The Best Crystals for Scorpio Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals for Scorpio
  2. Grounding Crystals for Scorpio
  3. Protection Crystals for Scorpio
  4. Good Luck Crystals for Scorpio
  5. Bad Crystal for Scorpio
  6. Crystal for Scorpio Full Moon
  7. Crystal for Scorpio New Moon
  8. Crystal for Scorpio Sun
  9. Crystal for Scorpio Rising
  10. Crystal for Scorpio and Sagittarius Cusp

Scorpio is the zodiac sign known to be intense, dark, and mysterious and is often wildly misunderstood by others. Mars, the planet that drives desires, directs energy, and ignites passion, and Pluto, the planet of profound transformation and rebirth, are both planetary rulers of Scorpio.

With extremely powerful emotions and solid insight into the hidden aspects of life and human consciousness, Scorpios are passionate about removing all masks and erasing pretentiousness, causing everything to be exposed and revealed. 

The biggest challenge you face is bringing balance to your emotions, as your ability to see into the intentions of others can cause you to be suspicious and untrusting when you confuse intuition for emotion-influenced thought. Your strength is making other people aware of their emotional space and connecting them with their emotional selves.

However, you can often allow your subjective emotions to reign and become hateful, angry, and spiteful to those you wish to help. It is crucial to find ways to not allow your own negative emotions toward other people’s lives and circumstances to influence your actions, as this can distract you from achieving the connections with others you seek.

The best crystals for Scorpio are those that lessen your tendency to view things via a dark lens and to see the good present within everyone.

For example, you want to connect with others in a highly profound emotional way, yet, you allow your suspicious and darker thoughts to get in the way of achieving the connections you seek. Being overly attached to certain beliefs can limit you significantly, which is why good crystals for Scorpio allow you to view things objectively and see life through the eyes of another.

Healing Crystals for Scorpio

The best healing crystals for Scorpio are those that lessen your want and need to control things and cling to old memories, concepts, and emotions that build remorseful feelings within you.

Crystals that allow the wearer to connect with others deeply and intimately are wonderful crystals for a Scorpio woman or man. In addition, crystals that allow you to focus on the positive side of things instead of the negative, as the darker aspects around you can overly consume you, are some of the best Scorpio crystals.

Golden Topaz

Topaz Chunk on a white background

One of the Scorpio birthstones, Golden Topaz stores helpful information and emotions and dispels negative energy and thoughts. Golden topaz can be used as a battery, as it can bring vitality and recharge your energy.

By bringing a sense of lightness to your spirit, Golden topaz helps you dispel any thoughts that weigh you down and cause negative thinking. As a stone used to attract others, Golden topaz can help you create the relationships and connections you seek. 


citrine chunk on a white background

A powerful emotion stabilizer, Citrine is another Scorpio birthstone that allows you to incorporate logic and ration when feeling certain emotions. Enabling you to identify how your thoughts can often warp your emotions and reality, Citrine helps you rid your mind of negative thinking.

In addition, Scorpios are often highly business-minded and incredibly driven to succeed. Citrine can attract relationships and opportunities into your life that bring you a greater sense of personal wealth. 

Grounding Crystals for Scorpio

Scorpios can be highly skeptical and suspicious. The best grounding crystals for Scorpio remove suspicion and doubt from your mind and allow you to fully submerge yourself in the moment, trusting life will take you where it needs to.

It can be tricky for you to open up to others truly, and to share your genuine thoughts and emotions due to thinking no one will understand you. Crystals that allow you to open your heart to others, and to share what you feel with grace, are some of the best grounding Scorpio crystals.


A Margarite crystal on a white background
Source: | Robert Lavinksy

With the ability to banish anxiety and negative emotion in the wearer, Margarite is one of the best crystals to aid you in expressing your true feelings without clouding them with darkness and pessimism. Margarite diminishes your want to isolate yourself and keep your emotions and thoughts a secret. Allowing you to see the good present within each individual you encounter, Margarite is a beautiful crystal to use to lessen suspicion and mistrust in others.

