(bair - ahyt)
Main Origins:
Canada, Morocco, India, USA, China, Italy, Brazil, Peru, Germany, Thailand, UK, Spain, Ukraine, Myanmar, South Africa, Madagascar, Chile, Argentina, Kazakhstan, and Australia.

What is Barite?

A raw Barite crystal on a black background

Baryte, Barytite, Barytine, or Barite is a mineral in the Barite mineral group. It’s an anhydrous sulfate of Barium and a sister crystal to Celestite (strontium sulfate), Anglesite (lead), and Hashemite (barium chromate sulfate).

Did you know it’s one of the most important ores of Barium? Baryte has been used throughout history in pigments, dyes, and skincare. 

Ancient Native Americans believed Barite crystals help with shape-shifting. Egyptians used it as a talisman, and Greeks as a good luck charm. 

Barite shows endless colors, shapes, and formations, like tabular, plate-like, coxcomb, slab, tabular, plate-like prismatic, twinned, massive, nodular, fibrous, stalactitic, rosette, druse, and windowpane. 

Phantoms, color change (pleochroism), rainbow flashes (iridescence), and cat-eye (chatoyancy) are effects in different varieties of Baryte. The mineral Ore of this crystal is popular as Heavy Spar, Barytine, and Schwerspath. 

Fun Fact: During its formation, different Barite varieties also replace organic matter, like shells, fossils, wood, and sometimes even Celestite.

Barite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Because Barite is commonly seen in many colors, it opens all seven chakras and their properties. 

The clear and brown varieties of Barytite crystals open the secondary chakras Stellar Gateway and Earth Star. They’re good for opening your mind to the spiritual world and finding your ground fearlessly.

The ruling planets of Barytite are Jupiter and Neptune. They’re associated with growth, regeneration, wealth, fortune, and brain power.

Who should wear Barite? Pisces and Sagittarius are zodiac signs that find hidden talents in Barytite crystals. 

Barytite links to three elements:

  • Water attracts wisdom and growth. 
  • Air improves your communication skills. 
  • Ether brings intuition, clairvoyance, and foresight.

Barite is linked to the heavenly energies of the Greek God of Wisdom, Athena; the Hindu God of Prosperity, Lakshmi; the Norse God of Knowledge, Odin; and the Buddhist Goddess of Protection, Tara.

Barite Healing Properties and Benefits

Clarity and Focus

  • Did you know Barytite clears negative thoughts, ideas, and actions instantly? Shamans and healers use it to clear anxiety in the mind and focus without distractions. 
  • Smudging with sage is the best way to program Baryte for mental clarity and knowledge. 

Communication Skills

  • Blue, gray, black, and green colored Barytite improves self-respect to help you express your thoughts and opinions confidently. 
  • Program it with positive affirmations, prayers, or mantras for a few minutes before carrying it on you. 

Passion, Creativity, and Growth

  • Barytite benefits include energy, enthusiasm, and brain power because it’s a stimulating stone. Use it to grow in your career, startups, ideas, and more.
  • Activate Barite for creativity and passion by holding it within 5 inches of a lit candle for 30 to 60 seconds. Try to visualize your intention manifesting with closed eyes. 

Physical and Emotional Pain Management

  • Barite numbs pain from physical and emotional scars. It’s a good crystal to gift to someone in recovery from surgery, grief, loss, or trauma. 
  • Use Baryte to alleviate pain with soil to appease the element Earth. You can bury the crystal under three inches of soil for 24 to 48 hours.

Skincare and Beauty

  • Did you know Barite was used for improving digestion and clearing acne? You should pick brown, blue, white, and pink varieties of Barytite. They can clear chakra blockages, regenerate cells, and bring a pink of health. 
  • Program Barytine crystal for skincare and beauty by soaking your crystal overnight under the New Moon or Full Moon.

Barite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman sleeping in the bed

Prosperity and Luck

  • Yellow and Golden varieties of Barytite attract financial luck and fortune toward you. Keep an activated Barite on your office desk for this.
  • Activate Barite for abundance, good fortune, or chance by charging it for five minutes under sunlight. 


  • Do you often feel your higher powers are blocked? Barytite properties with higher chakras are good for activating your dormant skills, like clairvoyance, foresight, and cosmic awareness.
  • The best way to charge Barite for intuition and other psychic abilities is with meditation and an incense stick. Pick incense varieties with meditative energies, like sandalwood or rose. 

Dream Interpretation

  • Some crystals help you dream lucidly, and Baryte helps you recollect and interpret your dreams. Did you know psychics say it reveals the spiritual destiny through dreams?
  • Use Barite for dreamwork by charging it with the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls or Solfeggio frequency music for a few minutes. Then keep the crystal under your pillow.

