( vuh - nad - n - neyd)
Main Origins:
Spain, Scotland, Namibia, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, the United States, Austria, and Morocco.

What is Vanadinite?

A person holding a vanadinite crystal

Vanadinite is a brittle stone that is made up of lead, oxygen, chlorine, and vanadium. It is used in industry for lead and vanadium and is formed of deep red hexagonal crystals. The vanadium that is found within this crystal is often added to steel to make it stronger. 

Despite being found in a range of locations around the world, Vanadinite is pretty rare. Because it has a low hardness scale and is pretty brittle, it is usually sold in its raw form. 

Connected to the element of Fire, Vanadinite brings forth a powerful energy of creativity and passion. Working with this stone can enhance transformation and growth, and it will push you further on your true path in life.

Vanadinite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Vanadinite has a variety of incredible benefits. Working with the lower three chakras, its vibrations balance and unblock energy and allow thoughts and feelings to flow. Its playful energy allows you to think outside the box and gain new ideas regarding life, work, and love

Did you know that Vanadinite boosts your motivation and determination? It is the perfect stone to turn to if you need help regarding career or personal goals. 

Vanadinite allows you to tap into your sense of self and discover your true identity. If you are feeling confused or have a lack of direction in life, this stone can really help you unlock your true path.

Because it gets its energy from the element of Fire, you can use Vanadinite to transform and change your life. It also unlocks passions and desires, bringing forth an understanding of the self. 

Vanadinite is connected to the fiery planet Mars. This planet represents action and willpower. Using Vanadinite can enhance this aspect of yourself. It is also the planet of sexuality, and Vanadinite can enhance this part of your life, too.

Vanadinite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Vanadinite enhances your understanding of who you are and helps you achieve your true goals in life. 
  • Have a Vanadinite stone in your home to allow its energy to enhance your self-realization. 

Mental Clarity

  • Promoting understanding and focus, working with Vanadinite can provide you with mental clarity regarding a specific situation. 
  • If you are in need of mental clarity, hold your Vanadinite stone in your hands while exploring the situation or problem you face. 

Work Success

  • Vanadinite is bustling with high energy that promotes action and determination. It enhances your intellect and creativity to help you achieve your career goals. 
  • Have a Vanadinite crystal on your desk at work or in your office at home. When you need a boost of energy, hold it in your hands for a few moments before getting back to work!


  • The fiery energy of Vanadinite boosts motivation and helps you achieve your goals. 
  • Hold your Vanadinite stone in your hands while repeating positive affirmations of success and achievement. 


  • Connected to the Sacral Chakra, Vanadinite is great for enhancing creativity and self-expression. 
  • If you are in a creative block, have a charged Vanadinite by your side when writing, painting, or making music. 

Enhances Sexuality

  • Vanadinite enhances sexuality and sensuality, allowing you to explore this side of yourself. 
  • Charge your Vanadinite stone with affirmations of sexual well-being and sensuality. Then place it in your bedroom.

Vanadinite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A path diverging into two in nature

Psychic Protection

  • Vanadinite can be used for psychic protection. Its powerful vibrations shield you from negative energy and bounce it back into the world. 
  • Place a Vanadinite in your home to protect your space from psychic harm. 


  • We can use Vanadinite to enhance our intuition and unlock hidden knowledge within us. 
  • Meditate with a Vanadinite crystal while exploring gut feelings and emotions. 

Reveals Destiny

  • Though it can be difficult to really understand our true path in life, the powerful vibrations of Vanadinite can help us figure out our destiny. 
  • Meditate with your Vanadinite crystal during the Full Moon. Ask the Full Moon to illuminate your destiny.

Inner Peace

  • Vanadinite creates a flow of energy within you that promotes understanding and enlightenment. In turn, this provides you with inner peace and calm. 
  • Hold your Vanadinite stone in your hands while inhaling and exhaling. As you exhale, imagine all your worries leaving your body. 


  • Connected to the Root Chakra, Vanadinite works to promote stability and security. Its energy grounds you in the here and now and centers your emotions. 
  • Meditate with your Vanadinite stone while visualizing a flow of energy from the crystal, through your body, and into the earth. 

Spiritual Transformation

  • Vanadinite unblocks your energy and allows you to follow your true spiritual path and transform into your higher self. 
  • Light a candle and call upon the element of Fire. Hold your Vanadinite stone in your hand while focusing on the flame and ask for spiritual enlightenment. 

Vanadinite Side Effects

  • Toxicity: Because Vanadinite contains lead, it can be toxic. Never put it in water to drink, and do not chip or cut it in any way. 
  • Heightened Emotions: Vanadinite is an incredibly energetic stone that unlocks passions and desires, so this energy may be overwhelming to some and can heighten emotions. If you feel overwhelmed when using Vanadinite, put it in another room for a while. 

Vanadinite Meaning: What Does Vanadinite Symbolize?

A couple sleeping in the bed

As the crystal has a high vanadium content, the name Vanadinite comes from this chemical element. 