Flint Stone

polished flIntstone on a white background

As a Scorpio, diving deep into the unknown and mysterious topics excites you. Flint stone allows you to remain grounded and rational when exploring the unknown elements in life. Allowing you to see the true nature within those you encounter, Flint Stone shows you who you can trust and who you should steer clear of.

One of the best crystals to use when exploring darker topics or when dealing with high-pressure, intense situations, Flint Stone allows you to remain neutral and sever any emotional ties that might cause you to over-fixate on something.

Protection Crystals for Scorpio

Ruled by the 8th house in astrology, Scorpios can often endure life-threatening situations, deal with immense loss, intertwine their resources with others and be highly sexually motivated. Crystals that allow you to overcome trauma and prepare yourself for some of the most transformational experiences in life are the best protection crystals for Scorpio.

With a need to protect yourself in dangerous situations or from the energy of others when you deeply involve yourself with them, knowing what crystals are good for Scorpio when it comes to protection can help you not get consumed by what life throws at you.


polished peridot on white background

Peridot allows the wearer to emit warm and friendly energy and creates a protective shield that deters those with hostile intentions. Allowing you to see how your challenging experiences make you stronger, Peridot makes you aware of your inner strength and gives you courage. Lessening anger and jealousy, Peridot will help you stay rational and calm in your relationships, allowing you to find healthy ways to deal with suspicious thoughts.


polished Rhodochrosite on a white background

Known as “the stone of love and balance,” Rhodochrosite allows you to view all you deal with through a lens of love and compassion. Said to contain the strongest power in the world, the power of love, Rhodochrosite aligns your energy to the vibration of love and harmony. Possessing the ability to connect you with your soulmate, Rhodochrosite is a beautiful crystal to use when looking for love and seeking someone to connect with deeply.

Good Luck Crystals for Scorpio

As a Scorpio, you have a profound ability to connect yourself with others and to intertwine your life and resources with them. Your strength is focusing on the emotional aspects of life, bringing light to that which others hide, and through this, healing can take place, as healing will not occur when you avoid getting to the root of the problem.

Lucky crystals for Scorpio bring people into your life who have the resources you need to create the life you desire while simultaneously giving you the ability to bring these people awareness of their emotional selves.


polished almadine on a white background

Almandine makes you aware of the importance of serving others; through this, others can provide for you. When wearing Almandine, you experience direct karma based on your actions, so if you do good, good comes to you, and bad will come to you if you do wrong. Allowing you to integrate truth into your expressions, Almandine helps connect you with those who match your energy level and have the same intentions as you.


biotite slab on a white background

Biotite instills ration into your mind and allows you to clearly observe the issues affecting you and others within your environment. Allowing you to see beyond what is visibly present, Biotite helps you dig deep for solutions to problems around you. When wearing Biotite, you can intuitively sense disease or disorders in other people.

Bad Crystal for Scorpio

Knowing what crystals are bad for Scorpio can help you avoid amplifying your negative character traits. The worst crystals for Scorpio are those that disconnect you from reality, which disconnects you from being able to form connections with others. In addition, crystals that prevent you from reacting and fixing unpleasant situations are best avoided, as one of your strengths is bringing light to negative situations in life.


polished Chromite on white background

Chromite over stimulates the throat chakra, causing you to express yourself without a filter, which can often cause adverse reactions in others. Instilling a state of non-reaction in the wearer, Chromite stops you from being the hero you are by removing your focus from bringing awareness to what needs to be dealt with and fixed. The best use for Chromite is to instill a sense of adventure in you, allowing you to explore the unknown, but you should use it sparingly if you are a Scorpio, as it can deflect your focus from what is essential. 

Crystal for Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs during Taurus season (April 20 – May 20 ), when the Moon is in Scorpio, and the Sun is in the opposite sign of Scorpio, the zodiac sign Taurus.

A Scorpio Full Moon makes you aware of elements in your life you have overlooked and missed that cause stagnance in your growth. What goals do you have that you can’t seem to reach? There might be many reasons you cannot achieve what you have set out to accomplish, and the Scorpio Full Moon makes you aware of internal and external elements that prevent you from progressing. The best crystals for a Scorpio Full Moon are those that bring your awareness to what needs to be exposed and transformed for growth to occur.


