Almandine Garnet

(al - man - din gaar - nuht)
Main Origins:
India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China, Brazil, Australia, the USA, and Norway.

What is Almandine Garnet?

2 almandine garnet on a gray background

Almandine Garnet is the most common form of Garnet and a popular choice for gemstones because of its hardness and beautiful red shades. It has been used for healing and ornamental purposes for centuries, with Almandine Garnet esteemed by Ancient Romans, who believed it symbolized passion and courage. Broaches and pendants from the 5th century have been found using this beautiful gemstone. 

The name Garnet is derived from the Latin word granum, which means “seeds.” The crystal often appears amongst other rocks as small, red stones that look just like pomegranate seeds, which gave the gemstone the name!

Almandine Garnet has been used as a talisman for courage and bravery for centuries, with warriors using the stone for safety and strength. The glowing red colors of the crystal light the fire within us and unlock our inner warrior. We may not be going to war, but we can use Almandine Garnet to overcome the struggles and tribulations we face daily. 

Almandine Garnet Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Almandine Garnet connects with two chakras, the Heart and Root Chakra. This brings balance and security to our feelings, helping us understand and express our emotions. Because it opens up the Root Chakra, we can use Almandine Garnet to bring stability and grounding into our lives. 

This wonderful crystal is also associated with the Earth Star Chakra. This secondary chakra is located around 12 inches below our physical body in our etheric body. It is sometimes called the Super Root Chakra as it grounds our energy and connects it with the Earth. 

Did you know that Almandine Garnet gains its powers from the element of Earth and Fire? This makes it an incredibly powerful crystal, as it brings balance to our fiery emotions and passions. By harmonizing our Fire with the energy of stability and security that the element of Earth brings, Almandine Garnet helps us express ourselves and use our passion and courage in a productive and grounding way. 

A stone of passion and bravery, Almandine Garnet is connected with the planet Mars. Mars is the planet of sex and action, and we can use Almandine Garnet to enhance this energy within us. Connecting with Mars helps us make positive and tangible changes in our lives, giving us the courage to achieve our goals of transformation and growth. 

All gemstones hold a specific numerical vibration within them, which adds to their powers. Almandine Garnet has a numerical vibration of 1. The number 1 promotes independence, motivation, and new beginnings. 

Almandine Garnet Healing Properties and Benefits


  • The powerful energy of Almandine Garnet promotes motivation to those who wear it, helping us act and achieve our dreams. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with a candle. Then wear it on your dominant hand to enhance motivation and personal power. 


  • Almandine Garnet unlocks your inner warrior, bringing you the strength to overcome the pain and problems you face. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with sunlight, leaving it out for five minutes. Then hold it on your Heart Chakra while repeating positive affirmations of strength and courage. 


  • We can use Almandine Garnet to enhance our sex lives as it promotes sensuality and physical awareness. Its powers help us love our bodies and know what we want from our sex life. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with affirmations for positive sex, sensuality, and enjoyment. Then place it on your bedside table.

Positive Change

  • Connected to the element of Fire, we can use Almandine Garnet to spark positive change and growth.  
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with a candle, holding it in the smoke for a moment. Then hold it while visualizing the positive change you wish to see in your life.


  • Almandine Garnet opens up the Heart Chakra, providing you with a boost of confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with positive affirmations of confidence and personal power. Then wear it as a necklace to bring that energy into your life and open up your Heart Chakra. 

Almandine Garnet Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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  • Almandine Garnet brings change and transformation into our lives, which means we can use it to manifest career, love, and financial goals. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with soil, as the element of Earth governs material goods and abundance. Then hold it while you work with the Law of Attraction to manifest your goals. 


  • Connected to both the Root and Earth Star Chakra, Almandine Garnet brings the energy of safety and security into your life. 
  • Hold your Almandine Garnet on your Root Chakra while repeating affirmations of safety and support. You may wish to appeal to Mother Nature as you do so. 


  • Because warriors have used it for centuries, Almandine Garnet holds the energy of protection. We can use it to protect our homes and selves from negative energy. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet with sage, holding it in the sage smoke. Then place it on your windowsill or by your door for protection. 

Spiritual Truth 

  • Almandine Garnet helps us to know ourselves and our spiritual truth, connecting our energy to higher powers. 
  • Charge your Almandine Garnet on the night of the full moon, leaving it in the moonlight to boost its powers. Then use it when meditating. 

Kundalini Awakening 

  • We can use Almandine Garnet to awaken our Kundalini energy, which is a powerful energy located at the base of our spine. It helps us move forward with spiritual understanding and awareness. 
  • Place your Almandine Garnet on the base of your spine while meditating and doing breathwork. 

