Blue Sapphire

Main Origins:
Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, France, Kenya, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Czech Republic, Tanzania, Madagascar, Canada, Afghanistan, and the United States.

What is Blue Sapphire?

Blue Sapphire on dark background

Blue Sapphire is renowned for its captivating and undeniable beauty. It has a striking blue hue and promising metaphysical properties. This gemstone possesses a timeless elegance with colors ranging from deep royal blue to velvety midnight blue.

The crystal’s texture is smooth and polished, showing star-like inclusions known as asterism. Blue Sapphire contains aluminum oxide, which makes the crystal close to Ruby‘s properties. Since the hardness of Sapphire ranks 9 on the Mohs scale, the crystal is durable and ideal to be used as jewelry.

Sapphire holds a rich and storied history with a legacy from ancient times. It has been used in Medieval Europe as protection from harm and evil. Additionally, it was believed in Ancient Persia that Sapphire was heavily blue due to the sky’s reflection. 

Did you know the sky’s blue color was created due to a giant Blue Sapphire? In ancient folklore, Earth rested on a giant Blue Sapphire, making its reflection the source of the sky’s blue hue. This myth adds to the exciting story of this gem and its essence in the natural world. 

Blue Sapphire Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Blue Sapphire’s metaphysical properties in terms of color energies resonate with the shades of blue and indigo. Blue represents tranquility and calm, while indigo pertains to spiritual insight and wisdom.

This stone’s metaphysical power aligns and harmonizes chakras across the body. It resonates profoundly with the Throat, Root, and Heart Chakras, encouraging clear and authentic communication. Ascending, Blue Sapphire enhances intuition, insight, and spiritual consciousness through the Third Eye and Solar Plexus Chakras

Its connection to the Crown and Sacral Chakras promotes spiritual growth, higher consciousness, and unity with the universe. Its resonance with numerous chakras makes Blue Sapphire a powerful crystal for spiritual growth and holistic well-being.

In the realm of elements, Blue Sapphire is connected with the elements of Water, Air, Earth, and Wood. This significant alignment of feng shui is known to bring in flow, abundance, and balance. It is recommended to place your Blue Sapphire in the Entrance, North, East, Southeast, and Southwest area of your space to harmonize its effects. 

Spiritually, Blue Sapphire resonates with many mythical rulers. In the pantheon, it is associated with Cronus, time and destiny, and Ma’at, balance and truth. It corresponds with Odin, the intelligent and all-seeing Norse God. Tara, the goddess of compassion, finds a soothing connection with Blue Sapphire’s energies. 

Horus, the falcon-headed God of Vision, and Gendenwitha, a Native American deity of healing, also connect to it. These Gods provide this gem with its attributes, making it admired for its spiritual depth and metaphysical advantages.

This crystal resonates with numbers 2,6, and 7, which signify balance and harmony. It is also governed by Saturn and the Moon, enabling the stone to ground ambition and foster patience and inner harmony. 

Blue Sapphire Healing Properties & Benefits

Mental Clarity 

  • Blue Sapphire benefits include promoting clear communication by aligning with the Throat Chakra. The crystal removes mental blockages, which allows you to focus and think more.
  • Hold the crystal in your left hand under a full moon. Sincerely set your intention for a clear mind and imagine your thoughts to flow smoothly.

Calmness and Peace 

  • Calming the mind and reducing one’s anxiety are some of the Blue Sapphire’s healing properties. This stone harmonizes emotional disturbances, providing users with inner wisdom and peace. 
  • Place it on your forehead and breathe deeply. Imagine waves of calmness and peace washing your whole body, removing stress


  • Blue Sapphire inspires you to be self-confident and self-assured. Using this crystal will help you overcome self-doubt by allowing you to trust your capabilities and intuition. 
  • Recite positive affirmations about courage and strength as you hold the crystal. Ensure to imagine yourself being fearless in facing life’s difficulties. 


  • Since it is connected with the Third Eye Chakra, it promotes clarity of thought, enabling this stone to assist you in making decisions as it balances your emotions and intellect.
  • Place your crystal on your forehead and meditate. Focus on the decisions you need to make and allow your intuition to guide you. 

Charisma and Confidence 

  • Blue Sapphire is loved due to its positive energy. This crystal enhances self-assuredness, making you feel comfortable on your skin.
  • Wear it over your Heart Chakra. Stand in front of the mirror with a happy aura and say affirmations that boost self-worth and charm. 

Blue Sapphire Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Woman crossing her fingers for luck

Awakening and Clarity

  • Blue Sapphire is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, making it a stone that promotes mental clarity and inner wisdom.
  • Hold your crystal under the full moon to charge it with lunar energy. Meditate with your crystal afterward to activate its clarity-enhancing powers. 


  • This crystal is known for aligning your intentions with the universe. Blue Sapphire helps you manifest what you want and enables you to attract your desires.
  • Hold your crystal as you focus on your goal, say your intentions aloud three times, and visualize them coming true.

Clairvoyance and Intuition

  • Blue Sapphire can open your Third Eye Chakra. With this, the crystal enables you to enhance intuition and connect you to the higher realm of consciousness. 
  • Place your Blue Sapphire on a piece of Amethyst under the moonlight overnight. Then keep it under your pillow to attract intuitive dreams. 

Divine Guidance 

  • Using Blue Sapphire allows you to receive a message from the higher self and other spiritual guides. 
  • Meditate with your crystal while holding it to tap into its divine guidance. Invite spiritual guidance to enter your consciousness. 

Luck and Wealth

  • Attracting luck and wealth is what Blue Sapphire does. This is true as this crystal aligns your energy with abundance and endless opportunities. 
  • If you want to be lucky and wealthy, place your crystal in a bowl with rice overnight. This will allow your Sapphire to absorb Earth’s nurturing energy. 