Did you know that the name Vanadium is actually derived from mythology? Vanadis is an alternative name for the Norse Goddess, Freyja. She is the goddess of sex, beauty, war, and magic. We can connect to Freyja by meditating with Vanadinite. 

Vanadinite was first discovered in Mexico in 1801. The Spanish mineralogist Andrés Manuel del Río originally called it brown lead and believed it to be a new mineral. By the 1830s, analyses of the crystal proved him right, and it was officially named Vanadinite.

Varieties of Valandinite

  • Common Vanadinite: The most common variety of Vanadinite appears in hexagonal crystals of red-orange shades. This crystal enhances focus and determination. 
  • Deep Red Vanadinite: Varieties of Vanadinite that are found in deep red shades are fantastic for grounding and protection.
  • Cherry Vanadinite: A Cherry Vanadinite has a mixture of red and orange hues within the stone. This variety promotes action and manifestation. 
  • Superb Cherry Vanadinite: Containing a complex structure of red, yellow, and orange hexagonal structures, Superb Cherry Vanadinite connects with the lower three chakras and creates a flow of energy through them. 
  • Brown Vanadinite: Varieties of Vanadinite that are brown or dark red provide protection and grounding. 
  • Yellow and Orange Vanadinite: The stunning mixture of yellow and orange shades in this type of Vanadinite promotes passion and sensuality.
  • Yellow Vanadinite: Yellow Vanadinite is perfect to use with the Solar Plexus Chakra. It provides confidence and courage. 
  • Chocolate Vanadinite: Chocolate Vanadinite is a variety that has rich brown and red shades. This type promotes willpower and conviction. 
  • Tan Vanadinite: A light brown variety of stone, Tan Vanadinite promotes strength and resilience.
  • Orange Vanadinite: Orange Vanadinite connects with the Sacral Chakra and can be used to heighten sensuality and pleasure. 
  • Arsenian Vanadinite: This rare form of Vanadinite contains Arsenic, which makes it appear metallic and gray. It should not be used in crystal healing because of its toxicity. 
  • Druzy Vanadinite: Druzy Vanadinite refers to specimens of the crystal that have formed on other rocks. They are great for meditation and spiritual growth. 
  • Acicular Vanadinite: Appearing in needle-like shapes, Acicular Vanadinite is perfect for feng shui.
  • Skeletal Vanadinite: Skeletal Vanadinite refers to specimens that have layers of crystals within. This variety harmonizes the lower chakras and promotes courage and willpower. 
  • Mibladen Vanadinite: This specimen gets its name from the mine it comes from. It has white and red hues within the stone and unlocks personal power and growth. 
  • Taouz Vanadinite: Taouz Vanadinite contains dark tones within the crystal and appears in a botryoidal structure. This variety is perfect for opening up the Root Chakra.
  • Arizona Vanadinite: Vanadinite that is found in Arizona is slightly purple at times. This variety enhances your intuition and self-awareness. 
  • Vanadinite with Dolomite: This specimen contains limestone Dolomite and appears in white and orange colors. Use this variety to boost your energy and motivation.
  • Vanadinite with Baryte: A white-blue variety, this crystal contains Baryte. This specimen promotes wisdom and inner peace. 
  • Vanadinite with Apatite: A stunning mixture of Vanadinite and Apatite, this variety enhances creativity and self-expression. 

How To Cleanse Vanadinite?

An incense that is burning

  • Soil: Place your Vanadinite in a bowl of soil. Make sure it is fully submerged in the soil and leave it overnight. 
  • Incense: Light an incense stick and let it burn for a while. When there is a flow of smoke, carefully pass your Vanadinite through it. 
  • Singing Bowls: Place your Vanadinite on your altar and grab your singing bowl. Start playing and carry on until you feel that the crystal is cleansed.

Questions and Answers

How toxic is Vanadinite?

Because of its lead content, Vanadinite is considered toxic. Handle it carefully and always wash your hands after use. Never lick the stone or put it in water to drink.

Can you touch Vanadinite?

You can touch Vanadinite, but make sure you limit your contact with the stone and always wash your hands after working with it.

Is Vanadinite radioactive?

Vanadinite is not radioactive.

Can Vanadinite be in the sun?

No, Vanadinite cannot be in the sun, as sunlight can fade and damage this stone.

Why is Vanadinite red?

Vanadinite is red because of the electrons in the crystal. Light goes through these electrons and creates a red glow.

Can Vanadinite get wet?

No, because of its lead content, Vanadinite should not get wet.

What can Vanadinite be paired with?

Vanadinite can be paired with a variety of crystals. If you wish to strengthen your Root Chakra, pair it with Ruby or Red Jasper. In order to enhance your creativity and passion, pair it with Carnelian.

How to identify a real Vanadinite from a fake?

Vanadinite is a dense and brittle crystal. Fakes will be lighter than real Vanadinite. Vanadinite is rarely polished and cut, so any crystals that have been are most likely fake.

How do you clean Vanadinite stone?

Clean your Vanadinite stone with a soft cloth. Avoid water.

How much money is Vanadinite worth?

Because of its rarity, Vanadinite is more expensive than other crystals. Small, rough specimens are usually around $20 to $100.

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