(ak - roh- ahyt)
Main Origins:
Pakistan, Nigeria, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India, Namibia, Spain, the USA, Canada, England, Bolivia, Czech Republic, Italy, the UK, and Nepal.

What is Achroite?

Ahcroite on black background
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Nestled within the elbaite group of the Tourmaline family, Achroite is a standout with its pristine transparency and dreamlike aura. Tourmalines usually occur in a vast spectrum of colors, but Anchorite’s charm lies in its colorless purity, a rarity in the gem world.

Chemically, Achroite is a blend of boron, sodium, lithium, and silicate. It was discovered in 1913 in Elba, Italy. Its crystal-clear appearance points to its purity, untouched by the elements that paint other Tourmalines’ varying colors. 

Old tales speak of Achroite being the crystallized tears of age-old gods or perhaps the solidified whispers of moonlight. This gem offers glimpses into hidden realms.

This stone is found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. Over eons, with just the right amount of heat and pressure, elements like boron and silicon merge together to craft this fascinating crystal.

Achroite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Imagine the innovative spirit of Aquarius meeting the dreamy depths of Pisces. That’s Achroite for you. It’s like a guiding star if you are an Aquarius, helping you dream bigger and bolder. And for Pisceans, it’s a lighthouse guiding you through your vast ocean of emotions and dreams.

The Crown Chakra is your personal antenna to the divine, and Achroite tunes it just right. Imagine tuning into your favorite radio station, where the universe broadcasts its wisdom. And with Uranus in the mix, expect some unexpected spiritual downloads and “aha!” moments.

Air and Ether are like the universe’s breath and spirit. With Achroite by your side, you will think clearer thoughts and feel a deeper connection to the vast cosmos. It’s like having a deep, refreshing breath on a clear day, where everything just makes sense.

Ever walked into a room and felt an instant sense of peace? That’s feng shui at work. With Achroite in the East or Center of your space, it’s like inviting a gentle, harmonizing breeze into your home, making everything feel just right.

In the world of numbers, 7 is the dreamy philosopher. With Achroite’s connection to this number, it’s like having a wise old friend guiding you on life’s journey, always nudging you to look deeper and reach higher.

Achroite Healing Properties & Benefits


  • Achroite helps dispel negativity and clears your mind of unnecessary clutter, inviting a brighter outlook.
  • Place the crystal in sun for a few hours, then hold it during meditation, envisioning light filling your being.

Regeneration and Vitality 

  • Working with Achroite rejuvenates energy promotes a zest for life.
  • Charge it by placing it on a bed of rock salt overnight, then wear or carry it daily.

Support and Courage 

  • This gem increases your connection with your inner strength and offers support during challenging emotional times.
  • Activate its power by holding it close to your heart, taking deep breaths and visualizing a protective shield around you.


  • Using Achroite fuels your internal drive and determination, helping you chase dreams.
  • Program it by whispering your goals to the stone, then keep it close during daily tasks.

Mind/Heart Balance

  • Achroite aids in stabilizing emotions and thoughts, aligning them to focus on a shared purpose.
  • Place it under your pillow before sleep, allowing its energies to work overnight.

Achroite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

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Spiritual Communication 

  • Using Achroite facilitates communication with higher realms and spirit guides.
  • Place the stone on your Third Eye Chakra during meditation, tuning into its frequency.

Higher Powers and Consciousness 

  • This crystal elevates awareness and upgrades your divine energy, connecting you to universal wisdom.
  • Charge it under moonlight, then meditate with it, opening your mind to divine insights.

Purification and Amplification 

  • Working with Achroite purifies spiritual and physical energies and amplifies intentions.
  • Hold the crystal while stating clear intentions, then place it on your altar or sacred space.

Interdimensional Travel

  • Achroite aids in astral travel and is a great stone to work with when exploring other dimensions.
  • Before sleep, place it on your forehead, setting the intention to journey beyond the physical realm.

Spiritual Grounding

  • Working with Achroite grounds spiritual energies, ensuring a balanced spiritual journey.
  • Bury it in the earth for a few hours, then carry it with you to remain anchored during spiritual practices.

Side Effects of Achroite

  • Loneliness: Some feel a heightened sense of isolation or detachment when frequently using Achroite. This could be due to its strong connection with higher realms, making you feel temporarily disconnected from the earthly plane.
  • Disturbing Dreams: Achroite’s potential to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra and enhance spiritual communication might lead to vivid or unsettling dreams. It’s essential to cleanse the stone and perhaps take a break if this occurs.
  • Arrogance: With its properties of boosting confidence and ambition, overreliance or over connection with Achroite might inadvertently inflate your ego, leading to feelings of superiority or arrogance.

Achroite Meaning: What does Achroite symbolize?

A stack of books and a pair of eyeglasses are on top of it.

The meaning of Achroite is “Hidden Wisdom.”

Imagine holding a tiny piece of the clear morning sky in your hands. It’s as if the Earth has captured a piece of the heavens just for us.

