(sahr - don - iks)
Main Origins:
India, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia, Brazil, Germany, Madagascar, Uruguay, and the U.S.

What is Sardonyx?

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Did you know that humans have been using Sardonyx for 4,000 years? Sardonyx is a popular stone found in history books, on royalty to peasants, across ancient Egypt to the East, South, and West. 

Sardonyx is named after its alternating layers of Sard (orange) and Onyx (black/red) crystals. The name “Sardonyx” comes from the Greek combination of the words Sard, meaning reddish brown, and Onyx, meaning veined gem. Sard Stone is a Carnelian.

Technically a banded Chalcedony, Sardonyx features alternative bands of Black Onyx and Carnelian in pale brown, gray, black, and white shades. This parallel banding makes it an Agate good for discipline, balance, and grounding

Sard Stones were named after an ancient city in Turkey called Sardis.

Sardonyx Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Did you know Sardonyx opens eight chakras? Besides the seven primary chakras, it also opens the Earth Star Chakra. The Earth Star Chakra opens after you cleanse the Root Chakra, and Sardonyx will find your inner voice, power, and purposes once you bond with it.

The ruling Gods of Sardonyx are Agni (Hindu God of Fire), Gaia (Greek Goddess of Earth), Pele (Hawaiian God of Volcano), Vulcan (Roman God of Fire), Sekhmet (Egyptian God of War), and Amaterasu (Japanese God of Fire).  

In the Middle Ages, many cultures used Sardonyx benefits for casting out evil. Most of it had to do with Sardonyx being ruled by the element of Fire. 

Now you know why Sardonyx properties are linked to many Fire Gods!

Sardonyx Healing Properties and Benefits

Justice and Peace

  • Sardonyx helps you attain justice in your career, community, and family by clearing the hurdles in your path. It also spreads positivity and good vibes at home.
  • It’s good to place Sardonyx in the center of your home to bring balance, tranquility, and harmony into your home. 

Stress and Pain Relief

  • Sardonyx repels negative self-talk, mental clutter, and stress by tapping into your Sacral, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras. It’s also good for a speedy recovery.
  • You can use Sardonyx to eliminate tension and anxiety by placing it under your pillow before sleep. It’s also good to chant positive affirmations before sleeping with Sardonyx. 

Focus and Knowledge

  • From radiation to jealousy, negative self-talk, and toxic people, Sardonyx clears negativity to enhance concentration, brain power, and creativity.
  • It’s best to charge your Sardonyx for improving attention and critical thinking skills with meditation. Cup Sardonyx with your palms and meditate for a few minutes with your eyes shut.

Courage and Balance

  •  Did you know ancient Roman soldiers used Sardonyx for stamina and strategic thinking in battles? If you’re trying to improve your conviction, Sardonyx can open your life force energy.
  • You activate and use Sardonyx for courage and balance by wearing it close to the lower chakras. Wear it as a pendant on your neck after cleansing and charging it overnight in the moonlight.

For Good Neighbors

  • Bad neighbors are headaches on their own but also carry negativity. Harmonize the vibes around your house and attract good friends by using Sardonyx crystals. 
  • The best way to use Sardonyx crystals in your home for good vibes is by burying them around the four corners of your house. You can also bury it in flowerpots if you live in an apartment.

Sardonyx Spiritual Properties and Benefits

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Good Luck and Fortune

  • By tapping into the higher and lower chakras at once, Sardonyx crystals attract luck in your career. It’s also good for overcoming debts, misfortunes, and poverty. 
  • I suggest setting up a Crystal Grid using Sardonyx tumbled stones in the center of your home to attract success and fortune. You can also activate the crystals for the grid with sunlight before placement.

Psychic Protection and Shield

  • Because Sardonyx aligns multiple chakras at once, it’s a great crystal for creating a ring of protective energy around you. Such a protective ring also repels the evil eye, hexes, and psychic harm.
  • Place a bowl of Sardonyx crystals in the southwest direction of your home. Also, keeping Sardian Onyx near the front door filters the energy entering your house. 

Inner Power and Growth

  • Because the eighth chakra of Earth Star powers Sardonyx, it activates your dormant powers. As a result, you learn adaptability, efficiency, and discipline. 
  • For tapping into your power, it’s good to soak Sardonyx in the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. You can place the Sardonyx within three inches of the bowl while playing it.

Spirit Contact

  • Because most indigo crystals are associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras, Blue Sardonyx also works wonders for angelic and spirit contact. 
  • Invoke spirit communication with Blue Sardonyx by chanting mantras or spells while holding the crystal at eye level.

Psychic Vision

  • Like spirit communication, higher chakra Sardonyx varieties activate your psychic abilities, like clairvision, intuition, and foresight. 
  • Keep a Sardonyx next to a glass of water from sunrise to sunset to make a crystal elixir charged with sunlight. Drink it within 2 days. Keep making the elixir and consume it for a week.

Negative Effects

  • Nightmares: Sleeping with Sardonyx under the pillow can lead to vivid nightmares or sleep disturbances if you’re new to the crystal.

Sardonyx Meaning: What Does Sardonyx Symbolize?

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Sardonyx meaning is Courage. 

Ancient Romans held Venus and Mars as rulers of Sardonyx. Roman women wore Sardonyx necklaces with Venus cameos, and Roman soldiers took figurines of the Mars God for protection before going to war. 

