The Best Crystals for Taurus Zodiac Sign

  1. Healing Crystals for Taurus
  2. Grounding Crystals for Taurus
  3. Protection Crystals for Taurus
  4. Good Luck Crystals for Taurus
  5. Bad Crystal for Taurus
  6. Bertrandite
  7. Crystal for Taurus Full Moon
  8. Fiedlerite
  9. Crystal for Taurus New Moon
  10. Amblygonite 
  11. Crystal for Taurus Sun
  12. Kyanite
  13. Crystal for Taurus Rising
  14. Pascoite
  15. Crystal For Taurus and Gemini Cusp
  16. Emerald

Taurus is the zodiac sign associated with beauty, groundedness, strength, and incomparable resilience. Taureans have an eye for beauty and the finer things in life while being aware of the hard work and dedication that is required to obtain what brings them a sense of comfort and stability. As the zodiac sign that rules the five senses, Taurus natives have more attuned senses than most other zodiac signs, and life is experienced via the five senses, which are taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Taurus individuals strive to create an ideal world filled with friends, love, and the good side of life and are willing to offer and share these incredibly indulgent and grand experiences with those they love.

The biggest challenge you face is keeping focused on your goals and not giving in to the temptations in life. You want to create the ideal, comfortable world for yourself, but you often get lost in the comforts, forgetting that you need to be responsible and have a duty to fulfill. Being generous and giving is a virtue, but you can give of your resources too much for the sake of having a good time. Having boundaries when it comes to knowing when to give and when to hold back is essential, or everything you work for will be in vain. Finding ways to save and build your nest egg while still being able to live the comfortable lifestyle you seek will prevent you from experiencing times of great chaos and loss.

The best crystals for Taurus help release stubborn tendencies that prevent you from progressing. Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which can be a fierce, robust, and immovable force, and similarly, you can be headstrong in your views and ways. Additionally, crystals that prevent your need to relax and indulge from causing a disturbance in your professional and financial life are good crystals for Taurus. As an earth sign, you are highly aware of your physical environment, and some of the best crystals for Taurus are those that allow you to create a reality around you based on the vision you have in your mind.

Healing Crystals for Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which means you have a desire to create beauty, love, and peace around you. Venus also rules over money in astrology, and you have a profound ability to attract great riches into your life through your grace, charm, and ability to focus on hard work and your duty. The best healing crystals for Taurus allow you to become aware of what impedes your progress and remain centered on your goals, preventing life’s temptations from getting the best of you. 


Emerald on white background

Emerald is one of the Taurus birthstones and is a wonderful stone to incite you toward activity, focus your actions and remove laziness and complacency. As a stone that opens and stimulates the heart chakra, Emerald helps you share the love in your heart and invites love back toward you. The zodiac sign Taurus is often associated with being a brick wall, and by instilling sensitivity and loyalty into your energetic field, Emerald helps you be receptive and caring toward the emotions of those around you.


sapphire on a white background

Sapphire is a Taurus birthstone with a powerful ability to help you achieve the goals and dreams within your conscious and subconscious mind. Known as the “stone of prosperity,” Sapphire enables you to direct your focus to what brings you success and abundance in life. By bringing a sense of lightness and joy to your mind, Sapphire helps you release stubborn, unnecessary tendencies that create stagnancy in life.

Grounding Crystals for Taurus

The best grounding crystals for Taurus allow you to focus on accumulation and manifesting abundance in your life while still being gracious and noble to those who are less fortunate than you. Crystals that remove a need to fill a void with food, clothes, and luxury items and inspire you to develop your creative talents are good Taurus crystals. You can sometimes tend to overindulge and lose sight of the bigger picture, causing you to become stuck in a comfort zone where you merely focus on pleasing your senses. 


