(dahy - muhnd)
Main Origins:
India, Angola, Mexico, Algeria, Solomon Islands, Australia, Slovakia, Morocco, China, South Africa, Nigeria, Oman, Sierra Leone,

What is a Diamond?

A diamond ring on a ring box

A Diamond is a polymorph of carbon formed through crystallization under high pressure and extreme heat about 110 miles beneath the Earth. It is the hardest natural stone, often called Adamantine and Gleaming Ice. 

Want to know where Diamonds were first unearthed? India holds the key.

According to history, India was the sole source of Diamonds until the 18th century. Hindus call it Vajra, the lightning bolt weapon wielded by Indra, King of the Gods. 

In Ancient Greece, Adamantine was known as “Tears of the Gods” and often referred to as pieces of broken stars that fell on Earth. Many other cultures used it for protection and luck for eons.

Since the Middle Ages, Diamonds have been used for engagement rings to symbolize eternal love and purity. Psychics and healers call it the amplifier crystal.

Why are Diamonds so expensive? Diamonds are expensive because they are rare and hard to mine. Another critical reason is the inflation of prices set by miners. 

If you are all for ethical mining instead of Blood Diamonds, Lab-Grown Diamonds have come a long way.

If you plan to buy a Diamond healing stone, learn about the 4Cs of Diamonds – Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. 

Fun Fact: Did you know unusual Diamond colors, like black, green, blue, red, orange, and purple, are called Fancy Diamonds? 

Fortunately, created diamonds are gaining traction by the day.

Diamond Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

When most folks hear “Diamond,” they typically envision a clear or white gemstone radiating a stunning sparkle. 

Diamonds are mostly linked to the Crown and Lunar Chakras, attracting wisdom, enlightenment, and good fortune.

Diamond is linked to the astrological benefits of Venus, which attracts beauty, luck, wisdom, and abundance. 

Who should wear a Diamond? Leo, Taurus, and Aries are the best signs for attaining the full spectrum of Diamond benefits. 

Often known as the “Gem of Fire,” the Diamond is associated with the elements of Fire, Light, Wood, and Earth. They attract manifestation, purity, intelligence, harmony, and power to the stone. 

Where to keep Diamond at your home? You should keep Diamonds in your home’s Center, East, or Southeast corner. 

Did you know that most gem labs identify up to 27 basic color varieties in Diamonds? There are hundreds of Diamond varieties, so they’re linked to all seven chakras, leading to harmony and peace. 

This crystal also opens the Earth Star, Solar, and Stellar Gateway Chakras, attracting grounding, protection, strength, health, and psychic powers. 

Diamonds are associated with deities like Zeus, the Greek King of the Gods; Thor, the Norse God of Strength; Apollo, the Greek God of Wisdom; Amaterasu, the Japanese God of Spiritual Awakening; and Indra, the Hindu King of the Gods

You’ll awaken psychic powers, like intuition, foresight, and premonition as the precious stone is linked to the cosmic vibration of 33. 

Fun Fact: The Aurora Pyramid of Hope is the World’s largest and most comprehensive collection, with 296 natural Diamonds in a rainbow of colors.

Diamond Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Did you know yellow Diamonds are good for vitality? Yellow Diamonds are perfect for clearing blockages from the Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Program your crystal by creating an indirect crystal elixir with sunlight. 

Intelligence and Focus

  • High vibration Diamonds are great for students and professionals preparing for exams. 
  • Hold your stone for a few minutes under sunlight to charge it for intelligence and focus. 

Passion and Fertility

  • Red Diamonds boost the reproductive ability of your body by clearing blockages in the kundalini center.
  • Activate your crystal for fertility by burying your stone under three inches of soil. 

Balance and Peace

  • White and brown varieties of Diamonds are great for harmony at home. 
  • Activate your stone to spread good vibes by holding it for a few minutes in front of the fire.

Confidence and Charisma

  • Diamonds with bluish and indigo tones are great for opening the dormant centers of your brain.
  • The best way to activate your stone to improve your self-esteem is smudging with a sacred herb, like sage.

Diamond Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A psychic reading a person hands

Psychic Powers

  • Did you know Purple Diamonds activate psychic powers? You’ll find it great for clairvision, clairvoyance, and intuition.
  • Activate your crystal for psychic abilities by circling an incense stick over your stone thrice and visualizing your intention.

Spiritual Guidance

  • If you’re facing constant rejections in your life, seek the help of angels by always wearing a charged Diamond on you.
  • Hold your crystal in your dominant hand and gaze into it for a few minutes. 


  • Diamonds are timeless because they amplify energies and send them to the universe’s heart. Blue, White, and Black Diamonds are great for manifestation. 
  • Light a sandalwood or lavender incense stick and circle it over your crystal while chanting your intention aloud. Do it regularly before bed and carry the charged stone on you. 

