September Birthstone Color: Sapphire Crystal Meaning

  1. What is the Birthstone for September?
  2. Sapphire Zodiac Signs
  3. Sapphire September Birthstone: Meaning and History
  4. 10 Types of Sapphire
  5. 5 Uses of Sapphire Crystals for September Babies
  6. Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Sapphire
  7. Final Thoughts
  8. FAQs

What color is September’s birthstone? Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind birthstones? This article will explore the fascinating world of birthstones and why they are essential.

Birthstones are exceptional gemstones that are linked to each month of the year. People believe that wearing their birthstones can bring good luck and positive energy. These gems have been cherished for centuries and hold unique meanings and powers.

The birthstone for September is a stunning deep blue gem known as Sapphire. This gem has been admired for its rich color and exquisite beauty. Many believe that wearing Sapphire can bring wisdom, truth, and protection to those born in September. 

What is the Birthstone for September?

September’s birthstone color is Sapphire. Sapphire’s rich blue color represents intelligence, honesty, and innocence. Its user is thought to be bestowed with divine protection and blessings and an increase in their spiritual awareness and lucidity.

Known as the “Sept Color Stone,” Sapphire has been cherished throughout history for its regal appearance and symbolic significance. It is often associated with loyalty, sincerity, and nobility. 

Sapphire Zodiac Signs

sapphire crystal

Sapphire is linked to two zodiac signs: Virgo and Libra. 

If your birthday falls between August 23 and September 22, you are a Virgo. And if your birthdate is between the 23rd and 22nd of October, you’re a Libra. 

Why are Virgo and Libra connected to Sapphire? Well, it’s because Sapphire brings some unique benefits to these signs. 

Virgo’s ability to concentrate and think critically can be improved by wearing a Sapphire. It functions much like a guiding crystal, allowing them to make more informed choices.

Sapphires can help Librans find inner peace and equilibrium. It’s like having a friend who keeps the peace and makes sure things run well. If you are a Virgo or a Libra, you can benefit from wearing Sapphire jewelry or keeping a little crystal close by. It’s an added bonus to your happiness!

Sapphire September Birthstone: Meaning and History

The meaning of September’s birthstone, Sapphire, is Wisdom and Protection.

Sapphire is a special crystal that benefits those born in September. It is believed to bring wisdom and protection to people. So, if your birthday is in September, Sapphire can be like a magical friend, guiding you with smart choices and keeping you safe.

Dating back to ancient times, Sapphire has been revered across various cultures for its beauty and power. In the eyes of nobility and royalty, Sapphires were symbols of prestige, cherished for their exquisite allure. 

Many cultures attributed protective qualities to this gem, viewing it as a shield against harm and evil forces. In addition to its protective aura, Sapphire was believed to possess healing properties, promoting inner peace and tranquility for the wearer.

Throughout history, Sapphires have been treasured as magical crystals, bringing depth and meaning to people’s lives. Today, this enchanting gemstone continues to be cherished for its symbolism of wisdom and safeguarding qualities. 

10 Types of Sapphire

  1. Serenity Blue Sapphire: Dive into the tranquil depths of this stunning blue crystal, a cherished companion for September celebrants seeking peace and calm amidst life’s currents.
  2. Padparadscha Dreams Sapphire: Unleash your inner creativity and bask in the joyful vibes of this pink-orange gem, igniting the spark of inspiration for those born in September.
  3. Golden Bliss Sapphire: Embrace the golden glow of happiness and prosperity with this radiant yellow crystal, a delightful gift for September birthday celebrants.
  1. Energetic Ember Sapphire: Infuse your soul with boundless enthusiasm and energy through this vibrant orange gem, empowering those born in September to conquer their ambitions.
  2. Crystal Clear Sapphire: Envision a world of clarity and focus with this sparkling white gem, a guiding light for September celebrants seeking direction and purpose.
  3. Emerald Dreams Sapphire: Experience growth and renewal like the lush greens of nature with this captivating emerald-hued crystal, a symbol of transformation for September-born souls.
  4. Onyx Shield Sapphire: Enshroud yourself in a cloak of mystery and strength with this enigmatic black crystal, offering unwavering protection to September birthday celebrants.
  5. Blushing Love Sapphire: Let the radiant pink hues of this gem awaken love and compassion within the hearts of those born in September, nurturing meaningful connections.
  6. Royal Amethyst Sapphire: Embark on a journey of wisdom and spirituality with this majestic purple or violet crystal, empowering September celebrants to seek higher truths.
  7. Earthy Ember Sapphire: Ground yourself in the warm embrace of this brown gem, finding stability and balance as a cherished ally for those born in September.

5 Uses of Sapphire Crystals for September Babies

sapphire jewelry

If you were born in September, you’re lucky to have the beautiful Sapphire crystal as your birthstone. Here are five different ways you can use Sapphire crystals in your daily life:

Wear It as Jewelry

sapphire and diamond ring worn by a female model on her left index finger

Adorn yourself with Sapphire jewelry, like necklaces, bracelets, or rings. Wearing it close to your skin allows you to carry its positive vibrations wherever you go. The crystal’s energy can help you stay calm and focused amidst life’s challenges.

Use It During Meditation

A woman is meditating outside, surrounded by a beautiful sky scenery.

Hold a small Sapphire crystal in your hand during meditation sessions or place it nearby. The crystal’s soothing aura can enhance your inner peace and concentration, rewarding your meditation practice.

Display It in Your Room

Put a Sapphire crystal in your bedroom or living room to create a harmonious and calming environment. Its energies can promote a sense of tranquility and balance, helping you unwind after a long day.

Include It in Your Skincare Routine

woman applying a skincare cream

Crush a tiny Sapphire crystal and add it to your face mask or skincare products. The crystal’s positive vibes may uplift your mood and contribute to a more refreshing and invigorating skincare experience.

Create a Crystal Grid

A crystal grid of crystals on the floor

Arrange multiple Sapphire crystals in a grid pattern in your space. Crystal grids can amplify the energy of the crystals and your intentions, providing a positive atmosphere and enhancing the crystal’s effects in your surroundings.

Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Sapphire

  1. Wipe with a Soft Cloth: Use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe your Sapphire crystal to remove any dust or dirt.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Don’t use harsh chemicals or abrasive materials on your Sapphire, as they might damage its beautiful surface.
  3. Recharge under Moonlight: Place your Sapphire crystal under the moonlight to occasionally cleanse and recharge its energy.

Final Thoughts

When we understand what the September birthstone – the Sapphire rock – means, we can see how much of an effect it has had on our lives. Taking on the spirit of September’s birthstones lets us add the wisdom, security, and beauty these stones are said to have to our lives.


What is the Real Birthstone for September?

The real birthstone for September is Sapphire. It is widely recognized and accepted as the official birthstone for this month.

Is September’s Birthstone Rare?

September’s birthstone, Sapphire, is considered relatively rare, especially high-quality gemstones with intense color and clarity.

What is Virgo’s Birthstone?

The birthstone for Virgo, the zodiac sign that covers part of September, is also Sapphire.

Does September’s Birthstone Have to be Blue?

No, Sapphire, September’s birthstone, does not have to be blue. While blue is the most famous color for Sapphires, they can come in a wide array of hues, including pink, yellow, green, orange, white, black, and more.

What is the Meaning of September’s Birthstone?

The meaning of the September’s birthstone, Sapphire, is wisdom and protection, with its energies believed to promote clarity and calmness.

Why is Sapphire Known as the “Sept Color Stone?”

Sapphire is often called the “Sept Color Stone” because it is the birthstone for September, making it unique for individuals born in this month.

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