(ep - i - doht)
Main Origins:
Australia, Brazil, Myanmar, Germany, Russia, Canada, Italy, Japan, Madagascar, Scotland, Norway, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Pakistan, France, Mexico, Kenya, England, South Africa, and Korea.

What is Epidote?

Epidote crystals on a rock

Epidote is a healing crystal known for clearing blockages in the body, mind, chakras, spirit, and even your karmic destiny. It forms as masses, sprays, blades, rutiles, or inclusions in crystals like Quartz, Ruby, Hematite, Basalt, and Actinolite. 

Epidote is also the name for a group of minerals consisting of- Piemontite, Allanite, Zoisite, and Clinozoisite. Apart from that, Pistacite also exists with Garnet, Feldspar, Mica, Limestone, Marble, Skarn, and Schist rocks. 

Most Epidotes show forest green, lime-green, dark-green, or muddy-green shades, but there are many varieties in red, orange, and yellow with white or black streaks. They may be glassy or resinous with transparent, translucent, or opaque clarities. 

Did you know some varieties of Epidote show moderate to high pleochroism? Get brown, green, or yellow Epidotes if you’re looking for a change of color. 

Fun Fact: Some Epidotes also show chatoyancy or a flash of vertical white light like a cat’s eye.

Epidote Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Did you know Epidote is also known as the Pistachio stone? Its beautiful structure and high vibrations are a wonder to geologists, gemologists, psychics, and healers.

There are several Epidotes varieties in seven different chakra colors. Epidote opens the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras

Epidote’s color is one of the crucial reasons it’s associated closely with the earth element. 

Epidote is ruled by Earth Goddesses Gaia (Greek), Fjörgyn/ Jörd (Norse), Bhumi (Hindu), and Osiris (Egyptian), as well as the Chinese Earth Spirit, Houtu. 

Epidote taps into the water element for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. Together, earth and water elements amplify grounding, luck, protection, harmony, divination, and wisdom.

Epidote Healing Properties and Benefits

Focus and Memory

  • Selecting Epidotes in white, black, blue, and green colors improves brain power. It’s excellent for students and professionals who need enhanced focus, memory, and decision-making skills.
  • The best way to use Epidote for concentration skills is by charging it overnight under three inches of soil. You can bury it in a pot or garden before carrying it on your left side.

Strength and Courage

  • Epidote helps you find inner power, especially if you’re shy, introverted, or a recluse. For this, it’s best to select red, orange, or yellow Epidote varieties.
  • You should activate Epidote for strength and courage with the sound energy of singing bowls. Keep the crystal near your Tibetan sound bowl while you’re playing it. 


  • Do you feel lonely even with your partner, kids, family, or friends? Epidote can help you fill the pain or void with comfort, warmth, and strength. 
  • The best way to program Epidote for support is through fire-charging. Light a candle and hold your crystal for 5 to 20 seconds at a safe distance in front of it.

Letting Go

  • Guilt, grief, and forgiveness are difficult on your own. With Epidote, you’ll find solutions easily, learn to make peace with the past, and move on to fill life with unconditional love.
  • Charge Epidote with positive affirmations to let go of the past and move on. Remember to chant the affirmations into the crystal while meditating on the reality you wish to realize. 

Personal Growth

  • Are you looking for a crystal to help you transition? Epidote is a great stone for transformation and open-mindedness because it promotes growth and productivity.
  • You can activate Epidote for personal growth by consuming it after making an indirect crystal elixir.   

Epidote Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A person balancing with one foot on a wooden plank.

Grounding and Balance

  • Whether you want to clear stress or fear, Epidote can help. Use it for setting healthy boundaries with people, things, and activities in life.
  • Charge Epidote for grounding and balance by meditating with it for a few minutes from where you can see the Moon. If it’s a Full Moon or a New moon, you’ll find it easier to meditate!


  • Epidote connects you with nature, the cosmos, and your spirit. That’s why you’ll feel adaptive, clever, and empathic about anything and everything with Epidote by your side.
  • To attract wisdom with Epidote, Chant the seed mantra of the water element, VAM, into the crystal. Also, remember to rinse the stone beforehand under tap water to maximize Epidote benefits.