Abundance and Luck

  • Did you know Yellow Diamonds are historically famous for attracting prosperity? It clears blockages in your destiny and energy centers to multiply the good fortune in your life. 
  • Set up a crystal grid with your Diamond in the center with compatible stones around it. Try charging your stone with the fire energy by holding it for a few minutes before a lit candle.

Psychic Protection

  • Are you threatened by invisible energies? Perhaps you want a Diamond to protect you from evil vibrations and hexes. Black, purple, and gray Diamonds are good for protection.
  • Program your stone for psychic protection by charging it under the sunlight and moonlight for 2 to 5 minutes. Then carry it on your dominant side.

Diamond Side Effects

  • Overexcited: Diamonds may be overwhelming if you’re a sensitive person or going through a tough time. 
  • Insomnia: Diamonds are high-vibration crystals that may keep you restless or awake instead of sound asleep at night. 
  • Astrological Misfortune: Facing recurrent misfortune in life may be the effect of your ruling planets clashing with that of the Diamond.

Types of Diamond

  • Common Diamond: Mostly seen in white and clear hues with a blue or yellow tint, most Diamonds are used for their amplifying healing energies. 
  • Red Diamond: Spectacular in vibrant red tones, Red Diamonds are extremely rare and expensive. They’re good for vibrance, passion, and romance in life. 
  • Yellow Diamond: This type is a good luck stone, often seen in faint to very light and light yellow shades. Did you know only 10% of all natural Diamonds are Canary Yellow?
  • Polki Diamonds: Uncut Diamonds with aesthetic brilliance as they come from the Hindi word “Polk,” meaning raw. They’re high-vibration stones, responsible for Crown Chakra opening. 
  • Amber Diamond: When natural Diamonds look opaque and dark yellow with a rhomboid-cubic shape, they form this variety. Use this variety for vitality.
  • Pink Diamond: An emotional healing variety, this type of Adamantine appears in pale to dark pink and magenta colors. Did you know only 0.1% of Diamonds on Earth are pink?
  • Orange Diamond: Also popular as the Pumpkin Diamond, in fiery orange and golden flashes, this Adamantine stone awakens the kundalini energy.
  • Champagne Diamond: This is the tan-brown variety of Diamant, effective for grounding, warmth, and peace. 
  • Cognac Diamond: Another brown Adamantine stone ranging from pale to dark brown tones, like a cognac, forms this variety. It’s good for harmony and protection.
  • Purple Diamonds: Appearing in lilac, lavender, and dark violet hues, this Adamantine stone taps into psychic powers and openness. 
  • Green Diamond: Seen in a range of green shades from faint to dark, this variety is great for harmony and intuition.  
  • Argyle Diamond: Mined around Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia, this variety includes Fancy Diamond colors, like red, blue, green, pink, purple, and brown. They’re great for multi-chakra balancing. 
  • Salt and Pepper Diamond: Resembling the white and black mottled appearance of salt and pepper, this Adamantine variety is a good stone for balancing different aspects of life. 
  • Golconda Diamond: Historically mined from Golconda in Telangana, this variety is expensive because it is the world’s first diamond mine. You’ll find clear, white, and pink stones that are great for warmth and abundance.
  • Congo Diamond: Another locality-based Adamantine variety from DR Congo, this variety boasts unusual shapes like cubic, interpenetrations, twins, and cuboctahedrons. Use them for good health and fortune.
  • Crinkled Stone: This is an Adamantine variety of a wavy or shallow surface with triangular etchings on one of its faces (Elestial Diamonds). It’s a manifestation stone. 
  • Pigeon Blood Diamond: Known for its deep red hue, this Adamantine stone is good for virility, vitality, and passion.
  • Milky Diamond: Exhibiting a milky white shade, this variety represents calmness. They may be known as Icy Diamonds, too. Use them for focus and clarity. 
  • Blue Diamond: A rare type of Fancy Diamond, this variety shows pale to deep blue hues from Boron impurities, sometimes with greenish tones. Use it for mediumship and awareness.
  • Gray Diamond: Appearing in a unique gray color, this type of Adamantine symbolizes wisdom and stability. It clears doubts and reveals your spiritual destiny. 
  • Carbonado: Both black and brown Diamonds come under this variety and are great for psychic protection. 
  • Ballas: Also known as Shot Bort, Boort, or Boart Diamonds, these are cloudy, fibrous, or non-gem quality stones in spherical or shard shapes. They’re good for premonitions and clairvision. 
  • Framesite: A gray Adamantine with black, white, and brown inclusions, this is a good stone for protection from evil vibrations. 
  • Phantom Diamond: Often called Ingrown Diamonds, upright stones that stick out in the middle in an unusual formation. They’re good for cleansing karmic debts. 
  • Stewartite Diamond: This is a multicolored variety of Diamonds from Stewart County, Georgia, named after its source. Use it for multi-chakra alignment. 
  • Golden Eye Diamond: Appearing with golden flashes in yellow color, this is a good variety for attracting prosperity and abundance into your life. 
  • HPHT: This Diamond variety boasts Diamonds in natural and unusual colors made through the High-Pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) method. They’re good for transformation and inner fire.
  • CVD Diamond: In this type of Diamonds, stones are created in laboratories with the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method. They’re great for manifestation and astral travel.
  • Treated Diamond: When natural cracks and fractures in Diamonds are treated, they’re called the Yehuda Diamond. It’s good for regeneration and confidence. 
  • Created/Cultured Diamond: Diamonds made in laboratories for specific purposes, like Nano-Polycrystalline Diamonds and jewelry, are referred to this way. They are great amplifiers you can use in crystal grids, too.
  • Pyrite and Calcite with Diamond: Ranging from brown to metallic yellow hues, this is a carbon polymorph with Pyrite representing abundance. 
  • Kimberlite Diamond: Found embedded in Kimberlite rocks of gray, black, and brown, these are found in a wide array of colors. Use them for grounding.
  • Ilmenite Diamond: This is the dark-black variety of Adamantine with Ilmenite inclusions that give it a distinct appearance. It’s often used for grounding and detox.
  • Garnet Diamond: Seen with several varieties of Garnets, like Grossular, Almandine, and Pyrope, this is a rare natural formation for higher and lower chakra healing.
  • Forsterite Diamond: A bicolor Adamantine with green hues, this is an excellent stone for spirit contact. 
  • Phlogopite Diamond: Another unusual formation of Diamonds, this variety gets its brown hues from Phlogopite and is great for self-expression. 
  • Diamond with Precious Metals: Did you know Diamonds are found with precious metals? Gold, Platinum, Nickel, Clay, Iron, Phosphorous, Limestone, Anhydrite, and Gypsum deposits sometimes include natural Adamantine.

