How To Make Crystal Infused Candles

  1. What Are the Best Crystals for Making Healing Candles?
  2. Step-by-Step Guide on Making Crystal Infused Candles
  3. Which Crystals to AVOID in Crystal Candles?
  4. Safety Regulations and Tips 
  5. FAQs
  6. Start Making DIY Crystal Candles!

Disclaimer: Follow fire safety regulations to the dot when making your crystal candles. Check if your crystal is safe in the candle before using it. 

Crystal candles emerged in the early 2000s and are still the rage today, mostly because you can purify and charge spaces and chakras with them. 

How to make healing candles? Is adding crystals to candles safe? How to make candles with herbs and crystals? Which crystals are safe in candles?

Healing candles are made in different containers by pouring hot wax over crystals, like Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, or Red Jasper with wicks, fragrance oils, essential oils, flowers, and herbs in a heat-safe container.  

Join me to learn how to add crystals safely to candles, which to avoid, and 7 healing candle recipes. 

What Are the Best Crystals for Making Healing Candles?

Crystals in candles don’t have a lot of ancient history, but today there are a vast variety of crystal candles, even with monthly subscriptions. The trend grew dramatically in the wellness industry from decor to alternative healing, astrology, and feng shui.

Did you know some crystal candles cost over $100? But if you’re crafty, it’s easy to customize and make your crystal candle for $10. They look beautiful and are filled with wonderful energies you can gift your near and dear ones. 

Here’s how to make healing candles in 7 ways:

Amethyst Crystal Candle for Mental Clarity

A tumbled Amethyst crystal on a white background

The Crown Chakra crystal, Amethyst, removes distractions and improves focus with candles’ fire energy. It connects the physical body to the higher realms. 

Add fragrance oils linked to the Crown Chakra, such as lavender, white lotus, or jasmine, to your healing candle. Light the candle and meditate for a few minutes to open your mind to concentration, intelligence, creativity, memory, problem-solving, and psychic powers.

Rose Quartz for Love

Rose Quartz Crystal on a white background

Another Quartz crystal safe to use with hot wax, Rose Quartz candles were popular from the very start due to the gentle energies of the Heart Chakra

Did you know they’re used to attract your true love? It’s also good for romance, passion, fertility, kindness, and beauty.

Have you heard about love spell candles? These are little containers with crystals at the bottom with layers of lavender, cinnamon, honey, pink salt (not good in candles), chocolate, scents, and wax over it. You light it to set your love spell!

Try adding a complementary scent, like rose, cherry blossom, or hibiscus, when making your DIY love crystal candle.

Citrine for Good Fortune

A heart shape citrine crystal on a white background

The stone of luck, wealth, and health, Citrine is a yellow Quartz crystal that opens the Solar Plexus Chakra. It powers your inner sun to attract good luck, self-respect, creativity, and health, especially if you add lemon oil and chamomile flowers to the DIY candle.

Light your Citrine candle and charge it under sunlight to set intentions for wealth every day or thrice a week.

Clear Quartz for Cleansing and Charging

clear quartz on white background

A self-cleansing crystal from the Quartz family, Clear Quartz helps you clear negativity. It opens the Crown and Soul Star (minor) Chakras to bring clarity, enlightenment, and intuition to your spirit. Clear Quartz crystal candles are best for purifying and amplifying auras, chakras, spaces, people, and crystals.

Add a few drops of white rose oil and lily flowers to enhance their strength

Red Jasper for Power 

Red jasper on a white background

Are you looking for a crystal candle for power or energy? Red Jasper opens the Root Chakra, improves your confidence, and eliminates fatigue. It’s good to bury the crystal you want to use under the soil for a day before adding them to the candles. 

Add petals of red rose and a few drops of cedarwood to the healing candle recipe. 

Smoky Quartz for Stress Relief

Polished smoky quartz on white background

One of the best crystals for clearing confusion, Smoky Quartz can also relieve stress and protection from EMF. Adding a relaxing oil, like lavender, rose oil, or chamomile flowers to the wax is even better. The crystal opens your Root and Earth Star Chakras

Hold the healing candle for a few seconds to meditate and visualize erasing your mind chatter for the best benefits.

Black Tourmaline for Safety

Black tourmaline on a white background

This is the ultimate healing candle recipe for psychic protection from evil vibrations of hexes, toxic neighbors, and karmic debts. Black Tourmaline opens your Root Chakra to tether your physical body to Mother Gaia (Greek Earth Goddess) and raises your auric shield.

I love lighting Black Tourmaline crystal candles in different rooms of my house to create a psychic shield once a month. You can also add protective scents of sandalwood and rose.

Step-by-Step Guide on Making Crystal Infused Candles

Tools and Ingredients for Candle Making

If you’re pumped to make crystal candles on your own, you need to get the crystals, wicks, colors, wax, container, and other supplies based on your goals. 

Can I add aromas to my candle? Yes, you can add the aromas you prefer to your candle. Fragrance oils are generally advised because they’re safe for heating and candle making. You can customize your candle with essential oils, colorful flowers, and aromatic herbs.

Before getting started, understand the fire safety and regulations well. 

Pick your Supplies 

Before thinking about healing candles, every DIY candlemaker needs a thermometer, steel knife, fire/heat-proof gloves, mask, and scissors. 