Diamond on a white background

Known as the “king of the crystals,” a Diamond is a powerful gemstone that eternally remains in a perfect state and never needs to be recharged. Similarly, Diamond gives you strength and resilience in your pursuits without needing to regain or restore your focus and endurance. Used as a talisman against cowardice, Diamond gives you the inner power you need to overcome virtually any challenge with grace and integrity.


Garnet Stones on a white background

By enhancing your inner fire, Garnet helps you manifest your creative capabilities while enhancing your personal magnetism and ability to attract others through your talents. Known as the “stone of commitment,” Garnet keeps you loyal and faithful to your ideals and purpose. By helping you integrate and accept your emotions, Garnet leads you toward self-discovery and a sense of purpose. 

Protection Crystals for Taurus

As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and harmony, you can sometimes be overly concerned with the surface aesthetics in life, failing to look deeper into the meaning and function of what is occurring around you. The best protection crystals for Taurus allow you to look at situations, people, and experiences as a whole and not only consider that which meets the eye. Additionally, crystals that can remove fussy, selective tendencies are great Taurus crystals, as they will allow you to be more open-minded and inviting to unknown things.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Stone on a white background

Known as the stone that increases self-love and self-acceptance in the wearer, Rose Quartz helps you realize that your sense of worth is not based on how much you own or how much money you make. By wearing or placing Rose Quartz in your environment, you create a space of unconditional love, allowing others who vibrate at a loving frequency to be drawn to you. Rose Quartz lets you view everything through a lens of acceptance and love, allowing you not to get caught up in the superficialities of life.

Laguna Agate

Laguna Agate on a white background

Laguna Agate is a beautiful stone to fight depression and has a profound ability to get you to accept that which cannot be changed and is out of your control. Known to make the wearer more flexible and adaptable, Laguna Agate allows you to view things differently than what you usually would. In addition, Laguna Agate acts as a protective stone to your money and investments, preventing unexpected events and expenses from draining your bank account. 

Good Luck Crystals for Taurus

As a Taurus, you are a solid, stable, grounded, immovable force and stand firm in your ideals and values. You are a highly dependable person, and your hard-working, resilient nature leads you to great success. You understand that slow and steady wins the race, which is why crystals that allow you to slow down and follow your own pace for you to function at your best ability are the best good luck crystals for Taurus. Knowing what crystals are good for Taurus when it comes to luck will help you continually wear the right crystal when you need some more fairy dust in your life! 


Beudantite on white background
image source: | Robert Lavinsky

Beudantite is a powerful crystal that connects you with your natural, raw talents. By making you aware of how you direct and determine what you are capable of through what you believe, Beudantite connects you with your most extraordinary skills and capabilities, allowing you to be the best version of yourself. In addition, by making you radiate love and warmth in all your actions, Beudantite will enable you to give and receive only love and compassion in all interactions.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum stones on a white background

Known as the “stone of harmony and change”, Chrysanthemum Stone allows you to accept the flow of life and the different experiences that come along with it. An excellent stone to connect you with others and help you build solid relationships, Chrysanthemum Stone puts you in a state of fun-loving innocence when engaging with those you enjoy being around. By making you aware of how each moment is precious, Chrysanthemum Stone removes any need to be overly anxious about the past or future. 

Bad Crystal for Taurus

As a Taurus, routine and stability are essential for your mental and emotional wellbeing. Being a fixed Earth sign, being thrown into the unknown can lead to you experiencing anxiety and tension. The worst crystals for Taurus push your head into the clouds and remove your ability to walk with your feet flat on the ground. Leaving your comfort zone now and then is essential, but if you deviate entirely from your plans, you can get lost and confused and end up in unfavorable situations.  


Bertrandite on white background
image source: | Robert Lavinsky

By inviting rapid changes that fast track gaining awareness in the wearer, Bertrandite is a wonderful stone for those who wish to embark on unknown experiences that bring expansion. Even though Bertrandite can be helpful if life has become repetitive and mundane, you must use it sparingly if you are a Taurus, as it can make you feel spaced out and cause you to forget essential duties and responsibilities.

