Guide to 14 Best Crystals for Reiki and How to Use Them

  1. Basics on Crystals for Reiki 
  2. What are the Best Healing Stones for Reiki?
  3. Red Jasper Crystals for Reiki
  4. Blue Lace Agate Reiki Crystals 
  5. Bloodstone Crystals for Reiki 
  6. Aquamarine Reiki Stones 
  7. Rose Quartz Cluster for Reiki Healing
  8. Orgonite Pyramid for Reiki 
  9. Rhodonite Reiki Stones 
  10. Clear Quartz Crystals for Reiki 
  11. Black Tourmaline Reiki Crystals 
  12. Tiger Eye Reiki Crystals 
  13. Double Terminated Amethyst for Reiki
  14. Shungite Reiki Stone
  15. Labradorite for Reiki 
  16. Selenite Crystals for Reiki Healing 
  17. How to use Crystals for Reiki? 5 Step Guide
  18. Tips to Use Crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing 
  19. Start Using Crystals for Reiki Today!

Reiki is an energy healing technique where the Reiki practitioner channels healing energies from the universe into your chakras to cleanse, charge, or balance them. What do Reiki stones do? How to use Reiki stones

Reiki crystals are good for clearing blocks and amplifying physical health, courage, creativity, luck, love, communication skills, psychic abilities, and higher powers. Certified practitioners use healing stones for Reiki by placing them on the body and pushing the universal life force into the chakra.

Read on to discover the basics of healing crystals Reiki, Reiki meaning, the 15 best reiki healing crystals, and how to use them for healing the body, mind, and spirit. 

Basics on Crystals for Reiki 

Reiki combines two Japanese words, Rei (霊), meaning universal life force, and Ki (気), meaning energy. While many imagine Reiki as an ancient practice, it was introduced less than 200 years ago by the Japanese doctor Dr. Mikao Usui.

During Reiki, the patient lies down while the Reiki master channels universal energy into the chakra locations with a pushing movement of their hand over one or more chakras to clear blockages. 

Metaphysically, the practitioner pushes the healing universal life force energy into chakra points to clear blockages and amplify benefits in Reiki by hovering their palms over the chakra location for a few minutes.

Instead of using their hands solely, most Reiki practitioners place crystals over specific chakras to push the energy into them. 

Certified practitioners also do self-Reiki on themselves.

Because every crystal unblocks one or more chakra, you can lie down and keep the crystal on the associated body part for Reiki healing.

A graphic table showing chakra name and associated body parts

What are the Best Healing Stones for Reiki?

Now that you know how Reiki crystals work, selecting the right ones for Reiki healing is important. Some may balance the heart, while others, your libido, brain power, psychic abilities, confidence, or inner fire.

Let’s find the best crystals for Reiki.

Red Jasper Crystals for Reiki

Polished Red Jasper Crystal on a white background

The healing crystal Red Jasper is ruled by the Root Chakra. Hence, iIt’s excellent for grounding, protection, courage, and physical healing. 

Reiki with Red Jasper removes blockages associated with body parts like lower limbs, digestive system, reproductive system, and lower back. Remember to charge Red Jasper for Reiki by burying overnight under three inches of soil.

Where to keep Red Jasper on the body for Reiki?

You should lie down and place Red Jasper two inches below the navel (Root Chakra) for Reiki healing.

Tumbled Blue Lace Agate is one of the best crystals for Reiki because it opens the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It’s recommended for letting go, work success, spirit communication, self-expression, confidence, creativity, and intuition in Reiki. 

Blue Lace Agate Reiki Crystals 

polished blue lace agate on white background

I suggest charging Blue Lace Agate by chanting the seed mantra of water element (VAM) into the Agate before Reiki.

Where to keep Blue Lace Agate on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Blue Lace Agate for Reiki on your neck (Throat Chakra) or between the brows (Third Eye Chakra).

Bloodstone Crystals for Reiki 

polished bloodstone on a white background

Bloodstone is a variety of Jasper that opens the Heart, Sacral, and Root Chakras. The multi-chakra powers of Bloodstone are why Reiki practitioners commonly use it. It removes negativity, evil eye, and hexes, not to mention it also protects the wearer.

You can charge Bloodstone by placing it on the soil and holding your palms over it for a few minutes.

Where to keep Bloodstone on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Bloodstone for Reiki in the middle of the chest (Heart Chakra), on your pelvic bone (Sacral Chakra), or an inch below it (Root Chakra). 

