12 Good Luck Spells with Crystals and How to Cast Them

  1. History of Good Luck Spells 
  2. 3 Steps to Cast a Good Luck Spell for Beginners
  3. 12 Techniques for Casting Luck Spells 
  4. 12 Crystals for Casting Luck and Fortune Spells 
  5. 10 Tips to Do Luck Spells like a Pro 
  6. Conclusion 

Across ancient civilizations, shamans, witches, and spiritual practitioners sought positive energies for favor and fortune, as seen in Egypt’s amulets to Europe’s talismans. The quest for good luck spans cultures. 

What are the best spells for good luck and good fortune? How can one cast them using the power of crystals?

The best spells for good luck and fortune often involve crystal-infused practices, like creating luck elixirs, crafting spell jars, or setting up luck-enhancing altars. Harnessing the power of specific crystals, such as Citrine, Jade, or Moonstone, can amplify these spells, attracting positive energies and enhancing one’s chances for luck and prosperity.

Discover ancient wisdom and modern practices in casting good luck spells using crystals, unlocking the potential for positivity and prosperity in your life.

History of Good Luck Spells 

Wealthy woman showing money

Throughout history, the pursuit of good luck and fortune has been a pervasive theme in diverse cultures worldwide. Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians, crafted amulets and charms to invoke protection and prosperity, while Chinese culture embraced feng shui principles to attract positive energies. 

In Medieval Europe, talismans and symbols were utilized for good luck, often intertwined with religious beliefs. Spells and rituals to enhance luck have been integral parts of spiritual practices, from shamanistic traditions to Wiccan ceremonies.

Ten popular good luck or good fortune chants across cultures include:

  • By the power of luck and light, bring fortune to my sight.
  • Fortune’s wheel turns, bring blessings that I yearn.
  • Lucky stars above, fill my life with joy and love.
  • As I speak this charm, let luck shield me from harm.
  • Fortune’s path, guide me with luck’s steadfast.
  • With this chant I say, bring luck to me each day.
  • Luck’s grace I seek, blessings strong, not weak.
  • Fortune’s song, bring success before too long.
  • With these words I weave, let good fortune never leave.
  • Luck’s embrace, fill my life’s space with grace.

These chants, mantras, and incantations encapsulate a blend of cultural beliefs and practices aimed at inviting favorable circumstances and enhancing luck and prosperity in various aspects of life.

3 Steps to Cast a Good Luck Spell for Beginners

Ever wish to attract good luck effortlessly? This article unveils a simple guide for beginners to cast effective good luck spells in just three easy steps. No complex rituals or elaborate tools are required, just simple techniques using positive energy and intention to invite good fortune into your life.

Step 1: Cleanse Your Crystal 

Cleanse your crystal by smudging it with sage, rinsing it in water, burying it briefly, or exposing it to sunlight or moonlight. These methods clear any previous energies, preparing the crystal to absorb new intentions for luck spells.

Step 2: Figure Out an Intention 

Find a quiet space, meditate on your desire for good luck, and write a clear intention on paper. Define what luck means to you and how you want it to manifest, ensuring specificity in your goal to attract positive energies.

Step 3: Charge Your Crystal with Intention 

Hold the cleansed crystal, visualize a radiant light enveloping it, and focus on your luck-related intention. Recite affirmations or chants while envisioning your desire infusing the crystal with positive energy. Feel the transfer of your thoughts empowering the crystal to radiate the luck you seek.

After accomplishing these 3 steps, proceed with the different techniques for casting luck spells mentioned below. 

12 Techniques for Casting Luck Spells 

Casting luck spells combines ancient practices with modern rituals, utilizing crystals and focused intention to attract positive energies and enhance fortune. 

Below are effective techniques you can use to cast luck spells. 

Spells for Lucky Grid/Altar 

Creating a lucky grid or altar involves arranging crystals, symbols, and items representing luck to amplify positive energies in a designated space. This focused area serves as a magnet for good fortune, enhancing the manifestation of desires. 

To activate this grid, place a green candle at its center, encircle it with Citrine and Jade stones, and recite the affirmation, “By these symbols, luck aligns, blessings abundant, now be mine.”

Spells for Luck Elixir 

Crafting a luck elixir involves combining charged water with herbs or crystals known for attracting luck and infusing the liquid with positive energies. This elixir serves as a potent tool to sip or anoint oneself to attract favorable outcomes. 

During its preparation, recite the mantra, “In this elixir, luck takes flight, blessings flow both day and night.

Good Luck Spell Jar 

A good luck spell jar comprises various ingredients, such as herbs, crystals, and written intentions, sealed within a jar to harness luck’s energy. Placing this jar in a prominent area ensures the continuous flow of positive vibrations. 