Intuition and Awareness

  • Psychic abilities like foresight, premonitions, psychic vision, and a spiritual awareness are often activated in people who use Epidote.
  • Gaze into your Epidote crystal to activate these abilities regardless of how long you’ve been using Epidote.


  • Epidote purifies and amplifies the energy of everything it touches. Hence, Epidote is perfect for setting intentions and sending them to the universe’s heart.
  • I suggest setting a crystal grid with Epidote crystals in the center as focus stones. If you’re new to it.

Good Luck

  • Do you know Epidote can attract good fortune? Epidote attracts prosperity, abundance, and success by clearing the physical, emotional, and spiritual hurdles in your path.
  • The best way to activate Epidote for good fortune is by charging it with incense. Light a sandalwood or jasmine stick and waft the smoke over your stone. Finally, keep the charged Epidote in the northeast corner of your home.

Epidote Side Effects

  • Maybe Overwhelming: Many new crystal users report feeling uneasy or overwhelmed by Epidote. Some say they get headaches like when using Moldavite when they use Epidote.

Epidote Meaning: What Does Epidote Symbolize?

Different kinds of fruit on a concrete surface

“Abundance” is the meaning of the Epidote healing crystal.

To the ancient people, Epidote was a mystic stone that changed into yellow or brown colors without any reason. Epidote represented grounding, wisdom, guidance, blessings, luck, and divinity at the time.

In the New Age, Epidote also represents hope, focus, support, growth, letting go, warmth, and love.  

Did you know Epidote was first discovered in the early 19th century? 

Epidote was discovered by René Just Haüy, the French mineralogist known as the father of Crystallography. Interestingly, he also named other crystals, including Diaspore, Euclase, Sphene, and Nepheline.

Epidote is derived from the Greek word epidosis, meaning ‘more/increase/addition’ as the crystal was ‘characteristically longer’ on one side. 

Varieties of Epidotes

  • Epidote: Usually green and transparent to opaque with brown or black rutiles, this type of Epidote is excellent for opening the higher Heart chakra. As a result, it encourages personal growth. 
  • Yellow Epidote: This type of Epidote forms sprays, balls, or terminated crystals with lime-yellow to brown and muddy-yellow colors. Yellow Epidote is good for clearing blockages in the Solar Plexus chakra and attracting good luck.
  • Brown Epidote: A mix of yellow, brown, black, green, and muddy orange, Brown Epidote is translucent; hence, it’s often turned into faceted stones. It’s also great for grounding, protection, and patience. 
  • Black Epidote: Another variety of Epidote that’s best for protection, Black Epidote resembles Black Tourmaline as it often forms rods or hexagonal pencils. 
  • Pink Epidote: This Epidote variety opens the Heart and Crown Chakras. Pink Epidote has pink, green, or black inclusions on a white backdrop and brings spiritual guidance into your life. 
  • Red Orthoclase Epidote: Showing a mix of colors like green, gray, black, orange, and White, Red Orthoclase Epidote looks like Unakite. It’s good for harmony, abundance, and confidence. 
  • Pistachio Epidote: Sometimes seen with black or white streaks, this is a pistachio-colored Epidote that resembles buds and flowers of herbs. Pistachio Epidote is perfect for creativity, brain power, and success.
  • Acicular Epidote: A variety of Epidote with radiating shapes of acicular crystals, it’s seen with green, black, and yellow colors. 
  • Pakistani Epidote: Epidotes from Pakistan are usually seen with Byssolite, Adularia, or Quartz in a white or black matrix. Pakistani Epidote shows green inclusions or rods of Epidote and works well as amplifying wands. 
  • Calcite Epidote: Displaying pale green with white, gray, pink, green, black, and brown colors, this type of Epidote may form crystals, sprays, or balls. Calcite Epidote is good for strength and inner peace.
  • Prehnite Epidote: Prehnite forms balls attached to Epidotes in green, black, white, or brown colors. Prehnite Epidote is a great crystal for success in romance and career. 
  • Titanite Epidote: Epidote forms as rods on a yellow matrix, mostly from Brazil in this variety. Titanite Epidote is great for strength, courage, and growth.
  • Epidote Albite: Resembling snow on a green meadow, this variety of Epidote shows white, green, pink, black, orange, and brown colors. Epidote Albite is good for opening multiple chakras. 
  • Quartz Epidote: A gorgeous crystal to geologists and spiritualists, Epidote in Clear Quartz shows green or dark green rods and crystals on Clear Quartz matrices. They’re great for prosperity, critical thinking skills, and protection. 
  • Garnet Epidote: This Epidote variety is also a type of Red Epidote good for grounding and creativity. You’ll notice a green matrix with red nuggets when Garnet exists with Epidote.
  • Ruby in Zoisite and Epidote: One of the high-vibration crystals for the Heart and higher Heart chakras, use this variety for health and harmony. Ruby in Zoisite and Epidote is a natural crystal pairing with green, black, pink, and white hues. 
  • Amethyst with Epidote: Epidote shows up in Purple Quartz in dark green matrices or as clusters. Epidote’s lilac and purple variety are excellent for foresight, intuition, and wisdom. 
  • Hematite in Epidote: Seen with Dolomite and Hematite, this Epidote variety is mostly green or pink with crystals of black, white, and gray colors. Hematite in Epidote is the perfect stress-relief stone and is especially good for office wear. 
  • Epidote with Diopside: When Diopside forms with Epidote, the crystal shows varieties of pale and dark green colors with white, black, gray, and brown crystals. Epidote with Diopside is great for divination, intuition, and fortune.
  • Basalt and Epidote: Resembling the color mixing seen in Septarian crystal, Basalt Epidote shows gray, black, brown, white, and green colors. It attracts success and knowledge to the user. 

