(wool - fuh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Australia, Tajikistan, China, Japan, the US, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Pakistan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Italy, Chile, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Mongolia, Austria, France, Bolivia, Norway, Slovakia, and South Korea.

What is Wulfenite?

Wulfenite crystal formation on a black background

Disclaimer: Due to the high lead content in Wulfenite, you must wear personal protective equipment, like gloves, when touching the stone. Remember to wash your hands afterward.

Wulfenite is a Lead Molybdate (PbMoO4), categorized under the Scheelite group of minerals. It’s usually seen in striking orange but may be red, yellow, brown, or gray. 

With a pearly luster and resinous appearance, this crystal may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Wulfenite is easily identified under the microscope due to its tetragonal crystal system

Did you know Wulfenite usually forms thin and brittle blades? It can naturally occur in tabular, pyramidal, di-pyramidal, botryoidal, and prismatic shapes, sometimes with Vanadinite, Mimetite, and other stones in lead deposits. 

Although it was discovered in the late 18th century, it’s called many common and uncommon names, like Molybdate of Lead, Yellow Lead Ore, Lead Molybdate, Yellow Leadspar, Wulfenit, and Wulfenita. 

It’s called Plumbum Spatosum Flavo-Rubrum in Latin and Plomb Jauno in Latvian. Germans call it Bleispath, Vulfenit, Wulfenit, and Molybdänbleispath. The French call this crystal Mélinose.  

Wulfenite was used widely in paints and cookware in the 18th and 19th centuries until it was discontinued due to lead toxicity.

Fun Facts: Wulfenite is the Official State Mineral of Arizona, and Turquoise was the Official State Gemstone earlier.

Wulfenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Wulfenite is mainly seen in orange, red, and yellow colors, connected to the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras. They bring creativity, harmony, inner power, luck, and change. 

Many Wulfenite varieties exist naturally in brown, gray, silver, green, black, pink, blue, indigo, and clear hues. They open the Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown. Soul Star (Galactic) and Lunar Star Chakras. 

Lead Molybdate activates the Earth and Fire elements, bringing protection, manifestation, and karmic healing powers. 

Where to keep Wulfenite in the house? Keep Wulfenite in the Southwest and South directions for support, peace, communication, and care.

Wulfenite properties include the astrology of Mars and Venus, indicating transformation, passion, fertility, beauty, empathy, energy, and wisdom. 

Who should wear Wulfenite? Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aries must wear Wulfenite, as it can help you with peace, karmic healing, courage, and imagination. 

Wulfenite is linked to the Fire Gods Vulcan (Roman); Brigid, the Celtic Fire Goddess; Xiuhtecuhtli; and Hephaestus, the Greek Fire God.

Wulfenite Healing Properties and Benefits

Inspiration and Perseverance

  • Most Wulfenite varieties in orange and yellow motivate you to conquer negativity. They’re also good for boosting dedication, commitment, and energy. 
  • Charge your crystal by holding it for five minutes while facing the rising sun. Do it daily after waking up then carry it on you.

Intelligence and Creativity

  • Did you know Wulfenite awakens several brain centers simultaneously? That’s how it helps you become more decisive, think critically, and solve problems.
  • Activate your stone for creativity by smudging it with a sacred herb, like sage

Harmony in Relationships

  • Wulfenite with Smithsonite, Dioptase, and Cerussite enhances empathy, support, and adaptive qualities. 
  • Create a Wulfenite cluster after charging it with the energy of incense sticks


  • If you have problems expressing your opinion at the office or with your family or friends, get a Wulfenite specimen with Barite and Mina Oujela.
  • Hold your stone and chant this positive affirmation: I trust the universe and confidently speak my mind.

Vitality and Fertility

  • Do you often feel dizzy or tired even after rest? If chakra blockages cause this, you should bond with a Red or Yellow Wulfenite.
  • Charge the stone by burying it overnight under three inches of soil.

Wulfenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An Angel Statue on a pedestal

Grounding and Change

  • Bright orange and clear varieties of Wulfenite are excellent for grounding your strengths and conquering your weaknesses.
  • Activate your crystal for transformation by charging it with Fire (candle) and setting a crystal grid in your bedroom.

Angelic Connection

  • Receiving messages from the psychic realm is more accessible and clearer with a Wulfenite by your side.
  • Hold your stone at eye level and gaze into it briefly. Do this before bed then keep the charged stone under your pillow.


