August Birthstone Color: Peridot Crystal Meaning

  1. What is August's Birthstone Color?
  2. Peridot Zodiac Signs
  3. Peridot August Birthstone: Meaning and History
  4. 10 Types of Peridot
  5. 5 Uses of Peridot Crystals for August Babies
  6. 3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Peridot
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In August, we ask, “What is the birthstone?” Do you know the significance of birthstones and why people wear them?

Now, let’s talk about August’s birthstone and its color! August’s birthstone is called Peridot. The color of Peridot is a beautiful, bright green, just like the leaves on trees during the summer. This unique gemstone forms deep within the Earth and comes to the surface through volcanic eruptions. 

What is August’s Birthstone Color?

The birthstone color for August is a beautiful and vibrant green! The birthstone for August is called Peridot, and its color resembles the lush green leaves of trees. 

So, if you or someone you know celebrates their birthday in August, keep an eye out for this stunning green gemstone! Wearing a Peridot can bring happiness and good luck to those born in August.

Peridot Zodiac Signs

Peridot is connected to two zodiac signs: Leo and Virgo. 

The vibrant green of a Peridot represents the confidence and showmanship of a Leo. This crystal enhances their courage and passion, making them even more influential leaders. Leos can wear Peridot jewelry or keep a Peridot crystal nearby to boost their self-confidence. It can also help them stay positive and attract success in their endeavors.

On the other hand, Peridot is also linked to Virgos, as well. Virgos are known for their practicality and attention to detail, and Peridot complements these traits perfectly. This green gemstone is thought to bring harmony and balance to Virgos’ lives. By keeping Peridot close, Virgos can reduce stress and increase their mental clarity, essential for making wise decisions.

Peridot August Birthstone: Meaning and History

Peridot, stone for August, represents happiness and good luck.

For August birthday celebrants, Peridot is believed to bring positive energy and joy into their lives. It can boost confidence, creativity, and leadership qualities for those born in this month. The crystal’s vibrant green color is associated with nature, promoting harmony and balance within oneself.

The history of Peridot is intriguing, as it goes back thousands of years. The Ancient Egyptians thought that this “Gem of the Sun” could ward off possessions from the dead. It is said that Cleopatra wore Peridot as a badge of her authority and power. Peridot is also associated with the Hawaiian Goddess Pele, who is the personification of lava and ardor.

Some civilizations thought it had healing properties and could protect against nightmares and evil magic. In Medieval times, knights wore Peridot for protection and courage in battle. 

Today, many still believe in Peridot’s ability to bring prosperity, success, and happiness to its wearers, making it a cherished gemstone for those born in August.

10 Types of Peridot

  1. Changbai Peridot: This crystal shines in a bright, refreshing lime green color, bringing a sense of freshness and renewal to August celebrants.
  2. Hunan Peridot: Displaying a rich olive green shade, this crystal enhances growth and prosperity in the lives of those born in August.
  3. Burmese Peridot: With its deep forest green hue, this crystal promotes harmony and balance for August celebrants.
  4. Hebei Peridot: This crystal gleams in a soft, pale green and brings peace and clarity to those born in August.
  5. Vietnamese Peridot: Exhibiting a lovely grass-green color, this crystal inspires creativity and joy in August birthday celebrants.
  6. Green Peridot: A classic green gemstone, this crystal symbolizes growth and abundance for those celebrating their birthdays in August.
  7. Forsterite: With its radiant golden-green shade, this crystal brings strength and courage to August celebrants.
  8. Fassaite: Featuring a deep, dark green color, this crystal provides protection and wards off negativity for those born in August.
  9. Olivine: With its olive-green hue, this crystal brings healing and positive energy to August birthday celebrants.
  10. Pakistani Peridot: This crystal displays a mesmerizing green color and brings luck and success to those born in August.

5 Uses of Peridot Crystals for August Babies

peridot ring

Wear It as Jewelry

August celebrants can wear Peridot crystals as necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Wearing Peridot jewelry close to the body can bring positive energy and good daily luck.

Use It During Meditations

August celebrants can hold a Peridot crystal in their hands or place it on their bodies during meditation sessions. The crystal’s calming energy can help them relax, focus, and find inner peace.

Add It to Skincare

Crushed Peridot crystals can be mixed with products like facemasks or lotions. Applying them to the skin can rejuvenate and refresh the complexion, giving August babies a radiant glow.

Display It in the Living Space

Peridot crystals in the bedroom, living room, or workspace can create a harmonious environment. The crystal’s positive vibes can promote creativity, productivity, and well-being.

Use It in Crystal Grids and Altars

August celebrants can arrange Peridot crystals in geometric patterns called crystal grids. These grids can amplify the crystal’s energies. Placing them on an altar can be a focal point for intentions and gratitude.

Bonus: August babies can also keep a small Peridot crystal in their wallet, which is believed to attract prosperity and abundance in financial matters.

3 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Peridot

  1. Gently Clean with Mild Soap: To keep your Peridot crystal sparkling, wash it gently with warm, soapy water, using a soft cloth or a soft brush. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they may damage the crystal’s surface.
  2. Avoid Heat and Sunlight: Peridot is sensitive to high temperatures and sunlight. Keep your crystal away from direct sunlight and extreme heat to prevent color fading or changes in its appearance.
  3. Store Separately: When not wearing or using your Peridot crystal, store it separately from other gemstones or jewelry to prevent scratches or damage. You can keep it in a soft pouch or a fabric-lined jewelry box to keep it safe.

Final Thoughts

Birthstones have the potential to be a highly effective tool for bringing positivity, balance, and harmony into your life, whether you wear them as jewelry, utilize them in your meditations, or have them in your living areas. Accept the crystals for what they are and allow their energy to permeate your being in the hopes that you may get insight into yourself and develop spiritually.


What Stone Color for August?

Peridot is a beautiful green gemstone that represents happiness and good luck. It is considered the birthstone for people born in August, and wearing it brings positive energy and prosperity.

How Can I Use Peridot in My Daily Life?

To keep its positive energy close, use Peridot necklaces or bracelets. It can also be used for meditation and relaxation in your home.

How Do I Clean and Maintain My Peridot Crystal?

Peridots can be cleaned by hand using a soft brush or cloth and a solution of mild soap and warm water. Keep it out of the hot sun and away from excessive heat. Keep it in a safe place away from other gemstones to avoid scratching.

Can Peridot Help with Creativity and Decision-Making?

Yes, Peridot is believed to enhance creativity and boost confidence. Its calming energy can also help decision-making by promoting clarity and balance in your thoughts.

Is Peridot a Rare Gemstone?

Peridot is not as rare as some other gemstones but is still treasured for its vibrant green color and positive qualities.

What are the Spiritual Benefits of Peridot?

Peridot is thought to strengthen spiritual beliefs and connect you with nature’s energies. It can help you manifest your intentions and bring harmony to your life.

Can I Wear Peridot Every Day?

Yes, you can wear Peridot daily, but remember to remove it before doing activities that might damage the crystal, like sports or heavy lifting.

Does the Size of the Peridot Crystal Matter for Its Energy?

The size of the crystal does not affect its energy. Even a tiny Peridot can hold its positive qualities and benefit the wearer.

Can I Gift Peridot to Someone Born in a Different Month?

Yes, you can gift Peridot to anyone, even if they were not born in August. It can still bring them happiness and good luck, regardless of their birth month.

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