In today’s bustling world, using or wearing Achroite invites a breath of fresh air. It’s not just a stone; it’s a reminder – a nudge to slow down, think clearly, and connect deeply. It reminds you to be more modest. It’s like that old friend who always brings perspective amidst the chaos.

“Achroite” comes from the Greek word “achroos”, meaning “without color.” It’s a beautiful nod to its serene, colorless essence amidst the rainbow-like world of Tourmalines.

Achroite is a great stone to use to amplify the strengths of other Tourmaline stones. Achroite wands are great tools to keep in your crystal kit, as they are a multipurpose powerhouse when it comes to spiritual practices.

While Achroite is part of the Tourmaline family, it’s like the quiet, reflective sibling. It doesn’t shout for attention with bright colors. It draws you in with its peaceful clarity. When you find a Tourmaline that feels like a drop of clear water turned to stone, you’ve met the gentle Achroite.

Types of Achroite

  • Common Achroite: A classic transparent gem, Common Achroite is used for clarity and spiritual connection.
  • Clear Achroite: Completely translucent, Clear Achroite amplifies energies and intentions.
  • Green Achroite: With a gentle green hue, this stone is associated with Heart Chakra healing and emotional balance.
  • Olive Green Achroite: Displaying a deep olive shade, Olive Green Achroite is linked to nature, grounding, and rejuvenation.
  • Orange Achroite: Radiating warm orange tones, Orange Achroite boosts creativity and confidence.
  • White Achroite: Pure and pristine, White Achroite brings purity, peace, and higher consciousness.
  • Yellow Achroite: With a sunlit yellow shade, this variety invites personal power and optimism.
  • Lavender Achroite: With a soft lavender hue, Lavender Achroite enhances intuition and spiritual insight.
  • Tricolor Achroite: Displaying a blend of three colors, this stone symbolizes unity, harmony, and balance.
  • Bicolor Achroite: With two distinct shades, Bicolor Achroite represents duality and the merging of opposites.
  • Fibrous Achroite: With a unique fibrous texture, this variety is used for grounding and connecting with Earth’s energies.
  • Achroite-Apatite: A blend of Achroite with Apatite enhances clarity of thought and authentic expression and communication.
  • Achroite-Elbaite: Achroite combined with Elbaite is a great stone to balance energies and promote emotional healing.
  • Achroite-Scorodite: Merged with Scorodite, Achroite boosts transformation and self-discovery.
  • Achroite-Schorl: Paired with Schorl, this variety of Achroite is used for protection and dispelling negativity.
  • Achroite-Dravite: Combined with Dravite, Achroite grounds energies and enhances self-acceptance.
  • Achroite-Microcline: When merged with Microcline, Achroite stimulates clarity and determination.
  • Achroite-Lepidolite: Achroite paired with Lepidolite brings emotional healing and tranquility.
  • Achroite-Smoky Quartz: A blend of Achroite with Smoky Quartz that has potent dispelling and protective energies.
  • Achroite-Woodhouseite: Combined with Woodhouseite, Achroite enhances sacred wisdom and spiritual growth.

How to Cleanse Achroite?

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  • Moonlight: Place Achroite under the moon’s glow overnight, letting the lunar energies purify and recharge its essence.
  • Fire: Pass Achroite briefly through a candle flame, ensuring it’s not too close to burn away negative energies.
  • Singing Bowl: Position Achroite near a singing bowl. Play the bowl, letting its vibrations cleanse and harmonize the crystal.



Is Achroite Tourmaline Rare?

Yes, Achroite, the colorless variety of Tourmaline, is rare compared to other Tourmaline varieties.

Can Achroite Crystals Get Wet?

Yes, Achroite crystals can get wet. However, it’s best to dry it thoroughly after exposure to moisture to avoid damage to its structure.

Is Achroite Safe in the Sun?

Yes, Achroite is safe in the Sun for short periods. While brief exposure is okay, prolonged sunlight can affect its clarity.

How Can You Tell if Achroite is Real?

To tell if an Achroite is real, check its internal structure. Genuine Achroite will be transparent and consistent in its clarity.

What is the Difference Between Achroite and Herkimer Diamond?

The main difference between Achroite and Herkimer Diamond is that Achroite is a colorless Tourmaline, while Herkimer Diamond is a double-terminated Quartz crystal. Both are clear, but they belong to different mineral families.

How Do You Take Care of Achroite?

To take care of Achroite, keep it in a soft pouch or fabric-lined jewelry box to prevent scratches. Wrap it in a soft cloth or bubble wrap if traveling. Use lukewarm water and a soft brush to clean the stone. Dry it with a soft cloth.

Is Achroite Expensive?

Yes. Due to its rarity, Achroite is more expensive than other Tourmalines.

Is Achroite Toxic or Dangerous to the Touch?

No, Achroite is safe to touch and handle, and not dangerous.

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