Moss Agate

(maws ag - it)
Main Origins:
Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa, Russia, and the United States.

What is Moss Agate?

Moss agate crystal on the soil

While Agate stones are technically banded, Moss Agates aren’t. Nevertheless, Moss Agate is a type of Chalcedony that comes under the Agate family of crystals. 

What makes Moss agate look like Moss? The Moss Agate crystal shows patterns of Chlorite-green veins, leaves, or foliage in Milky Quartz due to volcanic origins. This chalcedony stone also has inclusions of Pyrolusite.

Some types of Moss Agate may show red or brown colors from oxidized iron or chrome impurities in the crystal. With time, the metal impurities in the Mocha Stone may oxidize and change colors. 

Moss Agate was largely used in Europe for religious rituals, such as purification and casting away evil. Priests often wore it for inner power and for patients to speed up recovery. 

In some cultures, Moss Agate talismans were worn by soldiers before going into battle for physical harm, longevity, and evil vibrations. 

People also used to keep Moss Agate at the entrance or windows of their homes to prevent spiders, scorpions, and other creepy crawlies from getting into the house.

Moss Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Moss Agate’s chakra depends on its colors and chemical composition. The stone mainly opens the Heart and Root Chakras. It’s ruled by the Earth element, so bonding with it reveals the secrets of nature and cosmic reality. 

Moss Agate is ruled by several Goddesses like Gaia (Greek Goddess of Earth), Bona Dea (Roman Goddess of Healing), Nyx (Greek Goddess of Night), Cerridwen (Welsh Goddess of Knowledge), Dione (Greek Goddess of Love), and Itzpapaloti (Aztec Butterfly Goddess).

The Moss Agate properties enlighten, ground, and calm you because the Moon rules it. Psychics and crystal experts claim the feng shui energy of Wood also rules Moss Agate.  

Moss Agate Healing Properties and Benefits

Growth and Fertility

  • As most varieties of Moss Agate unblock Root and Heart Chakras, they also improve the chance of getting pregnant. Use green, pink, red, or yellow Moss Agate to enhance female fertility.
  • Infuse the fertility benefits of Moss Agate by making a crystal elixir indirectly. It’s good to keep making gem water and consume it for 7 to 28 days. 

Spreads Positivity and Harmony

  • The leaf-like patterns you see on a Moss Agate are aesthetic and effective for spreading good vibes, peace, and oneness. The best Moss Agates for positivity are pink and green varieties.
  • You can tap into the harmony of Moss Agate by placing it in the eastern corner of your home for Feng Shui benefits. 

Detoxes the Body, Mind, and Soul

  • Did you know some crystals speed up recovery? Yellow and Red Moss Agate crystals eject toxins that clutter your chakras, mind, body, and spirit. 
  • The best way to charge Moss Agate for detox is with moonlight. Soak your crystal overnight on a new/full moon night.

Agriculture or Gardening

  • Being connected to Earth, Moss Agate nourishes and rejuvenates plants, trees, and herbs. Green, red, black, and white Moss Agates are considered best for agriculture.
  • Burying Moss Agate in your garden or flower pot under three inches of soil is good for charging it for gardening. 

Anxiety and Stress

  • Moss Agate balances multiple chakras by eliminating tension, stress, worry, anxiety, and negative self-talk. Green, pink, and red Moss Agate grounds you, especially in high-pressure situations. 
  • You can use Moss Agate for stress by holding it in your palms and chanting positive affirmations or mantras (OHM).

Moss Agate Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A man celebrating his success in front of his laptop

Success at Work

  • Because Moss Agate clears blockages everywhere, you will find luckier situations at work. Green Moss Agate is great for firing up your creativity and knowledge.
  • This is also ruled by Aquarius zodiac sign 
  • The best way to attract success with Moss Agate is by carrying the crystal on your right side. Meditate while holding the crystal in your hands before wearing it. 

Universal Connection

  • The Heart Chakra energy of Moss Agate is the main reason why it connects you easily with people, plants, animals, trees, and the cosmos. Try pink or green Moss Agates if this is your intention!
  • The best way to develop a universal connection is by smudging the Mocha Stone with sacred scents. Use Sage, Sandalwood, or Palo Santo sticks.

Transformation and Spiritual Growth

  • When you’re going through painful events or changes, Moss Agate can help you grow spiritually. White, blue, and purple Moss Agates are excellent for stepping ahead in life.
  • The best way to charge crystals like Moss Agate for transformation and growth is with chakra healing music associated with the Crown Chakra. Keep the crystal under your pillow once it’s charged. 

Abundance and Luck

  • Green and Yellow Moss Agate crystals attract prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. Use green or yellow Moss Agate, as they open the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras. 
  • Set an Abundance grid using Moss Agate as focus stones in the crystal grid. Keep the grid in the southeast corner of your home.

Psychic Powers

  • Moss Agate isn’t well-known for its psychic abilities, but purple, white, clear, blue, and multicolor Moss Agates are. They attract wisdom, enlightenment, spiritual guidance, and cosmic awareness.
  • Singing Bowls emanate healing sounds that penetrate Moss Agate crystals and activate them. If you wear or touch the crystal after charging it this way, it will awaken your psychic abilities.

Moss Agate Side Effects

  • Is Moss Agate good for everyday wear? Yes, Moss Agate is good for daily wear, but overusing this high-vibration stone can lead to energy drain and weariness. 
  • Is your Moss Agate giving you headaches? If your Moss Agate has more white, purple, or indigo colors, the higher chakras may give you headaches. 
  • Is your horoscope compatible with Moss Agate? Some people may feel strange or different if Moss Agate isn’t compatible with their birth chart.

