(Lie - nuh - ryt)
Main Origins:
USA, UK, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Namibia, Chile, Peru, and Russia.

What is Linarite?

close up look of a hand holding a raw Linarite
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Linarite stands out due to its transparent, shiny, and intense mid to bright blue coloration, described as azure or electric blue. It is very delicate, low on the MOHs scale, and classified as brittle in tenacity, making it easily breakable. This contributes to its rarity as it is tricky to mine.

This striking crystal most often forms microscopic or smaller prismatic, tabular, and elongated crystalline structures. Linarite is usually seen in clusters or as a crust in combination with other minerals, including Quartz, Malachite, Chrysocolla, and many more.

Linarite is a lead copper sulfate hydroxide. It is a secondary mineral formed through the oxidation of lead and copper ores in weathering mines. It is often misidentified as Azurite, which is an even deeper blue.

The energy of this crystal is also remarkable. It has so many benefits, including expanded awareness and awakening. Linarite helps us reconnect to the knowledge and embodiment of our highest spiritual nature with ourselves and within our intimate relationships

Warning! Linarite contains toxic elements. It has a high lead content and copper. These elements are acid soluble and not necessarily soluble to touch, but the crystals are so brittle and tiny that it’s best to be cautious. 

Handle Linarite with great care. Don’t work with this crystal in any way that can lead to you ingesting it (for example: gem elixirs), and be careful not to inhale the fragments if you are cutting it.

Linarite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The metaphysical properties and benefits of Linarite are explained and energized by the elements, planet, numerical vibration, and deities that are associated with this crystal.

The ruling element of Linarite is Water, which resonates with Linarite properties. It offers increased energy, deep healing, graceful power, flow states, wisdom, and fertility.

Linarites’ ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love, attraction, joy, and pleasure. The actions of this planet within Linarite leads to it encouraging us to discover our true desires and express them. It also helps us to strengthen romantic bonds.

7 is the numerical vibration of Linarite, which is a lucky number that resonates with spiritual awakening and expanded awareness. 7 implores us to dig deep and introspect to become aware of our true nature. It is also a reminder to consciously approach life with peace and grace.

Many powerful deities are linked to Linarite. Isis contributes to magic, healing, and fertility. Yemaya is connected to fertility and the sacredness of water. Aphrodite is a Goddess of love, beauty, and sex. Eros is a God of love and pleasure. 

Linarite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Water being the ruling element of Linarite is associated with many powerful fertility goddesses, and its effect on sexual bonding makes this a valuable crystal for improving fertility.
  • Meditate with your partner while gazing at a Linarite crystal before intimacy to energetically synchronize with the vibration of deep connection, pleasure, and fertility.

Cellular Healing

  • Linarite benefits us on a deep level. It helps us to become aware of our inner world in all ways, including the foundation of our health, which is the energy and care that we provide for ourselves on a cellular level.
  • Place your Linarite crystal in front of you, connect with its energy, and enter into a visualization of electric blue light flowing forth from the crystal into your body, permeating your cells and filling them with healing light.

Increased Energy 

  • As Linarite deepens our connection to the divine spirit and infinite source that we are a part of, this crystal is naturally energizing on all levels. 
  • Connect with Linarite for this purpose by gazing at your crystal and repeating the following affirmation 7 times: Divine and infinite spiritual energy is flowing within me.

Nervous System Regulation 

  • The soothing energy of this crystal helps maintain a balanced and healthy nervous system. Linarite fosters positive emotions, which helps regulate and uplift the nervous system.
  • Sit in the presence of your Linarite stone and intentionally choose to feel positive emotions. Pay attention to the state of peace and equanimity that radiates from this crystal.

Hormonal Health 

  • As Linarite benefits your Throat Chakra, it also improves one of the main associated organs. The thyroid is a gland that plays a crucial role in hormonal health.
  • Focus on your Linarite stone and chant the Throat Chakra seed mantra, HAM, 7 times to attune to this benefit.

Linarite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

a woman lying down white a pair of hand holding her throat

Sacred Sexuality

  • Linarite facilitates deeper intimate bonding through spiritual connection, inner wisdom, and cultivating the awareness that allows you to see the divinity within your partner and relationship. This stone encourages pleasure and fertility. 
  • Activate your Linarite by focusing on your crystal and affirming what you are grateful for about your partner and relationship. Keep this crystal within your shared space.

Throat Chakra Activation 

  • One of the leading spiritual benefits of Linarite is the activation or opening of the Throat Chakra. The Throat Chakra is self-expression, communication, influence, truth, and manifestation through words.
  • Work with Linarite for the Throat Chakra by energetically connecting with your crystal and practicing a Throat-Chakra-focused meditation regularly with it nearby.