Once you have the basic items, here’s what you need next:

A graphic table for supplies needed for making crystal candles

The Direct Method

  1. Clean and prep your container, removing moisture and dust. 
  2. Place the metallic end of the wick in the center of the container. Use glue to stick them if they don’t stand upright.
  3. Melt the wax in a double boiler or suitable pot.
  4. Add the dye, fragrance oil, essential oils, and half of the dry flowers or herbs to the melted wax and stir well.
  5. Arrange half or one-third crystals on the sides or bottom of the container.
  6. Cool down the wax to 140°F then pour it over the crystals in batches.
  7. Leave out half an inch at the top. 
  8. Let the wax cool for an hour.
  9. Place your flowers and the remaining crystals on the partially cooled candle without pushing them into the wax and let it cool for a few hours.
  10. Trim the wick to a quarter inch, and your healing candle is ready!

Finally, light the candle while meditating on positivity, love, well-being, health, harmony, safety, etc. 

The Indirect Method

  1. Prepare your container, place the wick in it, melt the wax, and add dye, crystals, oils, and flowers as you did above. 
  2. Fix candles with crystals inside the container. With a glue gun, you can keep them aesthetically on the bottom or sides. 
  3. Cool the wax to 140°F to 170°F then pour it into the container as you did above, leaving half an inch on top. 
  4. Follow the same method above and cool the candle for an hour before placing flowers and other crystals on top. 
  5. Cool, trim, and start using your healing candle!

The Cheat Trick 

  1. Get a candle in a metal container from the store.
  2. Melt the top layer using the hot air setting on your hair dryer. 
  3. Place crystals, flowers, and herbs on the melted wax. 
  4. Let it cool for a few. 
  5. Trim the wick and enjoy!

Here’s a pro tip for smooth sailing: Check if your candle is set or done based on transparency. 

Which Crystals to AVOID in Crystal Candles?

The possibility of fusing fire energy with crystals and herbs is exciting but hazardous, too, especially if you’re not careful. 

Here’s a list of crystals you should never put in hot wax or heat with the reason to avoid them:

A graphic table for what crystals to include in your crystal candle

Safety Regulations and Tips 

Did you know wax bursts into flames beyond its flash point? FYI, the flash point of wax is 290°F to 380°F or 143°C to 193°C, so keep a thermometer on hand to avoid serious hazards. 

Infusing the energy of heat is a natural fire hazard if you’re uninitiated with the fire safety rules. Before beginning, always have a clear idea of where to place crystals, flowers, and herbs. 

I’ll give a brief list of tips to avoid dangerous mistakes, but remember to expand your research about safe candle-making from experts online. 

  1. Start by covering your candle-making counter with heat/fireproof sheets. Wax spills are no joke! 
  2. Use a bowl of hot water or blow hot air from a hairdryer on spills. Melt hardened wax spills and pour them around submerged crystals to smoothen the surface. 
  3. Add no more than two to four crystals on the top layer when the wax is in a semi-hardened stage. Crowding the candle may lead to overheating and fire hazards. 
  4. Don’t light your candle near flammable objects, such as wood, fabric, and electric appliances. Monitor it with a thermometer. 
  5. The most important item for making crystal candles is a wax melting pot. You can pick a double boiler or microwave the wax (safely) based on your experience. 
  6. You can add layers of crystals, flowers, and herbs by pouring the wax in separate intervals and keeping them at least 2 cm from the wick to avoid sparks and fires.
  7. When adding crystals between candle making, use a large and sturdy clothespin to keep the candlewick from falling into the wax.
  8. Stir and add oils and scents slowly to help them bond with the wax. Keep tweaking their amount by taking whiffs in between. 
  9. Most importantly, avoid burning the entire candle in a single stretch; take hourly breaks. 
  10. Remember to take your time and give the candle enough time to set because candle-making is the art of patience. 


  • Can I mix different crystals in a candle?

Yes, you can mix different crystals in a candle. Just remember to check if compatible planets rule them in astrology. 

  • What to do if my crystals sink into the candle?

If your crystals start to sink, don’t panic; it’s normal. Retrieve sinking crystals if they sink fully unless that’s what you want. Sunken crystals and herbs will still infuse their energies once the wax starts melting. 

  • How to make candles cure faster?

Use the cool air setting on your hairdryer and aim at the candle from far off to avoid disturbing the cooling wax.

  • Are cracks okay when making crystal candles? 

No, cracks are not okay in any candle you wish to light. If your candle shows cracks or fractures, remove the crystals and use a blow dryer to remelt the wax before adding them back.

  • How to make a seal on crystal candles?

For making a seal, stamp, or signature on the crystal candle, heat any metal object and write or carve with it into the top layer of wax before it hardens. 

Start Making DIY Crystal Candles!

Crystal candles are an easy and aesthetic way to display your crystals at home and office. You can set intentions and spread positivity, harmony, or creativity with them. Remember to use crystals safe in hot wax and precisely follow the fire and safety regulations. 

I hope you now know how to make energy-healing candles. They’re good with everything!

I love chanting affirmations, smudging with sage, and playing my smallest singing bowl after lighting the crystal candle. It’s a good ritual to try in the mornings and before bed.

Write to us about your crystal candles and the best crystal combinations for them. We’d love to know!

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