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Meet Suzie Sandoval, a gemstone expert hailing from the small town of La Jolla, California. Suzie's passion for gems and minerals began at a young age when she would often go on rock-collecting trips with her geologist father. Suzie became fascinated with the unique properties of gemstones and began to specialize in their identification and appraisal. She spent countless hours studying and analyzing gems, working as an intern at some of the most prestigious gemstone labs in the country. In her free time, Suzie enjoys traveling to exotic locations in search of rare and exotic gemstones. Her favorite find so far has been a stunning red beryl she discovered on a trip to Utah. Despite her success, Suzie remains humble and is dedicated to educating others about the fascinating world of gemstones. She is currently working on a book about the history and cultural significance of gems, which she hopes will inspire a new generation of gemstone enthusiasts.
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