  • If you have desires and dreams that you want angelic assistance on, try a Blue or Purple Wulfenite stone.
  • Set a crystal altar with your Wulfenite and other compatible crystals, scents, candles, oils, and mystic objects in the center.


  • Awaken your psychic skills of clairvoyance, foresight, and premonition by using high-vibration Vulfenit varieties for Reiki.
  • You can try self-Reiki by lying on a yoga mat and placing a charged Wulfenite on your higher chakras.


  • One of the lesser-known Wulfenite benefits is dreamwork for inner healing. You’ll be able to recall past life karma and work on healing it.
  • Program your stone for karmic healing by charging it with your sound or healing sounds from YouTube.

Wulfenite Side Effects

  • Exhaustion: Overusing this stone if you’re new to it can create mental and physical drainage. If this happens to you, take a break and cleanse with a Clear Quartz. 
  • Overwhelming Sorry: Another adverse symptom of overusing Wulfenite is feeling unbearable guilt for your ancestral or karmic sins. Seek angelic help in such cases. 
  • Mistakes and accidents: If Wulfenite properties conflict with your horoscope’s planets, you shouldn’t use it.

Wulfenite Meaning: What Does Wulfenite Symbolize?

An artist is painting the wall

Wulfenite means “creativity and spiritual transformation.” 

Did you know it was discovered and described in the late 18th century? The healing crystal is named after the Austrian Mineralogist Franz Xavier von Wulfen, who studied the stone for years. 

Have you heard it called Carinthite? It’s a misnomer associated with Wulfenite due to its discovery in the same district of Bleigerg. But Wulfenite is different from Carinthite. This made it famous as Bleispath and Molybdänbleispath in Germany. 

Fun Fact: Until being named Wulfenite, it was called Plumbum Spatosum Flavo-Rubrum and Plumbo Jauno in the scientific communities. 

Types of Wulfenite

  • Common Wulfenite: This crystal usually shows vivid orange, red, yellow, and brown hues. Use it to amplify your brain power, mainly with creativity.
  • Red Wulfenite: Molybdate of Lead from the Red Cloud Mine in Arizona is considered the brightest and most vibrant. It’s great for stability and fertility and is also famous as Chrome-bearing Wulfenite.
  • Orange Wulfenite: Ranging from bright to dark orange colors, this type of Vulfenit awakens the kundalini energy and is responsible for vitality and virility. 
  • Yellow Wulfenite: An orangish-yellow variety of Wulfenit, this crystal is ideal for attracting physical health, luck, and good fortune. 
  • Wulfenite Rosette: This type of Vulfenit crystal is seen in red and orange hues, with blades or scales forming rosettes. Use it to discover your hidden skills and abilities.
  • Colorless Wulfenite: A transparent variety of Yellow Lead Ore, this stone may have a yellow, orange, or golden tint. Psychics say it’s excellent for purification, intuition, and divination.
  • Mina Oujela Wulfenite: This Lead Molybdate shows olive green and brown or black, resembling exotic chocolates. Use it for abundance and prosperity. 
  • Elestial Wulfenite: When a Vulfenit has natural etchings, indentations, and marks on a single face, it’s an Elestial variety that is ideal for higher powers.
  • Chillagite: Molybdate of Lead-rich in Tungsten may appear in white, black, and pale yellow in this variety. Use it for manifestation and transformation.
  • Vanadium-bearing Wulfenite: This type of Yellow Lead Ore shows yellow, white, brown, and black hues and works well to detox the body and mind. 
  • Wulfenite with White Quartz: A Vulfenit variety with Druzy Quartz, this stone shows white, cream, yellow, black, and gray hues. It works well for chakra alignment. 
  • Wulfenite with Mimetite: This is a natural crystal formation with velvet greens of Mimetite and vibrant orange from Wulfenite. Use it to attract creativity and good fortune. 
  • Wulfenite with Dioptase: Popularly known as Teal Wulfenite, this variety commonly occurs with Mimetite in teal and turquoise hues. It’s good for tranquility and new beginnings. 
  • Wulfenite with Stolzite: Showing yellow, orange, and black hues, this type of Wulfenit is perfect for vitality and energy. 
  • Wulfenite with Pyromorphite: A Vulfenit variety with striking olive-green hues, you’ll notice it on a bed of Orange Wulfenite. Use it for inner peace, fertility, and karmic healing. 
  • Wulfenite with Barite: Lead Molybdate forms with White Barite blades in yellow, orange, and brown shades. If you have this variety, tap into the Goddess energies of manifestation. 
  • Wulfenite with Hemimorphite: Plomb Jauno appears in powder blue, vibrant yellow, gray, white, and green hues with Hemimorphite. Use it for emotional intelligence and mental stability. 
  • Wulfenite with Shattuckite: Molybdate of Lead forms blue, white, gray, and yellow crystals with Shattuckite. It’s often recommended for self-expression and communication skills. 
  • Wulfenite with Calcite: Snowy White Calcite exists with Orange Vulfenit in a captivating natural formation with sharp blade-like crystals. Use it to balance your higher and lower chakras. 
  • Wulfenite with Cerussite: Plomb Jauno in orange forms with clear, white, and yellow Cerussite varieties. It’s great for purifying energies, chakras, and spaces. 
  • Wulfenite with Malachite and Azurite: This is a captivating variety of Yellow Lead Ore with indigo, green, gold, black, yellow, and orange hues. Use it for strength, support, and psychic abilities. 
  • Wulfenite with Descloizite: Vulfenit crystals in orange or yellow are often found on a brown matrix of Descloizite. It’s excellent for ambition and manifestation. 
  • Wulfenite with Smithsonite: Plomb Jauno crystal also forms with Smithsonite, showing white, yellow, brown, gray, pink, and black. Use it to amplify your inner fire and vitality.
  • Wulfenite with Chrysocolla: Orange crystals of Wulfenite naturally occur with the blue hues of Chrysocolla. The crystal formation is excellent for peace and letting go. 
  • Wulfenite with Plumbogummite: Lead Molybdate in orange often forms cubic stones, a blue base of Plumbogummite. Use it for communicating with angels and spirits. 
  • Wulfenite with Siderite: A multicolored Plomb Jauno variety, this stone shows olive-green, brown, orange, black, and gray colors. It’s the best stone for harmony and unity. 
  • Wulfenite with Fluorite: Yellow and Orange Lead Molybdate forms naturally with Green and Purple Fluorite varieties in this. Use this stone for spiritual development and dreamwork. 
  • Wulfenite with Galena: Yellow Lead Ore forms with the iron-rich Galena in orange and gray. It works like a charm for psychic shielding. 
  • Wulfenite with Adamite: This Plomb Jauno variety appears in orange, red, and brown. Use it for inner healing, self-expression, and communication skills. 
  • Wulfenite-Kasolite-Tobernite: Another multicolored Lead Molybdate with two different minerals, this crystal cluster brings wisdom and abundance.
  • Wulfenite with Endlichite: A dark variety of Vulfenit, this stone shows orange, brown, or white and is perfect for motivation and inner peace.

