Eilat Stone

(ey - laht stohn)
Main Origins:
Eilat in Israel.

What is Eilat Stone?

An Eilat Stone on a marble. Source: Etsy | CrystalCaveCo
Source: Etsy | CrystalCaveCo

Humans have mined Eilat Stone since ancient times. It is thought to have been first found during copper mining in the Timna mine in Israel, which was once an old Egyptian mine. Some believe it was later the mine of King Solomon.

This vivid blue and green crystal sometimes contains sections of earthy browns or yellows. It is usually opaque and comprises a mix of secondary copper minerals, including Malachite, Pseudomalachite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, and Azurite.

It is the national stone of Israel, and today genuine Eilat Stone mined in Israel is rare. It is said to have been a significant contributing factor to the Ancient Israeli economy, especially during the time of King Solomon.

Because it combines minerals, it has many metaphysical and healing benefits. Eilat Stone benefits include the benefits of each mineral within it. It can be intentionally used for any of its specific properties.

Eilat Stone’s properties are great for healing, balancing, and connecting to the power of your emotions. It can help ease your mind, body, emotions, relationships, and finances.

Did you know Ancient Egyptians utilized a few of the individual minerals found within Eilat Stone to create natural pigments? They may have used Eilat Stone or sections of it, too.

Eilat Stone Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties are informed by its resonant chakras, elements, deities, ruling planet, and numerical vibration. Eilat Stone is primarily associated with the Heart and Throat Chakras. It can also affect the Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras. 

Its association with the heart offers unconditional love, deeply connecting us to our emotional state and memory. Eilat Stone offers deep healing and rebalancing in these areas on an energetic, mental, and somatic level.

Eilat Stone’s strong connection to the Throat Chakra imbues it with the theme of freedom of self-expression, conscious communication, manifesting, and influence.

The ruling elements of Eilat Stone are Water and Earth. Water points us to this crystal’s deep impact and benefits on emotions, teaching us to honor all emotions and move through life with ease, flow, and power.

The Earth element focuses on health on a physical level and is also metaphysically symbolic. Within Eilat Stone, it signifies natural abundance or the prosperity that comes from connecting with the natural world and seeing the divine within earthly manifestations.

The ruling planet of Eilat Stone is Venus. This is a planet of love, harmony, wisdom, grace, and pleasure, which are qualities included in the vibration of Eilat Stones.

The Numerical vibration of this crystal is 2. According to numerology, it is connected to balance, harmony, empathy, and connection.

Eilat Stone Healing Properties and Benefits

Relieving Physical Pain

  • The powerful yet soothing energy of Eilat Stone makes it useful for pain relief. The crystal has anti-inflammatory effects, which also help with pain relief. 
  • Use Eilat Stone to relieve pain by placing the crystal on or as near as possible to the affected area. Allowing and visualizing the crystal energy entering your body, soothing the pain.

Emotional Healing

  • Eilat Stone is powerful for emotional healing. It will help us to transmute or clear painful emotions that we may be holding onto or that are not easy to deal with.
  • Attune to Eilat Stone energy for emotional healing by practicing daily meditation focusing on the Heart Chakra while holding this crystal. 

Thyroid and Heart Health

  • Eilat Stone is beneficial for the health of your thyroid and heart, as these are the physical organs corresponding with the Throat and Heart Chakras
  • Work with this crystal to improve the health of your heart and thyroid at an energetic level which will positively affect your physical health. Hold your stone and chant the seed mantras YAM and HAM twice daily.

PMS Support

  • It is effective to use Eilat Stone for support when dealing with the physical, hormonal, and emotional experience of premenstrual syndrome. 
  • You can connect with Eilat Stone during your PMS period by laying down, placing the stone in your womb space, completely relaxing, breathing slowly, and focusing on the crystal’s energy.