Aquamarine Reiki Stones 

polished aquamarine on white background

Did you know touching Aquamarine instantly calms you? That’s why Reiki practitioners love this blue gemstone and use it for Reiki professionals dealing with stress. 

You can use Aquamarine for calmness, clarity, communication skills, emotional balance, decision-making, luck, peace, happiness, and love. Remember to activate it with Water or Air element rituals before Reiki.

Where to keep Aquamarine for Reiki?

The best place to keep Aquamarine for Reiki is on your neck (Throat Chakra). 

Rose Quartz Cluster for Reiki Healing

Rose Quartz on a white background

The best crystal for the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz fills you with unconditional love. Rose Quartz will clear emotional blocks, hatred, guilt, revenge, and self-pity when used for Reiki.

I suggest programming Rose Quartz for Reiki by chanting positive affirmations into the stone before using it.

Where to keep Rose Quartz on the body for Reiki?

You should place Rose Quartz in the middle of your chest (Heart Chakra) for Reiki healing.

Orgonite Pyramid for Reiki 

Orgonite Pyramid on a white background

Orgone pyramid brings crystal, metal, resin, and sacred symbols into one. As Orgone/Orgonite contains universal energy, prana, Qi, or chi, it’s excellent for clearing blockages in all the seven primary chakras. 

So, you can use Orgone pyramid to amplify the effects of other Reiki rituals. The best thing is you don’t need to cleanse Orgonite before using it for Reiki!

Where to keep Orgone Pyramids on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Orgonite pyramids anywhere on the body for Reiki healing.

Rhodonite Reiki Stones 

Rhodonite crystal on a white background

A gorgeous pink-color crystal, Rhodonite improves your health and happiness when used for Reiki. It’s a self-love crystal that connects you with your truest self. 

Using Rhodonite in Reiki helps to balance the yin and yang, not to mention attracting positive opportunities toward you.

Where to keep Rhodonite on the body for Reiki?

The best place to keep Rhodonite on the body is in the center of your chest (Heart Chakra).

Clear Quartz Crystals for Reiki 

Clear Quartz on a white background

Most people know Clear Quartz is a self-cleansing crystal, but few know Reiki practitioners use it to purify the chakras before performing Reiki.

As Clear Quartz opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, it’s good for wisdom, psychic abilities, divination, clarity, and brain power. You don’t need to activate Clear Quartz like other crystals. 

Where to keep Clear Quartz on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Clear Quartz anywhere on the body for Reiki purification. 

Black Tourmaline Reiki Crystals 

Black tourmaline on a white background

Did you know shamans used to give Black Tourmaline bracelets to cursed people? That’s because Black Tourmaline is a protection stone. 

When used for Reiki healing, Black Tourmaline raises the vibration of the seven chakras to create an invincible auric shield around you. The best way to program Black Tourmaline for Reiki is by burying the crystal overnight or up to a week. 

Where to keep Black Tourmaline on the body for Reiki?

You should keep Black Tourmaline a few inches below your navel (Root chakra).

Tiger Eye Reiki Crystals 

tiger's eye on white background

Tiger’s Eye is a multicolored crystal commonly used for Reiki because it activates the kundalini, or the life force energy. You can charge it before doing Reiki by holding it for a few minutes in the sunlight.

Reiki with Tiger’s Eye helps you with fertility, focus, study, balance, and good luck, besides increasing fertility. That’s because it opens the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root chakras.

Where to keep Tiger’s Eye on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Tiger’s Eye on your stomach (Solar Plexus), pelvis (Sacral), or the base of the spine (Root) for Reiki.

Double Terminated Amethyst for Reiki

Double Terminated Amethyst on a white background

Double Terminated Amethyst crystals amplify the healing energies during Reiki. Depending on your Amethyst variety, the stone may open the Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, or Root Chakra. They’re usually best for wisdom and enlightenment.

Hold the DT Amethyst with one end pointing toward your body and the other upward. This process will help you channel universal life force energy from the atmosphere into the chakra you want to work on. 

The best way to charge DT Amethyst is with positive affirmations.

Where to keep DT Amethyst on the body for Reiki?

Your forehead (Crown Chakra) is the best place to keep DT Amethyst on the body.

Shungite Reiki Stone

raw shungite on a white background

Did you know Shungite was used for purifying water sometime back? Technically it absorbs heavy metals, but Shungite also removes negative energies from people, chakras, spaces, objects, and auras when used for Reiki.

