Guide to Crystal Balls and 25 Crystal Orbs and Spheres You Should Use

  1. History and Meanings of Crystal Balls 
  2. 25 Balls and How to Use Them
  3. Start Using Crystal Balls Today!

Crystal balls have remained enigmatic symbols throughout history, transcending mere adornments to hold deep crystal ball symbolism. The allure of these spheres, steeped in mysticism, often conjures images of fortune-tellers and seers. Yet, beyond their mysterious aura, these orbs possess profound significance.

What are crystal balls? What is a crystal ball used for? What does a crystal ball do?

Crystal balls are powerful tools for divination, energy work, and meditation, harnessing the mystical history of crystal ball usage. These spheres offer insights, clarity, and a deeper connection to energies, transcending mere trinkets. 

Used across cultures and times, they unveil hidden truths, making them invaluable for seekers of guidance and understanding.

Discover the magic of what crystal balls do. Unveil the symbolism and history behind these spherical crystals, exploring their significance through time.

History and Meanings of Crystal Balls 

Different sized of Spherical  Rose Quarts

Crystal balls, also recognized as glass balls or crystal spheres, embody diverse meanings in cultural contexts. They symbolize knowledge, insight, and spiritual connection. 

Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians, utilized crystal spheres for spirit communication, seeking guidance and wisdom. 

During the Victorian Era, crystal balls were central in practices like meditation, scrying, and divination. During meditation, gazing at the ball cultivates heightened awareness and tranquility. Scrying, using the ball’s reflective surface, enhances intuition and fosters introspection for seeking insights.

Regular cleansing removes residual energies, while meditation strengthens the connection. Journaling after sessions helps decipher insights, facilitating inner exploration and enlightenment.

25 Balls and How to Use Them

Beautiful crystal patterns and structures await us in this segment. We’ll investigate each shape’s energies and uses, from raw stones and crystal singing bowls to palm stones and pendulum crystals’ enchantment. 

Learn how to use crystals’ power through their unique shapes and metamorphoses.

Clear Quartz Crystal Ball

A Clear Quartz crystal on a white background

Clear Quartz crystal balls serve as potent metaphysical tools, renowned for enhancing energy, clarity, and understanding. These crystal spheres facilitate a connection with inner wisdom and the higher self, making them ideal for meditation and Feng Shui purposes.

In a serene space, hold the Clear Quartz crystal ball, envisioning radiant light. Focus on gaining clarity and relaxing while gazing at the ball for connection and enlightenment.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Ball

lapis lazuli on a white background

Affirmations and spiritual activities benefit significantly from the Lapis Lazuli crystal ball. It has been shown to increase good intentions, build self-confidence, and improve communication abilities. 

Take a deep breath and hold the Lapis Lazuli crystal ball in your palms. Close your eyes and concentrate on your excellent aim or affirmation. Consider it a bright and powerful concept. 

Blue Calcite Crystal Ball

Isolated blue calcite crystal on a white background

A crystal ball has unusual properties, primarily in gem baths. Gem baths are a fantastic way to immerse in crystals’ soothing energies while promoting relaxation and inner serenity.

To enjoy a gem bath with the Blue Calcite crystal ball, fill your bathtub halfway with warm water to make it pleasant to relax. Then, with your hands on the Blue Calcite crystal ball, set intentions related to future events before enjoying the bath.

Amethyst Crystal Ball

A raw amethyst with a white background

These crystal orbs are well-known and popular among crystal gazers for promoting spiritual connection, inner tranquility, and mental clarity. Follow these easy techniques to harness its spiritual benefits for your altar.

Begin by reserving a specific spot on your altar for your Amethyst crystal ball. Set a particular objective for its use as you place it, such as increasing your spiritual practice, creating tranquility, or receiving understanding. 

You can meditate with the crystal ball on your altar, focusing on your intentions and allowing Amethyst’s energy to guide you to a deeper connection with your spirituality.

Selenite Crystal Ball

Selenite on a white background

The Selenite crystal ball is known for its capacity to filter, cleanse, and enhance energy frequencies. It can even boost the ethereal effects when used in a crystal grid. 

Begin by deciding on a sacred area to build your crystal grid and carefully place these crystal spheres in the grid’s middle. Remove any distractions and create a peaceful environment.

Orange Aventurine Crystal Ball

polished orange aventurine on a white background

Orange Aventurine crystal ball has a unique position in magical practices because of its energies of joy, creativity, and abundance. When used in a spell jar, it can intensify these attributes and bring happiness.

Pick a clean glass jar with a lid to use its benefits. Place it inside the jar and any other materials or herbs that fit your aim, such as dried herbs for creativity or little Citrine crystals for abundance. Hold the jar and concentrate on your intention, envisioning it as already fulfilled. 

