Dalmatian Jasper

(dal - mey - shuhn jas - per)
Main Origins:
Mexico, Canada, India, and Russia.

What is Dalmatian Jasper?

Dalmatian jasper crystals on a dark background

Dalmatian Jasper, or Spotted Jasper, is a microcrystalline Quartz or Peralkaline Feldspar-Granite-Amphibole rock. They are named for resembling the coat of Dalmatian dogs. 

Spotted Jasper may rarely show blue, red, orange, or yellow color with a shiny glass-like luster. It may also show pink, red, green, or purple, usually from dyeing. 

Did you know it’s mostly found in Chihuahua in Mexico? Dalmatian stone doesn’t have a lot of ancient history, but it’s believed to protect, heal, manifest, and detox. Because this crystal heals deep emotional scars, especially from trauma, grief, and loss, it’s often used as worry stones and palm stones.

The crystal shows black or brown spots from Arfvedsonite inclusions on a base color of white, yellow, off-white, or cream. Did you know many misidentify the brown and black spots in Dalmatian Jasper as Black Tourmaline instead? 

Fun Fact: Dalmatian Stone contains other crystals. like Epidote, Goethite, and Hematite.

Dalmatian Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Earth and Pluto are the ruling planets of this Jasper variety. It brings power, good fortune, transformation, stability, and resilience to the crystal. 

Both Earth and Fire elements rule the Spotted Jasper crystal. Earth brings safety and grounding, while the Fire element attracts creativity, courage, and vitality. 

Dalmatian Jasper also draws its powers from the Greek Goddess of Magic, Hecate; the Yoruban Goddess of Winds, Oya; the Greek Goddess of Earth, Gaia; the Aztec Goddess of Abundance, Tezcatlipoca; and the Mayan Sun God, Hunahpu

Dalmatian Jasperite is commonly seen in black, orange, or brown dots, and white, cream, or yellow base colors. Common Dalmatian Stones open the Root, Earth Star, Sacral, Crown, and Solar Plexus Chakra. They bring confidence, power, wisdom, and luck.

There are also dyed Dalmatian crystals in purple, green, blue, and pink colors, responsible for opening the Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras. They attract spiritual awareness, empathy, prosperity, and guidance. 

The Spotted Jasper variety is associated with cosmic vibrations of 5 and 6. The former brings transformation and intelligence.

Dalmatian Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Letting Go and Support

  • Dalmatian is a beautiful crystal that makes you feel warm, comforted, and joyful. It’s great for moving on, guilt, revenge, and leaving your past behind.
  • Meditation is the best way to use Dalmatian Jasper to let go of toxic memories and traumatic events. 

Detox and Immunity

  • Dalmatian Jasper with blue, green, yellow, and orange colors or streaks is great for clearing toxins from the body. It will help you detox, stabilize, and resist diseases. 
  • Making indirect DIY crystal elixirs with Dalmatian boosts strength, vitality, and balance. 

Sleep Health

  • Do you have nightmares? Dalmatian Jasper eliminates disturbing visions, thoughts, and experiences during sleep
  • Activate this Jasper variety with soil by burying the stone overnight under three inches of soil. Then keep it under your pillow. 

Self-Discovery and Growth

  • Most Jasper varieties open the Root Chakra, but Dalmatian Jasperite helps you find your most authentic self. It’s good for self-confidence, self-esteem, and growth in the process.
  • Hold your Dalmatian crystal before a lit candle for two minutes at a safe distance to charge it for growth and self-realization. 

Creativity and Innocence

  • Dalmatian healing crystal transmutes negativity from anxiety and fear to positive skills, so it’s easy to focus and think critically, innocently, and innovatively. The crystal is popular for bringing childlike joy to newbies.
  • Program this crystal for creativity and innocence by charging it for a few minutes while facing the rising sun. Afterward, carry the charged Jasper on your left side.

Dalmatian Jasper Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A man blindfolded in nature

Universal Connection

  • Because Dalmatian Jasper opens the Earth Star Chakra, it connects you to Mother Earth and the cosmos above and beneath her. Use it for empathy, openness, and luck.
  • You can program Spotted Jasper for universal connection by smudging the crystal with Sage


  • Spotted Jasper is called the Stone of Faith, and that’s how it moves the mountain. Dalmatian activates dominant parts of the body, mind, and spirit to amplify and set intentions.
  • Program this healing crystal for manifesting success, love, fertility, confidence, or health with a crystal grid.


  • If your Dalmatian Stone has a white, cream, or off-white base color, you should use it to expand your mind and activate psychic abilities, like clairvision, foresight, and perception. 
  • The best way to activate Dalmation Jasperite for intuition is with crystal gazing. Hold the crystal in your palms and gaze into it until your intuition tells you to stop. Afterward, close your eyes to see psychic visions.


  • When Dalmatian crystals contain more black, gray, or purple, they’re great for raising the cosmic vibration of auric fields around people, houses, and objects.
  • Chant your intention into four Spotted Jasper crystals then bury one in each corner of your house. 

Akashic Records

  • Did you know some crystals, like Dalmatian Jasper, can access the Akashic records? They help you peek into your past life karma, spiritual destiny, and secrets of the universe. 
  • Get a pointed Dalmatian Jasper pendulum crystal and record its responses to your questions.

Dalmatian Jasper Side Effects

  • Weariness: You may feel tired or drained if you’re new to the crystal. It takes some time to ground your energy centers to Mother Earth. Use an energizing stone, like Red Jasper, for balance.

