(jey - dahyt)
Main Origins:
Myanmar, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Japan, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, North Africa, Oman, Poland, Turkey, Switzerland, the USA, Antarctica, Canada, Brazil, China, France, and Russia.

What is Jadeite?

Polished Jadeite Crystal balls

Jadeite, a gemstone shrouded in mystery and allure, has fascinated cultures from the Aztecs to the Maori with enchanting charm. Its role in ancient civilizations has been significant, symbolizing power and prestige.

One of the two minerals that people call Jade is jadeite, which is a pyroxene crystal. It stands out because it is made of sodium and aluminum silicate and has a beautiful range of colors, from apple green to purple, yellow, blue, black, and white. The royal green version is especially sought after.

The appeal of Jadeite lies in its rich, glossy luster and interaction with light. Quality Jadeite boasts a vibrant, translucent appearance, akin to honey held up to the light, and a smooth texture that adds to its allure.

Known for its tranquil vibrational energy, Jadeite is believed to harmonize inner energies and inspire peace. Its capacity to promote emotional healing makes it a favorite among crystal enthusiasts.

With a rich history and metaphysical attributes, Jadeite’s charm is enduring. This unique gemstone blends nature’s beauty with echoes of ancient traditions, solidifying its distinct status in the gemstone realm.

Jadeite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Jadeite has a wide range of colors that correspond to different chakras. Green Jadeite works well with Heart chakra to keep emotions in balance, while White Jadeite helps the Crown Chakra open up to spiritual knowledge. Blue Jadeite, which is linked to the Throat Chakra, makes it easier to talk and explain yourself.

The metaphysical properties of Jadeite are intertwined with its ruling elements, planets, and deities. It’s ruled by the Earth element, symbolizing stability and nurturing, and Mercury, the planet of wisdom, augmenting Jadeite’s soothing and enlightening traits.

The Goddess of Peace and Healing, Amaterasu, is connected to Jadeite. Her presence makes the stone’s natural ability to calm and heal emotions even stronger. Her presence makes the stone’s natural ability to calm and heal emotions even stronger.

With a numerical frequency of 11, which is a master number, Jadeite encourages spiritual awakening and growth. In feng shui, Jadeite is known for bringing in wealth. When it is in the right place, it balances the flow of energy, which brings more wealth and abundance into the area.

Jadeite Healing Properties and Benefits

Fulfillment and Joy

  • Jadeite encourages a sense of fulfillment and joy by aligning heart and solar plexus chakras, bringing about inner peace and happiness. 
  • To activate this, wear Jadeite as a necklace close to your heart during meditation or prayer.


  • Known for its detoxifying properties, Jadeite helps purify and cleanse both physical and spiritual realms.
  • You can activate its purifying energy by placing it on your body, focusing on areas you feel need cleansing.

Coping with Grief and Loss

  • Jadeite provides comfort and healing energy, helping individuals cope with grief and loss.
  • To utilize this, keep Jadeite close to you during difficult times, such as in your pocket or under your pillow.

Skincare and Regeneration

  • Jadeite promotes cellular regeneration and is beneficial for skin health.
  • For this purpose, use a Jadeite roller or massage tool on your skin daily.

Stop Negative Self-Talk

  • Jadeite helps to silence negative self-talk, fostering a positive mindset and self-love.
  • To use Jadeite for this purpose, hold it during affirmations or when journaling about positive self-beliefs.

Jadeite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman sleeping with dreams depicted on a cloud like picturesque on top of her head.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Jadeite crystal enhances lucid dreaming by enhancing dream recollection and connecting to the subconscious. Lucid dreams are encouraged by their relaxing energy and dream connection.
  • Put the crystal under your pillow or nearby to boost its effects during sleep. Keep a dream journal by your bed to remember and analyze your dreams.


  • Jadeite crystal stimulates intuition and enhances psychic abilities. Its gentle energy encourages a deeper connection to your inner wisdom, helping you trust your instincts and make intuitive decisions.
  • You can use the crystal to meditate, calming your mind and letting your intuition run. Jadeite can be carried with you or worn as a warning to listen to your inner voice and go with your gut instinct.


