6 Best Crystals for Empaths

  1. Hematite Crystal for Grounding
  2. Clear Quartz Crystal for Psychic Protection
  3. Moonstone Crystal for Cleansing Aura 
  4. Rose Quartz Crystal for Balance
  5. Amethyst Crystal to Heighten Psychic Abilities
  6. Black Obsidian Crystal to Keep The Mind Strong
  7. Conclusion

Life is not easy for empaths. I should know, as I am one. What is an empath? An empath is someone who empathizes easily with others, as they “feel” their energy and “absorb” it into their own energetic field.

If empaths are surrounded by positive and upbeat people, it is good for them. However, when empaths are surrounded by toxic people that are negative by nature, bad things happen.

Empaths absorb all of the other people’s energy, while often helping these people to nurture their own spirits. In doing so, they fall ill, as their energy becomes sabotaged.

Where do crystals come in? Crystals are essential for empaths to help balance, ground, protect, and cleanse their energy. No empath should be without their trusty crystals. The following describes the 6 best must-have crystals for empaths: 

Hematite Crystal for Grounding

hematite chunk for grounding on a white background

Every empath needs to “come back down to Earth,” and ground themselves once they have been around too many people. Grounding helps empaths center their energy and feel more connected to their body.

Hematite is one of the best grounding crystals for empaths. If you are attending a séance, a tarot or angel card reading, or even going to a party where there’ll be over 20 people, you are going to need Hematite to help you feel secure.

How to use: Hematite is best used against the skin. Wearing a Hematite bead bracelet will make you feel more stable and centered as it is one of the most wonderful crystal bracelets for empaths.

Clear Quartz Crystal for Psychic Protection

clear quartz for psychic protection on a white background

I love my Clear Quartz and keep it near me and in my bedroom at all times. I hold it against my third-eye to help open my psychic abilities, especially before tarot readings. I charge it every full moon, and it brings me tranquility and peace. Clear Quartz is a true empath talisman.

Since my energy connects to the spiritual realm very easily, as I am an empath, my Clear Quartz helps protect against negative psychic forces that may want to play with, or harm me. 

A Clear Quartz will help you immensely if you are an empath and it will protect you against all that may cause harm in the psychic realm. It is truly one of the best crystals for psychic protection for empaths.

How to use: I like to place Clear Quartz against my third eye, then sit cross-legged in a meditative position, holding it in my non-dominant hand. I then imagine a huge white light covering and protecting me from all dark shadows that may want to harm me.

Moonstone Crystal for Cleansing Aura 

moonstone for cleansing aura on a white background

It is very important for an empath to cleanse their aura. Being around too many people is like running a race and getting drenched in sweat from head to toe. That sweat (or other people’s energies) needs to be washed away, and a shower is not going to cut it!

You need to cleanse your aura with crystals for a highly sensitive person, and one of the best stones for this is Moonstone. It is a beautiful stone that connects to the Greek Moon goddess Selene. This stone connects to your aura and purifies it so that you feel fresh and revitalized. Wearing Moonstone is like taking a dip in the ocean, where the tides are connected to the Moon.

How to use: Sit down in a quiet room at night and light a few tea candles. Hold the Moonstone carefully in your non-dominant hand to receive its energy. Then take the Moonstone and press it against all your chakras, one at a time while imagining a bright white light cleansing it. 

Place it in front of you and imagine a big full moon shining its light on you, cleansing your aura. Wait a few moments in stillness, say a silent prayer of gratitude for the cleansing, and blow out the candles.

Rose Quartz Crystal for Balance

rose quartz for balance on a white background

You need to feel grounded and balanced if you are an empath. To help with this, you can turn to Rose Quartz, as it brings the balancing of the heart chakra you are seeking. As an empath, you feel so deeply in your heart which impacts your emotions.

This crystal is easy to find at any crystal shop, it is affordable and it is gorgeous and pink. The other name for Rose Quartz is “Hyaline Quartz,” and it is linked to the goddess Aphrodite and mortal Adonis from ancient Greek mythology. It also connects to the throat chakra. Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love.

How to use: Place Rose Quartz lamps in the corners of your home, and wear a pendant or empath crystal necklace, so that it is close to your heart and you can constantly touch it when needed. As one of the best crystals for self-compassion, wear it when you feel your self-worth is compromised.

Amethyst Crystal to Heighten Psychic Abilities

amethyst crystal for psychic abilities on a white background

The great thing about being a natural-born empath is that you are naturally psychic and can read others’ energies easily. Owning one of the favored crystals for intuitive empaths helps increase your additional senses. Amethyst is one of the best crystals to use to heighten your natural empath psychic skills, as it connects to the crown chakra.

Amethyst is a popular crystal hailed for its beauty, as they are stunning to look at. It’s no coincidence that they connect to both Aquarius and Pisces, as Pisces is the most psychic of all the zodiac signs, and Aquarians are said to live “on another planet,” and connect easily to the metaphysical.  

How to use: Place a large Amethyst geode in your home to heighten your psychic abilities. You can also wear it as a ring, as earrings or a pendant. 

Black Obsidian Crystal to Keep The Mind Strong

3 Black Obsidian for a strong mind on a white background

As an empath, you can “lose your mind,” as you often hear the thoughts of others, and see other peoples’ visions. Experiencing this can really tamper with mental health. Empaths can become extremely distraught, feeling like their minds are not their own.

Black Obsidian is one of the best stones for empaths to help keep the mind strong. It also has added benefits, such as protection from bad fortune. Black Obsidian is one of the favored protection crystals for empaths against energy vampires, as it soaks up the negative energy around you.

How to use: Keep a Black Obsidian in your pocket or purse, whenever you’re on the move. It will make you feel safer and give you a stronger mind wherever you go. 


All these crystals and stones for empaths really help a lot. It is important to note that most empaths fall under the water element in astrology, which are Cancerians, Scorpios, and Pisceans, or people who have a strong Moon, Neptune or Pluto in their natal chart. 

Virgos and Taureans are also often very psychic and can be exceptionally empathetic. Of course, many other zodiac signs can be born with the souls of empaths.

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