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What is Dianite?

A heart shape Dianite Crystal on a palm of a person. Source: Etsy | LovingThyselfRocks

Source: Etsy | LovingThyselfRocks

Dianite is a gorgeous, dappled light blue to dark blue or blue-green stone that is extremely rare. Only one deposit has been found to date, located in the Murun Complex in Siberia, Russia.

Although Dianite is often labeled by trade names that include Jade, Jadeite, and Nephrite, as it may look similar to these minerals, it is not a true Jade. They differ in chemical composition. 

Dianite gems are Amphibole rich, which contributes to their blue coloration. They occur within Black Shale, which also contains other mineral inclusions.

The only crystal deposit was found fairly recently in 1997, the same year Princess Diana of Wales tragically passed away, and so Dianite was named to honor her life and spirit.

The energy of Dianite stone helps to bring a sense of calm and composure to any situation. It is a crystal of improved communication on all levels, facilitating ease and clarity in your inner communication, communication with others, and communication with etheric or angelic realms.

Dianite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Dianite properties are powered by all the associated energies of this crystal. The resonant chakras, celestial bodies, elements, deities, and numerical vibrations all contribute benefits to this crystal.

The main ruling chakra of Dianite is the Throat Chakra, and other resonant chakras include the Heart and the Third Eye. This is why Dianite is such an excellent stone for heart-centered and conscious communication on all levels.

The ruling planet of Dianite is the Moon. This explains the soft yet powerful feminine presence that this crystal exudes. The metaphysical properties of the moon also activate an innate connection to the cyclical nature of life, which allows us to engage with situations with more grace. 

The Moon also connects this crystal to emotions, Water, and the process of manifestation or creation. For Dianite, this energy is focused on empowering the creation of reality through conscious communication.

Dianite is naturally associated with the Roman Goddess Diana. She highlights the powerful feminine energy of this gem and is associated with the Moon, wild animals, fertility, and childbirth.

The ruling element of Dianite is Water. Water, along with the resonance of the Heart Chakra, leads to this crystal having a balancing and clarifying effect on emotions. It brings a sense of flow and ease to communication and creation.

8 is the numerical vibration associated with Dianite. According to numerology, the number 8 signifies that this crystal is connected to themes including self-awareness, self-confidence, personal evolution, inner wisdom, free will, and integrity.

Dianite Healing Properties and Benefits

Deeply Calming

  • Dianite is a stone that is so calming for the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. Its energy offers a feeling of being cared for and at ease.
  • Use Dianite for the benefit of deep calming on all levels by holding your crystal and practicing deep and slow breathwork for a minimum of 8 minutes.

Soothing Inflammation

  • The calming, cooling, and soothing properties of Dianite that are powered by the element of Water and the color energy of blue can help to reduce inflammation.
  • Make a gem elixir by infusing your Dianite crystal in water for 8 minutes. You can then use this water internally or topically. A Dianite gem elixir is vibrationally encoded with its healing properties and your intentions.

Support During Conception, Pregnancy, and Childbirth

  • Dianite resonates with aligned feminine energy and is associated with the Goddess Diana who is a Goddess of Fertility and Childbirth. This is why Dianite is a supportive stone to work with throughout conception, pregnancy, and childbirth.
  • Tap into this energy by meditating with Dianite to intentionally connect with the Roman Goddess Diana. You can also make an altar for Diana as well as other fertility goddesses and include a Dianite crystal.

Improved Communication Skills

  • Dianite will improve your communication on all levels. It can help to heal blocks in communication or ineffective communication. This gem is attuned to clear, influential, true, graceful, and conscious communication. 
  • Activate your energy with Dianite crystal for improved communications by holding your stone and chanting the Throat Chakra seed mantra HAM while holding this stone. You can also practice Throat Chakra meditations while holding this stone.

Self-Knowledge and Expression

  • As Dianite improves your communication, starting with the foundation of your inner dialogue. It encourages connecting deeper with your inner voice, expressing your truth, and calmly acting on it. It also improves self-image, self-love, and acceptance.
  • Include this daily practice to work with the energy of Dianite, connecting with yourself deeply and truthfully expressing who you are. Hold your crystal while repeating positive affirmations that you know to be true about yourself.

Dianite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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  • Dianite crystal encourages an experience and embodiment of grace. It will help you move through life and especially communicating and handling difficult situations gracefully.
  • An enjoyable suggestion for using Dianite for this purpose is to purchase or make a special piece of jewelry using this stone. Wear it often, and every time you notice or feel your piece of jewelry, repeat the affirmation: I am graceful.

Deepens Connections and Relationships

  • This stone cleanses and upgrades communication within yourself and with other beings that are both physical and non-physical. This leads to connecting deeply with all aspects of life.
  • Utilize Dianite for this purpose by holding your crystal while presently communicating or connecting with a specific being or element.

Peaceful Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • The natural vibration of Dianite has an air of peace. It is soft, flowing, calming, and nurturing. It helps to bring peace to the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Use Dianite to encourage peace in all aspects of your experience, practicing meditation daily while holding this stone, fully in the present moment, focusing on sensing your crystal’s energy.