Side Effects of Blue Sapphire

  • Detachment: Using it may lead to isolation due to possible emotional detachment. To avoid this, ensure to have social connections and emotional support.
  • Energy Drain: Sapphire can drain your energy, which will make you experience fatigue. Fight off the loss of power by having enough rest and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Oversharing: Utilizing Blue Sapphire may lead to excessive sharing of information. Be discreet and careful about sharing sensitive details to prevent this from happening.

Blue Sapphire Meaning: What Does Blue Sapphire Symbolize?

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Blue Sapphire means wisdom and intuition. 

Its main metaphysical properties lie in its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus. In various cultures, Blue Sapphire is known as Neelam or Indraneelam.

Traditionally, this crystal was a symbol of nobility and royalty. It is usually used to make crowns and jewelry of kings and queens. Meanwhile, in modern times, Blue Sapphire is used for engagement rings, which implies loyalty and commitment.

Achroite and Blue Sapphire are best paired to amplify spiritual energy. The crystal works well with Kimberlite to encourage balance and emotional harmony. It also provides one’s life structure and discipline as this crystal is associated with the planet Saturn.

Historically, Sapphire can protect its users from envy and harm, making it a helpful and widely used talisman.

Types of Blue Sapphire Crystals

  • Common Blue Sapphire: This rich blue hue is often associated with qualities like wisdom and royalty. It became a popular choice for engagement rings and talismans. 
  • Dark Blue Sapphire: It is known as a striking deep blue gem widely used for its calming properties. This variety is a perfect choice for meditation and spiritual practice. 
  • Pale Blue Sapphire: A crystal with a delicate and serene shade of blue that promotes clarity of thoughts and communication. You can use it to enhance your focus and self-expression. 
  • Clear Blue Sapphire: Characterized by its exceptional clarity that symbolizes purity and honesty, this crystal heals and helps in meditation sessions. 
  • Silky Blue Sapphire: The smooth and silky texture of this Sapphire, combined with its mesmerizing deep blue color, makes it stand out. It is also thought to boost your creativity and sensuality.
  • Cornflower Blue Sapphire: The exquisite cornflower blue color gives it a captivating allure. Its metaphysical characteristics make it a favorite engagement ring symbol of eternal love and commitment. 
  • Teal Blue Sapphire: A unique crystal, blending blue and green tones, inspires harmony and balance. 
  • Blue Star Sapphire: A crystal with star-like optical effects, it is used to protect against bad energies. 
  • Trapiche Blue Sapphire: Recognized for its radial pattern and spiritual growth enhancement benefit. Known for its deep blue color and unusual radial pattern, this Sapphire is both beautiful and profound.
  • Bicolor Blue Sapphire: It has a beautiful combination of Blue-Yellow, Blue-Orange, or Blue-Gold. A stone that balances contrasting energies and stimulates creativity. 
  • Color-Change Blue Sapphire: A shifting color crystal that symbolizes adaptability and change. This variety can change color based on illumination, commonly between blue, purple, and violet.
  • Kashmir Blue Sapphire: One of the most precious crystals with its violetish-blue to pure blue hue, it is associated with divine wisdom. 
  • Australian Blue Sapphire: Displays a distinct blue-green hue that connects the user with the energies of nature. 
  • Ceylon Blue Sapphire: Sri Lankan crystals with vivid royal blue to cornflower blue colors are appreciated. It is often associated with tranquility.
  • Indian Blue Sapphire: Comes into Indian culture and is known for its spiritual significance and inner peace guidance. Its color can vary, but it typically exhibits a rich and deep blue, often with a hint of violet or purple undertones.
  • Afghan Blue Sapphire: This crystal has a rich history and is said to embody strength and courage. Their silky, bright, medium to dark blue color symbolizes strength and character.
  • Spindle Blue Sapphire: It has a spindle-shaped structure known to aid in energy balance and healing. They are usually light to medium blue.
  • Double Terminated Blue Sapphire: A Sapphire that has points at both ends that symbolize balance and equilibrium. Although the color range is broad, a soothing blue tone is frequently present.
  • Etched Blue Sapphire: Often in a deep blue hue with a triangular growth pattern that enhances your decision-making skills. 
  • Phantom Blue Sapphire: It has a rich blue color with phantom-like inclusions known to symbolize inner growth and transformation. 
  • Blue Sapphire with Muscovite: This is a type of Sapphire in a serene blue shade that is thought to enhance mental clarity and insight. 

How to Cleanse Blue Sapphire?

woman preparing her crystals for sacral meditation

  • Moonlight: Place it under the moonlight overnight to charge and refresh its energy. 
  • Meditation: You have to connect with your Sapphire through meditation and imagine a light cleansing your crystal. 
  • Selenite Wand: Pass a Selenite wand around your Sapphire. This is helpful for energy purification and negativity clearing. 

Questions and Answers

Does Blue Sapphire Fade in Sunlight?

No, it does not fade in sunlight. They are known as a highly durable and resistant crystal. 

Can I Shower With Blue Sapphire?

Yes, since this crystal is resistant to water you can use it while showering. However, make sure to properly clean and dry the crystal after every use. 

How Can You Tell if Blue Sapphire is Real?

Real Blue Sapphires come in a range of blue hues, from light to dark. The most valuable ones are typically deep blue, often referred to as “cornflower blue.” Be cautious of sapphires that are too vibrant or intense, as they may be treated or synthetic.

What Stones Go Well With Blue Sapphire?

Eilat Stone, Kimberlite, Achroite, and White Topaz are among the stones that pair well with Blue Sapphire. 

How Do I Know if My Blue Sapphire is Not Working?

You may know it by considering factors like improper cleansing, lack of brief, or incorrect energy alignment. 

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