(al - ig - zan - drahyt)
Main Origins:
Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and Tanzania.

What is Alexandrite?

An Alexandrite ring on the floor. Source: Etsy | rststudio
Source: Etsy | rststudio

Alexandrite is an incredibly rare crystal that is infamous for its color-changing abilities. When viewed in daylight, it appears green but changes to red in incandescent lighting. Other varieties of the crystal shine yellow or pink under sunlight. 

Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl made up of beryllium, chromium, and aluminum oxide. It is the inclusion of chromium in the crystal that creates its color-changing ability. Alexandrite is also a pleochroic crystal, which means it can appear in different colors when viewed at different angles. 

Did you know that Alexandrite was discovered in an Emerald mine deep in the Ural Mountains? Miners thought the stones they had found were Emeralds, but they soon witnessed the amazing red glow the stones omitted under different lighting. They then realized that the crystals they had discovered were a brand new discovery.

Alexandrite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Alexandrite works with the Heart, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras. Its vibrations open up the Heart Chakra to promote feelings of love and joy in your life. By connecting with the Third Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra, Alexandrite boosts our spiritual awareness and amplifies our intuition. 

This profoundly spiritual stone helps us align with our soul and bridges the gap between the physical realm and other realms of existence. It allows us to experience the truth of the universe, raising our vibrations to a new level. Alexandrite’s energy connects us with spirit guides and helps us receive clarity and guidance from the universe. 

Did you know that Alexandrite receives its powers from the element of Earth? Working with the Earth element brings us feelings of security and practicality, helping us find a place of material and physical safety. This means that we can use Alexandrite to manifest abundance and material goods. 

All crystals have a numerical vibration that enhances the energy of the stone. Alexandrite holds the numerical vibration 1, which brings forth the power of creation, independence, and new beginnings. We can enhance this energy in our own lives by working with Alexandrite. 

Alexandrite gains its power from the planet Mercury, which governs wisdom and intelligence. Alexandrite amplifies our self-awareness and analytical skills, allowing us to connect with the planet Mercury.

Alexandrite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Alexandrite enhances creativity and self-expression and is a brilliant stone to work with if you are a writer, musician, or artist. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite crystal with a candle. Then wear it as a ring on your dominant hand while you write, paint, or make music. 


  • Opening up the Heart Chakra, Alexandrite boosts your self-esteem and confidence. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite with positive affirmations of self-love. Then wear it around your neck to allow its vibrations to open up your Heart Chakra and fill it with love. 

Emotional Balance

  • Alexandrite helps you understand and process your feelings. Its positive vibrations uplift your mood and provide you with the space to embrace emotional maturity. 
  • Hold your Alexandrite crystal over your Heart Chakra while you meditate and reflect on your emotions. Work through the different feelings you have and allow yourself to really feel them before letting them go


  • This wonderful stone spreads positivity and happiness in the world around it, helping you find beauty and pleasure in life. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite in sunlight for ten minutes. Then place it in your living room to bring its positive vibes into your life. 

Letting Go

  • Alexandrite helps us see the bigger picture and move forward from pain and confusion. If you are holding onto baggage that stops you from being your true self, Alexandrite helps you let it go. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite with a candle, as the element of Fire enhances change and transformation. Then hold the stone in your hands as you identify and release baggage and pain.

Alexandrite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Man meditating nearby waterfalls

Communication With Spirit Guides

  • Opening up the Crown and Third Eye Chakra, Alexandrite aligns your spirit with higher powers and allows you to communicate with spirit guides. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite in the moonlight, leaving it there overnight. Then hold the stone as you pray to your spirit guides. 


  • Alexandrite’s positive vibrations are said to bring luck and good fortune to people who wear the stone. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite with chanting before wearing it as a ring on your dominant hand. 

Personal Truth

  • Opening both the Third Eye and Heart Chakra, Alexandrite helps us to discover the truth about who we are and our soul’s true purpose. Its powers amplify our inner voice and spiritual power. 
  • Charge your Alexandrite with a singing bowl. Then meditate with the crystal placed on your Third Eye Chakra as you ask the universe to reveal your truth to you. 

Past Life Knowledge

  • Alexandrite connects our souls with higher realms of existence and assists in knowledge passing from the universe to us. This can reveal past life knowledge, helping us understand who we once were. 
  • Have your Alexandrite stone nearby when you practice past life recall. 


  • As Alexandrite is a lucky stone that gains its energy from the element Earth, we can use it to enhance our Law of Attraction work and manifestation powers
  • Charge your Alexandrite with soil, leaving it buried overnight. Then hold it in your hands while you send your intentions into the world and ask for abundance and prosperity.