Side Effects of Almandine Garnet

  • Aggression: Because Almandine Garnet boosts power and strength, overuse of the stone may cause aggression. 
  • High Libido: Almandine Garnet enhances your sex life and boosts your libido. Using the crystal may cause a high sex drive, affecting your well-being. 
  • Insomnia: Almandine Garnet is a high-energy stone that can affect your sleep. If you have insomnia, keep the crystal out of your bedroom. 

Almandine Garnet Meaning: What Does Almandine Garnet Symbolize?

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The meaning of Almandine Garnet is personal power

This incredible crystal unlocks our inner warrior and helps us overcome self-esteem issues. It gives us the power to take on the world, motivating us to make positive changes and work toward our goals. 

Almandine Garnet is sometimes referred to as the Stone of Tangible Truth. This name reflects its powers over the physical world and how we can use it to manifest abundance and career success.

Types of Almandine Garnet Crystals

  • Common Almandine Garnet: Common Almandine Garnet is an opaque, purple-red gemstone. Use a Common Almandine Garnet to amplify your personal power and courage. 
  • Carbuncle Almandine Garnet: This variety of Almandine Garnet is a deep red gemstone. Carbuncle Almandine Garnet opens up and connects with the Root Chakra to bring stability and security into your life. 
  • Purple Almandine Garnet: Purple Almandine Garnet is found in a dark purple shade and boosts spiritual awareness and awakening. 
  • Black Almandine Garnet: This variety of Almandine Garnet is an opaque black crystal with red hues. Use a Black Almandine Garnet for protection. 
  • Brown Almandine Garnet: A dark brown variety of the gemstone, Brown Almandine Garnet boosts your connection with the element of Earth. It amplifies manifestation and abundance. 
  • Mozambique Garnet: This variety was discovered in Mozambique and is a blend of Almandine Garnet and Pyrope Garnet, creating a red gemstone with orange hues. Use a Mozambique Garnet to boost your confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Rhodolite Garnet: Another blend of Almandine Garnet and Pyrope Garnet, this variety is a purple-pink gemstone. Use an Almandine Garnet to enhance your interpersonal relationships. 
  • Umbalite Garnet: Umbalite Garnet is a mix of Almandine Garnet, Spessartite, and Pyrope Garnet. It is a dark pink gemstone that boosts self-love and self-awareness. 
  • Star Almandine Garnet: This variety of Almandine Garnet has inclusions that reflect light, which means that a cross shape forms on the crystal. Star Almandine Garnet is a protective stone that shields you from negative energy and psychic attacks. 
  • Dhanrasite Garnet: Dhanrasite Garnet contains inclusions of tin, which causes it to have a darker red or black color. Use a Dhanrasite Garnet to awaken your Kundalini energy and boost spiritual awareness.
  • Almandine Garnet with Quartz: This mix of crystals appears as a cluster of white Quartz with small dots of red Almandine Garnet stones. Almandine Garnet with Quartz promotes spiritual truth and awareness. 
  • Almandine Garnet with Muscovite: Almandine Garnet with Muscovite refers to specimens of red Almandine Garnet crystals amongst gray and white Muscovite stones. This variety is a protective stone that helps you overcome toxic forces in your life. 

How to Cleanse Almandine Garnet?

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  • Soil: Bury your Almandine Garnet in soil, leaving it submerged for 12 hours. 
  • Herbs: Place your Almandine Garnet in a jar with cleansing herbs, such as sage and lavender. Leave it in the jar for 12 hours. 
  • Sunlight: Place your Almandine Garnet out in the sunshine for 5 minutes. 

Questions and Answers

Are Almandine Garnets Valuable?

Yes, Almandine Garnets are valuable gemstones. Depending on their cut and quality, they can be worth up to $300 per carat. 

What are the Healing Properties of Almandine Garnet?

Almandine Garnet boosts strength and courage. It also promotes self-acceptance and confidence in those who wear the stone.

What is the Difference Between Garnet and Almandine?

The term Garnet refers to a group of crystals. Almandine is a variety of Garnet.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Almandine Garnet?

The spiritual meaning of Almandine Garnet is personal power, as it unlocks the warrior within and amplifies courage and confidence. 

How can I Tell if My Almandine Garnet is Real

You can do a few things to work out if your Almandine Garnet is genuine. First, examine the color of the stone. Almandine Garnets appear in dark, saturated shades, whereas fake stones will be light and bright red. Real Almandine Garnets will also have imperfections and impurities in the stone, which you can see under a microscope. 

What Birthstone is Almandine Garnet?

Almandine Garnet is a birthstone for January.

Can Almandine Garnet go in the Sun?

Yes, Almandine Garnet can go in the sun.

Can Almandine Garnet go in Water?

Yes, Almandine Garnet can go in water.

Who Should Wear Almandine Garnet?

Almandine Garnet is a gemstone for those born with the zodiac signs Aries, Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

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