(dahy - op - teys)
Main Origins:
Czech Republic, Namibia, Russia, Canada, USA, Mexico, Italy, Congo, Angola, Germany, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Israel, Zimbabwe, and Romania.

What is Dioptase?

A person holding a small dioptase crystal while inspecting it using a head-mounted lens

Did you know Dioptase was first mistaken for Emerald? With a deeper green and lesser transparency than Emeralds, Dioptase is a less-known stone with a glassy luster.

Chemically, it’s copper sulfate, and the green shade comes from copper. Dioptase is a hydrated copper cyclosilicate, usually found in desert regions. 

Metaphysically, Dioptase crystal represents physical, mental, and emotional freedom.

Dioptase was discovered in the late 18th century by the father of Crystallography, René Just Haüy. However, archeologists have found Dioptase paint in statutes dating back to 7,200 B.C. 

Nowadays, you’ll find Dioptase in shades of green with blue, yellow, brown, or red inclusions. It’s also found with other minerals like Shattuckite, Cerussite, Azurite, Malachite, Chrysocolla, Quartz, Fluorite, Wulfenite, and more. 

Fun Fact: Dioptase exists in many forms, from masses to sprays, acicular, radiating, druzy, encrusting, grain, and botryoidal crystals.

Dioptase Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Have you heard about the heart healer stone? It’s Dioptase! 

Dioptase is known by many names for the diverse benefits it brings. Most of its meanings are letting go, forgiveness, moving on, hope, and positivity because no other crystal heals emotional scars like Dioptase.

Did you know Dioptase rules over most chakras, including the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Higher Heart, and Root? Dioptase benefits include enlightenment, intuition, self-expression, health, abundance, and grounding. 

Most people know Dioptase rules the water element, but most forget about its secondary element, earth. Together, both elements help with emotional healing and pain relief.

Astrologically, Dioptase is ruled by the planet Venus. Hence, Dioptase brings beauty, love, self-care, peace, hope, and new beginnings. 

Other metaphysical properties of Dioptase come from Gods such as Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Time; Nuit, the Egyptian Goddess of Sky; Galatea, the Greek Goddess of Calm Seas; Poseidon, the Greek God of Sea, and Neptune, the Roman God of Seas.

Dioptase Healing Properties and Benefits

Letting Go

  • Dioptase is an excellent stone for moving forward after loss, heartbreak, divorce, failure, or traumatic events. It helps you stand up on your feet and find fruitful opportunities. 
  • The best way to use Dioptase to move on is with soil charging. You can bury the stone under three inches of soil overnight in a flowerpot.


  • Hope is sometimes clear and other times bleak, but how we feel is always based on our experiences. Dioptase can help you find the good and positivity in every situation, no matter what.
  • Dioptase is a great stone for shaking off negativity and negative self-talk if you carry it in your left pocket. Try to charge the crystal by holding it in your palms for five minutes in the early morning sunlight. 


  • It’s easier to hate yourself when you’ve lost your ground. Dioptase digs into the spiritual powers of Mother Earth to help you find self-respect and self-care, especially if you’re going through self-pity. 
  • Try to charge your Dioptase under the light of the Full Moon or New Moon. It’ll teach you how to love yourself. You can then carry the crystal everywhere you go. 

Pain Relief

  • Relief from emotional, physical, and spiritual pain or loss is easier with Dioptase because this crystal comforts the heart. It spreads harmony and peace of mind around the home.
  • You can indirectly infuse the powers of Dioptase into a glass of water to make a crystal elixir out of it at home. Learn how to make DIY gem water with crystals like Dioptase here.

Addiction and Detox

  • Addiction is a disease of emotional, spiritual, and physical blockages. After finding support and help to fight your battles, Dioptase can help you stay committed to your goals. 
  • Wear a low-hanging Dioptase pendant around your neck to keep your Heart Chakra tuned. Chant positive affirmations into the crystal before wearing it.

Dioptase Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Wealthy woman showing money

Good Fortune

  • Did you know Dioptase attracts an abundance of wealth? The good luck magnet stone multiplies wealth by honing your dormant skills. It’s excellent for teenagers, students, and leaders.
  • The best way to program Dioptase for good fortune is by setting a crystal grid in the northeast direction of your home. Remember to use Dioptase as the focus stone.

Karmic Therapy

  • Have you ever heard your inner voice talk about past life karma? For some people, not doing penance for past life bad karma can lead to misfortune in the current reality. Use Dioptase jewelry to resolve this. 
  • Meditate with sacred herbs like a sage smudge stick or incense to find guidance on how to do penance for your past sins. Always charge your Dioptase jewelry this way before wear.