  • Jadeite crystal supports manifestation by amplifying your intentions and attracting abundance. Its vibrant energy aligns with the Law of Attraction, helping you manifest your desires and goals.
  • Hold Jadeite in your hand and visualize what you want. Feel the crystal energy attracting your goals. Display the crystal or create a “manifestation grid” with other crystals.

Psychic Protection

  • By shielding you with positive energy, Jadeite protects your psychic self. It shields you with its strong, nurturing energy.
  • Hold Jadeite in your hand and ask it to protect you psychically. Imagine the crystal creating a bright, protective glow around your energy field. 

Clairvoyance and Mediumship

  • Jadeite enhances clairvoyance and mediumship by activating the Third Eye Chakra and connecting to spiritual realms. Its energy improves vision, mental clarity, and spirit communication.
  • As you concentrate on the crystal, imagine your Third Eye opening and enlarging. This will assist you to acquire psychic clarity. To connect with spiritual forces, place the crystal on your Third Eye during meditation.

Jadeite Side Effects

  • Blind Positivity: Excessive optimism without considering reality. Stay grounded by practicing mindfulness and maintaining a balanced perspective.
  • Horoscopic Conflicts: Incompatibility with certain zodiac signs. Research and consult an astrologer to determine compatibility before using Jadeite.
  • Dizziness or Headache: Possible sensitivity to the crystal’s energy. Start with short exposure, gradually increasing, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Jadeite Meaning: What Does Jadeite Symbolize?

A group of hands together

The meaning of Jadeite is “achieving balance and unity.”

The name Jadeite comes from the Spanish word “piedra de ijada,” which means “stone of the side.” This refers to the stone’s history of being used to treat kidney and lower back problems.

Traditionally, Jadeite has served as an emblem of serenity and balance, with its value surpassing that of gold in some ancient cultures, such as the Mesoamerican and Maori civilizations.

Even today, Jadeite is still thought of as a stone of good luck and emotional healing, and the way it shines with a mix of ancient prestige and magical properties never stops to amaze crystals enthusiasts.

Types of Jadeite

  • Common Jadeite: A versatile variety with various colors, patterns, and textures, used for its legendary protective and harmonizing effects.
  • Chloromelanite: A dark green to black Jadeite known for its strength and grounding properties, offering stability and balance.
  • Myanmar Jadeite: Highly prized for its vibrant green color and smooth texture, it is revered as a symbol of luck, prosperity, and spiritual growth.
  • Emerald Jadeite: Exhibiting a rich green hue resembling Emerald, it enhances emotional well-being and attracts abundance and vitality.
  • Imperial Jadeite: A semi-transparent variety, displaying exceptional clarity and depth, it represents royalty and spiritual wisdom.
  • Metaphonolite or Purple Jade: Showcasing beautiful purple tones, it stimulates intuition and spiritual insight, fostering a sense of inner peace.
  • Lavender Jadeite: With its delicate lavender color, it promotes serenity, relaxation, and emotional healing, soothing the mind and spirit.
  • Apple Jadeite: Resembling the vibrant green of ripe apples, it revitalizes the heart and promotes harmony and prosperity.
  • Chrome Jadeite: Exhibiting a bright green color with chrome-like sheen, it enhances abundance, luck, and manifestation abilities.
  • Soda Jadeite: Known for its translucent, pale green appearance, it encourages emotional healing, clarity, and spiritual growth.
  • Yellow Jadeite: Radiating a warm yellow hue, it stimulates optimism, self-confidence, and creativity, bringing joy and abundance.
  • Milky Jadeite: With its milky white appearance, it fosters purity, tranquility, and spiritual awareness, connecting one to higher realms.
  • Opaque Jadeite: Featuring solid, non-translucent colors, it provides strong protective energies and supports inner strength and stability.
  • Red Jadeite: Vibrant red in color, it ignites passion, courage, and vitality, promoting a zest for life and deepening emotional connections.
  • Orange Jadeite: Displaying a vibrant orange hue, it energizes and uplifts the spirit, fostering creativity and bringing a sense of joy.
  • Blue Water Jadeite: Resembling the serene blue of water, it promotes calmness, tranquility, and emotional balance, soothing the soul.
  • Super Dark Jadeite: Deep, intense green or black Jadeite with a powerful grounding effect, it provides protection and enhances resilience.
  • White Jadeite: Pure white in color, it represents purity, innocence, and spiritual enlightenment, fostering clarity and inner peace.
  • Green and White Jadeite: Combining green and white hues, it harmonizes the heart and mind, promoting balance and spiritual growth.
  • Jadeite Boulder: A large and solid Jadeite formation, it carries the energy of strength, endurance, and grounding, supporting transformation.
  • Heat Treated Jadeite: Jadeite subjected to heat treatment enhances color and clarity, offering similar properties as natural Jadeite.
  • Waxed Jadeite: Treated not just for its physical enhancement but also for spiritual empowerment, the wax coating enhances the Jadeite’s natural protective energies, strengthening its aura and promoting a sense of tranquility and peace.
  • Garnet in Jadeite: Embedded Garnet crystals create a striking combination of colors and energies, promoting passion, strength, and balance.
  • Titanium-Bearing Jadeite: Infused with Titanium, it displays unique iridescent hues and strengthens the energy field, enhancing courage and personal power.
  • Calcite with Jadeite: Inclusions of calcite result in a beautiful blend of colors, promoting mental clarity, grounding, and spiritual growth.
  • Omphacite Jadeite: A dark green variety often used for grounding, protection, and amplifying energy, fostering a deep connection to the Earth.
  • Stronalsite and Jadeite: This combination offers a harmonious blend of energies for emotional healing, balance, and transformation.
  • Itoigawaite or Itoigawa: It’s renowned for its capability to instill wisdom, foster self-realization, and facilitate a profound connection with the ethereal realms.
  • Nybøite with Jadeite: Contains nybøite crystals, combining their energies to support emotional healing, inner strength, and spiritual evolution.
  • Maw Sit Sit: A rare and unique variety with vibrant green color and contrasting chromite and albite inclusions, it promotes vitality, abundance, and emotional balance.
  • Hedenbergerite and Jadeite: A combination providing strong grounding and protective energies, supporting emotional stability and clarity.
  • Glaucophane, Garnet, and Jadeite: A blend creating a powerful synergy for deep emotional healing, spiritual growth, and balance.