Unakite Crystal Ball

Unakite on a white background

It is an incredible metaphysical instrument for candle rituals, boosting energy and intention. Candle rituals can help you achieve your goals, and the Unakite crystal ball can enhance them.

Start by locating a calm and safe place to use these spherical crystals in candle rituals. Set your way with a specific goal, such as love, healing, or abundance. Create a spiritual environment by placing the Unakite crystal ball near the candle.

Labradorite Crystal Ball

Labradorite on a white background

Incorporating it into your yoga practice can significantly benefit you. Its ethereal qualities uplift one’s awareness of spirituality, intuition, and inner self.

Locate a peaceful and tranquil place. Put the Labradorite crystal ball nearby in your line of sight. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and create an objective for your practice, such as improved spiritual awareness or inner harmony through crystal ball gazing.

Jade Crystal Ball

jade crystal on a white background

Making elixirs with the Jade crystal ball, a metaphysical tool, can improve health. Follow these easy steps to use it for this.

With a clean glass or ceramic jar, place your Jade crystal ball in the container. Put purified water in it and cover it. Let the crystal energize the water for a few hours, preferably in sunlight or moonlight.

After making your elixir, drink it to boost your energy and mood. To maintain its metaphysical properties and enjoy its health advantages, cleanse and recharge your Jade crystal ball frequently.

Goldstone Crystal Ball

Goldstone on a white background

Personal transformation is possible with Goldstone crystal balls. Find a peaceful area, dig a tiny hole, or use a soil-filled pot in the quiet. 

Bury the crystal ball gently and imagine its bravery and riches joining the Earth. It can help you change. Consider how you changed there. This crystal ritual empowers positive life development.

Arfvedsonite Crystal Ball

Arfvedsonite on a white background
Image Source: | Ra’ike

You may trust the Arfvedsonite crystal ball because of its mystic properties. Ideally, it will help to put the crystal ball outside where the Sun can reach it for the best results.

Expose the Arfvedsonite crystal ball to sunlight to absorb its energy. As the crystal shines in the Sun, imagine it shielding you from negativity and boosting your power. 

Experience the crystal ball’s protective and powerful energies. A simple ceremony uses the Arfvedsonite crystal ball’s metaphysical powers to protect and empower you beneath the Sun’s caring rays.

Rose Quartz Crystal Ball

Rose quartz crystal on a white background

The Rose Quartz crystal ball embodies feelings of affection, empathy, and emotional restoration. Observe the Moon’s visibility before beginning your moon ritual. If your heart is hurting, the calming energy of a Rose Quartz crystal ball can help. 

Talk to the Moon with your crystal ball. Consider moon worship. End the ritual by thanking the Moon and the Rose Quartz crystal ball for guidance.

Honey Calcite Crystal Ball

A Golden Honey Calcite on a white background

Magically valuable crystal balls, like gold spheres, offer energy and positivity, boosting confidence and strength in meditation or as decor. Honey Calcite enhances creativity and clarity.

Sage purifies and cleanses the crystal’s energy; smoke the bundle, and gently pass over the ball to cleanse, envisioning the removal of negative energies and pollutants.

Have the crystal help you focus or be cheerful. See your Honey Calcite crystal ball often and feel its soothing energy. Honey Calcite crystal balls uplift and inspire.

Carnelian Crystal Ball

carnelian on white background

It is a fantastic crystal orb that boosts confidence, motivation, and creativity, like a mini-energy boost in your hand! This fiery orange crystal is said to boost energy and boldness and crystalized pep talk!

Chanting activates the metaphysical effects of your Carnelian crystal ball. Center yourself by holding the crystal ball in your palm and taking a few deep breaths in a peaceful place. Then silently say a positive affirmation or mantra you like. 

Tiger’s Eye Crystal Ball

Tigers eye with white background

Tiger’s Eye crystal balls are legendary for their mystical properties. This gorgeous stone shields you and keeps you grounded and focused. It’s said to boost confidence, transparency, and courage. Consider it your defense against negativity and self-doubt!

Visualize to activate your Tiger’s Eye crystal ball’s metaphysical effects. Hold the crystal ball and close your eyes in a quiet place. Relax with several deep breaths. Imagine a golden light around you, like the Tiger’s Eye’s warm colors. 

Using a Tiger’s Eye crystal ball to visualize will increase your self-esteem and inner peace, like a wild tiger.

Amber Crystal Ball

amber crystal on a white background

Amber crystal balls are metaphysical gems that can bring warmth and positivity into your life, like crystal sunshine! Amber boosts vigor, creativity, and inner strength, making you feel alive and connected.

Close your eyes and hold the crystal ball in a peaceful place. Now, play soothing sounds, like ocean waves or singing bowls. Let the calming tones wash over you and the crystal for a relaxed ambiance. 