Sardonyx is associated with creativity, protection, happiness, and psychic vision. Some legends say Sardinian Onyx was worn as amulets by women, kids, and the frail for protection from diseases and demons. 

Types of Sardonyx

  • Black Sardonyx: When the Black Onyx in Sardonyx is more prominent than the Sardinian Onyx, it often appears with zebra-like patterns of black and white colors, as seen in this variety. It’s great for grounding, protection, and courage. 
  • Brown Sardonyx: Seen in tan, beige, and brown shades with stripes of white and black, this type of Sardonyx opens the lower chakras of the Sacral and Root. This variety of Sardinian Onyx works well for inner power, balance, and healing. 
  • White Sardonyx: With blue, green, peach, and red hues, this type of Sardonyx is a high-vibration stone that opens the Throat, Third Eye, and Root Chakras. 
  • Green Sardonyx: You should use this variety to attract abundance and prosperity. It’s typically seen in dark forest green with white or gray stripes. 
  • Gray Sardonyx: Much like the white variety, this type of Sardonyx is light and translucent but with a bluish tint. Some varieties might show vivid indigo-blue shades. They’re good for awakening your psychic powers.
  • Red Sardonyx: This type of Sardonyx crystal shows white parallel banding on dark red or white backdrops. It’s great for anxiety and stress-related problems. 
  • Blue Sardonyx: Mostly seen in indigo blue shades, this Sardonyx variety awakens the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It’s excellent for spirit communication and inner voice.
  • Purple Sardonyx: The Crown Chakra variety of Sardonyx, this type of Sardonyx is good for wisdom, intuition, and spiritual awareness. The natural purple variety of Sardinian Onyx appears in bright violet and pink colors. 
  • Yellow Sardonyx: A translucent yellow crystal, this type of Sardonyx has bands of white, yellow, light blue, green, and gray colors. It can align multiple chakras and balance the mind, body, and soul. 
  • Bull’s Eye Sardonyx or Shiva’s Eye Sardonyx: A peculiar Sardonyx, this variety may have a red bull’s eye or an indigo Shiva’s eye color on one of its sides. It’s great for manifestation, discipline, and spiritual work. 
  • Rainbow Sardonyx: The multicolor variety of Sardonyx is a powerful stone for balancing the Heart, Root, and Sacral Chakras. This crystal mixes green, white, or peach colors with white or black banding. 
  • Druzy Sardonyx: An unusual variety of Sardinian Onyx, the druzy variety is the raw form of Sardonyx with white, brown, blue, and black colors. It’s great for purification and energizing, particularly in crystal grids.

How To Cleanse Sardonyx?

Lighted candles on a dark room

  • Candle flame – Light a candle and hold the Sardonyx safely in front of the flame. Gaze into the crystal or chant cleansing affirmations to purify your crystal. 
  • Moonlight – Full Moon energies are good for cleansing and charging Sardonyx crystals. Leave your crystals overnight on a table or shelf inside the house with an open window. 
  • Sunlight Negativity stuck on Sardonyx is easily cleansed with Sunlight. You can hold the crystal in your palm while facing the Sun at dawn or dusk to cleanse it. 

Questions and Answers

Is Sardonyx a precious stone?

No, Sardonyx is a semi-precious gemstone. It has held the same status for hundreds of thousands of years.

Can you wash Sardonyx?

Yes, Sardonyx is safe to wash with water due to its hardness score on the MOHS scale. I recommend washing Sardonyx with warm soapy water every few months for cleaning and Sardonyx metaphysical healing properties.

Can Sardonyx go in the sun?

Sardonyx is safe in sunlight for a few minutes. While Sunlight charging is good for luck and psychic vision, full moon energy is good for courage, balance, and strength.

Can you sleep with Sardonyx?

Yes, you can sleep with Sardonyx under your pillow for peace and calm. Bond with the crystal first, or you may experience nightmares when sleeping with Sardonyx.

What is Sardonyx birthstone month?

August is the Sardonyx birthstone month. While it’s a secondary crystal for August today, Sardonyx used to be the only birthstone before Spinel and Peridot took its place.

How can you tell if a Sardonyx is real?

The most crucial identification factor in real Sardonyx is its straight or parallel stripes in white or mild-brown colors. Note that almost all Sardonyx crystals in the market are dyed to enhance their colors.

Who shouldn’t wear Sardonyx?

People born under Gemini and Virgo constellations should not wear Sardonyx. As Mars is the main ruling planet of Sardonyx, zodiac signs associated with its enemy planet, Mercury, will find this crystal troublesome.

What color is Sardonyx in the Bible?

The Sardonyx mentioned in the Holy Bible is a white variety of Chalcedony with red rings of Carnelian.

Revelations 21:20 states: 

The Sardonyx consists of “a white opaque layer, superimposed upon a red transparent stratum of the true red Sard.” Like the Sard, it is merely a variety of Agate and is frequently employed by engravers for signet rings.

How do you take care of Sardonyx?

The best way to take care of Sardonyx is to keep it safe from prolonged exposure to heat. As it’s a durable crystal with up to 7 on the MOHS scale, you can wear it daily.

How do you clean Sardonyx stones?

Hold your crystals under tap water for a few seconds as it cleans, cleanses, or activates the Sardonyx healing properties.

What is Sardonyx worth?

Sardonyx isn’t expensive. It has always been affordable. You can get Sardonyx stones for $2 to $10 in sizes up to 10 carats. 

Fun Fact: Purple and Blue are the rarest colors of natural Sardonyx.

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