How To Cleanse Jadeite?

Pink rose flower petals

  • Incense: Hold your Jadeite in the smoke of burning sage or palo santo for a few minutes to purify and cleanse.
  • Flowers: Place your Jadeite in a bowl with healing flowers, like rose or lavender petals, to imbue it with their gentle, renewing energy.
  • Candle: Pass your Jadeite carefully through the flame of a white candle, allowing the fire energy to burn away any negativity.

Questions and Answers

Does Jadeite Fade?

No, Jadeite doesn’t fade, but avoiding harsh chemicals and excessive heat is always recommended.

Can Jadeite Touch Water?

Yes, Jadeite can touch water without damage, but it is best to dry it promptly to maintain its luster.

Does Jadeite Break Easily?

No, Jadeite is a sturdy stone that does not break easily, but like all gemstones, it should be handled carefully.

Can Jadeite be in the Sun?

Yes, Jadeite can be in the sun, but extended exposure may affect its color over time.

How Can You Tell if Jadeite is Real?

Real Jadeite is cool to the touch, has a smooth texture, and will give a specific chime-like sound when clinked.

Does Jadeite Glow Under a Black Light?

No, Jadeite does not glow under a black light, which can be a valuable way to distinguish it from similar stones.

How do you Take Care of Jadeites?

To care for Jadeite, clean it gently with mild soap and water, then store it in a fabric-lined jewelry box away from other pieces to avoid scratches.

How Much is a Jadeite Worth?

The worth of Jadeite can vary greatly depending on factors, such as color, clarity, and size. It’s best to have it appraised by a professional.

Is Jadeite More Expensive Than Diamonds?

It depends. High-quality Jadeite, particularly Imperial Jadeite, can be more expensive than Diamonds.

Which Is More Expensive – Emerald or Jadeite?

Prices depend on quality, but fine-quality Jadeite, especially Imperial Jadeite, can often be more expensive than Emeralds.

What Stones go Well with Jadeites?

Stones like Garnet, Agate, Rose Quartz, and Citrine pair well with Jadeite, complementing its calming energies.

What is the Rarest Color of Jadeite?

Jadeite’s rarest and most valued color is an intense green, often referred to as Imperial Jadeite.

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