Divine Feminine Energy

  • Dianite is connected to embodied and aligned divine feminine energy as it is ruled by many feminine aspects, including the celestial body of the Moon and the Goddesses Diana and Yemaya.
  • Create an altar to honor the divine feminine, including images, plants, symbols, and of course your Dianite crystal. Each time you tend to your altar repeat the affirmation: I honor my divine feminine essence.

Psychic Communication

  • As Dianite effects improved communication on all levels, this includes the more ethereal or astral dimensions, too. Dianite can heighten or clarify psychic abilities, intuition, and communication with non-physical streams of consciousness. 
  • To activate your Dianite for this purpose, hold your stone to your Third Eye while chanting this chakras seed mantra, AUM. Go on to engage your usual means of channeling, psychic communication, or reception while holding your crystal.

Side Effects of Dianite

There are no known adverse side effects of Dianite.

Dianite Meaning: What Does Dianite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Dianite is Graceful Communication.

The symbolic meaning of this crystal is greatly informed by its name and color. As mentioned, it is named after Princess Diana. She was adored for her activism, charitable work, and of course her beauty and grace.

Like any human being, Diana went through life challenges, many of which were greatly publicized due to her status and fame. She maintained composure and grace throughout her life, and this energy is symbolically present within the energy of Dianite.

Princess Diana was also known to be divergent. She did not always conform to the strict expectations of the royal family. She communicated her truth gracefully and did not just accept what was expected of her as a royal, especially when it went against her heart.

These powers of honoring your perception of the world, and deeper and truthful communication (even when it is a difficult matter to speak about), are also reflected in the power of the Dianite crystal. 

This meaning of calm, clarity, and grace in communication is also due to the primarily blue coloration of this crystal. Blue resonates with an energized and balanced Throat Chakra, which is the chakra dealing with self-expression, communication, truth, intuition, and influence.

Types of Dianite

  • Light Blue Dianite: This variation of Dianite is light blue, ranging from pale blue interspersed with bluish-white to white. Light Blue Dianite is an extremely calming stone that soothes emotions and inflammation.
  • Darker Blue Dianite: Can be dappled bright blue, mid, or dark blue and is often a combination of these shades. Darker Dianite can even have sections that are blue-black to black. This variety is great for improving all forms of communication. 
  • Blue-Green Dianite: Usually a lighter shade of blue that is tinged with green or has blue-green inclusions. Specimens can be described as light cool green or light sage blue-green. This crystal is imbued with the energy of the balanced Heart and Throat chakras. It is a stone of heart-based communication.
  • Tumbled Dianite: All the color and shade variations of Dianite can be found as tumbled stones. Tumbled Dianite offers the benefits of deep calm, clarity, and conscious communication. 
  • Raw Dianite: Raw Dianite pieces are often seen in the form of flat slices with irregular edges. They are an attractive dappled light to dark blue. Raw Dianite pieces are rare to come by and offer powerful benefits for communication, connection, and self-reflection.

How To Cleanse Dianite?

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  • Water – As the ruling element of Dianite is Water, this is a great way to cleanse it. Simply expose your crystal to any natural or pure source of water for 1 to 8 minutes to energetically cleanse it.
  • Botanical Smoke – Burn a smudge bundle of dried cleansing herbs or any natural incense, bathing your crystal in the smoke intuitively for 1 to 8 minutes to energetically cleanse it. Be sure to keep your crystal away from the hot embers.
  • Soil – Wrap your Dianite crystal or Dianite jewelry in a thin natural fiber cloth and put it under the soil in your garden or a pot plant for 1 to 8 hours to cleanse using the composting power of the Earth.

Questions and Answers

What is the Benefit of Dianite Crystals?

Dianite crystal is beneficial for communication and deepening connection with yourself and other beings. Dianite has the benefits of calming, supporting feminine cycles, and soothing inflammation.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Dianite?

The spiritual meaning of Dianite is graceful communication on both a physical and etheric level. It also holds the vibration of divine feminine energy and a peaceful mind, body, and spirit.

What are the Colors of Dianite?

Dianite is most commonly between light blue and dark blue. It can also be blue-green.

Is Dianite Blue Jade?

No, Dianite is technically not Blue Jade. Blue Jade is a misnomer often used as a trade name for Dianite, but these crystals are composed of different minerals.

Is Dianite Real Jade?

No, Dianite is not a real Jade. These are different crystals as they have different chemical compositions.

Is Dianite Nephrite?

No, Dianite is not Nephrite. These minerals have different compositions.

Can You Wear Dianite Daily?

Yes, you can most definitely wear Dianite daily, and you will greatly benefit from the experience. It is a gentle and caring crystal companion. If you are wearing Dianite daily, be sure to cleanse it at least once a week.

How Rare is Dianite?

Dianite is extremely rare, as it is only found in one place on Earth (located in the Murun Complex in Siberia, Russia). Only this deposit of Dianite has been found to date, which is why it is so rare.

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