Dalmatian Jasper Meaning: What Does Dalmatian Jasper Symbolize?

different kinds of safety equipment on the wooden table

Safety is the meaning of the Dalmatian Jasper stone. 

This variety of Jasper isn’t highly popular in ancient history, so Dalmatian Jasper is often misidentified. It was traditionally associated with protection, faith, wisdom, manifestation, and detox in earlier times. 

Today, the Dalmatian Jasperite crystals are seen in rare colors, like green, pink, purple, blue, and red. They may be dyed but still enhance abundance, love, intelligence, self-expression, and passion. 

Did you know Dalmatian Stone is called the Yin and Yang stone? Because it contains white and black colors, it’s also famous for balance, stability, and harmony.

Varieties of Dalmatian Jasper

  • Common Dalmatian Jasper: Showing cream, white, or off-white hues with black spots, common Dalmatian Jaspers have shiny surfaces. They’re great for balance, protection, support, and growth.
  • Orange Dalmatian Jasper: This Dalmatian crystal is pale to dark or has a vibrant orange base color with black spots. Use it for inner power, passion, and health.
  • Red Dalmatian Jasper: A naturally occurring variety of Dalmatian Stone, this crystal features dark to pinkish red colors. It’s good for Root and Sacral Chakras. Use it for stability, inner fire, and passion.
  • Yellow Dalmatian Jasper: Resembling a leopard in yellow base color with black spots, this Dalmatian opens the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras. It’s great for luck, health, and courage. 
  • Indian Dalmatian Jasper: A majorly white Dalmatian, the Indian variety is great for opening the Crown and Root Chakras. Use it for wisdom, spiritual awareness, and harmony. 
  • Pink Dalmatian Jasper: Often dyed into bright pink or pinkish red, Pink Dalmatian stones are good for self-love, self-reliance, and self-confidence. It opens the Heart Chakra. 
  • Brown Dalmatian Jasper: This is a variety of brown and black spots iconic to Dalmatian stones. It’s excellent for opening the Earth Star Chakra with the Root Chakra and tethering you to Mother Earth.
  • Gray Dalmatian Jasper: A dull type of Dalmatian, this crystal has a dark grayish appearance with black spots. It’s great for clearing confusion, finding support, and discovering yourself. 
  •  Salmon Dalmatian Jasper: The peach-colored Dalmatian stone is a good crystal for kundalini awakening. It’s also good for creativity, growth, and self-confidence. 
  • Blue Dalmatian Jasper: This is a Dalmatian variety when the base color of a common Dalmatian is replaced by sky blue or dark blue. It opens the Throat Chakra and helps you voice your opinions.
  • Blue and Cream Dalmatian Jasper: A unique crystal showing blue-colored spots on a cream or off-white base color, this is a bicolor variety. Use Blue and Cream Dalmatian for universal connection, mediumship, and self-expression.
  • Black Dalmatian Jasper: The Black Dalmatian stone has a dark appearance clouded by the many black spots and streaks on a white, beige, or tan base color. It’s excellent for grounding, support, and protection. 
  • Green Dalmatian Jasper: A vibrant green variety of Dalmatian crystals, this type of Jasper opens the Higher Heart Chakra. It enhances universal connection and broad-mindedness. 
  • Purple Dalmatian Jasper: Often dyed to achieve the purple or violet color, this Dalmatian Jasper is associated with the Crown Chakra. It’s great for intuition, wisdom, enlightenment, and creativity.

How To Cleanse Dalmatian Jasper?

lighted candles on a dark background

  • Fire: Hold the Dalmatian crystal before a candle fire for a few minutes at a safe distance. Visualizing the candle’s light and heat washing the crystal will eliminate the negativity it absorbed.
  • Smudging: You can light a smudge stick of Palo Santo or Sage herb and waft the smoke over the Jasper crystal to remove negativity stuck on it.
  • Selenite Wand: The fastest way to reset your Dalmatian stone with positivity is by circling the crystal with a Selenite wand.

Questions and Answers

Is Dalmatian Jasper safe in the water?

Yes, Dalmatian Jasper is safe in the water for a short period. Soaking the crystal for prolonged hours in water can crack or damage the healing stone.

Is Dalmatian Stone a Granite?

Yes, Dalmatian Jasper is a peralkaline rock made of many minerals, including Granite, Feldspar, Quartz, and Jasper.

Is Dalmatian Jasper a gem or a rock?

Dalmatian Jasper is a peralkaline rock but not a true Jasper or Porphyrite. It’s actually a Gangue Rock popularly called Alpite in geology.

Can you leave Dalmatian Jasper in the sun?

No, you shouldn’t leave Dalmatian Jasper in the sun for more than 5 minutes, as it can fade or crack.

Is Dalmatian Jasper the same as Leopardskin Jasper?

No, Leopardskin Jasper has swirling bands, while Dalmatian Jasper shows spots and speckles in a light color.

How to identify Dalmatian Jasper?

Real Dalmatian Jasper shows a gray, cream, or white rock with spots and black, brown, and orange speckles. It’s not easy to scratch with window glass or a steel knife.

Is it good to sleep with Dalmatian Jasper?

Yes, sleeping with Dalmatian Jasper is good because it stops nightmares and enhances sleep health.

What birthstone is Dalmatian Stone?

Dalmatian Jasper is the secondary birthstone of March.

What happens when you wear Dalmatian Jasper?

Experts say newbies find themselves joyful, playful, and positive after touching the Dalmatian Jasper for the first time. It’s also called the Stone of Joy.

Is Dalmatian Jasper expensive?

No, Dalmatian Jasper is not an expensive crystal. You can get them for $1 to $5 per carat.

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