Higher Powers

  • Intuition, premonition, clairvision, and foresight are all psychic powers that awaken inside you after bonding with a Dioptase crystal. It’s also perfect for dream work.
  • You can keep an activated Dioptase crystal on your bedside table or under the pillow to tap into higher powers. I suggest activating the crystal by keeping Dioptase next to a Tibetan singing bowl and playing with the bowl.


  • Dioptase prevents psychic harm from touching your aura because it’s a high-vibration crystal. You can also use it to prevent envy, feuds, and insecurity in your family. 
  • Burying Dioptase in the four directions of your home creates an energy ring of protection against it. If you live in an apartment, bury a Dioptase in each of four pots and place it at the four interior corners of your home.


  • If you have a multicolor Dioptase, you have hit the jackpot. Natural multicolored Dioptase crystals are rare and powerful. They vibrate to higher frequencies and manifest dreams.
  • You can set a charged Dioptase in the center of your crystal grid or altar to activate your intention. Here are other ways to set intentions with crystals.

Dioptase Side Effects

  • Disturbed Sleep: Some varieties of Dioptase may raise your vibration too high that you may experience nightmares or insomnia.

Dioptase Meaning: What does Dioptase symbolize?

Two person holding hands as a sign of forgiving

Forgiveness is the meaning of the Dioptase healing crystal. 

Traditionally, Dioptase removes the pain associated with trauma, grief, loss, self-hate, guilt, and emotional scars in your heart. It’s a freeing stone that reveals your most authentic self.

Did you know why René Just Haüy named it Dioptase? Dioptase is derived from the Greek words Dia (through) and Optasia (to see), meaning see-through. Haüy thus named it for its visible cleavage directions. 

In the New Age, Dioptase represents relief, love, support, hope, manifestation, karmic penance, and prosperity, along with emotional freedom. It’s also powerful against psychic harm and negativity.

Varieties of Dioptase

  • True Dioptase: The original color of Dioptase is a mix of green and blue. True Dioptase is excellent for self-expression, honesty, hope, and decision-making skills. 
  • Dark Green Dioptase: Often seen in dark green druzy crystals, this type of Dioptase is good for heart Awakening. Dark Green Dioptase is great for good fortune and abundance. 
  • Ocean Blue Dioptase: A turquoise-colored Dioptase, this variety might look like Celestite, Angelite, or Blue Calcite. Ocean Blue Dioptase is perfect for angelic guidance, self-expression, and emotional freedom. 
  • Bi-Color Dioptase: This type of Dioptase shows yellow-green, green-brown, or green-blue color combinations. Healers and shamans recommend it for manifestation, deep healing, or release from addiction, hexes, and evil eyes.
  • Black Dioptase: Often black with inclusions of white, green, or blue colors, this Dioptase variety is excellent for grounding and protection. Black Dioptase mainly opens the Root Chakra.
  • Botryoidal Dioptase: Seen with green, blue, yellow, olive-green, white, and dark green colors, this type of Dioptase exists in grape-like structures. Botryoidal Dioptase is ideal for balance, harmony, and relief from physical, emotional, or spiritual pain.
  • Micro-acicular Dioptase: Forming small spray or radiating crystals, this Dioptase variety often remains on the matrix. Mico-acicular Dioptase is good for manifestation, psychic protection, and letting go.
  • Dioptase with Minrecordite: This type of Dioptase shows up with dark green, marine green, or blue crystals on a white matrix. Dioptase with Minrecordite is one of the best natural crystal pairings for wisdom and higher powers. 
  • Dioptase with Cerussite: When green crystals of Dioptase form with brown scaly crystals of Cerussite, they open higher and lower chakras. I Dioptase with Cerussite is perfect for grounding and protection from psychic harm. 
  •  Dioptase with Fluorite: Namibian varieties of Dioptase with Fluorite show lighter shades of green, brown, yellow, or white.  Dioptase with Fluorite is excellent for grounding, psychic vision, and clarity. 
  •  Dioptase with Hemimorphite: Some North American Dioptase varieties exist with Hemimorphite and Chlorargyrite showing teal, turquoise, marine-blue, and brown shades. Dioptase with Hemimorphite is great for self-expression and optimism.
  •  Dioptase with Wulfenite: Often forming with Mimetite and Wulfenite, this type of Dioptase shows orange, blue, white, blue-green, and green. Dioptase with Wulfenite is excellent for passion, commitment, manifestation, and higher powers.
  •  Dioptase with Quartz: This Dioptase variety is seen with Smoky Quartz and Clear Quartz with massive to micro inclusions, including green, brown, white, and blue colors. Dioptase with Quartz is a high-vibration stone that purifies, amplifies, and strengthens.
  •  Dioptase with Mimetite: Showing dark yellow to green, red, brown, and beige color crystals, this is a rare Dioptase variety. Dioptase with Mimetite is great for good fortune, manifestation, relief, and protection. 
  •  Dioptase with Duftite: A Dioptase variety is seen with the Duftite matrix, this crystal shows different shades of green, gold, white, black, olive-green, and yellow colors. Dioptase with Duftite is excellent for peace and harmony. 
  •  Dioptase with Chrysocolla: This is a spectacular Dioptase variety with dark green, black, blue, turquoise, and teal crystals or botryoidal formations. Dioptase with Chrysocolla is excellent for angelic guidance and mediumship.
  •  Dioptase with Red Hematoid Quartz: Easy to identify, this type of Dioptase exists as green crystals on a brown or red matrix. Dioptase with Red Hematoid Quartz is excellent for grounding, courage, and commitment.
  •  Dioptase with Calcite: The common Dioptase variety on a white matrix, this crystal often occurs as clusters in various shades of blue-green colors. Dioptase with Calcite is a good crystal for abundance, success, and peace of mind. 
  •  Dioptase with Malachite: Seen in botryoidal and druzy crystals, Malachite Dioptase is captivating visually and spiritually. Dioptase with Malachite is great for opening the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras. 
  •  Dioptase with Shattuckite: Shattuckite may exist with Dioptase crystals showing teal, indigo, blue, and brown colors. Dioptase with Shattuckite is an excellent crystal for spiritual guidance, protection, and psychic vision. 
  •  Dioptase with Azurite: Another natural crystal combination, Azurite forms with Diopside to create a bi-color crystal showing shades of green with blue. Dioptase with Azurite is ideal for activating psychic abilities. 
  •  Dioptase with Dolomite: A naturally pink-green combination, this Dioptase variety is very rare. Dioptase with Dolomite is mostly known for self-love, moving on, dream work, and karmic therapy.