Alexandrite Side Effects

  • Disturbed Sleep: Alexandrite has high spiritual energy that can impact your sleep. If you find yourself suffering from bad dreams or insomnia, keep your Alexandrite crystal out of your bedroom. 
  • Restlessness: Because of its high energy vibrations, you may feel restless or anxious if you wear your Alexandrite too much. If you feel overwhelmed, take a break from wearing your Alexandrite. 
  • Intense Spiritual Realizations: Alexandrite opens us up to a deeper connection with the universe, which may cause intense spiritual realizations.

Alexandrite Meaning: What Does Alexandrite Symbolize?

Woman wearing a yellow skirt and a white top, happily enjoying a boat ride

The meaning of Alexandrite is “inner wealth.” 

Alexandrite opens your soul to truth and enlightenment while boosting feelings of happiness and joy. Its powerful vibrations rid us of negative beliefs and self-restricting thoughts to find a place of genuine contentment. 

Discovered in the 1800s, the crystal was named Alexandrite to honor the future Emperor of Russia, Alexander II Romanov. It was originally found in the Ural Mountains in Russia, but other sources around the world have since been discovered.

Types of Alexandrite

  • Common Alexandrite: Common Alexandrite appears green in sunlight and red in incandescent lighting. It connects with the Heart Chakra to bring happiness and joy into your life. 
  • Blue Alexandrite: This variety of Alexandrite appears blue in sunlight. Blue Alexandrite helps you to discover your truth and boosts your spiritual awareness.
  • Yellow Alexandrite: Yellow Alexandrite shines yellow in sunlight and orange in incandescent lighting. Use this variety to bring you luck and good fortune.
  • Pink Alexandrite: Pink Alexandrite is usually green or blue in sunlight but shines pink under incandescent lighting. This variety is fantastic to work with to enhance your feelings of positivity and happiness.
  • Purple Alexandrite: This variety appears turquoise in sunlight and purple in incandescent light. Use a Purple Alexandrite to enhance your connection with your spirit guides and higher realms of existence. 
  • Brown Alexandrite: Brown Alexandrite shines light brown in the sunlight but has a darker shade under incandescent lighting. Use a Brown Alexandrite to connect with the element of Earth and manifest your goals. 
  • Sri Lankan Alexandrite: The majority of Alexandrite crystals that are found in Sri Lanka have warm orange or light green colors under sunlight, with darker orange or red shades in incandescent light. This variety amplifies confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Brazilian Alexandrite: Alexandrite crystals from Brazil are turquoise under sunlight and purple in incandescent lighting. Brazilian Alexandrite crystals enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. 
  • Cat’s-Eye Alexandrite: This rare variety of Alexandrite has a band of light reflected in the stone that looks like a cat’s eye. Use a Cat’s Eye Alexandrite for manifestation and setting intentions.

How To Cleanse Alexandrite?

Smoking palo santo smudge stick

  • Singing Bowl: Place your Alexandrite stone down in front of you and begin to play your singing bowl. Allow the vibrations to wash over the crystal and cleanse it.
  • Soil: Submerge your Alexandrite crystal in a bowl of soil, making sure it is fully covered. Leave it there overnight. 
  • Smudging: Light a stick of sage with your windows open. Let it burn for a few moments, then hold your Alexandrite crystal in the smoke.

Questions and Answers

How much is a real Alexandrite worth?

Real Alexandrite can cost from $500 to $30,000 per carat. The clarity, colors, and color-changing ability all affect the worth of Alexandrite.

Is Alexandrite more expensive than Diamonds?

Yes, Alexandrite is usually more expensive than Diamonds.

Is Alexandrite really rare?

Yes, Alexandrite is a really rare gemstone.

What is so special about Alexandrite?

Alexandrite is special because of its color-changing ability. These stones appear as one color in sunlight and a contrasting color under incandescent light.

What is the rarest color of Alexandrite?

The rarest color of Alexandrite looks emerald green in the sunlight and bright red under incandescent light. This makes it the most sought-after variety of Alexandrite and is extremely expensive. 

How do I know if my Alexandrite is real?

There are a lot of synthetic Alexandrite crystals on the market. Unfortunately, some of them are sold as real Alexandrite. Determining if your Alexandrite is real can be difficult, but certain factors can help you figure it out. 

Natural Alexandrites are usually no larger than 1 or 2 carats and often have inclusions in the stone that can be seen under a microscope. If you can, take your Alexandrite crystal to a gemologist for a professional to look at.

Is Alexandrite a lucky stone?

Yes, Alexandrite brings luck and good fortune to those who wear it.

Does fake Alexandrite change color?

Yes, synthetic Alexandrites are made to have the color-changing properties of real Alexandrite crystals.

Can Alexandrite go in the water?

Yes, Alexandrite is an extremely durable crystal that can go in the water.

Who should wear Alexandrite stone?

Anyone can wear Alexandrite to boost their luck and happiness. However, this stone really connects with those born with the star sign Scorpio.

Can Alexandrite be worn every day?

Yes, Alexandrite can be worn every day.

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