As you assemble the jar, chant, “In this vessel, luck shall dwell, blessings upon me forever swell.”

 Sunlight Spells for Good Luck 

Utilizing sunlight for good luck involves charging crystals under the Sun’s rays, amplifying their energies to attract luck. Align crystals associated with luck, such as Aventurine or Tiger’s Eye, under direct sunlight. 

Visualize the crystals absorbing the Sun’s energy and chant, “Sunlight’s gift, luck now ignite, blessings flow, everything feels right.”

Feng Shui Spells for Wealth and Luck 

To set up a feng shui wealth corner using crystals, place Citrine or Jade stones in the southeast corner of your home or room. These crystals attract wealth and luck. The arrangement works by channeling positive energies and inviting prosperity. 

Activate this corner by saying, “Wealth and luck, come my way, crystals guide abundance every day.

Spells for Activating a Luck Talisman

Activate a luck talisman by holding it in your hands, focusing on your intentions for good luck. Rub the talisman with a Citrine or Quartz crystal to infuse it with positive energy. This process charges the talisman with your desires for good fortune.

While doing this, chant, “Talisman of luck, now awake, bring good fortune with every shake.”

Candle Spells for Luck and Fame

Utilizing candles combined with crystal energy for luck involves carving luck symbols or your intentions into a green candle. Surround the candle with Aventurine stones and light it while focusing on your goals or aspirations.

 Engage in the spell, chanting, “Candle aglow, luck will grow, fame and fortune begin to show.”

Herbal Spells for Business and Career Success 

Crafting an herbal crystal spell, such as using bay leaves and Citrine in your workspace, helps manifest business success. Place these elements in your workspace while visualizing your objectives and reciting, “Herbs and stone, success be grown, luck and fortune, to me, be known.

Smudging Spells for Removing Bad Luck 

To perform a smudging spell using crystals, burn sage or palo santo while wafting crystals, like Black Tourmaline, in the smoke to dispel negativity. Envision negative energies departing as you cleanse the space and chant, “Negative energies depart, luck and positivity restart.”

Moonlight Spells for Fortune 

Engaging in a moonlight spell involves placing crystals, like Moonstone, under the full moon to absorb its energies. Focus on charging the crystals while envisioning luck and blessings coming your way and chanting, “Moon so bright, bring fortune’s light, luck and blessings take flight tonight.

Abundance Egg Spell 

For the abundance egg spell with crystals, cleanse a raw egg with sage smoke, then roll it gently over Citrine or Green Aventurine, envisioning abundance filling the egg.

Keep it for seven days and bury it in the soil, symbolizing growth. While rolling the egg on the crystals, chant, “Fortune’s flow, luck to grow, abundance in life, let it show.”

Gem Bath Spells for Luck 

Create a gem bath spell by placing crystals, like Jade or Pyrite, into your bathwater. As you soak, focus on the crystals’ energies merging with the water, inviting luck and positivity.

Visualize these energies cleansing and revitalizing your aura, filling you with good fortune. While bathing, chant, “Crystals’ embrace, luck I embrace, fortune fills this sacred space.”

12 Crystals for Casting Luck and Fortune Spells 

Understanding luck spells means exploring the unique powers of specific crystals, like Moonstone, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and others. These crystals play a role in attracting luck, fortune, and positive energy into different parts of life.


Moonstone with white background

Moonstone, renowned for its connection to the lunar cycle, draws luck in new beginnings and emotional equilibrium. Its energies are conducive to starting afresh, fostering emotional stability and inviting luck in transitions and new ventures.

Hold the Moonstone under the light of the full moon and chant, “By the Moon’s glow, fortune does flow, luck and blessings, let them show.


Citrine crystal on a white background

Known as the “Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine attracts wealth, success, and financial prosperity. It is proficient in manifesting abundance, inviting opportunities for financial growth and enhancing one’s overall financial outlook.

Surround a yellow candle with Citrine crystals, focusing on financial goals while chanting, “Citrine’s glow, wealth and flow, abundance now, let it show.”

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye with with background

Tiger’s Eye, recognized for its association with luck, courage, and protection, serves as a potent tool for business success and bolstering courage in endeavors. It is ideal for those seeking to thrive professionally and maintain resilience.

Hold the Tiger’s Eye crystal in your dominant hand, charging it under sunlight or moonlight while chanting, “Tiger’s Eye bright, luck takes flight, prosperity, and success in sight.”


polished aquamarine on white background

Aquamarine‘s specialty lies in inviting luck in communication and decision-making processes. It aids in fostering clear and effective communication while guiding sound judgments in various life aspects.