Deep Transcendental Meditation

  • Transcendental meditation is intended to bring one to a state of relaxed focus. Linarite can help you to easily enter into a peaceful and connected state where you are aware of your higher nature.
  • Acknowledge the presence of your Linarite crystal and practice transcendental meditation daily to receive profound benefits from this practice and your crystal.

Clear Intuition

  • Linarite, especially darker blue Linarite, stimulates the Third Eye chakra. This leads to an increased subtle awareness, bringing clarity and confidence to act upon your intuition.
  • To activate Linarite for clear intuition, gaze at your crystal and repeat the Third Eye Chakra seed mantra, AUM, 7 times.

Spiritual Awakening and Awareness

  • This crystal is energetically beneficial for our higher chakras, and most of its benefits stem from this property of expanding your awareness and awakening to the infinite and divine spiritual reality of all beings and experiences.
  • The best way to receive this benefit is to commit to a consistent daily meditation or to breathwork practice in the presence of your Linarite crystal. 

Side Effects of Linarite

  • Overexpression: If not cleansed after a few intentional healing sessions, this crystal can lead to expressing too much or expressing thoughts and ideas that are not fully processed or aligned with your truth.
  • Shadow work: As this Linarite guides us toward greater awareness, connection, expression, and spiritual awakening, part of this process will likely be delving into the shadow work to release blocks and gain necessary inner knowledge.

Linarite Meaning: What does Linarite Symbolize?

A silhouette of a man facing downward in front of his lifted palm.

The meaning of Linarite is spiritual awareness.

This brilliant blue crystal was first mentioned over 200 years ago by mineralogist James Sowerby. It was first described by crystallographer Henry James Brooke in 1822 and officially named “Linarite” 17 years later by Ernst Friedrich Glocker to honor the locality of this crystal in Linares, Spain.

The crystal structures of Linarite are typically very tiny and even microscopic, symbolizing the effectiveness of this stone on the microscopic or cellular level of our health. It works from a deep internal level to reflect health, clarity, and freedom externally.

Other meanings of Linarite are related to its distinct blue coloration. The color energy of blue symbolizes coolness, calmness, peace, equanimity, inspiration, wisdom, loyalty, trust, and supportiveness.

