(kim- ber- lite)
Main Origins:
Russia, Canada, South Africa, Australia, China, Namibia, Angola, Tanzania, India, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, DR Congo, Israel, Greenland, Pakistan, Brazil, Sweden, Liberia, Botswana, Finland, and the United States.

What is Kimberlite

raw kimberlite chunk on dark background

Kimberlite is an igneous rock, not a mineral or crystal, famous for containing small amounts of Diamonds, Olivine, Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon, Spinel, and other precious stones. The presence of other stones in Kimberlite often gives it a mottled or spotted appearance. 

Also known as Diamond Host Rock and Diamond-Bearing Rock, Kimberlite may show blue, green, black, or gray hues. 

Kimberlites come from the depths of Earth’s mantle and form from small pockets of melting, capturing Diamonds under high-pressure conditions. 

In time, vertical Kimberlite eruptions or explosions, also called Kimberlite Pipes, transport Diamonds to the surface. After the volcanic material erodes, Kimberlite pipes are more exposed. 

Over time, Kimberlite turns into a yellow clay-like material called yellow ground from blue unweathered ones. While not all Kimberlites contain Diamonds, it’s a sign Diamonds may be present in the vicinity. 

There are three types of Kimberlites: 

  • Crater Facies Kimberlite contains fragmented Kimberlite and forms near the Earth’s surface.
  • Diatreme Facies Kimberlite comprises fragmented stones in the main body of the carrot-shaped Kimberlite Pipe under the previous variety. 
  • Hypabyssal Facies Kimberlite originates from the deepest parts of the Earth with larger crystals. 

Kimberlite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Typically, Kimberlite is found in black, gray, green, blue, and yellow, awakening the Root, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras. They are responsible for safety, luck, healing, self-confidence, and wisdom

But Kimberlite is found in several other colors, opening other chakras, like the Sacral, Crown, Earth Star, Lunar Star, Solar Star, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway. This mix of primary and secondary chakras leads to power, psychic powers, courage, intuition, wealth, and cosmic consciousness.

Did you know Venus rules Kimberlite? It’s responsible for bringing love, romance, harmony, and healing. Hence, Kimberlite is good for people born under the Aries zodiac sign to find kindness, peace, and empathy.

The elements of Earth and Light rule Kimberlite, leading to stability, psychic protection, virility, strength, clarity, hope, and spiritual guidance. 

Due to its link to the Earth element, it’s ideal for feng shui benefits associated with directions such as Southwest, Center, and Northeast. 

Psychics and healers believe it’s ruled by the Greek Goddesses of Love and Earth – Aphrodite and Gaia, besides the Hindu Creator God, Brahma. 

In numerology, Kimberlite is associated with the number 5, representing freedom, virility, transformation, manifestation, and dreamwork. 

Kimberlite Healing Properties & Benefits

Mental Clarity

  • Using Diamondiferous Kimberlite or those with Calcite inclusions improves focus and concentration. 
  • Make an elixir by keeping your crystal next to a glass of water for 4 to 6 hours. Drink it throughout the day and repeat the ritual every day for 21 days. 


  • Olivine and Tuffitic Kimberlite are rejuvenation stones that help to absorb nutrients in the body. 
  • Make a glass of Kimberlite elixir and add it to your bathtub. Soak in the healing bath for a few minutes. 

Harmony and Relief

  • Monticellite with Kimberlite is good for harmony and relief. They help with inner healing, pain management, and peace. 
  • Light an incense and circle the sacred smoke over your stone. Once it’s charged, carry it on your dominant side. 

Vitality and Virility

  • Garnet inclusions in Kimberlite improve your passion, romance, and vitality. 
  • You can sit in the lotus pose and meditate for a few minutes in the open air before sleep. Don’t forget to place the stone under your pillow after charging. 


  • Red-Spotted Kimberlite is a good stone for pulling happiness and joy into your home and family when kept in the center of the house. Chant this affirmation while holding your stone near your lips after waking up: “I attract the happiness and joy I deserve.”

Kimberlite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

cursive word of manifest written on a white paper

Karmic Cleansing 

  • Brecciated Kimberlite is a good stone for realizing your past life karma. It will guide you to reason and penance when kept on you for a month or more.
  • Pack your crystal in a silk bag and bury it under three inches of soil for seven days.

Akashic Records

  • Most varieties of Kimberley Stones are good for accessing the Akashic Records. 
  • Hold the stone over each of your chakras for a few minutes before sunset and keep it on top of the head to connect to find the Akashic Records.


  • Breccia Kimberlite is a transformative stone that helps you grow with clarity, certainty, and divine motivation. 
  • Programming your stone with a sage smudge stick after waking up and before bed is a good way to find positive growth and change. 


  • Use Kimberlite with Ilmenite and Chromite to help you amplify energies, especially for lucid dreaming, shifting reality, and cosmic travel.
  • Chant the seed mantra of LAM into your crystal for a few minutes while taking a deep breath. Keep the charged stone under your bed. 


  • Spotted or mottled Kimberlite is ideal for magnifying energies and helping manifest desires for your body, mind, and soul. 
  • Get a mason jar and fill it with crystals, leaves, dried herbs, and a piece of paper with your intention written on it. Close the jar with a ribbon while chanting your intention with your inner voice to activate the intention. Do it daily for a month.