Psychic Protection

  • Are you threatened by energies? Whether it’s EMF or radiation you despise, Barytine crystals in higher chakras help. They have a way of protecting you from harm’s way.
  • Charge four Baryte crystals by gazing into the crystal and visualizing auric shields forming around your home. Finally, keep them in each corner of your home. 


  • Baryte connects to the universal life force chakra or the Stellar Gateway chakra. It will help you set your intentions and realize them with crystal energies. 
  • Set a crystal grid with white, black, blue, red, or purple Barite varieties in the center to channel universal prana to your intention.

Barite Side Effects

  • Nightmares: If you’re new to healing crystals and sleep with this crystal under your pillow, you might lose sleep due to vivid psychic visions. Cleanse with Selenite and sage ASAP!
  • Detached with reality: If you use Barite for astral travel or advanced spiritual rituals, there’s a chance of cutting off from your own reality. In such a case, cleanse with a Selenite wand.
  • Horoscopic Issues: Misfortune, disaster, and karmic debts come to your spirit if your sign isn’t friendly with the ruling planets of Barite. Consult an astrologist with your birth chart for more info.

Barite Meaning: What does Barite Symbolize?

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The meaning of Barite is psychic peace.

Going back thousands of years into Earth’s history, Barytite is known by different spellings and names and is associated with purity, regeneration, manifestation, and power. 

The name of this crystal comes from the Greek word barus, meaning “heavy.” Baryte’s high specific gravity has also earned it the name Heavy Spar. 

It’s called Blanc Fixe in French, meaning permanent white, popularly used in the pigment industry. The mineral Barium Sulfate from Italy is called Bologna Stone

If your head is woozy and wondering about the right spelling of Barite, here you go: 

  • Spelled Barite in the USA, and Baryte in the UK. 
  • The International Mineralogical Association originally called it Barite but changed it to Baryte after a few years. 
  • Both terms are accepted. 

Barytite represented courage, strength, and confidence in many cultures. It is associated with support, personal power, beauty, resilience, and psychic abilities in the new age.

