Best Crystals For Aquarius Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals For Aquarius
  2. Grounding Crystals For Aquarius
  3. Protection Crystals For Aquarius
  4. Good Luck Crystals For Aquarius
  5. Bad Crystals For Aquarius
  6. Crystal For Aquarius Full Moon
  7. Crystal For Aquarius New Moon
  8. Crystal For Aquarius Sun
  9. Crystal For Aquarius Rising

Aquarius is known as the humanitarian zodiac sign, constantly striving and reaching for social justice and individuality. With an above-average level of intelligence, as an Aquarius, you have many unique ideas and thoughts that can highly serve those around you and revolutionize humanity.

Furthermore, your ability to identify what is special and unique in everyone you meet allows you to form incredible friendships that significantly change your perspective on life.

The biggest challenge you face is bringing order to your genius ideas, as they can often make sense to you but be gibberish to others. Your strength is being highly solution-focused with innovative ways to solve problems.

Aquarius Sun natives are often some of the most unique and unconventional people you will meet and can leave a positive or negative impression on those they meet.

Using crystals to bring structure and order to your ideas is a beneficial way to get others to understand you better. When others understand you and are not confused by you, it results in more positive interactions on your journey to improve humanity.

The best crystals for the Aquarius zodiac sign are crystals that allow you to connect with others through your mind and ideas.

Through this, you can gather a community of like-minded people with a similar vision and goal toward improving the world. Knowing what crystals are good for Aquarius can help you manifest your ideas and be the initiator for positive change to occur.

Healing Crystals For Aquarius

Ruled by the planet Uranus, which is associated with the future, innovation, and rebellion, Aquarius is a sign that shakes up social norms and brings massive changes to existing structures.

Good crystals for Aquarius are crystals that bring you a sense of power in your uniqueness and individuality. Crystals that help you connect with others are also essential healing crystals for Aquarius, as you usually function best when supported in a team instead of alone.


almandine garnet on white background

Garnet is the Aquarius birthstone, and is known to have been used in the breastplate of higher priests, and has a powerful ability to assist the wearer in leading others toward a common goal.

Said to contain a flash of lightning within, it will bring you a powerful ability to change the world through direct, focused action and the ability to make your ideas stand out and impact others.

Allowing you to implement your creative powers while still recognizing your responsibility toward the earth and humanity, Garnet is one of the best crystals for an Aquarius woman and man to wear.


Amethyst chunk on a white background

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and is one of the birthstones associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

Known to balance the energies of the physical, intellectual, and emotional body, Amethyst stabilizes your aura and gives you the focused action you need, along with the ability to transmute your higher thoughts into reality. In addition, with a powerful ability to increase your intellect and thinking capacity, Amethyst will aid you in improving your mind power and logic.

Grounding Crystals For Aquarius

Crystals that allow you to bring out the more compassionate and nurturing side in you will help you form more profound and personal connections with others. You can often get lost in your mind and fail to connect with those around you when you are overly concerned with logic and your ideas.

Grounding crystals for Aquarius are crystals that allow you to focus on the present and what is in front of you, along with the ability to ward off negative thinking caused by overthinking and analyzing.

Moss agate

polished moss agate for aquarius on a white background

Stimulating cooperativeness and persuasiveness in the wearer, Moss Agate helps you give a positive impression to those you want to bring on board with your ideas.

Moss agate strengthens your abilities and talents, allowing you to proceed with focused action confidently. While giving you positive self-esteem and self-image, Moss Agate brings focus to your positive personality traits, allowing others to see the positive impact your ideas can bring.


red jasper on white background

As a stone that helps you gain the awareness needed to know how to assist others, Jasper enables you to bring people together and create an open, non judgemental space to allow others to share their ideas and emotions.

Jasper is a powerful grounding stone to keep you focused on your higher purpose by making you aware of the responsibility you have to create justice and equality in the world.

Protection Crystals For Aquarius

As an Aquarius, owning your uniqueness and individuality is essential, as your ideas are more impactful when they are not influenced or swayed by others. Protecting your mind space from the influences around you will go a long way in keeping your mind clear of thoughts that drain your ability to focus on what is important.

Protection crystals for Aquarius are crystals that allow you to draw healthy boundaries between yourself and others for your thoughts not to be invaded by the opinions of others.


opal on white background

Opal aids the wearer in recognizing and connecting with the creativity they possess within themselves and is a beautiful crystal to enhance your imagination and bring you renewed inspiration.

Allowing you to take spontaneous actions without experiencing negative outcomes and repercussions, Opal helps you always be at the right place, at the right time, bringing confidence in your ability to take action without being held back by the fear of negative outcomes.


sugilite stone on a white background

With the ability to give the wearer special healing powers to aid them in healing humanity, Sugilite guides you and protects you on your journey to bring harmony and justice to the world around you.

Sugilite is known as the “love stone for this age” and helps you connect people with new ideas and methods to create a fair and beautiful world. Sugilite is a highly spiritual stone that opens your eyes to what is needed for the perfect state of the universe.

Good Luck Crystals For Aquarius

Aquarians need luck in getting their ideas recognized and validated by those who matter. Crystals that allow you to be taken seriously by others and that attract people with resources and the ability to help you further your ideas are the best good luck crystals.