  • This crystal is helpful when dealing with depression and anxiety. Eilat Stone balances the emotional state and helps make us aware of the pleasures and freedoms of life on Earth.
  • Hold your crystal and practice any deep intentional breathwork for at least 1 hour daily. Connect with Eilat Stone to improve the mental, emotional, and physical factors contributing to depression. 

Eilat Stone Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Reading Glasses on a book


  • Also called Sage Stone and associated with King Solomon, who was considered a wise man, this crystal will increase your capacity for wisdom and help you access and communicate your knowledge effectively.
  • Hold or wear your crystal while reading, learning, or researching to access a higher level of understanding on any topic. Keep an Eilat Stone near while writing, communicating, or seeking knowledge.

Awareness of the Eternal

  • Many of the benefits of Eilat Stone focus on the physical and emotional, but it is also a spiritual crystal. It can remind us to see the divine in all experiences and know that God is eternal.
  • To expand your awareness of the Eternal, practice transcendental meditation or pray in gratitude for the transient experience of life and spiritual support while holding your Eilat Stone.

Enjoyment of Earthly Pleasures

  • Eilat Stone can also assist us with cultivating an emotional, mental, and physical state of freedom where we can fully embrace and enjoy the pleasures of being humans on earth.
  • You can hold your Eilat Stone while repeating affirmations for enjoyment and pleasure, such as I am free to express and enjoy myself, I enjoy the prosperity that is flowing into my life, I deserve and embrace the pleasures of being human.

Balancing the Heart Chakra

  • The green color and energetic effects of Eilat Stone result in a focus on the Heart Chakra. This crystal naturally unblocks, energizes, and balances this energy center.
  • To intentionally balance the Heart Chakra, you can wear an Eilat Stone necklace that sits above your heart. Engage in a Heart-Chakra-focused meditation while connecting with your crystal whenever you feel the need to.

Balancing the Throat Chakra

  • The blue color energies and properties of this crystal also activate and balance the Throat Chakra, helping us to embody the aligned traits of this chakra, such as conscious communication and self-expression. 
  • Practice a Throat-Chakra-focused meditation, including visualization, frequency music, or chanting while holding your crystal. You can also wear it over your throat to balance this chakra.

Side Effects of Eilat Stone

  • Hedonism: Overuse of this crystal for a single intention can cause an imbalance where you may believe and behave as if pleasure is the only focus of life.
  • Spiritual Bypassing: If not used together with intention and proper practices, this stone can lead to spiritual bypassing tendencies where you use spiritual ideas to avoid properly dealing with life lessons.

Eilat Stone Meaning: What Does Eilat Stone Symbolize?

A person's hands reaching the sky with the chains of the handcuffs being broken

The meaning of Eilat Stone is Emotional Freedom.

Much of the symbolic meaning of this stone comes from its name and its colors.

Eilat Stone was named after the City of Eilat in Israel, where this crystal was mined. The meaning of the Eilat Stone is related to the spiritual energy and significance of Israel.

Much of the new “Eilat” Snes on the market that look similar are from copper mines in other locations worldwide. True Eilat Stone has a specific combination of minerals found only in Israel.

It is also called King Solomon Stone. This name imbues the crystal with the meaning of wisdom, power, prosperity, and spiritual devotion. King Solomon is considered one of the wisest kings in history, and he built the grand first temple in Israel to honor God.

He also wrote many books, including three books of the Bible and over 1,000 songs. He was also known to have many wives and untold riches. These factors contribute to Eilat Stone’s symbolism of free and powerful self-expression.

The blues in this crystal represent calm, flow, refreshment, and freedom. The greens symbolize peace, nature, growth, and abundance.