Types of Barite

  • Common Barite: This variety of Baryte crystals may be brown, blue, yellow, gray, or white. They’re good for concentrating on tasks, repelling negativity, and setting intentions you want to realize. 
  • Rock Candy Barite: The clear variety of Baryte with a glassy luster, this crystal often forms with Pyrite and Sphalerite. Use it for scrying and cosmic connection.
  • Cerro Warihuyn Barite: Typically found in the Cerro Warihyun Huarihuyn mines in Peru, this crystal may be white, yellow, brown, or colorless. It’s good for clearing brain fog and coping with stress. 
  • Barite Rose: Also called Barite Flower and Desert Snow, Baryte in the rose shape sometimes shows plate-like rosettes in brown, pink, peach, red, and orange colors. Use it to awaken your kundalini energy. 
  • Yellow Barite: This variety of Baryte is often seen with Sphalerite and Galna in clear, opaque, and pale shades of yellow. It’s good for accelerating healing and attracting good fortune. This crystal is also called Amber Barite.
  • Golden Barite: A good stone for luck and manifestation, Baryte with golden yellow color or dark matrices makes twinned crystals. They’re popular as Barite Golden Twin crystals. 
  • White Barite: Seen in blade-like and granular formations, this is a variety of Baryte crystals that cleanses your mind, body, and soul and helps with regeneration and detox. 
  • Blue Barite: Showing blades, needles, and cubic crystals in pale blue as clusters, points, and on dark matrices, use it for talking with otherworldly beings like angels and guardian spirits. 
  • Stoneham Barite: A crystal from Colorado’s Stoneham shows blue and clear crystals of Baryte in montmorillonite clay. They’re great for invoking mediumship, clairvoyance, psychic vision, intuition, and other psychic abilities. 
  • Brown Barite: This is a Baryte variety in the brown base color yellow, chocolate, and orange tones. Use this crystal for regeneration, especially for increasing the chances of conception. 
  • Black Barite: Seen in dark gray or deep black, this is a Baryte variety often seen with Ruby Red Vanadinite. It’s good for psychic protection, passion, willpower, and personal power. 
  • Orange Barite: Different crystals in this variety can lead to orange colors like Galena, Cerussite, and Vanadinite. Use it for lighting your inner fire and enhancing performance. It’s also called Moroccan Barite.
  • Pink Barite: Often found in blades with Cerussite or on its own, this includes pale to dark pink crystals. They’re great for self-love and passion. 
  • Complex Snowflake Barite: Seen in yellow, brown, and yellow-green colors, this type of natural crystal formation shows unique snowflake patterns. They raise the auric vibrations to protect you from psychic harm.
  • Green Barite: This is the Baryte variety with Malachite in opaque or translucent green hues. Use it for support, forgiveness, and relief from physical and emotional pain. 
  • Banded Barite: Resembling Sardonyx with bands of orange, beige, tan, gray, brown, and white colors, this is a type of Baryte for endurance and resistance.
  • Phantom Barite: Many varieties of Baryte crystals show phantom or ghost-like inclusions inside, such as golden, green, white, yellow, and green. Use it for interpreting your dreams with a clear mind. 
  • Windowpane Barite: Sometimes called Gemmy Baryte, this variety forms in plates, blades, or slabs. Use them for setting intentions, especially for financial luck. 
  • Sunburst Barite: Did you know Barite forms geodes and nodules in many colors? Sunburst Barytite looks like a Marcasite Sun with a dull texture and spray-like indentations in brown hues. It’s a good stone for finding your true self and spiritual destiny.
  • Needle Quartz with Barite: Popularly called Colombian Icy Clear Needle Quartz Barytite, this variety shows white, clear, and beige crystals with Barite clusters on the matrix. Use it to clear your brain fog and manifest peace.
  • Fluorite with Barite: Fluorite often forms with Sphalerite alongside Barytite. You can use this natural crystal pairing for astral projection and psychic abilities. 
  • Marcasite with Barite: This is a Barytite variety of spellbinding crystals with concentric bands of white, brown, orange, tan, gray, red, and brown. They’re great for making the creative juices flow. 
  • Wulfenite on Barite: Did you know Wulfenite forms orange windowpane crystals on white, crusty, or druse Barytite? They’re great for cleansing, charging, and setting intentions. 
  • Petrified Wood with Barite: Showing plumes and patterns in orange, brown, pink, white, gray, and black, this crystal is great for diffusing hexes, curses, and evil eyes. 
  • Barite with Realgar: Also called Red or Pink Barite, this Barytite variety shows vibrant pink, peach, yellow, and salmon hues. Use it for growth and self-expression. 
  • Barite with Calcite: Showing Yellow and Brown from Calcites with white, brown, or blue from Barytite crystals, this variety is often used for attracting abundance. 
  • Barite with Selenite: Large Barytite crystals often form with White Selenite in geodes or floaters. Use them for programming your intentions for growth and success in your career.
  • Barite with Amethyst and Chalcedony: This variety shows purple, orange, white, gray, blue, white, brown, and black colors. It’s great for spiritual awakening, especially if you’re new to healing crystals. 
  • Barite with Hematite: Also called Red-Tipped Baryte, this Barytite formation shows pale to dark red colorations from Hematite. Use it for courage, passion, and virility. 
  • Barite with Septarian: Barite-Septarian crystal looks straight out of fantasy with its gray exterior and druzy insides. It can form geodes and nodules in this form and work well for divination rituals involving dreamwork. 
  • Barite with Stibnite: Another captivating crystal with black and white needle-like crystals, this Barytite variety usually comes from Romania. It’s good for yin and yang balance. Use it to spread harmony at home.
  • Barite with Chalcopyrite: Showing yellow, white, black, brow, gold, and beige crystals, this is a natural crystal formation with Chalcopyrite and Barite. It’s perfect for the regeneration of cells and absorbing nutrition.
  • Barite with Dolomite: Forming window panes, phantoms, and inclusions on the Dolomite matrix, the best of this Barytite variety comes from Peru. Use it to enhance passion, creativity, and vitality. 
  • Barite with Siderite: Showing botryoidal formations with Golden Barite, this is a natural crystal formation for inner peace and grounding. 
  • Bologna Stone: Named after the Bologna region in Italy, this crystal is the nodular variety of Barytite with radiating patterns. They’re phosphorescent and great for confidence and self-expression.

How To Cleanse Barite?

A person is holding a burning sage

  • Clear Quartz: Circle a Clear Quartz wand thrice over your crystal to clear the negativity absorbed by it.
  • Sage: You can rub fresh sage over the crystal to release negative energies or light a smudge stick of dry sage and waft the smoke over your stone to reset it.
  • Meditation: Hold your crystal with both hands and meditate on its wonderful Goddess energies with chants, affirmations, or mantras for a few minutes.

Questions and Answers

Is Barite a gemstone?

Yes, Baryte is a gemstone.

Is Barite rare?

No, Baryte is not a rare healing crystal.

Is Barite safe in the water?

Yes, Barite is water-safe and does not react with plain water. Avoid soaking this crystal for over 20 minutes, however.

Can Barite go in the sun?

Yes, Baryte can go in the sun, but it can fade when exposed for prolonged hours or direct sunlight.

Is Barite dangerous or toxic to the touch?

No, Baryte is not toxic to touch.

How to identify real Barite?

Barite is easy to identify from fakes, thanks to its heavier weight.

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