I’ve seen many Indian Reiki Gurus using Shungite for pre-Reiki cleanse. They then use seven chakra crystals to charge the seven chakras. Charge the crystal by holding it under sunlight for a few minutes.

Where to keep Shungite on the body for Reiki?

You can keep Shungite anywhere on the body for cleansing, but the best place is a few inches below the navel (Root Chakra).

Labradorite for Reiki 

A labradorite crystal on a white background

When used for Reiki healing, Labradorite helps you get in touch with your guardian angel. Hence, it is perfect for people looking for spiritual guidance, especially during struggling times. 

The best way to charge Labradorite for Reiki is with meditation. It will protect, nourish, and uplift you when channeling universal life force energy. 

Where to keep Labradorite on the body for Reiki?

You can place Labradorite on your neck (Throat Chakra) or between your eyes (Third Eye Chakra).

Selenite Crystals for Reiki Healing 

Raw orange selenite on a white background

Another self-cleansing crystal that helps you clear the chakra blockages besides charging them, Selenite in Reiki is important for psychic abilities. Most practitioners use Selenite as a pre-Reiki cleansing crystal for purifying the seven chakras.

Using Selenite crystals for Reiki amplifies chakras, auras, personal powers, and skills.

Where to keep Selenite on the body for Reiki?

You should keep Selenite on your forehead (Crown Chakra). 

How to use Crystals for Reiki? 5 Step Guide

Reiki therapist performing ritual

Reiki isn’t a DIY technique but a certified course, so please use the following brief on how to use Reiki crystals for informational purposes.

Step 1: Choose the Right Crystals for Reiki 

You can select crystals for Reiki based on the metaphysical properties of the crystal. For instance, if you want to heal the lower body, go for a Root Chakra crystal, like Red Jasper. For infertility, choose a Sacral Chakra crystal, like Carnelian

Step 2: Pick a Safe and Cozy Space to Lay Down Your Yoga Mat.

Because the setting and atmosphere are crucial for channeling healing energy in Reiki, it’s important to pick a comfortable, safe, and natural space. You should pick a spot where you will be undisturbed by others.

Step 3: Cleanse the Reiki Crystals.

Before you start channeling universal energy into chakra locations via Reiki, you must cleanse the negativity already absorbed by crystals. Check this article for Danelle’s in-depth guide for cleansing crystals.

Step 4: Charge the Reiki Crystals.

The next step is to charge, program, set, or activate crystals for Reiki. You can charge crystals for Reiki with sunlight, moonlight, positive affirmations, incense, smudge sticks, mantras, singing bowls, healing frequencies, water, fire, thoughts, meditation, and other crystals.

If you’re new to this, learn more about ways to charge crystals for Reiki here.

Step 5: Place Reiki Crystals on the Body 

The final step is deciding where to place crystals on the body based on Reiki. Here’s a chart on chakra locations:

A graphic table containing chakra and where to place

Alternatively, refer to crystal body layouts in this article.

Tips to Use Crystals for Reiki and Energy Healing 

Therapist performing reiki singing bowl ritual

You now know how to do Reiki and the best crystals to help you with it, but before you get started, here are some tips to start on the right foot:

  • Do a cleansing ritual for each chakra before you start Reiki healing.
  • Never use broken or cracked crystals for Reiki.
  • Ask your practitioner to use the crystals you’ve already bonded with or used.
  • Don’t attempt to do Reiki on anyone else without prior training. 
  • Always visualize Reiki healing while the practitioner is doing it, especially if they haven’t asked you to do anything specifically.
  • Never use conflicting stones with enemy planets in the same Reiki healing ritual.
  • Try to carry crystals used for Reiki with you or on your dominant side after the ritual.
  • Don’t do Reiki in an uncomfortable place.
  • Add scented candles, singing bowls, herbs, incense, chakra lights, and other accessories to raise the vibrations in your Reiki space. 
  • Never stop the Reiki healing session halfway.

Start Using Crystals for Reiki Today!

Reiki is a certified course for healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. Practitioners use it for crystal energy healing by keeping crystals in associated chakra locations.

Crystals for Reiki are good for physical healing, grounding, wisdom, intuition, focus, fertility, protection, happiness, love, and amplifying energies, to name a few. It’s good to cleanse chakras before Reiki to improve the results.

Here’s a quick look at the top crystals for Reiki and why to use them:

A graphic table showing different crystals with reiki use

Which crystal will you take to your next Reiki session?

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