Types of Eilat Stone

  • True Eilat Stone: Swirled together and layered with blue, green, teal, turquoise, and sometimes yellows or browns, which are formed by a combination of secondary copper minerals, including Malachite, Pseudomalachite, Azurite, Chrysocolla, and Turquoise. This stone has a wise and loving presence and helps with easing all types of pain.
  • Azurite Rich Eilat Stone: Contains a mix of secondary copper minerals but is dominant in Azurite. These Eilat Stones display more azure blue, dark blue, and pale blue and are great for improving communication, confidence, and self-expression.
  • Malachite Rich Eilat Stone: A mix of secondary copper minerals that is dominant in Malachite. These Eilat Stones display more vivid dark green, bright greens, teal-greens, and pastel green coloration. Malachite Rich Eilat Stone is beneficial for balancing the Heart Chakra and for healing physical heart-related conditions.
  • Chrysocolla Rich Eilat Stone: A physically softer variety, made up of a mix of secondary copper minerals but is dominant in Chrysocolla. These Eilat Stones have larger cyan or blue-green Chrysocolla areas and are calming and peaceful. It is a stone that will help you to gain inner wisdom.
  • Turquoise Rich Eilat Stone: Composed of a mixture of secondary copper minerals and is dominant in Turquoise. These are Turquoise in various shades and hues of blue or green. Turquoise Rich Eilat Stone energy activates the Throat Chakra and can also help with mood swings and depression.
  • Pseudomalachite Rich Eilat Stone: An Eilat Stone exhibiting predominantly darker green or black-green coloration. Pseudomalachite Rich Eilat Stone is beneficial for energetically protecting yourself from emotional hurt.
  • Salt Acid Exposed Eilat Stone: Eilat Stone that comes into contact with salt acid displays yellow coloration. The yellow color energy of this stone contributes an aspect of Solar Plexus activation and increases self-awareness and confidence.

How To Cleanse Eilat Stone?

A person scooping a handful of soil

  • Earth or Soil: Wrap your Eilat Stone in a thin, natural fiber fabric and bury it under dry soil in your garden for 2 hours to energetically cleanse it.
  • Moonlight:  Place your Eilat crystal under the sky for two nights around the full moon to cleanse it energetically.
  • Selenite: Cleanse your Eilat Stone by placing it on or touching a more significant piece of Selenite crystal. This self-cleansing crystal will purify your Eilat Stone of any non-resonant energies that it has been exposed to.

Note: Handle with care and avoid cleansing methods with water, sunlight, and especially any salt, as sections of this mineral are not durable. The softest mineral in Eilat Stones is Chrysocolla, falling as low as 2.5 on the MOHs scale.

Questions and Answers

Is Eilat Stone Rare?

Yes, real Eilat Stone that is mined in Israel is extremely rare. This is because the original Timna copper mine that this crystal was extracted from flooded, and surrounding mines no longer extract this stone.

What is Eilat Stone Good for?

Eilat Stone is good for emotional balance, health, and well-being. It is a good stone for improving communication and gaining wisdom physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

What is Eilat Stone Made of?

Eilat Stone is composed of a range of secondary copper minerals, including Malachite,  Pseudomalachite, Turquoise, Chrysocolla, and Azurite.

Where Does Eilat Stone Come From?

Eilat Stone comes from the city of Eilat in Israel.

What is the Meaning of Eilat?

The meaning of the Hebrew word Eilat refers to trees. Different sources say it can mean a “grove of tall trees.” It may also stem from the word Elah, which means pistachio tree, terebinth tree, or oak tree.

Is Eilat in Israel or Egypt?

The city of Eilat, where Eilat Stone was mined, is in Israel.

What was Eilat's Original Name?

Eilat was called Ezion-Geber in ancient times.

What is the Eilat Stone in the Bible?

Although Eilat Stone is not directly mentioned in the Bible, it has been used since biblical times, as it was mined in what is considered by locals and researchers to be the mine of King Solomon.

How Do I Know My Eilat Stone is Real?

Some people suggest a lick test for Eilat Stone, but this may need to be revised as it contains a combination of minerals that react differently. Your best bet is to get it tested or identify various minerals. Learn from a trusted source where it was mined.

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