stress relief.

Moonstone is known to help quiet the mind and enhance intuition, making it a great crystal to use during meditation. Hold the Moonstone or place it on your Third Eye Chakra while meditating. Visualize the Moonstone’s energy flowing through your body as you hold it or place it on your chakra points. Imagine the crystal’s energy cleansing and purifying your mind, body, and spirit.

Ocean Jasper

Polished ocean Jasper gemstone on white background

Ocean Jasper is highly valued for its spiritual and healing properties. This crystal is a powerful tool for promoting inner peace. It can help calm an overactive mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a sense of tranquility.

By promoting calmness and clarity, Ocean Jasper enhances creativity and decision-making. It’s ideal for creative spaces and workspaces to improve productivity and find innovative solutions.

To use Ocean Jasper, wear it as jewelry or place it in your workspace or home to enhance energy and promote positivity. Meditate with it by holding it or putting it on your Third Eye Chakra to promote emotional healing and visualize its energy flowing through your body.


  • What’s the meaning of the Water element in astrology?

The water element in astrology represents emotions, intuition, and sensitivity. It also relates to the flow of life.

  • What colors represent the Water element? 

The colors that represent the water element are blue and green. Blue represents the calmness and serenity of Water, while green represents the life and growth that Water provides.

  • What chakras represent the Water element? 

The Sacral and Heart Chakras are responsible for the water element, each conveying meaning. The former symbolizes emotions, creativity, and pleasure, while the latter stands for love, compassion, and healing.

  • What is the ruling planet of the Water element? 

The Moon, a celestial symbol of emotions, intuition, and cycles, guides the Water element. Its energy promotes healing and emotional stability while amplifying psychic abilities.

  • What is the shape of the Water element? 

The Water element has three shapes: curvy and spiraling to represent its flowing nature, a white Crescent Moon to symbolize its reflective and intuitive nature, and different forms like waves, raindrops, or snowflakes to show its versatility.

  • Where to place Water element crystals in the home? 

Water element crystals should be placed in the home’s East, Southeast, and North areas. These areas are associated with growth, abundance, and new beginnings.

  • How to activate Water element crystals? 

Water element crystals can be activated by placing them in Sunlight or Moonlight. This helps to cleanse and energize them. 

  • What are Water signs in astrology?

The water signs in astrology are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. These signs are emotional, intuitive, and sensitive.

  • What’s the seed mantra of the Water element? 

The seed mantra of the water element is “Vam.” Chanting this mantra helps to balance and activate the Water element within the body.

  • How to cleanse Water element crystals?

Water element crystals can be cleansed in Water or salt water. This helps to remove any negative energy and purify the crystal.


Water element crystals are special stones that have a strong connection to the energy of Water. Using these crystals makes us feel more emotionally and mentally balanced. This means we can feel less stressed or anxious and more focused and calm.

Access your intuition, creativity, and spiritual growth using Water element crystals. These stones bring emotional balance and deeper insights into our lives. Unlock their power today and experience the remarkable transformation that awaits you.

A graphic table to the guide to water element crystals meanings traits and uses.

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