How To Cleanse Wulfenite?

Lighted candles on a table

  • Candle: Light a candle and place your stone within 5 inches of the flame for a few minutes. 
  • Meditation: Hold your crystal in your right hand and close it with the left. Visualize a bright light cleansing the negativity absorbed by Wulfenite.
  • Palo Santo: Light up a Palo Santo stick and circle the smoke over your Wulfenit stone to reset its energies.

Questions and Answers

Is Wulfenite a gemstone?

No, Wulfenite is not typically cut into gemstones, owing to its low MOHS hardness, but it’s a semi-precious stone.

Is Wulfenite a rare mineral?

Yes, Wulfenite crystal is a rare mineral that occurs as a secondary mineral in orange to red or yellow hues.

Is Wulfenite safe in the water?

No, Wulfenite is not safe in water.

Can Wulfenite go in the sun?

Yes and no. You can charge and cleanse crystals like Wulfenite under the sun for only 2 to 3 minutes. Any longer can damage the stone.

Is Wulfenite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

Wulfenite is dangerous owing to the presence of lead in it, so please wash your hands well after touching the stone, or don’t handle it without personal protective equipment. Definitely avoid handling broken pieces and inhaling dust.

How to identify real Wulfenite?

The best way to identify real Wulfenite is by rubbing it on unglazed porcelain to check if it has a white streak.

Does Wulfenite fluoresce?

Yes and no. Most Wulfenite crystals don’t fluoresce, but some may exhibit a green light under shortwave UV light.

How much does Wulfenite cost?

You can get low-quality Wulfenite for $10 per specimen. Higher-quality specimens may cost hundreds of thousands of USD.

What crystals to pair with Wulfenite?

Selenite, Amethyst, Aragonite, and Garnet are the best crystal to pair with Wulfenite.

How to clean and take care of Wulfenite?

Use incense sticks or Selenite to reset the Wulfenite crystal. Remember to be careful so you can avoid accidental collisions. Otherwise, it may crack and chip easily.

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