Stones that attract stability, comfort, and structure into your life are also beneficial, as you need a solid foundation to lean on to succeed truly.


moonstone on a white background

Moonstone brings a sense of calm, ease, and tranquility to your aura, which is highly beneficial when you become overrun with anxious and negative thoughts. Giving you the ability to deal with the rapidly fast-changing structures in your life calmly, Moonstone helps you realize the potential that exists within new beginnings and exploring life paths that were previously left unexplored.

Known as one of the best crystals for helping you cope with challenging, complex events in life, Moonstone can help you seem highly capable and rational when dealing with crises.


palladium on a white background

Palladium connects you with the universal consciousness, allowing you the ability to tap into the hive mind of humanity. Through having increased awareness of the unspoken elements around you, Palladium helps you recognize what activities, structures, and traditions are outdated and do not serve you or humanity.

The most powerful effect of Palladium is connecting you to the vision of a conscious society, with the knowledge needed to pursue and help create this.

Bad Crystals For Aquarius

Bad crystals for Aquarius are crystals that overstimulate the mind and emotional body, resulting in a soup of thoughts mashed with over-personalized emotions, leading you to lack rational thinking.

As a result, you can easily fall into negative, suspicious, and conspiratorial thought patterns. When applying too much time and energy to this, you lose sight of what is important and what you can achieve.


An Azulicite crystal on a white background.
Image Source: | Didier Descouens

The third and fifth (throat) chakras can get over energized when wearing Azulicite, causing the wearer to lack a filter and structure when speaking, resulting in unclear and confusing speech.

In addition, Azulicite can stimulate trance-like, hypnotic states, which are best avoided when attempting to bring logic and structure to your thoughts. Therefore, although you can gain great universal insight through using Azulicite, it needs to be used sparingly and with caution if you are an Aquarius.


ruby crystal on white background

Ruby is an excellent gemstone for connecting you with others, but it over-stimulates your awareness of your own needs and values, causing you to place too much importance on this and neglecting to see the needs of others.

As an Aquarius, you must connect with and understand other people’s values. The only way to achieve a peaceful, harmonious society is by considering everyone’s values, not just your own.

Crystal For Aquarius Full Moon

The Aquarius Full Moon occurs during Leo season (July 23 – August 22), when the moon is in Aquarius and the Sun in the opposite sign of Aquarius, the zodiac sign Leo.

During an Aquarius Full Moon, you experience events that can significantly change the course and outcome of your future. How you manage and deal with what you are presented with on this day will significantly affect how things progress in your life. A clear, logical, and rational mindset is essential to ensure that future events work out in your favor.


hematite chunk on a white background

Hematite allows the wearer to sort out their mind and bring clarity and ration to their thoughts, making it one of the best crystals for Full Moon in Aquarius. Known to enhance your memory, it is an excellent stone to use when dealing with complicated, technical information. Making you aware of any self-limiting concepts you hold onto, hematite allows you to reach for your highest possible potential.

Crystal For Aquarius New Moon

The Aquarius New Moon occurs during Aquarius season (January 20 to February 18), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Aquarius. An Aquarius New Moon brings the opportunity for a fresh start to work toward a collective goal within your relationships, family, and community.

The best crystals for the Aquarius New Moon are crystals that connect your mind and heart with the mind and heart of others, bringing the ability to see and understand what everybody needs for progression to occur within humanity. Use this time to listen to the ideas of others and to see how you can bring your minds together to create a better future for all.


polished peridot on white background

Peridot allows the wearer to zoom into the inner aspects of any situation they are faced with, making it one of the best crystals for an Aquarius moon. Allowing you to recognize destructive patterns in your own life, the lives of others, and humanity, Peridot helps you see what is necessary for growth to occur.

Connected to the heart chakra, it opens you to new relationships and pursuits with others where you work together to reach a collective goal.

Crystal For Aquarius Sun

Being a highly self-reliant individual, you can sometimes lose sight of your highest goal, which is serving and improving the conditions of humanity. You can resist being placed into a box or controlled, but at the same time, this resistance can stop you from cooperating with who you need to to bring the change and progress you envision.

Balancing your sense of individuality and your want to improve and serve humanity is vital to bringing about the change in the world, and within your community you wish to see.


polished idocrase on a white background

One of the best crystals for Aquarius Sun individuals, Idocrase, also known as Vesuvianite, increases your sense of loyalty and devotion toward helping and healing humankind.

Idocrase provides assistance and guidance to those who wish to invent, learn and discover, making it an excellent stone for exploring new ideas and concepts. It eliminates feelings of being trapped or imprisoned, dispelling any anger you might have toward those you feel might be trying to control or repress you.

Crystal For Aquarius Rising

As an Aquarius rising, you can stimulate out-of-the-box thinking in others, getting them to explore ideas they never would’ve. At the same time, your ability to influence the thoughts of others causes you to bring a great deal of change to most environments and situations you are in.

Therefore, you need crystals that help you focus on what is positive and important when dealing with others. Focusing on negative ideas and concepts can negatively impact your relationships and environment.


A Proustite crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Robert Lavinsky

Proustite balances your emotions, allowing a calm and stable environment for you to deal with information and your thoughts. Holding or wearing Proustite removes negativity from any situation, allowing you to focus on and bring light to what is positive and essential. In addition, it brings a sense of practicality with the ability to analyze scientific and complex topics and subjects easily.

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