With an Amber crystal ball and a sound bath, you may start each day with renewed energy and a cheery demeanor.

Red Jasper Crystal Ball

Red jasper on a white background

Strong metaphysical properties in a Red Jasper crystal ball can help you connect to grounding energy. Like natural rocks, Red Jasper brings stability, strength, and courage to your life.

Immerse yourself in nature to activate your Red Jasper crystal ball’s metaphysical effects. Bring these crystal spheres to a peaceful park or creek. Sit or lie down, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

Imagine the red stone connecting you to the Earth’s vitality, making you strong and anchored like nature’s rocks and trees. This exercise might inspire you to find strength and courage in your heart.

Green Aventurine Crystal Ball

polished green aventurine crystal

The Green Aventurine crystal ball is revered for its metaphysical qualities of luck and abundance. It’s utilized to attract good fortune, aid in manifestation, and promote emotional healing through its connection to the Heart Chakra. 

Relaxing breathwork can trigger your Green Aventurine crystal ball’s metaphysical effects. Sit or lie down in a calm place with the crystal ball in your hand. Close your eyes and take a slow, deep inhale through your nose to feel the crystal’s energy. 

Obsidian Crystal Ball

obsidian gemstone on a white background

Potent metaphysical gems, like Obsidian crystal balls, can guard and discharge lousy energy, like an inner peace guardian! These spherical crystals are excellent for emotional healing and grounding.

Hold the crystal ball in your palm and close your eyes peacefully. Imagine a deep, black color around you, like Obsidian. Imagine this black color absorbing your unpleasant ideas and feelings. 

Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Ball

Dalmatian jasper on white background

An exquisite Dalmatian Jasper crystal ball can bring you joy, positivity, and safety, like having a lively, faithful friend! It is said to ground, boost confidence, and increase pleasure and adventure.

Use essential oils with your Dalmatian Jasper crystal ball to boost its mystical properties. Hold the crystal ball in your palm in a calm spot and put a few drops of your favorite uplifting essential oil or a diffuser on your wrists.

Bloodstone Crystal Ball

A bloodstone crystal on a white background

These crystal balls are mystical gems that boost energy, courage, and strength. Consider it your constant energy and courage! Bloodstone purifies and protects, making it an excellent choice for physical and mental health.

You can meditate with your Bloodstone crystal ball to unleash its metaphysical powers. Hold the crystal ball in your palm and close your eyes quietly. Relax with a few deep breaths and let your thoughts calm. 

Moss Agate Crystal Ball

A moss agate on a white background

A Moss Agate crystal ball has metaphysical abilities to help you learn patience, connect with nature, and grow and refresh. A mini-forest in your hands! It also enables you to attain inner serenity and harmony by clicking you to Earth’s energy.

You can use waterfall or rain sounds to activate the metaphysical properties of your Moss Agate crystal ball. This exercise might make you feel more grounded and patient, like a tree developing slowly and steadily under challenging conditions.

Fluorite Crystal Ball

fluorite crystal on a white background

An extraordinary metaphysical stone, a Fluorite crystal orb can offer clarity, focus, and harmony to your life, like a crystalized, peaceful, and orderly mind! You can utilize incense smoke to activate the metaphysical effects of your Fluorite crystal ball. 

Lighting your favorite incense stick in a calm place will fill the air with aromatic smoke. Carefully slide the crystal ball into the swirling smoke to cleanse and absorb negative energies.

Variscite Crystal Ball

A Variscite crystal on a white background

These spherical crystals promote tranquility, compassion, and inner peace, like holding a comfortable friend. Variscite can heal the heart, alleviate tension, and open it to love.

Relax in a calm area, hold the crystal ball softly, and breathe deeply. Enjoy its smooth texture and relaxing green hues. You may handle life’s obstacles with a peaceful and open heart by practicing emotional balance and inner serenity.

7 Chakra Crystal Ball

7 chakra crystals

A body-soul harmony! The 7 Chakra crystal ball is said to cleanse and refresh your chakras, keeping you balanced, grounded, and in touch with your inner self.

Music can enchant your 7 Chakra crystal ball and trigger its mystical powers. Try holding the crystal ball in your palm and playing chakra-balancing music in a peaceful place.

Start Using Crystal Balls Today!

Crystal balls are like allies, each with its powers. Some gems can help you find balance and well-being, such as Bloodstone for courage, Fluorite for clarity, and 7 Chakra crystal balls for harmony. 

Simple techniques, like meditation, touch, music, and more, activate them to their most significant potential. Choose the crystal ball that speaks to you the best and let it guide you to inner growth and pleasure like a trusted friend, unveiling what a crystal ball is used for.

Guide to crystal balls and 25 crystal orbs and sphere table
Guide to crystal balls and 25 crystal orbs and sphere table 2

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