A Linarite crystal on a white background
image source: | Robert Lavinsky

Linarite allows you to intuitively say “yes” to all that allows personal transformation and growth and “no” to all that keeps you stuck in a state of being that prevents you from reaching your goals. Allowing you to scan yourself and your environment for limiting factors, Linarite will bring to your awareness what acts as an empowering and draining force in your life.

Crystal for Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon occurs during Scorpio season (October 23 – November 21 ), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Scorpio.

An intense time when everything that has been kept away and hidden gets exposed, a Scorpio New Moon unearths all secrets. You become aware of what other people have been hiding, as well as what you have been hiding from others, and this is when everyone is raw, authentic, and lays their cards out on the table.

Crystals that lessen aggression, blame, and negative reactions and allow for higher thought to take reign are the best crystals for a Scorpio Moon, as they help you remain balanced and rational during times when what you are exposed to might overwhelm you.


Enhydro on a white background

Enhydro allows you to put yourself in the shoes of another, allowing you to view their experience with lesser judgment and more understanding. Bringing the wearer the ability to feel and understand the feelings of another, Enhydro is a beautiful crystal to use to enhance your empathetic nature and eliminate suspicious thoughts and emotions. Enhydro is one of the best crystals for Scorpio to meditate with, as it gives you the insight you need to remain calm when adapting to newfound information and situations. 

Crystal for Scorpio Sun

Scorpio Sun natives can see beyond what is visible and are hyper-aware of energetic undercurrents and hidden elements around them. As a Scorpio, you can be highly creative, and expressing your complex thoughts and emotions via artforms is a beneficial way to get others to see what you experience. Good crystals for Scorpio allow you to dispel any fear of darkness or that which is unknown and bring hidden elements to light to allow for more effective resolutions to problems that cause emotional despair in others. 


A Kainosite crystal on a white background
image source: | Robert Lavinsky

Kainosite is one of the most powerful crystals for Scorpio men and women. It brings grounding and stability to chaotic emotions triggered by observing life’s darker, hidden elements. Allowing you to establish firm boundaries between yourself and others, Kainosite helps you say “no” when you need to. Improving your ability to make good impressions on others in your romantic, social and professional encounters, Kainosite is a beautiful stone to help you attract people into your life that bring you happiness and fulfillment. 

Crystal for Scorpio Rising

If you are a Scorpio rising, the intensity of your emotions can be felt by others when they meet you. Some people might find you very intriguing, while others might not understand you and avoid your intensity. The best crystals for Scorpio rising are those that lessen the intimidating impact of your aura and emotions, as it might be overwhelming to others. Crystals that bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your energy field are good crystals for Scorpio rising, as they allow you to be more approachable and inviting to others.


An excellent crystal to minimize anger and calm your intense emotions, Thalenite relieves internal stress caused by overthinking and overanalyzing. Bringing you the ability to practise self restraint, Thalenite will help you bite your tongue in situations where you might be having intense emotional reactions. Thalenite lessens your want and need to control situations and people, allowing you to let life unfold naturally as it should.

Crystal for Scorpio and Sagittarius Cusp

If you were born on the Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp, you were likely born around November 21st or 22nd. However, having your Sun in both Scorpio and Sagittarius is impossible. Therefore, if you use a birth chart calculator with your accurate birth time, you will note that the Sun will either be at 29 degrees Scorpio, or 0 degrees Sagittarius, known as a “cusp.” 


citrine chunk on a white background

Citrine is one of the November birthstones and one of the best crystals for the Scorpio and Sagittarius cusp. Scorpio and Sagittarius are zodiac signs with a high level of passion for what they believe in, and they are unshakable in their values. With the ability to brighten up any reality and bring a positive perception to the wearer, Citrine allows you to detach from being overly personally invested in specific experiences. Citrine brings balance to your emotions and how you view things, allowing your perception not to cloud your ability to fulfill your purpose.

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