Create an abundance grid with Aquamarine stones around a blue candle while chanting, “Aquamarine’s grace, clear my space, luck and clarity, in every case.”


A peridot crystal on a white background

Peridot is valued for its association with wealth, prosperity, and personal growth. It is believed to attract financial success and promote inner growth, aligning with prosperity in both material and personal aspects of life.

Infuse Peridot in charged water under sunlight, drinking or anointing with it while affirming, “Peridot’s potency, shower wealth and prosperity in every hour.”


Sunstone on white background

Sunstone, synonymous with vitality and optimism, serves as a magnet for success and abundance. Its bright and joyful energies amplify vitality, encouraging a positive outlook and attracting opportunities for prosperity. 

Encircle an orange candle with Sunstone crystals while chanting, “Sunstone’s radiance, let success enhance, abundance flows at every chance.


jade crystal on a white background

Jade, renowned for its harmonizing properties, attracts good fortune, prosperity, and balance. Beyond luck, it embodies the energy of balance, inviting prosperity, harmony, and good fortune into different facets of life. 

Create an abundance grid with Jade stones around a green candle while chanting, “Jade’s embrace, abundance in this space.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Blue Lace Agate, known for its calming energies, invites luck in communication and tranquility. Its soothing vibrations ease anxiety, promote clarity in communication, and foster tranquility in interactions. It encourages peaceful and serene exchanges, aligning with luck in peaceful interactions and clear dialogue.

Hold the crystal, focusing on clarity and tranquility while chanting silently or aloud, “Clarity prevails, tranquility unveils, luck and calmness never fail.

 Green Aventurine

green aventurine isolated on white background

Green Aventurine, a stone celebrated for attracting opportunities and wealth, manifests financial success and abundance. Its energies are directed toward attracting prosperity, inviting luck in financial endeavors and fostering opportunities for growth. 

Position it around a green candle in a candle spell, chanting, “Aventurine’s beckon, wealth and opportunities awaken.”


Labradorite on white background

Labradorite, recognized for enhancing intuition and luck, attracts financial abundance and opportunities. Its mystical properties sharpen intuitive abilities, inviting financial prosperity and empowering individuals to seize opportunities. 

Immerse Labradorite in charged water under the moonlight, chanting, “Labradorite’s allure, beckon wealth so pure.


A polished malachite crystal on a white background

Malachite, valued for its manifestation of wealth and prosperity, serves as a shield against financial misfortune. Its energies resonate with financial success, offering protection against financial pitfalls and fostering a prosperous mindset.

Encircle a green candle with Malachite crystals while chanting, “Malachite’s might, wealth takes flight, prosperity fills my sight.


Pyrite on a white background

Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold,” is coveted for its ability to attract abundance, financial prosperity, and stability. Its association with wealth and good fortune makes it an ideal crystal for inviting financial success and ensuring a prosperous future.

Hold Pyrite in your dominant hand, focusing on financial aspirations and charging it under sunlight while chanting, “Pyrite’s allure, wealth secure, abundance is my future.”

10 Tips to Do Luck Spells like a Pro 

  • Focus on Positive Intentions: Direct your energy toward positive outcomes rather than causing harm or negativity.
  • Karma Works Both Ways: What you send out can return to you. Negative actions may lead to negative consequences.
  • Harm None: Avoid spells that harm others. Instead, aim for spells that benefit you without causing trouble for others.
  • Energy Attracts Similar Energy: Negative intentions can attract negativity into your life. Choose positivity for better results.
  • Ethical Practice is Key: Always practice magic ethically and responsibly, respecting free will and the well-being of others.
  • Use Natural Energies: Utilize natural elements and positive energies around you to enhance your spells’ effectiveness.
  • Be Patient: Results may not be immediate. Trust in the process and be patient for the desired outcomes to manifest.
  • Belief and Visualization: Believe in the spell’s success and visualize the desired outcome clearly while casting the spell.
  • Avoid Desperation: Casting spells out of desperation may lead to unexpected or undesired results. Approach with a clear mind.
  • Seek Guidance if Unsure: If uncertain or inexperienced, seek guidance from experienced practitioners or mentors for safe practices and advice.

Using harmful spells may backfire, causing undesirable consequences. Approach magic with positive intentions and ethical considerations to avoid disruptions or harm. Focus on positive energies and spells promoting well-being for everyone involved to maintain balance and prevent negative outcomes.


This article explores the world of luck spells intertwined with the power of crystals, revealing effective practices to attract positivity and abundance. From the historical legacy of luck spells across cultures to beginner-friendly techniques and a diverse array of spellcasting methods, this article provides insight into manifesting fortune using crystals’ energy.

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