Crystal for Taurus Full Moon

The Taurus Full Moon occurs during Scorpio season (October 23 – November 21), when the Moon is in Taurus, and the Sun is in the opposite sign of Taurus, the zodiac sign Scorpio.

A Taurus Full Moon makes you aware of how you might need to access and use different resources to achieve your goals. You might prefer to stick to the tried and tested ways of doing things, but what you can gain from your current resources is limited. During a Taurus Full Moon, you might need to reach out and find new methods to complete and fulfill your objectives.


Fiedlerite is one of the best crystals for Taurus to wear during a Taurus Full Moon, as it allows you to become idle, stop wasting time on activities that drain your resources, and find new constructive ways to complete your projects. As it helps you create the ideal circumstances and environment to succeed and to make all the right choices, Fiedlerite is one of the best crystals for a Taurus woman and man to wear during a Full Moon.

Crystal for Taurus New Moon

The Taurus New Moon occurs during Taurus season (April 20 – May 20), when the Sun and the Moon come together in the zodiac sign, Taurus.

When there is a New Moon in Taurus, your senses are more sensitive, and you seek ways to satisfy your sensual cravings. Life is experienced through the five senses, and a Taurus New Moon reminds you to slow down and enjoy the little things life offers, such as food, music, soft textures, and skin-to-skin contact with those you love. A New Moon in Taurus reminds you that you want comforts, luxuries, beauty, and things that make you feel good in life, and there is no need to feel guilty for it! 


Amblygonite brings a calming and soothing energy to the environment, allowing you to take in what you experience entirely without any interruptions. Known to enhance one’s ability to connect with poetry, art, and music, Amblygonite connects you to the finer things in life and lets you appreciate it, making it one of the best crystals for a Taurus New Moon.

Crystal for Taurus Sun

As a fixed sign, you know what you want, when, and how you want it. Therefore, it can be difficult for others to change your mind or get you to try new things unless you want to. The best crystals for a Taurus Sun are those that bring more openness and willingness to engage with and explore new things in your life by bringing a sense of calm into your energetic field and by banishing anger, frustration, and the need to control.


kyanite chunk on a white background

Kyanite has a profound ability to align the chakras when worn or held instantly. By giving you the ability to persevere through anything, Kyanite gives you the ability to immerse yourself and be present in situations and experiences you would usually avoid. A powerful stone to enhance love and compassion in your communications, Kyanite makes your aura more inviting toward others. 

Crystal for Taurus Rising

As a Taurus rising, others view you as a comfort-loving person who tends to be stubborn and immovable regarding what you want. The best crystals for Taurus rising allow you to let go of the past, past circumstances, and stubborn tendencies and to focus on progress and the future. Crystals that push you out of your comfort zone and allow you to embark on new experiences and adventures others drive you toward can help you expand your awareness beyond what you have ever imagined. 


By making you less highly strung, Pascoite makes you realize there are no guarantees in life. Pascoite lets you take your chances and see where life takes you without being overly attached to a specific outcome. By helping you let go of people who drain your vitality, Pascoite clears the path for creating beneficial relationships. 

Crystal For Taurus and Gemini Cusp

If you were born on the Taurus and Gemini cusp, you were likely born around May 20th or 21st. However, having your Sun in both Taurus and Gemini is impossible. Therefore, if you use a birth chart calculator with your accurate birth time, you will note that the Sun will either be at 29 degrees Taurus, or 0 degrees Gemini, which many people call a “cusp.”


Emerald on white background

Emerald is one of the May birthstones and is one of the best crystals for the Taurus and Gemini cusp. Taurus and Gemini are both zodiac signs who are curious about life’s experiences but can often lose sight of what is essential during their journeys of exploration. Emerald is a powerful crystal for both Taurus and Gemini as it allows the wearer to always choose the right action or the correct path, as this will be the only choice available.  

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