Moss Agate Meaning: What Does Moss Agate Symbolize?

A group of people standing on a hill

Moss Agate meaning is Universal Connection. It’s even more popular for pulling wearers toward nature. It’s also associated with balance, harmony, patience, calmness, creativity, abundance, friendship, and unity. 

While Moss Agate is named after its moss-like inclusions, it’s called Mocca or Mocha Stone for its Yemeni (Mocha). 

Moss Agate used to be closely linked to agriculture and farmers. History says British farmers in the 18th century hung Moss Agate crystals on their livestock and crops to attract rich harvests.

Varieties of Moss Agate

  • Green Moss Agate: The common color of Moss Agate is a conservative mix of green and milky-white color. It’s good for opening the Heart Chakra and spreading good vibes. 
  • White Moss Agate: When the white color of Quartz is more than the green color of Chlorite in Moss Agate, this variety can use it for mental and emotional balance. 
  • Spotted Moss Agate: Seen with spots of brown, tan, gray, and yellow colors, this type of Moss Agate detoxes your body and mind. This is a result of the crystal balancing your Root Chakra’s energies. 
  • Blue Moss Agate: from indigo to cyan and teal blue shades on Milky Quartz, people use Blue Moss Agate for spirit contact. As a ThirdEye Chakra crystal, it’s great for psychic abilities. 
  • Yellow Moss Agate: Powered by the Solar Plexus Chakra, the yellow variety of Moss Agate attracts luck, abundance, success, and good fortune. It’s seen in dark yellow shades with dendritic veins of black and gray.
  • Purple Moss Agate: A Crown Chakra crystal that taps into higher consciousness to reveal spiritual destiny and activate psychic powers. 
  • Sand Canyon Moss Agate or Sleeping Beauty Moss Agate: Showing veins and plumes of pastel orange on a red backdrop, this type of Moss Agate is good for grounding and transformation. 
  • Clear Moss Agate: Another higher chakra Moss Agate variety, this crystal has a mix of translucent white and opaque colors of beige, brown, green, red, or blue. Use this type of Moss Agate for meditation, focus, positivity, and growth. 
  • Sweet Moss Agate or Multicolor Moss Agate: This beautiful type of Moss Agate crystal, with several colors in one stone, is called the “sweet” variety. It’s a good stone for amplifying and aligning multiple chakras. 
  • Black Moss Agate: Resembling crystals with zebra-patterns, this Mocca Stone variety has more black veins and plumes than white hues from the Milky Quartz.
  • Pink Moss Agate: A variety of Moss Agate that looks like Sunstone, this variety is good for self-love, self-control, and discipline in life. It’s good to cultivate positive habits and lifestyles.

How To Cleanse Moss Agate?

Moss agate crystal on top of a clear quartz crystal

  • Moonlight – The ruling planet of Moss Agate is the Moon. Saturate the crystal in the healing light of a new or full moon night to cleanse them thoroughly. 
  • Crystals – Clear Quartz, Selenite, Phenakite, and Black Tourmaline are self-cleansing crystals that can cleanse Moss Agate. You circle these crystals three times over the Moss Agate crystal to cleanse it quickly. 
  • Wood – A way to cleanse this variety of Agate is by using Petrified Wood. Keep the crystal next to Petrified Wood overnight.You can also smudge the stone with sacred herbs, incense, or smudge sticks to clear the negativity in Moss Agate.

Questions and Answers

Can Moss Agate get wet?

Yes, Moss Agate is safe to rinse or soak in water to eliminate evil vibrations stuck to the crystal. Soaking for more than 4 hours isn’t recommended, however, as it can lead to cracks.

Can Moss Agate be in the sun?

Yes, it’s good to cleanse or charge Moss Agate in the early morning sunlight. It’s the best way to charge Yellow Moss Agate crystals. Do avoid leaving Moss Agate in the sun for more than 30 minutes.

What’s the difference between fake Moss Agate and real Moss Agate?

The main differences between fake Moss Agate and real Moss Agate are the latter’s translucent green or gray bonds. Fake Moss Agate stones are often opaque.

Who shouldn’t wear Moss Agate?

As the Moon rules Moss Agate, Moss Agate is good for all zodiac signs. That’s mainly because the Moon has no enemy planets.

Where to keep Moss Agate in your house?

The best places to keep Moss Agate for harmony and prosperity are east and southeast directions. You can set a crystal altar or crystal made out of Moss Agate in either direction to harness Moss Agate benefits.

Where should I wear Moss Agate?

Wear Moss Agate on the right hand or your dominant hand (whichever hand you write or drive with). Note that the right hand is associated with the future and the left hand with your past.

What finger do you wear the Moss Agate ring on?

Because the Earth element rules Moss Agate, it’s best to wear crystal rings on your ring finger. Psychics and healers often recommend wearing Moss Agate on the ring finger in geometric shapes for spiritual healing.

Is Moss Agate expensive?

Moss Agate isn’t expensive. It usually costs between $1 to $10 per carat on average. You may even find natural Moss Agates dyed for vivifying colors for lower prices. 

Some Moss Agate retails for over $100 per carat.

Is Moss Agate rare?

Some natural varieties of Moss Agate are rare and may fetch prices between $100 and $3,000 per carat. The rarest color of Moss Agate is purple.

Can Moss Agate be worn every day?

Yes, Moss Agate is good for everyday wear as it boasts a MOHS hardness score of up to 7. Overusing Moss Agate may increase headaches, though, or make you stoic.

Are Moss Agate and Tree Agate the same?

No, Moss Agate and Tree Agate aren’t the same healing crystal. Although they’re both Agates in white and green colors, Moss Agate is transparent, while Tree Agate is opaque.

Interactions with Moss Agate

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