Types of Linarite

  • Pale Blue Linarite: It is still a brilliant and pure shade of blue but slightly subtler than darker Blue Linarite. Pale Blue Linarite activates and balances the Throat Chakra.
  • Electric Blue Linarite: The classic bright and deeply saturated blue Linarite. Electric Blue Linarite stimulates our spiritual awareness and connection. It also increases the experience of synchronicities.
  • Dark Blue Linarite: A dark azure blue variety of Linarite, barely distinguishable from but slightly lighter than Azurite. Dark Blue Linarite opens the Third Eye Chakra, bringing benefits including increased intuition, psychic communication, and higher self-knowledge.
  • Linarite Needles: Clusters of elongated and delicate needle-like blue Linarite structures often form within a geode. This variety facilitates or strengthens communication with unseen or spiritual dimensions. 
  • Druzy Linarite: Linarite forms tiny sparkling blue crystals on the surface of another mineral. Druzy Linarite helps maintain a state of equanimity and soothes the nervous system.
  • Linarite on White Matrix: Variations of bright blue Linarite crystal form on white matrices. The white matrix can comprise different minerals, such as Milky Quartz or Barite. Linarite on White Matrix is energizing, deepens meditation and states of peace, and encourages you to maintain a high vibrational state.
  • Bicolor Linarite: Linarite, in combination with other minerals, displays two sections of distinctly different colors. It is usually a deep bright blue contrasted with white, green, or tan. This crystal helps strengthen the bond and deepen the connection with your partner.
  • Linarite Plates: Flat tabular or slender bladed blue Linarite crystal form stacked together, in clusters, or on a matrix in different sizes. Linarite Plates are beneficial for deepening meditation.
  • Linarite Fans: A single layer of flat or thinner needle-like bright blue Linarite crystals arranged in a radiating fan shape. Linarite Fans’ various formations benefit the health of your hormones and nervous system.
  • Linarite Veins: Electric blue veins of Linarite are present in lighter-colored matrix or host rocks. These crystals offer all the benefits of Linarite, including increasing our spiritual connection within ourselves and with others.  
  • Linarite Gemmy Vugs: A small cavity or hole in another crystal matrix filled with blue Linarite crystals. Linarite Gemmy Vugs encourages us to introspect and connect to our inner truth, knowledge, and divinity.
  • Linarite Sprays: A layer or crust of tiny electric blue Linarite crystals covering the surface of a host rock and often display flattened radiating crystals. This form of Linarite crystal is powerful for deep cellular-level healing and communication.
  • Radiating Linarite: Deep, pure blue clusters of needlike or flat blades radiating in clusters often extending the matrix surface. Radiating Linarite can be used to improve the health of your nervous system.
  • Linarite-Langite: Bright teal or green blue Langite is a hydrated copper sulfate mineral commonly forming with Bright Blue Linarite. Linarite-Langite combination energetically benefits the Throat and Heart Chakras.
  • Linarite with Malachite: Deep blue Linarite crystals formed with bright to dark green Malachite. This combination is excellent for fostering heart-based communication and living.
  • Linarite with Caledonite: Lighter blue to light blue-green Caledonite is another secondary mineral that forms in the same deposits as Linarite. This combination helps us to cultivate self-love and heart-centered connections. 
  • Linarite with Cerussite: Blue Linarite forms together with Cerussite, which is a colorless white, blue, gray, or green ore of Lead. The energetic effect of Linarite with Cerussite brings us a balance of grounding and a higher spiritual connection.
  • Linarite with Chenite: Pale blue to sky-blue Chenite forms together with deep azure blue Linarite. These minerals are from the same grouping. They metaphysically complement each other and strongly focus on Throat Chakra healing and health.
  • Linarite with Franksousaite: Franksousaite is the Selenium analog of Linarite, and these blue minerals may form together. Linarite with Franksousaite has a soothing and peaceful energy.
  • Linarite with Munakataite: Light blue fibrous aggregates of Munakataite formed with deep pure blue Linarite. Linarite with Munakataite encourages gracefulness, truthfulness, and confident self-expression.
  • Linarite-Brochantite: Emerald green to black Brochantite prismatic, acicular, or druse forms with bright blue Linarite, usually on Quartz or Limonite. This crystal helps us to embody and express Divine love.
  • Linarite-Galena: Lead gray to silver Galena and blue Linarite together on a matrix that can be Limestone or Quartz. Linarite-Galena inspires self-awareness and transformation through deep spiritual work. 
  • Linarite on Quartz: Distinct blue Linarite forms on and with Quartz crystals, usually Milky or Clear Quartz. Quartz amplifies the properties of Linarite, making this combination super powerful for transcendental meditation, freedom of expression, and deep connection.
  • Linarite with Barite: Vitreous to pearly white, gray, yellow, or brown Barite matrix can form with other minerals, and blue Linarite in any of its variations. The effect of this combination is increased energy and confidence.
  • Linarite-Anglesite: Bright blue Linarite with colorless or white Anglesite that can be tinted gray, green, blue, or yellow. Linarite-Anglesite helps activate psychic senses and access knowledge through communication with the spiritual realm.
  • Linarite-Serpierite: Sky-blue or a lighter version of Serpierite forms with electric blue and darker blue Linarite crystals. This combination energizes the Throat Chakra.
  • Linarite-Chrysocolla: Pure blue Linarite specimens can form with saturated blue-green or cyan Chrysocolla. Linarite-Chrysocolla has a harmonious, wise, and calming vibration.
  • Linarite-Hemimorphite: Hemimorphite can be colorless, white, brown, gray, pale blue, or pale green, and is found with brilliant blue Linarite crystals. Linarite-Hemimorphite energizes the higher chakras.
  • Linarite-Smithsonite: Blue Linarite with white, gray, yellow, brown, green, blue, pink, and purple Smithsonite often displays the botryoidal structure typical of Smithsonite. They are beneficial for emotional balance, hormonal health, and fertility.

How to Cleanse Linarite?

hands burning white sage for spiritual ritual

  • Sound: Place your Linarite in a singing bowl, play other sound healing instruments, or hold it while chanting a cleansing mantra or song for 7 minutes to cleanse it safely.
  • Smoke: Light a smudge bundle or incense and circle the scented smoke around your Linarite crystal 7 times clockwise for an energy cleanse. 
  • Selenite: Set your intention for cleansing and place your crystal touching or atop a piece of self-cleansing Selenite for 7 hours to purify Linarite energetically.

Questions and Answers

What is Linarite Used for?

Linarite is used for many healing and metaphysical properties, including boosting fertility, deepening intimate connection, meditation, intuition, and spiritual awareness in general.

What Type of Rock is Linarite?

Linarite is a sedimentary, metamorphic rock formed as a secondary mineral due to the oxidation of copper and lead deposits.

What is Linarite Made of?

Linarite is a lead copper sulfate hydroxide. It has the chemical formula PbCu(SO4)(OH)2.

What Mineral Group is Linarite in?

Linarite is part of the Linarite-Chenite mineral group.

What are Some Interesting Facts About Linarite?

Linarite specimens are rarely larger than half a carat, and they often form together with related minerals. Another interesting fact is that this mineral was first acknowledged over 200 years ago.

What are the Properties of Linarite Crystals?

The properties of Linarite are connective, balancing, energizing, fertile, and deeply spiritual.

What are the Metaphysical Properties of Linarite?

The metaphysical properties of Linarite include spiritual awakening and awareness. It helps us to integrate and express expanded awareness by activating the Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

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