Diamond Meaning: What Does Diamond Symbolize?

The sun light is shining through the forest

The meaning of Diamond is illumination. 

With the earliest mines dating to the 4th Century B.C. This is a popular stone linked to many Diamond benefits, like purity, clarity, amplification, and manifestation.

Did you know Plato described Diamonds as living beings? It was believed to protect the users in Ancient Greece and Rome and was widely used as amulets, talismans, and armor. 

During the Middle Ages, Diamonds were used in elixirs as part of medicines to accelerate healing and recovery

In the Victorian Era, they began to catch mainstream attention as engagement and wedding rings. This intensified toward the late 20th century when DeBeers marketed “Diamonds are Forever.” 

Psychics, shamans, empaths, healers, and spiritualists use Diamonds today for endless metaphysical benefits, like manifestation, clairvision, and intuition.

Fun Fact: Diamonds have been called the Gem of Fire, Ice Gem, King of Gems, Crystal Flame, Luminary Stone, and Gleaming Ice.

How To Cleanse Diamond?

Person using his hand to get water from wooden pipe

  • Soil: Bury your stone under three inches of soil for three days to release the negativity it absorbed.
  • Water: Hold your Diamond for a minute or two under tap water or a stream to reset its healing vibrations
  • Smudging: Light a sage, sandalwood, palo santo, or cedarwood incense and circle it over your gemstone thrice clockwise to cleanse it.

Questions and Answers

Can I wear my Diamond every day?

Yes, you can wear Diamonds daily, but it’s better to remove them when handling chemicals, oils, or salt, or when exposed to sweat, high heat, or light. 

Is Diamond safe in the water?

Yes, Diamond is safe in the water due to its perfect Mohs hardness score. However, prolonged exposure to chlorinated, salt, or similarly treated water may harm it.

Does sunlight damage Diamonds?

Yes, Diamonds are safe under the indirect sun for a short while. However, Diamonds lose their mass significantly when exposed to direct sunlight.

What can damage Diamonds?

Keep your Diamond away from toothpaste, acetone, bleach, chlorine, baking powder, and other harsh chemicals.

How to identify a Real Diamond from Fake Diamonds?

The best way to identify a Real Diamond is through a scratch test with corundum crystals, like Rubies and Sapphires. You can’t see through or read through genuine Diamonds, nor will it get fogged. Authentic Diamonds also sink to the bottom in a glass of water.

What are master stone Diamonds?

Master stones are a set of Diamonds in standard colors. They are used by gemologists to identify unusually-colored diamonds.

How to take care of Diamonds?

Clean your Diamonds regularly with warm water and a soft bristle brush. 

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