How To Cleanse Dioptase?

Amethyst crystal cleansing using incense smoke

  • Incense: Light incense and waft its smoke over Dioptase to cleanse the negativity and evil vibrations stuck in the crystal. 
  • Mantra: You can chant the seed mantra of the Water element, VAM, to cleanse Dioptase thoroughly. Hold the crystal before your mouth when doing so.
  • Crystal Wand: Circle a crystal wand made of a self-cleansing crystal, like Clear Quartz or Selenite, over Dioptase to cleanse it spiritually.

Questions and Answers

Is Dioptase natural?

Yes, Dioptase is a natural crystal. Chemically, it’s a hydrated form of copper cyclosilicate.

Are Diopside and Dioptase the same?

No, Diopside is different from Dioptase. 

Diopside is a mineral made of magnesium and iron in dark green to pale green shades. Dioptase is a copper sulfate mineral in varied shades of blue and green.

Is Dioptase safe in water?

No, Dioptase is not safe in water. Hence, you shouldn’t let it contact any moisture. It’s better to cleanse it with the water element seed mantra than rinse the crystal directly.

Can Dioptase go in the Sun?

Yes, most varieties of Dioptase are safe in the Sun. It’s good to cleanse or charge Dioptase with sunlight for short periods once a month.

Is Dioptase rare?

Yes and no; Dioptase is abundant but faceted varieties of the stone aren’t.

Where is Dioptase crystal found?

Dioptase is largely found in Namibia, Russia, and the U.S.A.

Is Dioptase fragile?

Yes, Dioptase is extremely fragile. It may easily crumble or crack under slight force/pressure. Handle it with extreme care!

How doyou store Dioptase?

You should always keep Dioptase in airtight boxes without any rattling or movement to prevent it from breaking during transport or travel.

How can you tell if Dioptase is real?

Real Dioptase may be transparent or translucent with a glass-like luster. Although, they reflect light more than fake Dioptase or glass does. They are easily scratched by steel, quartz, and glass. Authentic Dioptase is also cold to the touch.

Is Dioptase expensive?

No; Dioptase isn’t expensive unless found in rare areas, colors, formations, or with uncommon minerals. Typically, Dioptase costs $2 to $4 per carat.

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