Can you wear crystals to sleep? Yes, some crystals may even heal you physically. But certain crystals disturb sleep, peace, or harmony in the bedroom. Which are the worst crystals for sleep? Which crystals to avoid in bedroom? Which crystals to not put under your pillow? 

Here’s the list of crystals you should never keep in the bedroom:

Read on to learn why to avoid these crystals in your bedroom.


One of the high vibration crystals that went viral on TikTok last year, Moldavite was blamed for “lost jobs, partners, friends, and even family members.” 

While it’s good for sleep apnea, you should not use Moldavite in the bedroom because of its overwhelming energy. Keeping a balancing crystal with Moldavite is a good call if you must use it in the bedroom.

Bumblebee Jasper 

piece of bumblebee jasper on a white background

A crystal for transformations and manifestation, Bumblebee Jasper makes wearers energetic. So, keeping it in the bedroom leads to insomnia

Psychics and seers say it buzzes multiple chakras. Also, Bumblebee Jasper is best used in the morning because it’s ruled by the Sun.

Red Tiger’s Eye 

red tiger's eye on a white background

It’s best to keep your Red Tiger’s Eye stone away from the bedroom because it’s ruled by the Sun. It may keep you awake or show you bad dreams and nightmares. However, keeping it in the bedroom enhances the sex drive if you’re in no mood to sleep. 


cinnabar stone on a white background

Did you know Cinnabar contains mercury? That’s why people wash their hands after touching this dangerous crystal. But keeping Cinnabar around your bed also leads to insomnia, wakefulness, nightmares, and many sleep disorders

WARNING: Never place Cinnabar under direct heat, or light, because it releases toxic mercury vapors. 

Imperial Topaz 

imperial topaz gem on a white background

Although Imperial Topaz is one of my must-have crystals when going out, I keep it out of the bedroom because it’s ruled by the Sun. So, Imperial Topaz is one of the worst crystals for sleep. You can wear it to the office instead, as it’s great for creativity and energy.


chunk of apophyllite on a white background

Apophyllite is a little-known crystal among beginners but much revered among high-vibration stones. It activates psychic abilities, cosmic awareness, and higher powers, making people vibrant, active, or fully awake when kept near the bed.

Fire Opal and Fire Agate 

Both Fire Opals and Fire Agates are lower chakra stones ruled by solar energies. That’s why keeping them on the nightstand, or under the bed, can disturb your sleep. It’s because Fire crystals are over-energizing when you touch, wear, or keep them in your bedroom. 

I once spent 12 hours on the bed browsing Reddit while bonding with a new Fire Agate. And another time, I was programming a Fire Opal before sleep, and ended up with such an adrenaline rush I played a mobile game throughout the night. 


chunk of amethyst on a white background

Purple Quartz, or Amethyst, is a high-vibration crystal mostly known for connecting your seventh chakra to higher realms and energies. While communicating with spirits throughout the night may be fun for some people, it may disturb others. 


phenakite crystal on a white background

When you touch a Phenakite, your guardian angels and ancestor spirits come to your side. Trust me that’ll keep you awake!

Moreover, Phenakite is a high-vibration stone that enhances your critical thinking skills and psychic abilities. Phenakite is similar to Moldavite in the way in which it overwhelms some people. 


piece of turquoise on a white background

One of the higher chakra stones known as a master healer stone, Turquoise, isn’t always bad to keep under the pillow. But it can make some people feel hot, sedated, or strange. 

That may be because Turquoise wakes up your mind. It’s actually great for pulling all-nighters when studying for exams. 


slab of seraphinite on a white background

Seraphinite opens your crown chakra and fills your mind with bright white light. When kept in the bedroom or touched, this crystal vibrates your chakras to higher levels. It’s a stone for spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and karmic therapy, which may disturb sleep.


chunk of aragonite on a white background

Do you know touching an Aragonite elevates your auric energies to a higher level? It awakens your inner power, as it’s ruled by the Sun. Sleeping with Aragonite under the pillow gives me headaches, but some say it can be overwhelming when kept in the bedroom. 

Super Seven

slab of super seven on a white background

A combination of seven high vibration stones, Super Seven is a unique crystal for high-energy rituals. Moreover, Super Seven crystals open several chakras at once. So, you may feel hot, tingly, or cold within your chakras from the pelvis to the forehead while sleeping. 

Russian Lemurian Quartz 

russian lemurian quartz on a white background

Often used for spiritual awakening and development, the Russian variety of Lemurian Quartz is a crown chakra stone. So, this crystal may leave you tired in the morning from higher vibrations and spiritual journeys you had at night. 


piece of alexandrite on a white background

Alexandrite is a great stone to wear daily for optimism, but it’s the worst crystal for sleep. It can make people feel weird, as Alexandrite shifts auric energies from blue to indigo, purple, and other higher chakra colors. 

Don’t sleep with Alexandrite if you don’t want to feel strange throughout the night.


pieces of danburite on a white background

Another crystal that behaves and vibrates like Moldavite, Danburite should NEVER be kept in the bedroom. The crystal has pure vibrations that lead you straight to powerful lessons of enlightenment. It’s much better to use during waking hours, or in the living room or office. 


While some recommend Sunstone as a sleep crystal, it may keep you awake with creative ideas, plans, and ambitions throughout the night. 

Sunstone awakens inner power and purpose with the energy of the Sun. So, better to meditate with Sunstone after waking up, than before bed.

In a Nutshell 

Now you know which crystals to not sleep with. 

The rule of thumb is to avoid high-vibration crystals ruled by the Sun, fire element, or higher chakras. Large, druzy, clusters, geodes, rare, and heavy crystals are also a big no-no. 

I’ll simplify all that we learned into a table so you can refer to the 17 crystals to not sleep with. 

So, which crystal have you been keeping in the bedroom?


Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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