How To Cleanse Epidote?

An open water faucet at the outdoors

  • Water: You can cleanse Epidote by holding it for a few minutes under tap water. Make sure to pat it dry afterward. 
  • Mantra: Hold Epidote in your palms and chant the seed mantra the earth (LAM) and water (VAM) elements while visualizing cleansing thoughts.
  • Herbs: As sacred herbs unify several elements around us, they’re good for cleansing crystals. Try burning the herb and wafting the smoke over your crystal for a few seconds.

Questions and Answers

Is Clinozoisite the same as Epidote?

No, Clinozoisite looks a lot like Epidote and is often misnamed by sellers, but they’re different minerals. Nonetheless, Clinozoisite is a mineral in the Epidote family.

Is Epidote safe in the water?

Yes, Epidote is safe to cleanse or clean with water for a short period. Hence, you shouldn’t soak the crystal in water for prolonged hours. Remember to pat the crystal dry with a soft cloth whenever it comes into contact with moisture.

Can Epidote go in the sun?

Yes, Epidote can go in the Sun for brief intervals. Leaving Epidote crystals in the Sun for a long while can crack or decolor them.

Is Epidote the same as Unakite?

Yes, Unakite is Epidotized or Epidote Granite.

How do you identify Epidote?

The scratch test is the best way to tell a real Epidote from a fake. Because it scores high on the Mohs hardness scale, Epidote won’t get scratched easily with glass or a steel knife. 

Secondly, the texture of Epidote may be glassy, greasy, or resin-like. 

Finally, Real Epidote crystals change into yellow or red when viewed from different angles.

Who shouldn’t wear Epidote?

Zodiac signs ruled by Venus and Mercury shouldn’t wear Epidote unless their astrologer recommends it. Otherwise, Virgo and Taurus have a high chance of feeling the wrath of Epidote’s ruling planet Jupiter.

How to take care of Epidote?

Epidote is a strong and durable stone, but its cleavage makes it vulnerable to cracks. Therefore, you should avoid wearing or using it during handwork. 

Also, avoid leaving it in the Sun or water for a prolonged period. Alternatively, you can keep Epidote in a silk pouch if you live in a humid condition.

You should avoid cleaning Epidote with chemical cleaners. Rinsing it with water and drying it after is a good way to keep it in the best shape for a long time.

Remember to cleanse and charge it before using it for spiritual purposes.

Is Epidote rare or common?

Epidotes are commonly found all around the world.

Which hand to wear Epidote?

Epidote is best worn on the left hand.

Is Epidote expensive?

Transparent and vitreous Epidotes in good cuts are more expensive than their counterparts. Typically, faceted Epidotes fetch $50 to $1,000 per carat, and rough stones cost $2 to $5 per carat.

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