Side Effects of Kimberlite

  • Confusing Thoughts: Overusing Kimberlite might confuse or present dilemmas in every decision. Hold a cleansing stone, like Clear Quartz, to make the right decisions in such a case.
  • Oversensitivity: If you’re feeling oversensitive, the reason may be because Kimberlite might not be incompatible. 
  • Stagnation: It’s not uncommon to feel stuck or stagnated with the overuse of Kimberlite.

Kimberlite Meaning: What does Kimberlite symbolize?

women meditating

The meaning of Kimberlite is stability.

Kimberlite was called Diamond Rock in earlier times due to the presence of Diamonds. The presence of other crystals in it also earned names like Peridotite Diamond and Olivinite Diamond. 

Today, this Diamond-Bearing Rock is used for clarity, vitality, grounding, karmic healing, and transformation.

Types of Kimberlite

  • Diamondiferous Kimberlite or Kimberlite with Diamond: Typically showing white or colorless hues on a brown, green, blue, green, black, or gray matrix, this is the most famous Kimberlite. It’s good for purity, power, and amplification.
  • Black Kimberlite: A grounding stone, this type of Kimberlite shows a dull black color. It’s also good for psychic protection.
  • Red Spotted Kimberlite: A maroon stone with spots of white, gray, and silver forms this variety. Use it for kundalini awakening, joy, endurance, and courage. 
  • Gray Kimberlite: A granite-like stone with a dull look, there are dark and light Gray Kimberlite stones. They’re great for balancing emotional and spiritual energies. 
  • Tuffitic Kimberlite: This is a brownish stone with salmon-orange patches and pitch-black inclusions. Use this variety for courage and self-reliance.
  • Kimberlite with Breccia: Showing stripes of brown and black with a mottled appearance, this variety is also called Brecciated Kimberlite. This variety is good for going through transitions. 
  • Kimberlite with Serpentine: When you spot green, yellow, and orange dots over a black or dark stone, it’s typically Serpentine in this Kimberlite rock. 
  • Kimberlite with Diopside: If the green inclusions are intense and vibrant on a dark gray matrix, you’ve got Diopside in the Kimberley Stone. They’re good for tapping into spiritual awakening and financial independence. 
  • Kimberlite with Magnetite: Another Granite-like variety of Kimberlite, this natural crystal formation shows bright or light inclusions on Kimberlite. 
  • Kimberlite with Calcite: Usually seen on a white matrix, this sort of Kimberley Stone variety is good for mystical journeys. 
  • Amphibole- Kimberlite: This is a purple-gray variety with white and black inclusions or crusts. Use it for grounding and psychic protection. 
  • Kimberlite with Garnet: The inclusions show red on a black matrix and instill feelings of passion, vitality, and virility. It’s usually seen in conjunction with Pyrope Garnets. 
  • Kimberlite with Monticellite: A type of Monticellite with Peridotite, it’s ideal for peace and harmony. 
  • Kimberlite with Pyroxene: This type of Kimberley Stone features bright green inclusions and attracts wealth. 
  • Kimberlite with Ilmenite and Chromite: This is when the Kimberlite rock shows brown, green, or golden inclusions due to titanium-iron oxide or Chromite. It’s good for meditation, dreamwork, and transformation. 
  • Kimberlite with Enstatite: A brown-green variety of the Blue Ground, this type of stone is good for self-sufficiency and reliance. 
  • Kimberlite with Phlogopite: This is a brown variety of the Kimberley Stone, and it aids wisdom and intuition. 
  • Kimberlite Olivine: A healing stone for evolutionary growth, Olivine mixes with the Kimberley Stone to reveal golden inclusions on a gray matrix. 
  • Kimberlite Pyrite: This is the Kimberley Stone Rock, with golden specks, bringing wealth, power, and healing. 
  • Kimberlite with Fayalite-Forsterite: Also called a Multicolored Kimberlite, this is good for spiritual awakening and exploration. 
  • Kimberlite with Perovskite: A reddish variety of Kimberley Stone, this stone amplifies energies.

How to Cleanse Kimberlite?

A fire on a dark background

  • Sunlight: Hold your stone under sunlight for a few minutes to use natural light to reset the stone with positivity. 
  • Fire: Light a candle and hold the stone for a few minutes near the flame at a safe distance. The Fire element energy will remove negativity absorbed by your crystal.
  • Water: Hold your stone under tap water for a few seconds then pat it dry with a lint-free cloth.


Is Kimberlite Rare

Yes, Kimberlite is rare, yet found on all continents worldwide.

Why is it Called Blue Ground?

Kimberlite was called Blue Ground in the initial stages of discovery due to its bluish look. It’s called Yellow Ground when it’s oxidized.

Can Kimberlite Get Wet?

Yes, Kimberlite can get wet, but soaking it in water is not advisable.

Is Kimberlite a Type of Diamond?

No, Kimberlite is not a type of Diamond but the host rock where Diamonds are found.

Do Most Kimberlites Contain Diamonds?

No, most Kimberlites don’t contain Diamonds or other healing stones. In fact, one ton of Kimberlite yields less than or equal to one carat of Diamonds. 

Is Kimberlite Safe in the sun?

Yes, Kimberlite is safe in the sun for a short period of time.

How do I Identify a Kimberlite Rock?

The best way to identify Kimberlite is its fine-grained texture and dark color.

Is Kimberlite an Ultramafic Rock?

Yes, Kimberlite is an ultramafic rock.

Is Kimberlite Expensive?

Kimberlite stones are not expensive but can be when they contain Diamonds.

How Deep is Kimberlite Found?

Kimberlite is found at depths of 200 to 300 km.

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